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Artwork by Lucia Nobrega
Created and maintained by MaryD


31 December

ROC Updates

Lucy Updates


The Bard's Corner


30 December

Lucy Updates

Added 40 Screengrabs by Judi from Entertainment Tonight about Lucy's role as Madam Van Der Sexx in the upcoming movie Eurotrip

For Aussies: it looks like the cricket may be finishing early with Australia needing only 95 runs to win against India so that means that ET will/may be shown at it's regular time of 4:00 pm today and repeated again at 4 AM on 31 December.

30 December

Lucy Updates

Added 40 Screengrabs by Judi from Entertainment Tonight about Lucy's role as Madam Van Der Sexx in the upcoming movie Eurotrip

For Aussies: it looks like the cricket may be finishing early with Australia needing only 95 runs to win against India so that means that ET will/may be shown at it's regular time of 4:00 pm today and repeated again at 4 AM on 31 December.

29 December

Lucy TV Alert - 29 December 2003 (US)

Lucy will be on Entertainment Tonight - 29 December (US).
Because of the Aust Vs India cricket game in Melbourne - ET can be
seen at 4 am
31 December 2003 for Australians
Many thanks to Jo for the news - 28 December 2003

26 December

Lucy Updates

Double Dare t-shirts are now available from the official site.

Double Dare is a double-barreled, action-packed documentary about two Hollywood stuntwomen, Jeannie Epper and Zoe Bell. Jeannie, who refuses to retire at sixty-two, doubled for "Wonder Woman" in the 70's, and Zoe landed the coveted job doubling "Xena" at the age of eighteen. With star-studded interviews and rollicking live-action stunt sequences, Double Dare is a candid look at two strong, dedicated women who pursue tough careers in male-dominated Tinseltown. Click here to order t-shirt - Many thanks to Alexis



Lucia's Corner

  • Added Christmas what's new logo to Lucia's Corner

The Bard's Corner / Eva and Zoe Series


Part of the Way of Life Series by TZ




22 December

Lucy Updates


Xena DVD News

The following is from the Official Xena and Herc Store about the upcoming Season 3 DVD for Region 1

  • PLEASE NOTE: The version of Season Three sold through XenaHercules.tv is the SAME VERSION that will be released in retail stores February 2004, with the POSSIBLE exception of Best Buy.

Turn The Page

Inferno by Trish Shields
to order go to

"Chicago in the summertime can be a tinderbox.  Andrea, 'Dray', Khalkousa, a firefighter from a local fire hall, finds more than she bargained for when she meets a mysterious homeless woman, Abby Dean. What starts as an ardent affair soon deepens into a soul connection that neither woman can explain.  As the layers that hide the tormented heart and soul of the firefighter are slowly peeled away, Abby realizes that she's not the only one who needs saving.  Both women struggle with a painful past to forge ahead and create a new future."



20 December

Lucy Updates


A rather longish promo is now available from dreamworks which features Lucy in scenes from the movie as Madam Van Der Sexx.

Added 20 screengrabs from the promo of Lucy as Madam Van Der Sexx

You can view the video of the promo in Quicktime, Windows Media Player or Real Player formats


The following is from http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/e/eurotrip.php

QuickTime, Super Hi-Res
QuickTime, Hi-Res
QuickTime, Med-Res
QuickTime, Lo-Res
Windows Media Player, Super Hi-Res
Windows Media Player, Hi-Res
Windows Media Player, Med-Res
Windows Media Player, Lo-Res
Real Player, Super Hi-Res
Real Player, Hi-Res
Real Player, Med-Res
Real Player, Lo-Res

MaryD's Art

The Bard's Corner

Publishing News

Author KG MacGregor has signed with Cavalier Press to publish her story Malicious Pursuit. We look forward to a Fall 2004 release.

Subtext Virtual Season

X Marks the Spot - Part 1

A scavenger hunt brings a different prize than Xena and Gabrielle expected.




19 December

The Bard's Corner


Xena DVD News

(Region 1 - US/Canada)

More about what's in the Region 1 release of Season 3

  • The Special Collector’s Edition Boxed Set includes 8 DVD discs re-mastered from state-of-the-art studio-quality digital video and upgraded with a totally cool blend of new and exciting supplemental material, and one CD-ROM with even more extras.

