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Fan Fiction Listed by Author - M

Maas, LJ
The Queen Series - Xena and Gabrielle
To Become a Queen
Quest for a Queen Classic
Heart of a Queen Classic
The Queen of My Heart Classic
To Walk The Path of a Queen orzipped file - 306k Classic
The Perfect Gift Classic
Happy Anniversary, Gabrielle Classic
Happy Anniversary, Xena Classic
Just Like Xena Classic
The Conqueror Series
Journey's End
The Petal of the Rose
Time's Fell Hand
Tale One - Journey's End Conqueror
Tale Two - The Petal of the Rose Conqueror
Tale Three - Time's Fell Hand Conqueror
Tumbleweed Fever Uber
Meridio's Daughter Uber
None So Blind Uber
MacD, Medora At the Crossroads Classic
MacGregor, KG Shaken Uber
Stirred Uber
Strained Uber
I Never Know Jan/Mel
The Road from Kilimanjaro Uber
Mulligan Uber
Mulligan ll: In The Rough Uber
Getting It Right Uber
Mulligan lll: Teacher's Pet Uber
Mulligan IV: The Cart Path Not Taken Uber
Anna's Christmas (Complete) Uber
The House of Sandstone Uber
  Expecatations Uber
Mulligan V: Best Ball Uber
  I Told You So Uber
  Blood Of My Blood Uber
  Surreal Uber
  Stolen Souls
The tale of Vonne Maglio, who signs on for a two-week vacation at a working ranch in the Colorado canyons. Nothing at Sky Ranch is as it seem-but then, neither is Vonne.
Maggie Amity Reborn (GEN) Classic
The Better Part of Valor (GEN) Classic
Footprints in the Dust (GEN) Classic
Full Circle (GEN) Classic
The Noble Heart (GEN) Classic
Trust Fund (GEN) Classic
Healer's Choice (GEN) Classic
The Silver Fox (GEN) Classic
The Mouths of Babes (GEN) Classic
She Aint Heavy... (GEN) Classic
Heart's Promise(GEN) Classic
Soul's Pledge Classic
Whispers of the Heart (GEN) Poem
Maggie & Peribear A Week In the Lives or The Week That Was (GEN) Classic
Marshall, Barry
& Winters, CN
Warlord Classic
MaryD In the Blood of the Greeks - Book 1 Original
  Where Shadows Linger - Book 2 Original
  Hidden Truths - Book 3 Original
  Awakenings - Book 4 Original
MaryE A Dark and Stormy Night Classic
Technical Difficulties Classic
Amazon.Come Classic
Been There, Done That Classic
Send in the Warriors Classic
Friend Classic
Interview With A Warrior Princess Classic
The Weakest Link Uber
  X&G - The Lost Years: Time and Space Classic
Mayt The Final Night Classic
The Mountain Ridge Classic
The Unspoken Classic
The Hunted Classic
Silences Classic
A Fear of Daylight Classic
The Chamber Classic
The Emeth Stone Classic
  Mediations 1 | 2 | 3 Classic
Natural Causes Classic
Silences ll Classic
Vineyard By the Sea 1-3 (Complete) Classic
My Lord - Part 1-3 (Complete) Conqueror
My Lord - Solstice (Complete) Conqueror
  My Lord: By the Fates (complete) Conqueror
  My Lord: Megara (complete) Conqueror
  My Lord: The Chosen's Promise Conquerer
  My Lord: The Medallion Conqueror
  My Lord An Act of Love: Fidelity’s Poem Conqueror
My Lord: Athens Conqueror
McCommon, Kerry Tango Uber
Starbird Uber
McEwen, Sian Long Ago and Far Away: A Time Travel Romance 1 | 2 | 3 Uber
McGowan, Maureen Girl Talk (GEN) Classic
A Test of Friendship (GEN) Classic
The Homecoming (GEN) Classic
The Promise (GEN) Classic
Loss of Innocence (GEN) Classic
Rite of Passage (GEN) Uber
Out of Time (GEN) Uber
Meagher, S X Book 1: Awakenings Uber
Book 2: Beginnings Uber
Book 3: Coalescence or the zipped file Uber
Book 4: Disclosures or the zipped file Uber
Book 5: Entwined Uber
Book 6: Fidelity Uber
Book 7: Getaway Uber
Book 8: Honesty or zipped file Uber
Book 9: Intentions Uber
Book 10: Journeys Uber
Book 11: Karma Uber
Book 12: Lifeline Uber
Book 13: Monogamy Uber
I Found My Heart in San Francisco: A Christmas Vignette Uber
The Right Thing Uber
  I Found My Heart In San Francisco - Book 14: Nurture Uber
I Found My Heart in San Francisco: Book 15 - Osmosis Uber
  I Found My Heart In San Francisco Book 16: Paradigm
Mezzo Impulse Book One: After All Is Said - Parts 1 - 8
Part 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13
Impuse: Book Two: It's Just The Beginning
Part 1
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 - 11 12 13- 14 15-17(complete)
Impulse: Book Three Full Steam Ahead - Part 1 2 3 4- 5 6-7 8-10 11-12 13-14 15 (complete) Uber
Impulse Book 4: Moving One - Part 1 2&3 4-7 8-10 11-13 Uber
Mickey Movie Of The Clones CloneFic
Old Friends CloneFic
Sweetwater - Parts 1-3 4 Original
Bannack Original
Bozeman Original
  Rolling Thunder - Parts 1-7 8 - 10 11-14 (Complete) Original
Midgit Everything (Alt) Classic

