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Created 15 December 1996 | Edited byMaryD

The Power, The Passion - Their Courage Changed Our World

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19 February 2018

ImageI've been a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of DJWP's work. HUGE. Incredible writing. I've borrowed Lunacy's reviews for these classic tales (thank Lun!) - check these stories out and by the time you finished just one, you will be a huge fan of this woman's work!

One of the most popular talents in XWP fanfic returns to once again help us deal with XWS as she did exactly one year ago with the release of the much loved classic A BARD DAY'S NIGHT. Set after the end of season three, DJ's latest finds Xena on a lonely stretch of beach, dazed after the loss of her soulmate, turning to the one place where she knows she'll feel the bard's spirit most of all - in Gabrielle's scrolls. Alone with Argo she begins reading those scrolls and reminiscing back to one of the last adventures they shared while on a fateful visit to a city named...Pompeii. With their relationship still not fully healed from the horror of the rift, this was a time full of insecurities and worries for them but also filled with a renewed sense of hope amidst the infectious joviality of a city preparing for one of its grandest festivals. They are even further drawn into the Pompeiian's excitement when they happen across an old friend well-versed in the art of FUN - the incomparable Sappho who we first me in A BARD DAY'S NIGHT and who is soon once again doing what she does best - getting them all into TROUBLE! DJ's Sappho is one of the greatest creations in fanfic while her treatment of the Xena/Gab partnership remains heartfelt and wonderfully compelling, made even more so this time around by the poignancy of seeing the warrior remember a time when they were both so stubbornly holding on to the love between them. Featuring a passionate, beautifully erotic, loving reaffirmation of the connection between warrior and bard contrasted against the terror of thousands as a sleeping mountain awakens to mark the final hours of an ancient city, this story is absolutely riveting. There are rumors about a legendary LOST CHAPTER that is also part of the story - lets just say I give this chapter my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION ;-) ...but like those explorers who discovered the ruins of Pompeii, be adviced that you're gonna have to do a little digging to find it - and no guys - don't ask me. I've been sworn to secrecy! DJ has turned her story into a multiedia extravaganza adding to it maps and pictures, including some very dramatic images of the end of Pompeii which from personal experience, having visited the ruins of the city, I can tell you are quite poignant. SEVEN DAYS is a very worthy addition to this bard's outstanding body of work - one of the best to come out this year. It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!! - 216 pgs., 7/31/98
AWARDS: "Getting Serious" Swollen Bud Award (June 15, 2000)

**BARD DAY'S NIGHT (A) by DJWP -- [Alt]
There *IS* a cure for XWS (Xena Withdrawal Syndrome) - and it is named DJWP!! For those of you who've been faithfully watching reruns but craving a great new Xena story, comes this new novel which is simply going to BLOW - YOU - AWAY!! Only the second Xena story by this extremely talented writer, A BARD DAY'S NIGHT is a gem that is going to shoot straight to the top of many a Xenite's list of favorites. This story is an adventure in the grandest sense of the word featuring EVERYTHING that we love about the TV series and MORE - head-butting action, wicked - WICKED humor, secrets from the past, unforgettable characters, and a wonderfully intricate plot all weaved around a friendship changing into more - a romance discovered. Curiously enough the basic premise is simple and just TOOOO funny - Xena and Gabrielle go on the road as bodyguards for a VERY famous poet on her "Known World Tour DCXXXIV B.C" - an artist so talented in her craft she is known as the Tenth Muse although in centuries to come her name alone will inspire generations...Sappho. DJWP's Sappho is brash, brilliant, FUNNY, hard-drinking, stubborn, fun-loving, and an incredible romantic. A woman who can see into the souls of others and recognizes even before they do what is in the hearts of a certain Warrior Princess and her bard. Intent only on making Gabrielle happy, Xena agrees to stay for one of Sappho's performances when they happen across one of the tour villages, never suspecting that before long she and the bard will be spending ALL their time trying to keep the poet alive...and out of trouble. Featuring some of the most cleverly written and HILARIOUS scenes I've read in fan fiction, this novel also includes its share of emotional moments as Xena, Gabrielle and the Tenth Muse all confront painful, unresolved issues from the past. Make SURE when you start reading this story that you have PLENTY of time available because you will NOT be able to put this down - appointments will be ignored, responsibilities will be forgotten, sleep will be missed - I finished it at 3:45 am only to have to wake up at 6 am to go to work <:) It was worth it!!! Outstanding writing with superb characterizations. This is a definite DO NOT MISS which carries my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!

