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November 7, 1998

Many thanks to Petra for the following article that was translated from
Dutch and scanning of the pics!

here we go, translated from Dutch:

Hitkrant number 45 November 7 1998

In the index: Xena and Gabrielle: 2 godly supergirls

Xena and Gabrielle: SUPERGIRLS!

The two tough gals from Xena: Warrior Princess highlighted

thm_hit3.jpg (7937 bytes)She's still flying over your tv screen every week: Lucy Lawless, but then in the role of Xena, Warrior Princess. Accompanied by her loyal sidekick Gabrielle of course. And together the two girls give the term Girl Power a whole new meaning.

Lucy Lawless (Xena): many skills

When Lucy was still a little Lucy she grew up in New Zealand as 5th of 7 children. But she is the eldest girl (She has a younger sister). Until her her 8th she was a real tomboy, one of the brothers so to speak. She mainly went to strict catholic schools. There she discovered her love for acting. Before she finished school she had already played in dozens of schoolplays and musicals. After graduating she tried a study at university. Finally Lucy left for Europe and traveled around in Germany and Switzerland.


In the show Xena Lucy is a woman who knows how to handle things and in reality she holds her ownthm_hit4.jpg (11335 bytes) with Xena. After her European adventure (in other words, when she was broke) she headed back to Australia and started working there as a goldminer. A heavy profession, not normally done by women. But Lucy just did it and drove trucks, just like her male colleagues. Talk about Girl Power! But Luce has more talents then just her physical prowess: she speaks German, French and Italian and can, without any problems, switch from her own New Zealand accent to the fluent American she has to speak as Xena. She is a trained jazz and opera singer (she played Rizzo in the Broadway musical Grease) and was already trained in horseback riding before she started Xena. In the meantime she has also trained in martial arts, for her role. Next to that Lucy is also a mother, to daughter Daisy (10) from her first marriage with an Australian. She just married her second husband: Rob Tapert, producer of Xena, Hercules and Young Hercules.

Renee O'Connor: passion for adventure

Renee was born and raised in Texas. Whenever she is in the States she spends her time in Austin, inthm_hit5.jpg (10082 bytes) the same state, where her mother Sandra and stepfather Eddie run a well-known restaurant, Threadgill's. But she also bought a home in Auckland, New Zealand, where the show is being shot. And since Renee's single and living on her own she can do whatever and go wherever she likes. In her spare time she practises horseback riding, mountain climbing and kick boxing. Since this show she also jogs and lifts weights, because, as Gabrielle, she has to stay in great shape of course.

Favorite role

Renee O'Connor already went to a professional acting school at age 12, so she is an early starter! In 1989 she debuted on television in the series Teen Angel. That is a part of the Disney show 'The Mickey Mouse Club', where the lead characters of Malibu Shores and 'N Sync's JC also came from. After a couple of tv movies she starred in 'The Adventures of Huck Finn', together with in example Elijah Wood. Renee also did some guest roles on tv, like in the police series NYPD Blue. She now is Gabrielle in Xena: Warrior Princess. "This is my favorite role', she says enthusiastically. 'Gabrielle is a romantic storyteller with a passion for adventure. I can only say: love to play it!"

Xena Warrior Pincess: every Tuesday on Veronica, 5.35pm

5 pics with the article: - Xena promo shot in cave - Xena face shot, 3rd season ep (looks familiar but I can't place it) - Gabrielle face shot from When in Rome. Caption: Renee O'Connor plays the romantic storyteller on Xena: 'It's a great part to play!' she laughs - Ares and Xena cross swords, promo shot. Caption: Not only as Xena can Lucy Lawless handle anything that comes her way. Also in her daily life she is a woman not to be trifled with. Well, you are a warrior princess or not... - shot from Fish, Femmes and Gems, Xena and Gab talking to each other next to the cart with fish Xena brought along


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