Lucy Lawless & Kevin Smith
SkyCity Starlight Symphony
Auckland Domain
New Zealand

3 February 2001

On the 3rd of February 2001 Lucy Lawless and Kevin Smith hosted a magnificent show called Skycity Starlight Symphony at the Auckland Domain.

The goal was to collect donations for Kidz First and Stasrship Hospital. This was outlined by Michael Hirst [see picture] who made a short speech making people aware of the importance of this project.

There were about 288 volunteers, collecting and selling Glow-Sticks and Glow-Necklaces at a whopping five dollars each.  Lucy Lawless wore a gold plated [curly shaped platelets] dress over black material.  Kevin Smith wore a tuxedo and basically looked as cheeky as ever making the odd joke here and there. At one point Lucy reminded him it was his turn with the cue cards [see picture].

I think the highlight of the evening was a preview of 'Hair', full version to be shown at Sky City Theatre between 16 November-15 December.


Pictures by Richard K

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