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April 2005

The Xena Film

Contributed by Patrick Liesendahl

Translated by George


Will The Warrior Princess Soon Return By Way Of The Silver Screen?

When the last episode of Xena was broadcast in the USA in June 2001, it was not long before rumors about a possible Xena Movie started circulating.

The last we saw, was Gabrielle on the deck of a ship, in order to pour Xena’s ashes into the sea. Xena’s ghost appeared to Gabrielle, and together they agreed on sailing to the land of the Pharaohs, because someone out there might need a girl with a chakram. After six seasons, Xena had found the redemption she had always searched for. What was now going to happen to the Warrior Princess? Would she again be brought back to life?!

Scriptwriter Katherine Fugate (who wrote the season six episode WHEN FATES COLLIDE) said two years ago at the Pasadena XENA Convention that Robert Tapert had asked her is she would be willing to write a script for the movie. Lucy Lawless on the other hand, appeared doubtful over taking on the role of the Warrior Princess once again. In several interviews she expressed her feeling of being too old, having three children, and wishing to give more time to her family as a mother. Finally however, Lucy declared she’d be ready to assume the role of Xena one more time. In an interview done for a New Zealand radio station, she reportedly let on that the budget for the movie would amount to 50-60 million US dollars and the cast would include well-known Hollywood celebrities. In February 2004 Lucy and Reneé again said they were interested in slipping into their former roles. Katherine Fugate and Robert Tapert also are ready to do the script if problems concerning the legal issues will be solved. Unhappily enough, no new developments could be announced at this year’s Burbank/USA XENA Convention. Apparently, Universal has yet to get on with it!!!

Rumors indicating that Hercules would help Gabrielle to bring Xena back to life, or Mariah Carey would sing the title song, are sheer nonsense and have also been refuted by Robert Tapert and Katherine Fugate. Scriptwriter Fugate also pointed out the main trouble, i.e. satisfying true fans as well as both those who have heard about Xena but have never seen her and those who know nothing at all about her. On her website, she also told fans that she wouldn’t reply to any more questions concerning the movie and the possible subtext between Xena and Gabrielle. So we fans are being kept in suspense as to what’s in store for us, e.g. if we are going to see old acquaintances such as Xena’s daughter Eve, Virgil, or Aphrodite. But first the rights holder has to show a green light. Is there anything more left to be said?! Battle on, Xena!!!    Patrick Liesendahl


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