A Little Piece of Paradise - 1-6 | 7-11 | 12-18 | 19-23

Cold 1- 4 | 5-8 | 9-10 | 11-15 | 16 - 25 Uber
Mike When Xena Died Post FIN Fic
Who Would I Be, Without You? Classic
A Remembrance of Still Waters Classic
Very Like a Whale Classic
Miller, B L The Show (ALT) Classic
Ulysses Revisited (ALT) Classic
Mothers (Alt-fic version)(ALT) 

Mothers (non-altfic version) (GEN)

About Artemis (ALT) Classic
Card's Anyone? (ALT) Classic
Hostage (ALT) Classic
A Queen's Sacrifice (ALT) Classic
The Silent Bard (ALT) Classic
The Treaty (ALT) Classic
The Cabin (ALT) Classic
Charon's Troubles (ALT) Classic
Guilt, Love & Forgiveness (ALT) Classic
Clueless (ALT) Classic
The Cloak (ALT) Classic
A Lazy Loving Morning... (ALT) Classic
Mills, Jules Nano #1: Equilibrium - Newton's First Law Uber
Nano #2: Equilibrium - Moment of Force Uber
Nano #3: The Carnot Cycle Uber
Nano #4: Newton's Second Law - Gravitation Uber
Nano #5: Motion Uber
Nano #6: The First Law of Thermodynamics Uber
Nano #7: Work and Energy Uber
Nano #8 Illumination (Complete) Uber

1.       It's All In Your Point of View


2.       In the Eyes of the Beholder


3.       The Eye's Have It


4.       Eyes Wide Shut


5.       See No Evil


6.       Seeing Is Believing


7.       Blinded


8.       Looking Within


9.       Seeing is Everything


10.    Out of Sight


11.    Insight - Part 1 | 2-3


12.    Seeing Through Smoke


13.    Perceptions

R' Place R' Place Series 1 Uber
Silent Lucidity R' Place Series 2 Uber
Out on a Limb R' Place Series 3 Uber
Possession R' Place Series 4 Uber
Fumbling Towards Ecstasy R' Place Series 5 Uber
Under Her Spell R' Place Series 6 Uber
The Fear Inside R' Place Series 7 Uber
Full of Grace R' Place Series 8 Uber
Love and Other Surprises R' Place Series 9 Uber
Touch R' Place Series 10 Uber
Deep R' Place Series 11 Uber
Linger 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 Uber
Masks - A Halloween Tale Uber
Realizations: A Thanksgiving Story Uber
Again 1 | 2 Uber
Breathe Uber
Grind Uber
White Nights Uber
  Any Day Uber
Morgaine Journey's Gift (ALT) Classic
Fate's Gift (ALT) Classic
Morgan, Brigit M To Rest Classic/
Xena: Warrior Princess: Apocalypse - Book 1 Nemesis Classic
The Silent Country Post FIN Fic
The Blonde Post FIN Fic
Morgan, Mary Circle of Stones Classic
The Deer Classic
After the Volcano Classic
Cry Wolf Classic
The Judgement of the Gods Classic
Morrig Destiny's Ghost Classic

Absolution 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (Final)

Penitencia: The Second Sacrament Uber
Confession Uber
Muir, Tonya The Journey Home (Alt) Classic
Wounded (Alt) Classic
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained (Alt) Classic
Each and Every Day (Alt) Classic
With Faltering Steps (Alt) Uber
Making Strides (Alt) Uber
Muir, Tonya
& Winters, CN
1971 (Alt Uber) Uber
Muzza Away From Home (ALT) Classic
Trust In Her (ALT) Classic
Young At Heart Uber
Spotlight Uber
My Osage A Nice Quiet Evening? Classic
Another Amazon Princess Classic
Aphrodite's Gift Classic
Beyond Melosa's Shadow Classic
Callisto's Challenge Classic
Gabrielle's Dream Classic
M'Lilla's Destiny Classic
Sappho's Inspiration Classic
Surprise Classic
That One Afternoon Classic
The Hero Within Classic
The Warden's Wish Classic
Why Are You Here? Classic
The Lie (Post FIN Fic) Post FIN Fic
Invitation to Egypt Classic
My Warrior The River (GEN) Classic
I Had Forgotten (GEN) Classic
Ding Dong Door Ditch Classic
Mythmaker To Trust a Warrior(ALT) Classic
Reconciliation (ALT) Classic
The Warrior's Love (ALT) Classic
The Undone Warrior (ALT) Classic
The Warrior Untamed (ALT) Classic
The Retaming of the Warrior (Alt) Classic


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