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30 December 1997

28 December 1997

27 December 1997

Fan Fiction Updates:

I am pleased to announce a new bard has joined The Bard's Corner. Her name is Katelin B. Check out her stories below!

26 December 1997

25 December 1997

Apologies to those people that have been trying to read DJWP's A Bard Day's Night and have been unable to. The story is now available once again.

23 December 1997

I was going to be taking a break but Missy decided everyone needed another part of The Longest Night so here it is and since I would hate to disappoint Missy's fans.. Enjoy!

Added The Longest Night Part 4 by Melissa Good

I would like to welcome a new bard to The Bard's Corner. Her name is Jill.

21 December 1997

20 December 1997

  • The Main page got reconstructed - easier to navigate
  • Updated Upcoming Events for Renee O'Connor
  • Changed some links and other bits and pieces
  • Added the Hot Hollywood Gossip n/letter to Articles Page. This newsletter has side splitting Xena references that are not to be missed! Issue number 51 is now up (Xena segement only)

19 December 1997

  • Added Location Bar to main page
  • Added interviews with Rebecca Hall and Silk on The Bard's Scroll


18 December 1997

17 December 1997

I would like to announce that Cat will be organizing a new section on XIP. One that has been long overdue. The Xena Photo Shop will be operational soon. If you have any photos from cons, publicity photos, favourite pictures of Lucy/Renee or any other XWP guest stars please let Cat know on wildcat@rainbow.net.au.

  • Created a new section called AusNews for Australian Xenites. It will keep everyone up to date with movements at Channel 10, latest merchandise releases, magazine and newspaper articles and other news.
  • Updated The Australian TV Guide for XWP

16 December 1997

15 December 1997 - Wahoo! 1 year is up! ;-)

Zealander will be leaving the Xenaverse and she asked me to pass on this note - Note from Zealander

I've added a new artist to the XWP Artwork Page.

14 December 1997

I am very pleased to welcome another new bard to The Bard's Corner. Her name is Anne O'Donnell.

  • Added Nightstalker by Anne O'Donnell to The Bard's Corner
  • Added Xena's Gown by roc-it scientist to The Bard's Corner

12 December 1997

11 December 1997

Sydney based fans check out today's The Daily Telegraph - article on Lucy and XWP by
Scott Ellis - transcript of the article below

10 December 1997


I've added The XIP Postcard Shoppe - send a postcard to a friend - a montage postcard!
Check it out!

9 December 1997

  • A VERY special piece of artwork...Deianerra by Jeri has been added to artwork page
    I am a huge Renee O'Connor fan and this artwork is just superb! Check it out!

8 December 1997

7 December 1997

6 December 1997


The XWP WWW Chat Room - A WWW message board is now up on the site! Enjoy.

The XIP Feedback Form - Would like to offer a suggestion? Why don't you try the feedback form!


5 December 1997

NEW SECTION: The Australian XWP Trading Post is now open for business. If you are an Aussie are you are looking for merchandise, why not submit your request..you never know what might happen :-)


4 December 1997

Added new section to the Xena Information Page -
Local outlets for Xena Merchandise

Fan Fiction Updates:

I would like to welcome a new bard to The Bard's Corner. Her name is Silk.

Added Silk's stories:

Added L. Fox's stories:


2 December 1997

I would like to welcome L. Fox to The Bard's Corner. L. Fox is a superb bard so I am
very pleased to see his work here.

1 December 1997

  • Melissa Good is back with another epic! Just added Missy's The Longest Night - Part 1
  • Removed montages for The Debt part 1 and The Debt Part 2 - they will be reworked and put back up soon.