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To the Roof of Africa ROC's trip up Mt Kilimanjaro
Edited by Renee O'Connor on her trip to Mt Kilimanjaro with her mother
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Created 19 December 1996 by MaryD
Articles from 2007
  • SFX Magazine (UK) March 2007 Jumping the Quark - Xena: Warrior Princess: Highly stylised or possibly plain bonkers, Xena was many things, but was the '90s sword and sorcery show a hit or myth? Article tries to find out when things went wrong with the show (Season 5 is featured prominently).
  • Non Sport Update Magazine March 2007 Let's Relate Dangerously. Rittenhouse Archives developed Dangerous Liaisons as a thematic title illustrating tension-filled relationships among characters within many ongoing story frames. The 72-card base set centers on actor Lucy Lawless' role as the nomadic fighter in her most intriguing personal encounters. Also featured is Xena's cohort Gabrielle, portrayed by Renee O'Connor.