One of our most gifted bards returns with her first foray into the world of Xena the Conqueror. Proving once again her skill at delivering some of the most original fanfic in this fandom, DJ brings us a clever twist on the Conqueror canon which begins with the Conqueror immersed in her typical brand of sadistic cruelty as she prepares her evening's entertainment but the Xena that awakens the next morning is a very different woman. With memories of having gone to sleep the night before with her beloved bard in her arms, Xena is utterly confused when she finds herself in a castle she does not recognize, surrounded by strangers all hailing her as the ruler of the known world - and no bard in sight. A harsher truth awaits her when she eventually comes face to face with her partner once again and has to accept the reality of what her life has been like in this alternate world - a life in which deadly enemies are her advisors, trusted friends are now her enemies, and the love of her life has become one of her many victims. Poignant and riveting, this is a very imaginative storyline with good use of the many recuring characters from the series and an intelligent, heroic portrayal of the Warrior Princess. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 91 pgs., 5/26/99

**EATING OUT by DJWP - [Alt]
I have to admit that I'm not entirely sure this story should be listed under alternative fiction :-| It seemed innocent enough. After all - Xena and Gabrielle are simply enjoying a good...meal. Still - something about it just left me a bit suspicious - might have to do with the fact that I read it during lunch time at work and ended up sporting a healthy flush for the rest of the day. Chicken had never quite given me that type of reaction before. Hmmmmm...well, I'll let you all decide. Just be aware that this tale can be dangerous at work - particularly if you like...chicken. It is either a story about one VERY nice meal...or a masterpiece of subtext. One thing you can all be certain about though - it comes VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! :) - 8 pgs., 11/6/97, re-released 6/4/01

The PERFECT Halloween tale to read with that special someone, DJ's latest is the tale of a ghost - a very angry ghost who likes to haunt and is delighted at the opportunity to do so when a couple of travelers seek shelter in his dilapidated castle. A striking dark warrior with a beautiful golden companion, these aren't your ordinary run-of-the-mill travelers. They are exactly the type of challenge our ghost has been waiting for - only they aren't quite as inexperienced with the dead as most of the living are...and they have a knowledge of the heart that may just prove one ghost's undoing. A blend of suspense and humor, this story also has a surprising poignancy to it as we see the easy devotion love can inspire - and the pain. As usual, DJ gets extra points for some terrific multimedia to go along with a tale certain to stir the spirit :) One for that MUST READ list - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 20 pgs., 10/23/00

**HAND IN THE BUSH (A) by DJWP - [Alt]
It's a cold, dark night and one persistent little bard is determined to get as much warmth as possible from her warrior blanket. When nature calls, however, she has to risk a quick trip into the surrounding forest - a very gloomy, eerie forest hiding dangers the bard is about to become intimately acquainted with. This is the perfect story for a stormy night or a camp out - just make sure you've answered that call of nature BEFORE reading it 8-| Featuring DJWP's trademark combination of playful humor and sexy tenderness, this one is both scary and fun. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 8 pgs., 10/2000, re-released 6/4/01

A favorite of many a fanfic reader, this talented bard returns with a turbulent story about a quest for redemption that has spanned the centuries, fueled by a love for the ages. An uber tale of sorts, DJ's latest is set in contemporary times where psychologist Gayle Bardo is determined to interview a mysterious serial killer before she's executed - determined more than anything to find out what it is about those tortured blue eyes that so captured her when she first saw them. What she uncovers is an incredible tale of two souls desperate to be together - willing to risk it all for that chance. This is a very moving, well-written piece which gives a timeless quality to the Xena/Gab relationship. A wonderful new read you should NOT miss! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 36 pgs., 11/16/98

This is a DELIGHTFUL story that is going to leave you grinning from ear to ear! When a deadly opponent challenges Gabrielle for the Amazon throne, the only solution if she is to stay alive is for someone to champion her but in the Queen's case only her official mate can be designated as champion. Never being one to let liiiiitle things like this stop her, Xena immediately proposes to the bard after which plans are soon under way for the joining ceremony. A concerned Ephiny helps although she's certain the goddess Artemis will not approve of the union and worse...that Xena and Gabrielle will never be able to convince the Amazon nation that they're truly in love... The characterization of Ephiny in this story is simply priceless! - dense doesn't even come close!! Well-written and tons of FUN!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 14 pgs., 6/97

