Adelaide Advertiser
28 April 1998

From The Advertiser, April 28 1998, Adelaide's daily paper, in the
'what's your problem' section.

I read recently that there is no official Australian Xena:Warrior Princess fan club, although I had heard there might be one on the Internet. Can you give me more information? - M.R. Modbury

There is no "official" Xena fan club in Australia as the official international rights go to the Official Xena: Warrior Princess Fan Club, 411 N. Central Avenue #300, Glendale, CA 91203, United States. However, one of the biggest gatherings of local Xena fans can be  found online at the e-mail address: This is the home of DUX (Down Under Xenites) - The Australian Xena Fan Club. It includes updates of Australian episode listings, media  articles, photos, information about the show's two stars - New Zealander Lucy Lawless and Texan Renee O'Conner - book reviews, chat rooms, artwork and extensive fan fiction. It is also internationally
regarded by xena fans - there have been more than 230,000 visits to the site since December 15, 1996. But it is particularly renowned for its photographic Xena montages created by the Australian Club's president and site creator, MaryD

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