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Sue Beck's Ice and Angel Series being republished by AUSXIP Publishing

Restitution - Book 3
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Restitution (Ice & Angel Series Book 3) by [Beck, Susanne M.]


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In The Blood of the Greeks Mary D. Brooks 

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Where Shadows Linger 

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Hidden Truths by MaryD

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Awakenings by MaryD

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No Good Deed by MaryD

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Nor The Battle To The Strong by MaryD



The Subtext Virtual Season picks up from where Season 6 Episode 22: A Friend In Need Part 2 left off - Gabrielle finds a way to get Xena back, whole and alive. Featuring Xena Writer Melissa Good and artwork by Lucia Nobrega.

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Created 15 December 1996 | Edited by MaryD

The Power, The Passion - Their Courage Changed Our World


Latest Xena Fan Fiction

1 July 2020

ImageBongo Bear has been doing fanfic audio recordings and they had been posted on The Bard's Corner. You can see the audio listings here:

Bongo has now teamed up with a group of Xenites called the Virgin Podcasters who will now be recording audio fanfic stories with Bongo to be posted here on AUSXIP.

Updated the story Venezia by Vivian Darkbloom with the updated recording.

23 March 2020

Xena Fanfic (New!)

  • Texbard is back with a series called The Between The Lines:
    The Between the Lines series are short stories written in the first person, told from the viewpoint of one of the characters (usually Xena or Gabrielle, but occasionally others). These vignettes explore what happened in between the episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess. This story, 3:4 The Coming of Shadows, covers Xena’s thoughts after the third season episode, The Deliverer. It is currently posted to my io list: (will eventually be at my Texbard website)

    The entire series, up to this story, can be found here:

Xena Fanfic (from the Archives)

  • Legends Legacy - #13 - Cupid's Arrow by T. Novan
    Every parent's worse nightmare - their child grows up and dates. What happens when Xena and Gabrielle's daughter, the new Queen of the Amazons, falls in love (with a little help from Cupid and a stray arrow)? A rollicking good story!
5 March 2020

ImageI'm very pleased to welcome Jeff Schubert to The Bard's Corner. Jeff has written a poem called "Ode to Gabrielle: The Face of Faith" as a tribute to Gabrielle and Renee O'Connor!

Check it out

Ode to Gabrielle: The Face of Faith by Jeff Schubert

14 February 2020

Xena Immortal Series

Redhawk created the genre of Xena - the immortal

Read those first and then read

  • A Feast of All Souls by Joseph Connell
    Joseph picks up the story where Redhawk left off - Xena coming back to Gabrielle after Callisto (still a God) kills the immortal Xena. Xena finds a way to return after many centuries but without a memory of her former life - this story reveals what happens. There is also extreme danger to Gabrielle, who herself is an immortal and a bacchae! One of my favourite series and this installment is fantastic! A Great read - Xippy Award Winner - Awarded: 15 October 1999
7 February 2020

On October 16, 1998 I welcomed a new bard to the Bard's Corner. She would become a dear friend.

I would like to welcome a new talent to the Xenaverse. Her name is Sword’n’Quill and she has produced a stunning piece of fanfic - an epic tale (I'm a sucker for a good long story). Check it out - I highly recommend it! It has become one of my favourites!

5 February 2020

Xena FanFic (from the Archives - January 2000)

The following story by T. Novan is an absolute beauty. It's a Uber with a twist - it's Xena an immortal (a vampire) who mourns the death of her Gabrielle until she finds the reincarnated Gabrielle in a most unlikely place. A fantastic read.