The talented bard who brought us the already classic A BARD DAY'S NIGHT returns with a FANTASTIC new story complete with all the elements that have made her tales among the most entertaining in XWP fan fiction. Visiting the city of Chalcis to replenish their supplies, Xena and the Gabster stop by an apothecary where the warrior hopes to find some of the medicinal herbs and potions used in healing. Unbeknownst to them both, their shopping trip will eventually give way to a nightmare as Xena soon finds her effectiveness as a warrior somewhat...reduced. DJ's characterizations of Xena and the bard are among the best in the business - very playful, sexy and sweet. She is adept also at creating a strong supporting cast as anyone can attest to who was enchanted with her unforgettable Sappho and the poet's fun-loving followers in A BARD DAY'S NIGHT. Featuring a number of colorful characters who again will leave you grinning, this tale is EASILY one of the most original I've read to date in XWP fan fiction - a marvelous combination of humor, suspense, romance and drama that will satisfy the finickiest of readers. NOT TO BE MISSED folks! This receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION! - 186 pgs., 12/27/97


9 February 2018



Tension mounts as Xena and Gabrielle make their way to Athens and a reaction to an unexpected circumstance could separate our two unlikely companions just as their journey has begun.

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Price: $3.99
Shipping: March, 2018
SKU: C72513026479402011
Rating: Teen +
Cover A: David Finch
UPC: 725130264794 02011
Cover B: Vicente Cifuentes
UPC: 725130264794 02021
Writer: Meredith Finch
Art: Vicente Cifuentes
Genre: Fantasy
Publication Date: March 2018
Format: Comic Book
Page Count: 32 Pages

Tension mounts as Xena and Gabrielle make their way to Athens and a reaction to an unexpected circumstance could separate our two unlikely companions just as their journey has begun.



13 January 2018

"Mother, May I Sleep with Thracians? A Musical Homage to Love, Redemption, and Gratuitous Violence"
by Antony Girl & Dio

I suggest you keep liquids away from the keyboard for this one. It's a FIN Parody and just so wickedly good. "Mother, May I Sleep with Thracians? A Musical Homage to Love, Redemption, and Gratuitous Violence" is just about the funniest parody I have read since "You've Got Scrolls" by Advocate, Fanatic and T. Novan. FIN wasn't fun for a great many people but I think it's time to make fun of it. It's either laugh or cry and at this point, I think laughing is better for the soul.

Read More


6 January 2018

ImageThe first Bard of the Week for 2018 is Della Street! Awarded several Xippy Awards over the years. I love Della's storytelling and I'm sure you will discover that she can spin a great story. I've borrowed the awesome Lunacy's reviews for links to all of Della's work. You're going to have so much fun reading these stories. Della Street is a LEGEND in Xena FanFic.

**BARGAIN HUNTING by Della Street -- [Alt]
With a sense of humor all her own, Della's stories NEVER fail to delight. In this new offering, Xena goes to see a slaver about a new girl he has for sale - a little spitfire with red-gold hair who hails from the land of Potidaea. Get your funny bone ready for this one! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 8 pgs., 5/24/97

**BACK TROUBLE by Della Street -- [Alt]
One of our fanfic legends returns with a new series called THE TIMEWASTERS and I must say - these tales are a DELIGHTFUL way waste some time ;-) This first one features a very frustrated Warrior Princess out of commission with back trouble desperately trying to entice a certain bard into breaking healer's orders. Renown for her sense of humor, Della never fails with these spicy little pieces that while amusing also show a wonderfully passionate relationship between her leads. Not to be missed, this one comes HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs., 1/26/99

BEYOND SEX by Della Street -- [Alt]
This little entry in Della's TIMEWASTERS SERIES attempts to explain just what TPTB mean when they claim that Xena and Gab's relationship has gone beyond sex. That grin is gonna be plastered on your face for a while after this one ;-) DO NOT MISS! - 2 pgs., 1/26/99


**ASSASSINS by Della Street -- [Alt]
When assassins stalking Xena and Gabrielle are successful in staging a surprise attack, the Warrior Princess suddenly finds herself questioning the wisdom of the life she has begun to lead with her bard - a life which makes her very happy but could get them both killed. Great depiction of the relationship - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 23 pgs., 5/1/97

An amusing little vignette based on an old joke. It may take you a while to figure this one out but just think about it - eventually it will come to you ;-) - 2 pgs., 5/5/98

**COMPANIONS by Della Street -- [Alt]
Some FUNNY misunderstandings in this well-orchestrated little tale have Xena suddenly feeling very jealous, forcing issues to the surface that neither she nor Gabrielle can continue avoiding. Featuring Della's incomparable characterizations this one is a MUST READ! DO NOT MISS!! - 12 pgs., 5/1/97 (originally written 7/24/96)

