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December 1998

31 December 1998

I am pleased to welcome Midgit to The Bard's Corner

CREATION NEWS: for International Members:

Here's an update for all the international folk who have signed up for kit #2. We start writing out those little green slips for the international onestoday. Hope to have them all out by the end of the week or the beginning of next.


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30 December 1998

29 December 1998

28 December 1998

26 December 1998

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! I've done some redecorating! It's that time of year again!

I want to take this time to thank ALL the bards in the xenaverse for giving us so much pleasure in their work, to all the webmasters out there - it's been an interesting year and of course to all xenites who love this show as much as I do!

The following is a present from Missy to all those Dar & Kerry Fans :-) Thanks Missy!

25 December 1998

haircut.jpg (4366 bytes)NEWSFLASH: Folks our first look at Renee with her hair cut! I love the look! This is from the Official Xena Page - you can listen to an Holiday greeting from the cast and crew! I simply adore the look!
Check it out!

Click here to see 640 x 480 screen capture

Question: What's Happened to the BGSB?!!!!!!! Why are people so afraid of this cut?

I'm taking a day off to spend some quality time with family...in the mean time I've created a new montage.


24 December 1998

I want to wish everyone a safe holiday season!

Creation News:

Magazine Update:

23 December 1998


22 December 1998

A new service for Missy Good fans - due to Missy getting ALOT of hits to her site and her provider not being in the know about how popular Missy is, XIP will now host the bits as they come through rather than waiting for the final part. What this means is that I will be updating Circle of Life as Missy sends out the bits. Please read Missy's note to everyone.

I've fixed the link from Part 1 of Star Light, Star Bright by Pallas to Part 2.

Added a new bard to The Bard's Corner - Raven


21 December 1998

Added new bard to The Bard's Corner - Anne Azel!

20 December 1998

19 December 1998

I am pleased to welcome Xenrielle to The Bard's Corner - #145

18 December 1998 - Updated 7:50 pm (Sydney Time)

Update to the Fresh Magazine Orders:

Guys I think we've created a mini storm over at Fresh Magazine. I want to thank Penny (the editor) and Sharyn for their work - we have inundated them with orders :-)

They have been so kind and have contacted me so quickly - it's been an absolute pleasure.

Okay the latest info from Penny: Can Aussies and Kiwis buy the magazine from their local newsagents - they are running extremely low for international orders and would like to offer the magazine to overseas fans first, who can't get a hold of it otherwise. Penny says that anyone who has emailed fresh@next.com.au, or phoned/faxed their offices as at 3pm Sydney time, Friday 18 December, enquiring about the mag *should* have a good chance of actually receiving a copy, and these requests will be handled in the order that each person confirms they're sending cheques etc. in the mail or including credit card details with their email. You'll be informed within a few days if your order has been processed. So to those that haven't done that yet...guys find an Aussie or Kiwi xenite to help out!

Late Breaking News: Seems Liz Friedman just got a promotion!

Many thanks to Judi for this news item

Renaissance ups Friedman

Liz Friedman has been upped to president of television for Renaissance Pictures, whose roster includes syndication hits "Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys." Friedman's promotion comes amid other exec changes for the company owned by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert. Patrick Moran was named vp production and Michael McDonald becomes director of development. Friedman moves into the post vacated in June by David Eick, who went to USA Network. She will oversee all aspects of development for network, syndication and cable projects. Friedman helped develop "Xena" and served as co-producer on that series and "Hercules."

Non XWP Work


17 December 1998

It's a hot time in December in Australia - for more reasons than the weather :-)
This magazine is the best I've seen dealing with the show - even surpassing the Official Magazines from Topps. It has a episode guide going up to Crusader, upcoming info and a whole lot of information about Lucy and Renee. This folks is a fan's magazine written by a fan...there is NO doubt about it. The pictures are gorgeous and there are 2 MAMMOTH posters. One of Xena, One of Gabrielle in battle stance and a smaller poster of Xena and Gabrielle. There is a list of web sites AND The Down Under Xenites (the Australian Xena Fan Club) is listed! Wahoo!
Can you all tell I'm excited? ;-)


16 December 1998

Montage Update: I have done another montage for the episode The Gauntlet...I loved this episode because it shows how Xena has come a long way from the feral animal she was...or has she? Hmmm....

15 December 1998

XIP TURNS 2!!!!!

Well folks it's been 2 years since XIP was born...I think there are too many candles in the cake but hey what the heck :-) I have to say it's been a fantastic two years. I've met so many people who I consider good friends...people I would never have met before and above all else the Xenaverse is one heck of a fandom! Even if we do occasionally have our little family fights :-) Thank you to everyone who has made this site a pleasure to maintain for without your support and encouragment I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much as I have! Okay enough mushy stuff....


14 December 1998

Magazine alert for Aussies: Lucy is in this week's Woman's Day (Australian version)
Scans and transcript up soon.

13 December 1998

It seems that TPTB have decided NOT to air If The Shoe fits as the first episode of the new year...here is the list:

I've updated the Rumours - Season 4 page with information on some of these episodes.

Magazine Update:


For all you La Femme Nikita fans I've just added pictures and articles from:

The site is located at:


11 December 1998

Attention Aussies: There is now a site that is our equivelent to Amazon.com - it's called OzBooks.com and it has quite a few Xena books - AT AUSTRALIAN prices!
Check it out - Xena books on OzBooks.com

10 December 1998

For those going to the Santa Monica Convention - there is now a Frequantly Asked Questions available for con newbys convention experience and some tips.

