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29 April

Magazine Update re: Penthouse Magazine.
Sharon Delaney reports that Lucy DID NOT do the interview with Penthouse Magazine but with a reporter from Stepping Out Magazine and sold it to Penthouse Magazine. Thus the mystery is solved.

The XIP In The News Section Update

The XIP News Archive Update

The XIP Artwork Page Updates (Updated by Dee)

28 April

Magazine Update:

Frontier Magazine #15 (Australia) has a nice write up about Xena AND reviews XIP quite nicely I'm told :-) Transcript up soon...

thm_Lucy.jpg (10901 bytes)


Lucy was voted #4 Sexiest Woman in SF in the latest issue of
SFX Magazine. Click on the picture to the left for a full size version





Screengrabs for Season 4 Updates

The Bard's Corner Updates

27 April

The XIP News Archive Updates

Renee O'Connor

SFX (UK) has a small article about the pulling of The Way. On page 48 there is a photo of Renee (see left and click for larger pic), page 50 there is one of Lucy and on page 45 there is one of Bruce. In the readers poll section the readers were asked who were the sexiest man and woman in Sci-Fi. The results:

Bruce was voted No.7 as the sexiest man in SCI-FI.
Lucy was voted No.4 as sexiest woman in Sci-Fi.
Renee was voted No.9 as sexiest woman in Sci-Fi

Buffy came out top and Jeri Ryan was 2nd!

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26 April

Aussie Magazine Alert:

Woman's Day (Australia) - May 3, 1999 Issue - Small blurb about the pregnancy and a small quote from interview with me...Mary Dee <vbg>
TV Week - May 3 Issue - Small pic and blurb about Lucy's pregnancy

Now I loved this when I first saw it and I thought I would share it. It was done by
"CwByWz" and posted on the alt.binaries.multimedia.xena-herc

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The Protest Page Updates

25 April

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22 April

The Lawless Files Update

The Bard's Corner Updates

The XIP Artwork Section Updates

Artwork updated by Dee


21 April

Lucy is EVERYWHERE! The NZ Wellington's Dominion newspaper reports that Lucy will lead a parade on the 30th May - click here to read!

Penthouse Magazine - July Issue (out in May) will have an article on Lucy.
Click here to read advert from Penthouse about it

Folks it's time to get all Xenites together and urge everyone to Sign the Online Protest Petition - - There are 3250 names and we need more! Lets show our support for the show we love! Protest the decision to ban The Way! If you haven't signed the petition yet please do so. The Way is one of the best episodes and it would be a crime to see it chopped up. Also there is a new person we can send our protest letters to:

Barry Baker
8800 Sunset
West Hollywood, CA 90069

For Aussies please remember to add 0011 61 before the numbers

FAX: 310-360-2666
Phone: 310-360-2300

I've updated the Protest page with the latest contact! And polite!

Magazine Alerts:
Woman's Day (Australia) will have a feature in the Showbiz Section next Monday about Lucy, her pregnancy and her fans.

New Zealand:
New Idea - Has a pic of Lucy and her mum
Woman's Weekly - has that "Lucy lying across the tree limb" pic about glamarous women
Woman's Day has a small segment about the pregnancy

United States
Entertainment Weekly has two small Lucy segment - click here to read
The National Enquirer has a small segment about how Lucy and Rob broke the news to family and friends on 1 April about the baby!

Carol Stephens has set up a web page and an announcement mailing list to help keep everyone informed of the various tape consortiums that she is organizing.  The website is located at    The following stories are currently available to order:  Lucifer Rising by SL Bowers, Surfacing by Paul Seely & Jennifer Garza and Chicago by LN James.   Persistence of Memory by Paul Seely will follow Chicago.

20 April

Message from Lucy (via Sharon Delaney - The Official Xena Fan Club)
[MaryD:Apologies for spoiler info but the message is from Lucy and well I just couldn't stick it in the Season 5 Rumours page....blame Sharon for it <g> ]

Yep, we're having a baby. Which means, just between you and me, that at some stage Xena will have one coz you just can't hide these things forever -- and, no, we don't know the sex in either case.

Bless you all for your best wishes, generosity and support of late. Both Rob and I were greatly touched by the Sword & Staff web page's efforts which raised $5,085 for the International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect -- that's $5,085 they could sure use.

