Philadelphia News

5 February 2001

Tattle Section

Crack this, Xena!

OK, Philly may not be the world’s Numero Uno destination, but can someone please send TV’s Lucy Lawless a travel book about our fair city?

Tattle asked the Warrior Princess, who has four episodes left of the series before she hangs up her leather gear, about her perceptions of Philadelphia. “I have none,” she blurted, then quickly corrected herself. Slightly. “I know about a big cracked bell and sort of old buildings in the English style and Tom Hanks dying of AIDS.”

Sheesh. Guess some scrumptious cheesesteaks or the Philly Sound aren’t on her radar. Yet.

Lawless — on the line from New Zealand to discuss her Feb. 8 Thursday appearance on NBC’s “Just Shoot Me” as a “professional escort” — predicts she’ll be associated with her leather bustier much like Barbara Eden is linked with that va-va-voom pink genie outfit.

“I’m going to walk off that last day of \[shooting\] with the outfit and drive off with it,” she reveals. Hopefully, La Lawless will be able to use it when the standard sequel beckons in, oh, 10 years.

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