Oh boy have I got another Uber winner...Tonya Muir has written With Faltering Steps
- it's a bit of an epic - 5 parts but I am certain you will enjoy it. I know I did!


This is from Sword & Staff:

The latest auction is up on the Sword and Staff website at http://sword-and-staff.com
I'm trying something a little different with this auction in that it is made up entirely of art donated by Xena fans.

The artists who contributed include Lunar, XenaArtMaker, Marty Slater, Miguel Cura, Barbara Maclay, Charmer, MaryD, Kindred, and Allyson Heisey. The auction will benefit the Rainforest Preservation Foundation. Sword and Staff members already preserved 72 acres of Brazilian rainforest and the donation from this auction will augment that number. As always, all donations will be made payable directly to the Rainforest Preservation Foundation.

If you'd like to bid on any of the items offered for auction, please send your bid to mist@sword-and-staff.com and put the word AUCTION in the subject line. Please include the item number and the name of the item you wish to bid on. The auction will end at midnight EST on the evening of Wedneday, December 16th. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

From: Mistopholees

From The Official Xena Fan Club:

9 December 1998

I am VERY pleased to announce that T. Novan has joined The Bard's Corner. Ms Novan's work is OUTSTANDING and I thoroughly enjoyed reading them! Another request...go, read, enjoy! ;-)

Raising Melosa Series by T. Novan

Upcoming Events:

Real Hollywood has announced that they will be holding an online chat with some of the cast and crew of Xena: Warrior Princess.

Date: December 15, 1998, 5:00 pm (US PST)
Guests: To Be Announced.

The Real Hollywood web address is:

8 December 1998

I think everyone knows that I absolutely adore Tropical Storm - for those that don't ... it's a beaut of a Uber story! Now comes something different:

Barbara Maclay has THE TROPICAL STORM GRAPHICS PORTFOLIO PAGE at http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/bungalow/8725/

Check it out! And speaking of Tropical Storm...Missy has finally finished this epic.
Go, read, enjoy :-)

For those that speak German here is a treat - there is a German Interview with the Bards Page :-)

CN Winters and Watcher are the first bards on the page and the German bards are there as well (translation of these will be up in the next few days)

7 December 1998

I'm back! Many thanks to those that sent me get well cybercards and emails!

"Dirty Feet" Graphic by Creation
From the "I have a little cash to spare" dept
(from Sharon Delaney:

There is also one item that we only have 98 copies of. It is a framed matted "Dirty Feet" photo signed by both Lucy and Renee. It took us almost a year to put this together.

The Price? It's $219.95 (US$) (Australian dollars...@ $400.00) If you are interested - email Sharon on outback@primenet.com

Fanfic Recommendations: I'm a BIG Missy Good fan and I have to tell you folks if you haven't read Tropical Storm then you are missing out on one of the best Uber stories I have ever read. Set in Maimi (Missy's playground) it's the story of Dar Roberts and Kerry Stuart. I thoroughly recommend it! Go on you know you want to read it! :-)
Part 16 is now in progress - http://www.merwolf.com/tropical1.html will take you to Tropical Storm - Part 1. Or you can click to Missy Stories on The Bard's Corner.

I am extremely pleased to announce that TZ (Tami) has joined The Bard's Corner! I love this bard's work! Check it out!

Bardly Pursuits
The Magic of Mushrooms
Passion Improvised
For Gabrielle
X and G Lend a Hand
The Golden Chalice
The Biggest Step
Letters to Ephiny

The Sacrifice for Love Series:

A Thread In Time
Gabrielle's Return
All You Need is Love
The Gods' Hope
At What Cost
Love's Sweet Face
Irritating Can Be Good

The Way of Life Series

The Way of Love
The Way of the Wolf
The Way of the Amazon
The Way of the Bard
The Way of the Child
The Way of the Mother

The Eternal Series

Eternal Rewards
Eternal Love
Eternal Bond

3 December 1998

The Bard's Corner & Joxer Tales Updates:

Merchandise Update:

TV Alert for XWP Cast Members:

Creation News (The Official Xena Fan Club Updates):

2 December 1998

Attention Aussies: This week's Who Weekly (30/11/98) has a nice photo of Lucy, Rob & Daisy from the NZ TV Awards

Created new montage based on the episode "Locked Up and Tied Down". This montage is dedicated to Peyton and it showcases Thalassa and Gabrielle.

Speaking of Thalassa...this has bugged me since I first heard the name...I'm curious as to why they named this character that..in Greek it means ocean or the sea...so was it supposed to mean something or did RJ like the sound of it. If anyone knows the answer to this question..let me know :-)

I would like to announce a new bard has been added to The Bard's Corner - Ilsa. Ilsa has written a story that involves Xena, Gabrielle and two FBI agents called Scully and Mulder...I thoroughly enjoyed this story - I'm a budding X-Files fan so it was rather interesting for me!

For those Kevin Smith fans out there:

Now XWP Work - Star Trek Fan Fiction

1 December 1998

Montage Update: Review and Montage of Season 4 episode Crusader are now online. I am now going to attempt to have visions of Joan of Arc be eradicated from my brain...wish me luck :-)

Attention Aussies: In the latest issue of Foxtel Magazine (December), Foxtel is offering a Xena Action figure (I figure about 12 inches) for $34.95. They are only releasing 1,000 of them!

As a small side issue here. For those following the Nanoverse stories by Jules Mills..I got this bit of info in my daily Net News for the day. I thought people might be interested:

Magazine Update: (Many thanks to Liz for the following info)