TV Week
August 15 - 21, 1998

Pick of the Day

Xena: Warrior Princess - Ten/Capital, 7:30 pm

tvweekBS.jpg (26348 bytes)The bitter conflict between Xena (Lucy Lawless, left with Kevin Smith) and Gabrielle reaches a crescendo tonight in an Emmy-nominated musical extravaganza.

Titled The Bitter Suite, the episode sees Gabrielle (Renee O'Connor) letting loose with a kick that plunges the pair over a cliff. The two tumble into the dreamworld of Illusia and, as a watery darkness closes in, a faint melody is heard.

Clad in an outfit of the Tarot Book's Fool, Callisto ushers Xena into Illusia with a song. Revealing she will be Xena's guide in this dreamworld, Callisto forces her to confront her inner demons and the core of her relationship with Gabrielle.

Since one must sing to be heard in Illusia the story continues to unfold in song.

[MaryD: I'm really surprised they didn't give all the storyline away...<vbg>]

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