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August 1998


31 August 1998

I was really going to create another Bad Xena montage but I was sorting out my graphics for Gabrielle and I got sidetracked :-)

30 August 1998

I am pleased to welcome Lela Kaunitz to The Bard's Corner - Bard #118

29 August 1998

XWP starts Season 4 in the week starting September 28, 1998 in the USA! Yeah! Finally season 4 is nearly upon us...

The XIP Artwork Section and XIP Subtext Zone Artwork Section has now got a new caretaker! I would like to welcome Dee to XIP. If you have any artwork to submit please email Dee on dee@finalfront.com

27 August 1998


26 August 1998

This following scan made me laugh - it was brought to my attention by a friend of mine at work which I totally missed when reading the paper!

25 August 1998


Who Weekly - August 31, 1998 issue. Has a three page article on Renee O'Connor
NW (New Weekly) has Lucy Lawless as one of the most Coolest People in the World

24 August 1998

I've discovered just recently I'm not a superwoman..yeah I know hard to believe but there you go :-) I am going to be asking for volunteers to help with my growing site. Already on the "staff" (apart from me) of the Australian Xena Information Page are:

SLK - Aussie Episode Reviewer for The Good Ol' Aussie Episode Guide
Lunacy - Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews
BL Miller - The Bards of the Xenaverse

HELP WANTED: I am looking for someone with HTML skills and eye for good artwork for the XIP Artwork and XIP Subtext Zone sections. Please email me at kira@zip.com.au and if you can include a URL for some of your work.


A welcome return of Jamie Boughen who sailed away (or was that flown away?) from Aussie shores to set up home in the US of A! Admit it Jamie it was to see Xena episodes alot quicker and not for true love :-) Welcome back to writing excellent fanfic Jamie!

BL Miller has added the following to The Bards of the Xenaverse


22 August 1998

BL has made these additions to The Bards of the Xenaverse:

21 August 1998

BL Miller has updated The Bards of the Xenaverse section with changes to overall look and adding links to the Bard's stories for three bards that have been interviewed.


19 August 1998

Added new section: Rumours In The Xenaverse


18 August 1998

Hi folks,

I'm going to take a couple of days off - I've got the flu (it loves me) again.

I would like to announce that there The Bards of the Xenaverse has now got a new caretaker! BL Miller (a bard who I think is one of the best) has taken over! A Bard to look after the Bard's section...very poetic me thinks :-)


16 August 1998 - Only 41 days to go to Season 4 and Adventures in the Sin Trade - Part 1
(but who's counting....)

Here is an interesting piece of news that was emailed to me. Steve Seers has said in a recent chat that Season 4 will have "more costume changes and LESS Joxer" :-)
Now I'm not a Joxer hater...I liked him in Fins, Femmes & Gems and Sacrifice 2 BUT
I think I've seen enough of him in season 3. This site isn't Joxer Free but then again it's not packed with Ted Raimi/Joxer information! Now for those who are salivating about a Joxer & Gabrielle lovefest in Season 4 - you have about as much chance of that happening as Xena becoming a Hestian Virgin (Pwaise Hestia!) and denouncing violence.

I think we are all suffering from SEVERE  XWS or GWS (depening on your preference!)

Oh folks...check out Lunar's new art - check out the eyes..this one bowled me over!

15 August 1998

The Bitter Suite - Aussies get ripped off

Okay well the episode has finally been shown - actually it's showing now but I'm too disgusted to watch the rest. Channel 10 have TOTALLY butchered this episode beyond belief. They cut the gabdrag - not all of it but sections, they cut inside the purification hut, they cut when Gabrielle comes in and attacks Xena and Xena kills her - they cut the whole scene and they went straight to Ares' song!!! And Gabrielle is lying at her feet dead with NO explanation! My friend Cat is going to be doing a comparison with the episode we have from the US and I will post it as soon as she does.

Australian fans are being ripped off .. I am sick and tired of this. I'm lucky as I get to see the episodes earlier than my Aussie friends but they get a shortened version of the episode with lots more commericals and stuff that doesn't make sense! ARGHHHHHHHHH!


14 August 1998


I am looking for someone with HTML skills who is eager to be able to take over The Bards of the Xenaverse section of my site.

The Bards of the Xenaverse is an interview with bards section that I would like
to expand. At the moment there are a few bards that have been interviewed. The
person who will be responsible for this section would need to have an
understanding of HTML since they will be doing the coding of the interviews and
general layout of the section. If you're good with graphics that would be an
added bonus :-)

You can apply by emailing me at kira@zip.com.au   and have a sample of the work
you've done.