Frankly, just the fact that someone got off their bums and did something to help another human being, unasked, is incredibly inspiring to me. Your support on many matters is greatly appreciated. The collective wisdom is not lost on us. You encourage me greatly.

Thank you. Lots of love,


  • Just got word that the Dark Horse Comic for Xena will be out 22nd September! These comics will carry on the story after the season ender of Ides of March!
  • Updated Season 4 Rumours section with Gabrielle's new weapon
  • Updated The Convention Page with news about HX convention in Minneapolis - Claire Stansfield (Alti) and Danielle Cormack (Ephiny)
  • Updated The Xena Fest section of the Convention Page with news about the third annual PNW XenaFest Web Page

The XIP News Archive Updates

  • Added transcript/transalation and scan from 'TV Weekeinde' - a dutch TV magazine - translation by Petra de Jong

The Bard's Corner Updates

For T. Novan fans - the audo tape of We Never Say Goodbye is now available. The tape runs for 1 tape (cost $10.00 $US) If you would like to order you can email T. Novan at or ordered by Ck/MO at: T.Novan PO Box 1231 Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068-6231



19 April

The XIP News Archive Updates

Magazine Update: Entertainment Weekly has two small snippets about Lucy's pregnancy

The Bard's Corner Updates

17 April

Updated the Season 4 Rumours Page with new information about what is the season ender! [again] Many thanks to Kym Taborn from Whoosh for getting it right when everyone else (including the Official site) was getting it wrong.

The XIP News Archive Updates

  • The Sunday News - 11 April 1999 - has a short blurb about Lucy's appearance in Peach with two pics. The headline is "Lucy's Lesbian Flick Tops Hollywood's Hot List"

The Bard's Corner Updates

The XIP Artwork Section (Updated by Dee)

16 April

The Protest Page Update

  • UK - The satelitte station Sky1 was to show The Way on 24 April. That schedule has now changed and it will no longer be showing the episode and UK Xenites have been told that "it's no longer part of the series".
  • The Xena and Gabrielle Information Page has created a Protest page

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15 April

The XIP News Archive Updates

The Bard's Corner Updates

For those who want their little Gabriel or Gabrielle to be dressed as their favourite Bard - Gabbytwin mades Gabrielle costumes for young kids!
This is an Australian site and from the looks of the pic I'll say the little kids would get a kick out of it! The big kids might be a bit jealous :-)

From Gabbytwin's web site:
groups~2.jpg (16465 bytes)
Gabbytwin's is a manufacturer of children's costumes dedicated to Xena and Hercules TV Series. I am an Australian based fan who not only loves the show, but who wanted to make outfits for children without the hefty price tag. So everyone could have fun!!

For those interested in purchasing the PEACH Video - it will be out on the 11 May 1999 - Available From Stirling Entertainment - $19.95 (US$) - Taking Advance Orders Now!


14 April

General News

60 Minutes (Australia) is having a vote on who will win a battle between Hercules and Xena
You can also comment about the segment in their feedback section


There is now a link where you can request to have Xena put on DVD.

thm_makeupcover.jpg (10566 bytes)For those interested in purchasing the MakeUp Artist Magazine Issue #18 you can order it through their web site at http:// or send cheque or money order to:

Make-Up Artist Magazine
P.O. Box 4316
Sunland, CA 91041-4316
United States

For credit card orders call (818)504-6770. Hours are 9AM to 5PM
Pacific time. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.
Outside US: Add $5.00 per item airmail.

For Aussies who want a copy - Stirling Entertainment will also be selling it.
Email for price and details.

A Lucy reference: [thanks to Lucia from the info and the link]

"Marilyn Manson really likes the show a lot. Lucy Lawless (Xena the Warrior Princess) called in once and said that when she saw herself on birthday party hats and cups, she was flattered, but when she saw herself on "Celebrity Deathmatch," she knew she had made it. It's flattering, but in a weird way."

Tundae Adebimpe, Claymation Animator at MTV's "Celebrity Deathmatch


The Bard's Corner Updates

The sequal to The Stranger In Your Eyes is now available. This is an absolute beautiful piece of writing. It's a Uber story with a twist. I can't highly recommend it enough.


13 April

The XIP News Archive Update

The Bard's Corner Updates

12 April

Magazine Alerts:

SAGE WOMEN - April Issue - Has a Xena article.
MAKE UP ARTIST #18. Has an article on the makeup used on the show and also has pics of Lucy and Renee - Lucy is on the cover!

