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NZ Women's Day
6 July 1998

The warrior woman has a secret hidden under her leather costume.

Story by Drew McKenzie

LL-WomansDay-06Jul1998-LucyPantsForRob.jpg (149877 bytes)LUSCIOUS newlywed Lucy Lawless is keeping a naughty little secret from her TV fans ...and it's in in her knickers. When the Kiwi bombshell is filming in her sexy Xena costume, she's banned from wearing her $40,000 wedding ring on her finger.  But Lucy says she's so madly in love with husband Rob Tapert, executive producer of her hit series, she can't bear to be parted from her wedding and engagement rings.

"I want to have the rings with me every second to remind me of Rob," she says, "so when I'm playing Xena I pin them to my knickers. Nobody will think of looking there!"

Leggy Lucy, 30, wed dashing 43-yearold Rob in a lavish ceremony before 300 guests in Beverly Hills two months ago and is now showing off her honeymoon photos.  The happy couple spent a week in the wine area of Napa Valley in northern California, staying at the ritzy Auberge Resort. Lucy took along her 10-year-old daughter Daisy from her first marriage to Garth Lawless.  The threesome spent most of their honeymoon fishing, and Daisy helped her new step-dad reel in a 2kg trout. 

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