Season Three Bonus Material includes:

  • Season 3 Photo Gallery Official Xena photographers shooting on set and on location created this spectacular gallery of action and portrait shots of all your favorite Xena characters, beasts and demons.
  • Direct Access Scenes Gain instant access to your favorite battles, fights, love and hot tub scenes.
  • Director and Actor Bios Get personal and career information on Lucy Lawless, Renee O’Connor, Kevin Smith, Executive Producer Rob Tapert, and the whole cast and crew!
  • Xena Chronicles An interactive guidebook to all the characters of Xena with video clips, biographies, and photos.
  • Series Trivia Xena mavens reveal a world of little known details, secrets and pranks from the cast and crew!
  • Interactive Games Test your mettle in Xena’s world with these fun and challenging digital games.
  • Interactive Animated Menu Screens
  • Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
  • Newly discovered alternative scenes
  • Commentary with Lucy Lawless and Renee O’Connor
  • Sacrifice - One and Two Retrospective featuring interviews with cast and crew
    Over 700 Original productions sketches and drawing

    Click here to order via Amazon.com - Price: $48.99 with free shipping in the US

18 December

Lucy Updates

Back in November, Lucy attended a fundraiser for Gilda's Club in Toronto. Gilda's Club, is a free service that provides men, women, children living with cancer and their families and friends a place to join with others to build social and emotional support as a supplement to their treatment of choice. Lucy immortalizing her breasts in plaster to be auctioned off online to raise money for Gilda's Club. <g> That plaster cast is now online and is being auctioned off on ebay.com

Also Gilda's Club has One-of-a-Kind Authentic Lucy "Xena" Lawless Hand Impressions in Plaster Mould


17 December

Ausxip Print Archive

  • HERCULES and Xena Ghostwriter Composer Awarded Copyright; Files ...
    Film Music Magazine) -- After being awarded copyright registration by the US Copyright Office for hundreds of music cues he wrote for the syndicated "Hercules" and "Xena ...http://www.filmmusicmag.com/article_101.shtml
  • Xena mention in Turkish travel brochure
    ....One can see forms of cultural hybridity wherever one looks around the
    Black Sea, but let me begin with one that is more amusing than profound:
    a tourist brochure produced by the little city of Samsun on the northern
    coast of Turkey. Samsun does not have much to offer the international
    tourist, although the local museum does have a Roman bronze statue of an
    athlete that any collection in the world would be proud to display. In an effort to attract tourists Samsun tries to exploit its proximity to the legendary land of the Amazons. The city has created a scene in its brochure with an ancient representation of an Amazon on one side and on the other, the image of Xena, Warrior Princess, the Amazonian heroine of a popular TV series produced in New Zealand. I was not expecting to see such awareness of the world television market in a Turkish backwater, but the impulse to amalgamate wildly disparate cultural forms has evidently become irresistible in our day. http://www.lewrockwell.com/orig3/cantor2.html
    Many thanks to Barbara Davies for the news


Xenaverse News

16 December

Lucy Updates

Warrior Women

Reruns of Warrior Women in the Netherlands. They're starting 11 January 2004:

- 11 January 2004 Joan of Arc 9.00pm
- 18 January 2004 Grace O'Malley 9.00pm
- 25 January 2004 Lozen 9.00pm
- 1 February 2004 Mulan 9.00pm
- 8 February 2004 Boudica 9.00pm

Many thanks to Sophie for the update

The Bard's Corner



The following is from Phil from Bardcon

In addition to the limited edition prints and apparel items, Lucia's December image is also available in tree ornaments and greeting cards only for this month. The image is perfect for the season. Lucia captured the essence of Dickens and transformed our favorite little guys into some very famous characters. Check out Dar RobCratchit, Tiny Kerry (and don't forget Chino) on the new items.

Cafe Press Standard shipping is still available for a few more days and they have discounted the rate as well.

Let Cafe Press take care of some of your holiday shopping.

BardCon and StoryPlus thank you for your continued support and wish everyone a Happy Holiday season.

Xenaverse News

Adrienne Wilkinson news:

From her official website:
Her new project is out! Kill Switch! It was released on October 27! Their official website is: http://www.killswitch.com/
Also, her Newsletter is out: http://www.adriennewilkinson.com/
Many thanks to Jessica for the news


12 December

Lucy Updates

Warrior Women

I contacted the Australian Discovery channel about the upcoming Warrior Women doco to be screened in Australia. I received a reply today about the dates and time:

Australia Only - Discovery on Foxtel (Optus also carries Discovery)

Monday, 24 May 2004 9:30 pm - Joan of Arc
Tuesday, 25 May 2004 9:30 pm - Grace O'Malley
Wednesday, 26 May 2004 9:30 pm - Mulan
Thursday, 27 May 2004, 9:30 pm - Lozen
Friday, 28 May 2004, 9:30 pm - Boudica

Please note that this may be subject to change at this stage since it's so far ahead.