Click here to go to Bards of the Xenaverse



Another magazine alert...must be the week for them :-)

New magazine out now called The Starlog Reporter catering to Aussie fans (sister magazine to
The Starlog Yearbook. Issue #1 (September-November 1998 issue) has an article on Hudson
and has Xena merchandise available in NSW. (Many thanks to Michelle for the info)

13 August 1998


Xena is back on Australian TV! Just hot off the presses...sort of...

    7:30 pm 29 August 1998
    One Against An Army

More Aussie Magazine Alerts! - That makes 4 magazines this week!

Who Weekly has an article on Bitter Suite - transcript coming up!

TV Hits has a question and answer segment for Lucy and also the TV Guide photos of Renee! Transcript and photos coming up!

  • Added orderinng information about the book On Top Down Under which was featured in the Grace Magazine article on Lucy.
  • Updated The Lawless Alert with new magazine alert

12 August 1998

I would like to take this opportunity in thanking Sharon Delaney for all her hard work as President of the Official Xena Fan Club. I think she does a magnificent job. The really good thing about it is that she is a FAN of the show. And it shows...Check out this photo from the Official Photo Club collection. It is one of the most gorgeous photos of Renee O'Connor I have ever seen!

11 August 1998

Good New for Aussies about XWP in Australia. I've spoken to a programmer at Channel 10 and he informed me that the show will be back on air in about two weeks! This is definite.

Two new Magazine Alerts for Aussies: This week's TV Week has a half page review of Bitter Suite together with a photo of Xena & Ares.

New Weekly - 17 August 1998 also has an article on Lucy!

10 August 1998

Here's some trivia for non Aussies...Saturday's episode was Maternal Instincts...and you bet Channel 10 cut out one of THE most pivotal scenes in XWP! You all remember the scene...Xena finds Solon dead and cradles him in her arms and SCREAMS. We pan to Callisto who is in raptures and then her face falls realising that it doesn't give her relief. Believe it or not but Channel 10 chose that scene to cut to go to commercial break! Yee gods! I really hate to see what they do to Bitter Suite next week! Hey maybe they will do us all a favour and cut out the first 10 minutes of the GabDrag!! Dang it I should have said that in my email to them!!

For those going to Dragon Con there is something special awaiting you...oh yes indeedy
Two of my friends are going to be there (and no I won't be there...boo hiss...) and these two are something special. Melissa Good and Joanna Sandsmark - now there's a combo you DON'T want to miss! Missy writes some of the best fanfic in the xenaverse and out of it and Joanna - Joanna is one hell of a writer and the creator of one of my favourite "characters"...The Greek Chorus!! If you are a fan of WordWarior..well then you're in for another surprise :-) Wordee will be there...Joanna will be there...these two could be twins :-)
You have no idea what I'm talking about? Go to DragonCon and find out :-)

But wait there's more (I knew I would utter that line! *chuckle*)

At DragonCon you are going to witness a parody of Bitter Suite called Bitter Treat. Believe me folks I've read reviews of this parody and it will blow your socks off. So if you want to know more about Dragoncon...go directly to the DragonCon page at


and check out the details! To borrow Lunacy's favourite saying...IT'S HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

8 August 1998

Montage Update:

7 August 1998


6 August 1998

Added three new bards  - Redhawk, Trey and R. Az to The Bard's Corner

5 August 1998

CHANNEL 10 XENA NEWS: There might be some light at the end of this dark tunnel...check out AusNews for further details....

For those that have been hearing about Madeline Albright and her Xena Obsession...I like the woman :-) Here is something to chuckle over...I'm sure if Madeline saw this she would be tickled pink!

4 August 1998

BAD NEWS FOR AUSSIES: Channel 10 have decided to stop airring XWP for the time being. Last episode to air will be on the 15th August and that will be Bitter Suite. At least they didn't leave us hanging on the rift...someone has a heart over there. Not sure when they will start airring the show again - could be sometime early next year! Watch this space for further news!

3 August 1998

Magazine Alert for Aussies: Just Entertainment - Winter 1998 Issue on Lucy and the show

1 August 1998

News from Sharon Delaney:

The NZ tv station is running a contest with two tickets to our Jan con as a prize. They were also saying that a visit with LL was part of the prize. This is not true. She is not even booked for that show at this time. The company has since changed their ads.

  • A reminder folks: Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews Page has really grown and has become a source for all bards to look at - whether you are looking for disclaimers to add to your story or an editor to proof read it or whether you're like me and just want to find some good fan fiction to read - yes I do read fan fiction when I'm not adding them to my site :-) And yes I do sleep :-)

    So check out Lunacy's Fan Fiction Reviews - a fantastic start to the world of Fan Fiction!

  • Also a heads on one of my favourite all time bards - Melissa Good. Check out her site for her beta bits on her stories before they are sent here in the final version! Get your Missy Fix :-) I know I do.

    Melissa's site is at Merwolf's Cave - http://www.merwolf.com/xena/

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