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28 December 2020

Xena Images

Xena Fan Fic - From The Archives

It's an LJ Maas Conquerer special

  • The Conqueror Series - Tale One - Journey's End by LJ Maas
    I'm not big on the Ruler of the Known World but LJ converted me. This is unbelievably good. Xena is Lord, Conqueror of Greece, but she is almost forty-five years old when she meets the slave, Gabrielle. The little slave girl turns the hardened warrior's life upside down. EXCELLENT storytelling .
  • The Conqueror Series - Tale Two - The Petal of the Rose by LJ Maas
    The much-anticipated sequel to Journey's End. I love this conqueror and her soon to be Queen. The arrival of Solan, Xena's son, brings new problems for the Lord Conqueror and the now free slave. This is one of the best stories set in the Conqueror genre that I've read. Don't miss this one. 

MaryD's Blog

I found these article to be so cool; none of them have anything to do with each other but absolutely fascinating!



25 December 2020

Wishing everyone a Safe Christmas.

The following is Little Xena and Gabrielle from Lucia!

No photo description available.


Beyond Xenaverse News - Alexandra Tydings


15 December 2020

On a balmy December evening in 1996, a little site was born. The Australian Xena Information Page.

24 Years's still here! Today is AUSXIP's 24th Birthday!

Battle On!


14 December 2020

Xena Fan Fic - From The Archives

In 2005 we lost a dear friend and an incredible storyteller. LJ Maas. Sit back and enjoy The Conqueror Series by LJ.

  • The Conqueror Series - Tale One - Journey's End by LJ Maas
    I'm not big on the Ruler of the Known World but LJ converted me. This is unbelievably good. Xena is Lord, Conqueror of Greece, but she is almost forty-five years old when she meets the slave, Gabrielle. The little slave girl turns the hardened warrior's life upside down. EXCELLENT storytelling . 


Superman & Lois

New Shows

  • Studio Wildcard Announces ARK: Survival Evolved Animated Television Series
    Created and executive produced by the game's creators Jeremy Stieglitz and Jesse Rapczak, ARK: The Animated Series is composed of fourteen 30-minute episodes and has two seasons currently in production in anticipation of a 2022 launch. Lead writers Marguerite Bennett and Kendall Deacon Davis have written the scripts for ARK: The Animated Series, which features an extraordinary voice cast, including Gerard Butler (300), Michelle Yeoh (Crazy Rich Asians), Devery Jacobs (American Gods), Madeleine Madden (The Wheel of Time), Deborah Mailman (Total Control), Zahn McClarnon (Doctor Sleep), Malcolm McDowell (A Clockwork Orange), Elliot Page (The Umbrella Academy), Ragga Ragnars (Vikings), David Tennant (Good Omens), Karl Urban (The Boys), Jeffrey Wright (Westworld), and Russell Crowe (Gladiator).

    From cutting-edge animation studio Lex + Otis and with music composed by Gareth Coker (Ori and the Will of the Wisps), ARK: The Animated Series chronicles the story of a mysterious primeval land populated by dinosaurs and other extinct creatures, where people from throughout human history have been resurrected.When 21st century Australian paleontologist Helena Walker awakes on the ARK after tragedy, she must learn to survive and find new allies, or die again at the hands of ruthless warlords -- all while trying to uncover the true nature of their strange new world.


11 December 2020

Xena Fan Fic - From The Archives

The following story is a "Trust me, this is AWESOME" recommendation. I LOVE Xena, the Immortal series

  • Only One by Redhawk
    I was overjoyed on reading this story. Xena is an immortal - in the grand tradition of Highlander. Being an immortal can be rather tiresome when you don't have your soulmate to be with you and Xena goes through the millennia without Gabrielle - who promised to come back to her - and she does in the form of Rickie - a street kid who witnesses the immortal in action!

Superman and Lois

TV News

For Grey's Anatomy fans - the two "guest" spots this season have been AMAZING and tear worthy. SO GOOD! Even after 17 years, this show keeps on rocking.

New Show: Nurses (Canadian Show) - I love medical shows so this is going to be interesting. For Aussies, you can watch this on Foxtel and for US, you can watch it on NBC
If you've ever wondered about the unheralded support staff behind the docs on Grey's Anatomy, then NBC's Stateside debut of the Canadian drama Nurses is for you. The premiere follows five nurses on their first day of work at a major Toronto hospital.

In other news...

In the "This Sucks" section

New Shows


10 December 2020

AUSXIP Publishing

Looking for a cool gift for a Xenite? Check out the AUSXIP Pub Store

We are pleased to announce the release in ebook and print of The Wraith Trilogy by Arielle Strauss-Brueland

You can now pre-order MaryD's romantic comedy "Promise is a Promise" (Eva and Zoe Intertwined Souls Series) due for release on December 25, 2020
Featuring illustrations by Lucia Nobrega!