Lucy Images


This photo is by far my favourite of the New Mexico Photoshoot - it's downright gorgeous. Great work Wendy!

for the bigger version



Ausxip Graphics

The Bard's Corner

Great news for KG MacGregor fans - Shaken (a consolidated version of the trilogy) will be published by Cavalier Press in the spring of 2004.


Virtual Subtext Season Nine

Yo Ho Ho

On a quest for a warm room and a soft bed, Xena and Gabrielle make a slight detour to roam the seven seas as pirates.


Xenaverse News

The following are from Sharon Delaney and all are up on Ebay (not Creation Entertainment as previously noted).

Abyss brown leather coat

Dreamworker purple satin cloak

Royal Couple Of Thieves harem outfit

Motherhood cloak

Meg red outfit from Warrior Princess Tramp

Return Of The Valkyrie fur outfit




11 December

MaryD's Art


Kathryn Morris (Najara)

Ausxip Links


10 December

ROC Updates

More from Creation Entertainment:


We've been hearing from so many of you that have joined us in being thrilled that Renee will be appearing in a theatrical reading at the upcoming Burbank Official Xena Convention (Jan. 30-Feb.1, 2004). Today, we are happy to announce also that Renee has agreed to spend some time on-stage at the convention, outside of the performance, to update us on all the exciting projects she has been working on (and she is busy!!).  We're particularly excited about her starring in a new film for the Sci-Fi Channel, but anytime we see Renee on screen... we're there!

Lucy Updates


The Bard's Corner


  • Damage (Complete) by At3Sparky

8 December

MaryD's Art

The Bard's Corner


Ausxip Links

  • Updated section and redesigned it. Link submissions have also been updated

ROC Updates

ROC Convention News

The following is from Creation Entertainment:
The one and only RENEE O'CONNOR has graciously accepted our invitation to appear at the convention.  Renee will be appearing in a two-character reading during the convention's Saturday program.  The other performer and the title of the piece will be announced soon.  Renee (with Sharon's assistance) is coming up with a wonderful play to perform: we'll let you know more... Although our Gold Weekend Packages are sold out at this time we have great Preferred Weekend Packages still available that offer reserved seating throughout the weekend as well as a number of other benefits. Renee will not be signing autographs at the convention.


6 December

The following is from Sue Beck and Wendy Sparks. it's something that I feel is rather important.

From Wendy: "I'm having a financial emergency and must sell my entire Xena collection. Many rare items and great autographs are listed.   No Reserves on anything.  Please take a look.   Regardless of my situation, I will be donating 15% of the total to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation."

Where can I get a look at these great items, you ask?  Well, right here!


You'll see my handle (BladeMaster) as the articles holder, but I'm the fill in.  You'll be dealing directly with Wendy herself on any and all pieces that you win.

She accepts, for payment, cash, personal checks, and money orders.

So please, come and check it out.  The auction is up for ten days and has some very rare items you'll want to add to your collection!

You'll have to register before you can bid, but the process is painless and quick.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at swordnquil@aol.com .  Put AUCTION in the header so I don't accidentally trash your email.

And thanks for reading!



I am very pleased to announce that the Ausxip XWP Artwork Section is back online. The submissions are closed but I may be accepting new art early in the new year. This section houses a great many pieces of art by various artists.

Lucy Updates

More photos of Lucy from the LOTR premiere can be found at these photo sites:


Just search for Lucy Lawless

Many thanks to Jane for the links

5 December

Lucy Updates


Lucy went to the premiere of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King in Los Angeles on 3 December 2003 and was at her usual sparkling best.

WireImage has some great shots of Lucy from the premiere
Many thanks to Alexis



Boogeyman News

  • The release date for Boogeyman in the US is September 2004.

The Bard's Corner


Subtext Virtual Season

Episode 4: Horsefeathers

Xena and Gabrielle work to save one of the last godly creatures, which leads them to yet another encounter with Aphrodite.



4 December

ROC Updates

  • Updated news & rumours section for ROC's movie Xenophobia
  • Updated news & rumours section for ROC's move Margaritville

New movie: Untitled
Renee said she is also working with her friends from Diamonds and Guns on a dark comedy about a married couple who try to rekindle their romance by exploring the Swingers scene. She will be producing and most likely playing the wife.
Source: Sharon Delaney/OXFC

Lucy Updates

Tarzan News

Article: Monkey See, Monkey Brood - about the demise of Tarzan and the inane dialogue Mitch and Lucy were given plus all the other problems with the show that didn't take off.

