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March 30, 1998

page 26 Story: Martine Allars

Many thanks to Kim for the transcript below


Lucy Lawless, better known as Xena: Warrior Princess, may be straight, but she's a lesbian icon. And, unlike some stars who feel a little threatened by such attention, Lucy is thrilled. "I realy enjoy it - it feels like an honour," Lucy told NW from the New Zealand set of her hit show. "It's great to be a strong female role model."

So strong that she inspired a legion of Xenas in the recent Sydney Mardi Gras, where 200 lesbians dressed up as the warrior princess and marched proudly with swords flashing. Lucy was delighted. "I was so flattered they decided to do one on me," she grins. 'The person who designed the costumes for the float did mine on the show, too." But Lucy hasn't yet seen any footage of the Xenas and is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a video of the event promised by a friend.

Sydney was abuzz that Lucy would actual turn up on the night and lead her Xenas up the street. But word was sent at the last minute that scenes for the TV show had to be re-shot, and she wouldn't be able to show. So was she ever meant to appear?

"Yes, yes, most definitely," says Lucy. "I realy wanted to do it, but the filming just went on too long and I missed my plane. The organisers even had a car waiting for me at the airport in Sydney to take me straight to the parade."

Whether Xena will have another float dedicated to her next year, however, remains to be seen. She is getting married soon for the second time, to TV producer Rob Tapert. "Some of my fans will probably be disappointed," Lucy admits. "But I've found my soul mate and I'm real happy. I think most of my fans will be happy for me."

Much has been made of the under-current of attraction between Xena and her friend Gabrielle on the show. Some devotees believe the writers will capitalise on the lesbian following and explore such a possibility in the storyline. "We try to keep all of our audience interested and guessing. But I don't know what the writers have in store for us. I get the scripts only four days before we film, so I just accept what they've planned and go with it."

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