**CROSSING OVER by Della Street -- [Alt]
The incomparable Della is back - this time with some pieces she wrote during the Golden Age of XWP (seasons 1-2 ;-). This first one is classic Della Street - a heartwarming, subtle, thoroughly satisfying piece that has Xena and Gabrielle joining Hercules and Iolus on a mission to try to destroy a deadly monster. It is a mission Hercules thinks should have no "civilians" along but which the bard insists on participating in regardless. In the ensuing days, as the demi-god grows increasingly wary of Gabrielle's presence he tries to reason with Xena but unbeknownst to him those efforts are backfiring juuuuuust a bit ;-) Della's characterization of Xena as a tough warrior of few words with a decidedly sharp mind and a profound weakness in the heart for her little bard is one of my favorites in fanfic. I also love the gentle heroism with which she has always portrayed Gabrielle. DO NOT MISS this early effort by one of our finest talents. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 17 pgs., 5/31/98

DAMAGE CONTROL by Della Street -- [Alt]
Set after the death of Perdicus this story has Xena returning Gabrielle to Poteidaia, convinced that the bard will be better off without her...but two souls meant to be together are not so easily parted. This is a sweet, nicely written story. - 13 pgs., 5/1/97 (originally written 11/4/96)

DELICACY by Della Street -- [Alt]
Gabrielle shows just what a dedicated partner she is as she goes out of her way to make sure her warrior is properly taken care of after a battle ;-) Another fun entry in the TIMEWASTERS SERIES. - 3 pgs., 1/26/99

GRAPE Della Street -- [Alt]
This story is guaranteed to put a grin on your face. Xena and Gabby help yet another town conquer a nearby menace while enjoying a few grapes... - 8 pgs., 5/1/97

GUESSING GAMES by Della Street -- [Alt]
The Warrior Princess is surprisingly successful when she decides to apply the power of suggestion to a little game of pantomime her partner insists on playing. Very cute! Fourth tale in the TIMEWASTERS SERIES. - 3 pgs., 1/26/99

**HAPPILY EVER AFTER by Della Street -- [Alt]
Oh GODS! If you're drinking something while reading this STAY AWAY from the keyboard because it will likely get drenched when you break out in fits of laughter! Xena and Gabby have finally done the deed! They have MARRIED...Hercules and Iolus. The couples are very happy only the boys can't quite understand why JUST as they're returning from some LONG mission that turned out to be a false alarm, their wives are then called on a LONG mission of their own - and to places like Niagarus NO LESS! Only a brilliant, wicked mind could have come up with this jewel! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 26 pgs., 5/24/97

**HER GABRIELLE by Della Street -- [Alt]
Set around the events in the episode REMEMBER NOTHING, this extremely moving what-if story is based on the premise that Xena never did return to the regular timeline and is now trying to help Gabrielle recover from years of slavery. Considering how special this episode is to many a Xenite, I suspect this story will be touching the hearts of many. The episode AND this story are personal favorites.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 9 pgs., 5/1/97

**INSIDE JOB by Della Street - [Alt]
This is my personal favorite Della story and that's saying A LOT since I find all her fiction OUTSTANDING! The combination of humor, suspense, romance and passion in this results in a story guaranteed to touch your heart. With Xena acting the part of the ruthless warlord and Gabrielle masquerading as her slave, the two infiltrate the castle of a ruthless king to search for an elusive peace treaty. Unbeknownst to them, their role-playing is going to reveal feelings they can no longer deny, turning friends into much more and risking both their mission and their lives. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! - 16 pgs., 5/24/97

**LYSISTRATA REVISITED by Della Street -- [Alt]
One of the FUNNIEST XWP alt. fan fic stories I've ever read. Based on the Greek classic, this little tale has Gabby plotting a way to get Xena to do what she wants. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 7 pgs., 1/97

MISTAKEN IDENTITY by Della Street -- [Alt]
Another early piece from Della - this one a vignette about a bar, a bard, old acquaintances and a slight misunderstanding ;-) Cute. - 2 pgs., 5/31/98