Protest Page Updates

It seems those at Studios USA have been directed to destroy copies of The Way! I'm not sure what to say about that.

It seems we are being heard - TV Guide Online reported the following:

"XENA FANS FIGHT BACK: A loyal cadre of Xena fans is protesting the show's decision to censor an episode that trivializes certain Hindu deities. The fans say it's wrong for the show to give into religious groups' demands."

So what this means folks is that we will keep sending out those letters and faxes until they figure out that "loyal cadre of Xena fans" are angry and they will not sit by and just take it. It makes me proud to be a Xenite.

The XIP News Archive Updates

The Bard's Corner Updates

I am extremely pleased to annouce that Paul Seely & Jennifer Gaza have joined The Bard's Corner. For those that haven't read Surfacing then I STRONGLY recommend you do so! It's one of the BEST Uber stories I have read. Paul's other epic Persistence of Memory is one heck of a good sequal!

The XIP Artwork section Updates [Updated by Dee]


11 April

Please be aware that the screengrabs have MAJOR spoilers for Ides of March which is the season ender for Season 4.

No mention of The Way or the Hindu Protest

I've updated the Season 4 Rumours Section with info about The Ides of March!
Read only if you really want to know!

10 April

For those who want to have a sneak peak at the screen shots of the latest Xena Playstation game:

Magazine Alerts

cinecover.jpg (47935 bytes)The May issue of Cinefantastique is now available!
Check your local supplier. Some of the features are:

Xena: Warrior Princess - Producer and series creator Rob Tapert on his Sword & Sorcery action amazon.

Lucy Lawless - the New Zealand beauty on the rigors and rewards of starring as TV's fantasy action heroine.
Writing Sword & Sorcery - Co-Executive producer R.J. Stewart on running the writing staff that creates the show's mythology.

Special Visual Effects - Flat Earth Productions supplies the CGI solutions to realize the show's monsters and fantasy imagery.

Fantasy Resaissance - Renissance Pictures development exec Liz Friedman on giving the series a humorous touch.

Aphrodite - Alexandra Tydings plays mythology a la Mae West.
[Many thanks to Hadley for the article descriptions]

culttimesspecial.jpg (24381 bytes)

Cult Times Special #10 - Due out Soon!






9 April

  • A correction: The AOL Chat that Steve Sears participated in was not the Xena Chat but the On Q Xena Chat on AOL. Many thanks to Paula for pointing this out to me.

For those wishing to purchase "On Top Down Under" the book with the Lucy Interview and photos that was previewed in the Grace Magazine article, you can purchase the book for $37.00 (AUD$) + $16.00 (postage to the US) from Australia's The Well Bookshop
200 Nicholson Rd, Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia, Australia, 6008
Phone (618) 9382 4747
Fax (618) 9388 1131

The Bard's Corner Updates

I would like to welcome two new bards to The Bard's Corner - Verrath and Gabangel

XIP Artwork Update (Updated by Dee)

  • Added new artist - Bliss


8 April

New Magazine alert: The Xena Poster Magazine will soon be available for
Aussies. Due out on Friday - Price $4.95

thm_NZ Fitness Magazine.jpg (13712 bytes)

NZ Fitness Magazine has been sold out - it seems the publishers underestimated the power of Lucy Lawless :-) Okay here is some good news. Stirling Entertainment has copies of this magazine for those who wish to purchase it. The price is $12.95 + postage - this offer is only available for a limited time (until 25 April 1999 - midnight (Aussie Time). So if you want a copy of the magazine with Lucy showing how she keeps in Stirling Entertainment on and place your order!

The Bard's Corner Updates


7 April

The Bard's Corner Updates


6 April

Created a new montage called: What Subtext?

5 April

Created a new montage called: Journey's End

  • I've updated the main logo
  • Vote for Lucy or Jeri Ryan (now you know what I would suggest don't you?) and see the ET Online story on Lucy at

Hudson Leick will soon be appearing on Baywatch [!] according to Actor's Guild Gazette for a few episodes. Too bad the show will be filmed in Hawaii and not in Avalon Beach in Sydney or Queensland.

The Bard's Corner Updates

Oh dear these bards are going to kill me with their brilliance and I'm not exaggerating. First we have The Unspoken by Mayt. A Brilliant piece and it just brought tears to my eyes. Then we have the Magic of Paris by CN Winters - wowie! These two stories a very highly recommended!

