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Episode Review

When Fates Collide

Episode 18 - Season 6

by MaryD

It's been quite some time since I wrote a review but I've been moved to write this review because When Fates Collide blew me out of the water. This episode has replaced Ides of March and Destiny as my favourite episodes and I never thought that would happen.

What is this show about? What is the underlying theme of this whole series? Is it about the exploits of a warrior and her sidekick or much deeper than that? Different people have different ideas about what this show is about but I'll give you my view.

Yes it is called Xena: Warrior Princess and yes it is about a warlord trying to redeem herself for all the horrible things she did in her past. It's about a young woman following her, wanting to become her, wanting to fulfil a dream of seeing the world. But there is much much more here.

This show is about love. A love so strong that it transcends time and place. A love so strong that one would give up their dreams to save another. It's a love so strong that no matter what - "it" will always be because it was meant to be.

Changing the course of history, Caesar tried to right a wrong he committed against Xena thus setting off a chain of events that eventually led to his death. In the process he let Xena's possible future coming into being. She wasn't the feral, angry warlord. She wasn't the revenge seeking banshee that set out to rule the world through sheer force and bloodshed. She wasn't the Conqueror. Xena was a beloved leader and as Gabrielle said the armies of Rome would go through the gates of Hades for her. Xena had exactly what she wanted - To rule the world but she wasn't happy.

This is a twist on another favourite episode of mine, Remember Nothing. Had Xena not taken up a sword against Cortese, Gabrielle would have ended up in slavery, her brother would still be alive. In Remember Nothing, Xena gave up that life - for Gabrielle. Seeing Gabrielle lose her blood innocence was enough for her to revert back to the present timeline.

In this episode Gabrielle's fate was not one of slavery but it fulfilled one of her greatest desires - to become a playwrite. A playwrite of some note whose plays were showcased in front of the leader of the Known World. She had exactly what she wanted but she wasn't happy.

They both were missing something in their lives and that is love. They didn't have each other. This tv show has a running theme of subtext running through it, there isn't any doubt about it. Many claim that Xena and Gabrielle are friends and nothing more. Well after viewing this episode I don't think there is any doubt in my mind (not that it was but in case there was) that Xena and Gabrielle are soulmates in the truest sense of the word - they belong together. They are meant for each other and they FATED for each other. There is absolutely NO doubt. Gabrielle never married anyone - she was alone on a vineyard and writing. Xena was the Empress of Rome, had the power she craved but was alone.

When Fates Collide proves without a shadow of a doubt that Xena and Gabrielle love each other, not as sisters or friends but as one would love a life partner. If anyone doubts this - rewatch the cell scene, feel the emotions, listen to the words

"Xena, when I'm with you, the emptiness I've felt my whole life is gone..."

"Some things are worth dying for, isn't that what your play was prepared to sacrifice all for love?"

"I'll love you, forever..."

The credits tells us that "Her courage will change the world" but I want to make an alteration - THEIR courage and love would change the world.

Katherine Fugate wrote the best episode of the series. Lucy Lawless and Renee O'Connor gave their best peformance and I'm one very satisfied fan.

Indeed, some things are worth dying for. What an episode. What a peformance.

I love this show.


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