Xena Fan Fic - From The Archives

  • The Broken Thread by Ella Quince
    I was really moved by this tale. This is the story of Xena getting ready for battle when a stranger walks into her camp. A stranger who is also very familiar. They join forces to prevent death.
  • Champions by Kamouraskan
    I absolutely loved this - it had one of my favorite wacky characters - Valaska (not as a god) in it and a great story dealing with Gabrielle as Queen of the Amazons. You can't go wrong with a story about Amazons, Xena's past and Gabrielle's decision about accepting the mask. Excellent storytelling.

Lucy Lawless


09 December 2020

Adrienne Wilkinson

Xena Fan Fic - From The Archives

  • Bonding of Souls: Homeward Bound by CN Winters
    This is the first part of a series called Bonding of Souls, which carries over from Changes of Heart by CN. In Homeward Bound, Eve wants to go back to the Amazons and face justice for all the wrongs she's done. Gabrielle convinces tells her about the greater good. A very nice start to a series that will be running parallel to the episodes as they screen.
  • Bonding of Souls: Down Home by CN Winters
    This is a funny piece set after Old Ares - Xena and Gabrielle talk where Gab's hands were while they were sleeping in one bed with Ares. Adorable.

08 December 2020

Xena Fan Fic - From The Archives

  • Blood Bond by D
    This is an incredible epic love story - set after the events of FIN. It's the story of a quest, of longing, of a desire to find Xena and Xena's quest to find Gabrielle. A magnificent story, well written that will keep you riveted to your seat (or in my case with my airline seatbelt fastened securely and the chair in the reclining position). We follow Gabrielle's journey as well as Xena's as they try and reunite. D has interwoven history throughout this story, which for me as a history nut was incredible. Sit back and enjoy; this is a looooong story but worth it!

Star Trek: Picard


07 December 2020

We bid farewell to...

Xena Fan Fic - From The Archives

  • Blind Faith Restored by Zzelami
    Way back in the second season there was an episode called Blind Faith - Xena is blinded in a fight and Gabrielle is taken to be the queen of a dead king. It was a fantastic episode reminiscent of many fanfic stories. The ending I thought needed something and Zzelami produced what I thought was the perfect ending to this episode. It's funny but yet very tender and the love that Xena and Gabrielle share shone through.
  • Blind Faith Revisited by Mikki Hibbens
    This story is set after one of my favorite episodes, Blind Faith. Mikki does an excellent job in showing the love Xena and Gabrielle share. An excellent read and a follow up to a beautiful episode.

Lucy Lawless


03 December 2020

Xenite Memorial Update

We lost an Amazon Elder Josephine Fogarino (82) who passed away on November 27, 2020.

Reported by Lucy Lawless (via Twitter): Sadly, one of the most ardent of Xena's HCNB's passed away this week after a long battle. R.I.P. Jo Fogarino. With gratitude, I acknowledge her unstinting support of @captainstarship, NZ's children's Hospital. Shine on, Jo, out into the Xenaverse. Love and light, Lucy&Ren [Link]


Xena Fan Fic - From The Archives

  • Beyond Sex by Della Street
    Well, this little story will lift your spirits! Our gals are beyond sex or so Mr. Tapert and Co tell us. So Gabrielle tells Xena that their relationship goes beyond sex and they don't need it. Well Xena has other ideas!
  • Blessing in Disguise by Lady Catherine
    A first-time story that starts off with Xena reverting back to her warlord persona to protect Gabrielle from a warlord from her past. A little on the brutal side for Gabrielle as she endures some rough treatment but realizes that Xena is only trying to protect her. Very nicely written.  


Doctor Who

  • Doctor Who's Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole will wrap their two-season runs as Graham and Ryan in the holiday special "Revolution of the Daleks," airing New Year's Day on BBC America. Source: TV Line

TV Show News


01 December 2020

I'm back from my break; put the finishing touches on my upcoming novel "Promise is a Promise" - a lighthearted romantic comedy. 2020 has been a dreadful year and I needed to perk myself up and laugh a little. Hope it makes people laugh as well! I've teamed up with the awesome Lucia Nobrega who will be illustrating parts of the novel. For those asking about Book 7: Blood Ties in the Eva and Zoe universe, 2021 is the year that's going to happen < fingers crossed >

Xena Fan Fic - From The Archives

  • Bargain Hunting by Della Street
    This is one of the funniest stories I have read. Xena goes to see a slave owner about a slave…a blond, green-eyed slave that is rather excitable! I won't say anymore because it's got to be read to be appreciated. A lighter side to Xena: Warrior Princess.
  • Between a Breath and a Heartbeat by Bel-wah
    This is set between the time Xena after she hits Gabrielle with the chakram and before she convinces Aphrodite to take her to Mount Olympus to confront the gods. A moment in time where Xena realizes that till the end, she is a warrior and will fight to the end for those she loves.


The Crown

Doctor Who

Whovians, get set for return of Captain Jack!