According to Mediaweek, Tarzan has been officially cancelled. There was talk of the show being resurrected if the ratings for the final three episodes improved but that hasn't happened.

New Images

Xena DVD News

I guess this isn't specifically about Xena DVDs but it affects it as Anchor Bay is being sold to IDT Entertainment according Business Wire

...Anchor Bay has many established long-term arrangements and utilizes a library of more than 3,500 owned or licensed titles. The company is known for its popular assortment of video collections and titles in a variety of genres, including: children's (the Thomas The Tank Engine series), fitness, (where the company's leading industry position includes titles such as the Crunch series and the For Dummies series); horror (films and series such as Halloween, The Evil Dead, Hellraiser and Dawn Of The Dead); television, (Highlander, Xena, Hercules, and Three's Company); and theatrical.
Read more....

3 December

XWP Updates

Xena DVD Region 1 - Season 3 & 4

  • I received a note from Sam yesterday indicating that the Official Xena & Herc Catalog people have stated that Season 3 will ship out in December. This conflicts with the news from Amazon and elsewhere that the S3 DVD will ship out in Feb. I guess that's a wait and see thing. Sam was also told that Season 4 (Region 1) will be released in March.

The Bard's Corner


Lucy Updates


Argentina-Tarzan Schedule for  December-WBTV (WarnerBrothers)-110 Direct TV-


Tue 02 Dec 2003-  11:00 p.m.(ARG)  Episode  1.05

Tue 09 Dec 2003-  11:00 p.m.(ARG)  Episode  1.06

Tue 16 Dec 2003-  11:00 p.m.(ARG)  Episode  1.07

Tue 23 Dec 2003-  11:00 p.m.(ARG)  Episode  1.08
Many thanks to Liliana for the update

2 December

MaryD's Art

Lucy Updates

  • In addition to the Season 3 DVD with all the additional material, Lucy appears on the Saturday Night Live - The Best of Will Ferrell." DVD. The Lucy part is the one she did on SNL as an art teacher dealing with the nude model. (Personally I loved the Judge Judy skit and the Stevie Nicks one)
    Many thanks to Alexis for the update

XWP Update

The following is from Will:

  • Channel 4 in the UK held a poll for the 100 Greatest Sexy Moments on television. Number 22 on the list was Xena and in an 1 minute segment there were several scenes from the episode 'A Day in the Life', including the obligatory hot tub. Over and between these were comments from several of the commentators used throughout the show. There was one other Xena mention, in regard of no.24 (Jane Fonda / Barbarella) where the commentator said that Barbarella set the presecedent for ultra-sexy women is Sci-fi that has been followed by the likes of Lara Croft and Xena.

    For screengrabs and video from this show check out

The Bard's Corner

The following is from Cavalier Press

Cavalier Press has partnered with StarCrossed Productions for online purchasing of our books and they are now accepting preorders for Words Heard in Silence, Madam President, First Lady, and The Last Train Home.  The books will ship on December 14, possibly sooner.

The following is from Phil / Bardcon

Tis the season and December's image is up.

This one isn't cute, folks...it is precious. <.g.>

Check out Little DarRob Cratchit and Tiny Ker (and, of course, Chino makes an appearance too) from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

We have ornaments available this month, as well as holiday greeting cards, and cute little teddy bears along with our limited edition prints, tiles, shirts etc.

The mugs would make a lovely gift...especially if you stuffed them with chocolate...ooh yeah... M&Ms...no...Hershey Kisses...yum...

Ahem...I digress.


If there is an item you would like, but do not see...email me and, if I can, I'll be happy to put one up for you. If you would like the ornaments, or any apparel item, personalized with a name...email me, I can do that too. I'll send you the link(s) to the personalized
item(s), so you can place the order. However, it's gonna cost you an extra 50 cents, per item.

StoryPlus thanks you for the extra donation. :o)


Thank you for your continued support of StoryPlus via the LOTMC.

You Roc!

Phil, BardCon Staff
BardCon 5/29/04-Orlando

1 December

Lucy Updates

Lucy Articles & Images

  • Added transcript from VIP Magazine (Ireland) - October 2003 - On her first trip to Ireland, Xena: Warrior Princess Actress Lucy Lawless Talks about the role that made her famous, and her new series on history's most fearless women
  • Added high resolution scans from VIP Magazine - 5 gorgeous photos of Lucy from her short stay in Ireland at the Lynch Breaffy House Hotel and Life Spa in Castlebar, Co. Mayo ::many thanks to Ann for the scans::

Click here for more November 2003 updates....

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