This is from Deb7:

I have placed a 2-part poll on my site so that, if you are so inclined, you can express your opinions regarding Renaissance Pictures' decision to pull "The Way".


4 April

The Bard's Corner Updates

Okay folks have I got a story for you. Pallas has just written one of the best Conqueror stories I have read! It's brilliant, touching, very moving and just a fantastic read! Go Read Enjoy!

For those people who have viewed Saul Trabal's Grease photos would know how much he loved taking those photos! Well now Saul has his own site. Check it out!

3 April

The Bard's Corner Updates

  • Added The Guest (#30 in the Raising Melosa series) by T. Novan

The Xenaverse Weekly - a satirical look at the Xenaverse has been born!
Come and read our very first issue!

2 April

*ahem* You guys crack me up - I got a mock bill from a Cardiac center yesterday that nearly gave me palpitations :-) Well at least I know you're paying attention <vbg> It could have been worse you know...I could have said that Lucy was quiting XWP or Kevin Sorbo was quiting wait that's really true...Kevin IS quiting. Lucy is NOT quiting....

Magazine Alerts:
The NZ TV Guide (April 10 Issue) has the Lucy article that has been doing the rounds "Why Am I Not Blissfully Happy" [that story also appeared in Australia's TV Week - Lucy Lawless article and cover - March 13 - 19, 1999

CULT TIMES SPECIAL #10 : WARRIOR WOMEN - US$6.99 < Page 300 Features and interviews covering cult TV's newest breed ... Warrior Women! From the ancient world of Warrior Princess Xena through Buffy the Vampire Slayer and into the future. Plus other features and episode guides. The cover of the magazine shows Xena, clutching sword, in the foreground; with a ghost-like image of Buffy behind her. [Source: Previews Magazine and Nitefal]

SPECTRUM #18 - US$4.95 - Has an article on Bruce Campbell

Upcoming TV Alert: 60 Minutes (Australia) will feature Lucy and Kevin in a segment by Charles Whooley. The date of the segment is not known yet.

The Xenaverse Weekly - Folks this isn't a real magazine...just a mock up that I did to amuse myself :-) Although a few friends got together and wrote some articles for it...those will be up soon.

Upcoming Merchandise News
From Julie at Creation:

Coming soon the Official Argo Toy by Breyer. Check out our site at for a picture and to order. (It stands about 6" tall). Regular retail will be $39.95 or preorder by Monday March 29 for the special price of $37.50 plus S&H. It is due to be released at the end of April (and we'll ship as soon as we get it!)

1 April

XIP will close down soon - click here to find out why

VCR Alert: Foxtel will be screening the Hercules episode "Warrior Princess" - the episode that started it all for Xena: Warrior Princess - tune into FoxKids at 8:30 pm on 2nd April 1999.

The Bard's Corner Updates

The index files have not been updated with the new editions. The restructuring of TBC is still underway.

Magazine Alert:

  • In the New Zealand Fitness Magazine there is an 8 page article on Lucy and she also appears on the cover. Price: $6.50 NZ [Many thanks to Angela for the update] and Liz Wilson has the article and the scans from the magazine now up on her site
  • The March 26, 1999 Issue of Newsweek has a small blurb about Xena and the Hindu protest [Many thanks to Rhonda for this info]

    "Losing Their Religion"
    Maybe it's time Hollywood gave up on the Hinduism thing. Several groups protested last week when both TV's Xena: Warrior Princess and actor Mike Myers used religious imagery in ways that Hindu activists said was offensive. Myers says he was actually trying to satirize pop cultures fixation with Eastern cultures when he painted his face and palms for April's Vanity Fair. But many Hindu's still smarting over Madonna's mix of body paint and suggestive dancing at the MTV Awards, aren't amused.

"Vanity Fair would not do this with a rabbi or a priest," says Sreenath Sreenivasan of the South Asian Journalists Association. Amen, to that brother. 


Hindus and don'ts (right, from top): Xena and gal pal Gabrielle, Madonna in face paint on MTV, the mocking Myers in Vanity Fair.  There is a small picture of Xena, Gabrielle and Argo walking along the beach with a hill of sand in the background. Looks like a standard season 2 shot.

TV Alert for Dutch Xenites: The movie Topless Women Talk about their Lives will air on Dutch television Friday April 9: Netherlands 3 11.17pm-12.45am [Many thanks to Petra for this information]