**RESISTANCE by Della Street -- [Alt]
One of my all-time favorite Xenite bards returns with a novel you WONT be able to put down!! Don't even try - resistance in this case is most definitely futile :) Set in the alternate world introduced by the two-part Hercules episode ARMAGEDDON NOW, this story puts a slightly different spin on things as it begins with Xena the Conqueror meeting with one of the dissenters recently captured by her soldiers - a seemingly harmless slip of a girl who despite her fear of the imposing ruler does not hesitate to spar verbally with her. It is a first meeting that leaves Gabrielle perplexed when the Conqueror doesn't immediately kill her, and leaves the Warrior Princess strangely intrigued by the beautiful little traitor. Unable to fight against the connection neither quite understands in the weeks to come the feared tyrant finds herself doing more and more to try to put a smile on Gabrielle's face, while the rebellious young agitator finds herself incredibly, against all logic, opening her heart to the very same warlord who once decimated her life. With elements of such classic romances like WEST SIDE STORY and THE KING AND I, this is a tale of two women from very different worlds who suddenly find themselves having to struggle against what others expect and demand when they can no longer deny the calling of their souls. It is also a story about a ruler imprisoned by trappings of her own making who finds in the love of a former enemy the strength to finally break the chains around her heart. With generous helpings of romance and the disarming humor that tends to add so much spice to Della's characterizations of the warrior and bard, this is a beautifully crafted, incredibly sweet, passionate tale that will have you breathing one heck of contented sigh when you're finished! Then if you haven't yet, go read Della's other stories for more of some of the best fiction the Xenaverse has to offer. RESISTANCE is OUTSTANDING folks! It receives my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION!!! - 72 pgs., 4/8/98

**SACRED GROUND by Della Street -- [Alt]
Gabrielle tries to convince Xena to help a group of pacifists who refuse to fight the raiders intent on enslaving them all. One major problem is that the Warrior Princess doesn't have much patience with people who refuse to help themselves. Well-thought out story with some very passionate scenes and a very appealing, possessive depiction of the Xena/Gab relationship. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 23 pgs., 5/24/97

**SACRIFICE by Della Street -- [Alt]
In a departure from the lighter stories she has become such a master at, Della brings us here a very dark, emotional piece that has a devastated Gabrielle having to deal with a terrible choice Xena has made - a choice the bard refuses to accept but which she'll soon come to understand when she is forced to make a terrible decision of her own. Very well-written, gripping drama. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 16 pgs., 5/24/97

**SCIENTIFIC METHOD by Della Street -- [Alt]
After reading this third new one from Della you're gonna be so glad this bard decided to open up that hard drive, dust off these early gems and share them with us :) SCIENTIFIC METHOD has a very curious and very devious Gabrielle conducting a little experiment as she and Xena arrive at a village right in the midst of a festival - an experiment which if all goes right should prove just how well the little bard knows her warrior ;-) You're gonna have a HUGE grin plastered on your face throughout this. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 6 pgs., 5/31/98

SENSE OF HUMOR by Della Street -- [Alt]
Xena shows a little sense of humor when a comedian gets a tad too friendly with her bard. Fun characterization of the warrior in full possessive mode. Part of the TIMEWASTERS SERIES. - 2 pgs., 1/26/99

**TOWARD THE SUNSET by Della Street -- [Alt]
A new story from a favorite bard of mine who comes through BIG TIME with this WONDERFUL Uber-Xena tale set in the American West of the nineteenth century and featuring a couple of descendants of the Warrior Princess and her bard - Jess Chambers, a dangerous gunslinger with a bad reputation and Mattie Brunson, a gentle school teacher with a penchant for adventure and a liking for dark, outlaw-types ;-) Intrigued by the secretive outlaw, Mattie soon finds herself as inexplicably drawn to Jess Chambers as the outlaw is to her - only Mattie is used to listening to her heart while the gunslinger has hidden hers behind a wall the little school teacher may never be able to breach. Very well-written, this story offers us fully developed characters that although similar to Xena and Gabrielle, stand on their own merits. The depiction of the Old West is very well done with some recognizable elements thrown in from the Xena/Gab story to make it familiar. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! - 85 pgs., 8/10/97

**TROUBLE by Della Street -- [Alt]
Dare I say it - but YES! - Another winner for Della! Excellent story that has Gabby going back home when she learns her mother is ill. While in Potidaea she discovers that an old nemesis of Xena and hers is back and plotting to join forces with another warlord to attack King Gregor, the monarch who adopted the baby in the episode CRADLE OF HOPE. The Warrior Princess and bard then set in motion a plan to try to stop the warlords - all the while trying to deal with the resentment Gabrielle's father feels for Xena and the frustration at not being able to openly show what they feel for one another. Sweet tale with lots of emotion. VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! - 21 pgs., 5/24/97


30 November 2017

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