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Playstation Girl Power

SFX Magazine

November 1998


PlayStation girl power

Xena is about to come Yi-Yi-Yi-ing onto a PlayStation near you, courtesy of USA Studios. The game, a 3D adventure cunningly entitled Xena: Warrior Princess, has our gal in a desperate race to rescue her "friend" Gabrielle from the clutches of the Amazon Queen and the Minotaur King. If she fails, the blonde will be sacrificed by an evil sorceress! Ogres, gorgons and Hades' minions block her path, but on her side she has numerous weapons, including that trusty chakram.

Many of the eight locations will be familiar to the show's fans, and graphically the title should be stunning, utilising advanced light-sourcing and textured polygons rendered at 30 frames a second. "By creating a compelling video game based on the characters from the TV show, we're confident we'll deliver a game that will appeal to millions of Xena fans," says Jeffrey Fox of 989 Studios.

Xena: Warrior Princess is pencilled in for a March 1999 release.
Tough, feminine - and she Yi-Yi-Yi's too.


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