Reflections of Love

by: Katelin B.

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Warning: Two women showing their love for each other!!! If this bothers you, I suggest you broaden your horizons and in the mean time, read something else. If you're under 18, go make a snowman or something. Come back when you're old enough, it'll still be here. (I hope).

Rating: I'm not even gonna dignify this topic with a response. sheesh!! You'd think people would know by now. Where there is Katelin, there will be smut. :0)

Summary: Just some sappy stuff and smut. heh, heh. Just a fluff piece.


In the darkened quarters of the Amazon Queen, two bodies lay entangled in the bed sheets, sweaty and flushed from their recent lovemaking. One deep in slumber, the other deep in thought. Xena stared at the ceiling of the hut, idly playing with the silky locks from the head pillowed on her breast. She couldn't sleep, but she didn't know what was bothering her. Physically, she was exhausted, and smiled slyly at how that had come about, but still she was wide awake.

Shifting her gaze to fall lovingly on the sleeping woman in her arms, Xena smiled, feeling her heart swell as it did every time she beheld her love. The dark warrior found it amazing that so much could change in her life in such a short time. Only two summers ago, she had been a broken down ex-warlord, without friends, and without love. Her life now was more perfect than she could ever have hoped. But something was keeping her awake.

As she lifted one of Gabrielle's limp hands to her mouth, softly kissing the knuckles, she realized again how empty her life would be without this woman. Xena held her love tightly, smiling as it suddenly hit her. The unnamed fear that prevented her from sleeping was that Gabrielle would someday leave her. The warrior princess knew it was silly to think that, but she had lost so many loved ones it was hard not to.

She closed her eyes as Gabrielle mumbled in her sleep and shifted closer, drawing a thigh up over both of Xena's. She shivered slightly at the feel of bare skin against her own and ran a gentle hand over Gabrielle's imprisoning thigh, marveling again at how soft she felt. Focusing on the closeness of the moment, Xena smiled and relaxed, drawing Gabrielle even closer to her, never wanting to let go. She smelled the sweet scent of her love's hair, felt each warm puff of breath against her chest, and could almost sense her heartbeat.

Xena tenderly brushed hair out of Gabrielle's face to gaze on the sleeping features of the woman who owned her heart, and felt the tears well in her eyes. Gods how I love her, she thought, tracing Gabrielle's parted lips with a finger. She gasped quietly when Gabrielle's lips closed over her finger and sucked it gently a few times before releasing it, the spark of desire burning through her body even though she was exhausted. The warrior princess wanted nothing more than to wake up her best friend and lover, and kiss every inch of her flawless skin again. Xena smiled again, remembering the screams of pleasure that had echoed in the royal dwelling such a short time ago. She felt a familiar heat beginning in the pit of her stomach and exhaled shakily, running her hand long Gabrielle's thigh again.

Gabrielle stirred under the gentle caress, waking slowly with a soft moan. She smiled sleepily, stretching her entire body and rubbing against Xena. Gabrielle finally opened her eyes blearily to look at the warrior princess's loving face and hummed. "Hi," she whispered, her voice ragged from sleep. She tipped her head back silently, offering her lips to her lover.

Xena smiled softly and met Gabrielle halfway, kissing her with a gentle passion, nibbling on her bottom lip. The kiss deepened of its own accord, their tongues dancing from one mouth to the other, both moaning softly. Xena turned into Gabrielle's arms, rolling the little Amazon Queen onto her back and pressing a knee between her legs. Never breaking the kiss, she ran her hands down from Gabrielle's shoulders to her hips and back, moaning at the increasing wetness she felt on her knee.

Gabrielle gasped softly into her love's mouth, raising her leg between Xena's thighs. She grasped her warrior's hips firmly and pulled her closer, sliding Xena's center against her firmly muscled thigh. At the same time she rocked her hips, pressing herself against the knee. The kiss was broken as both groaned, looking deeply into each others eyes.

Xena rocked her hips again, closing her eyes and whimpering quietly. Every movement she made, was echoed by Gabrielle, and the warrior princess felt the heat intensify with each thrust. Xena hunched her body against Gabrielle's and kissed her passionately as she rocked faster. Gabrielle soon followed, matching her pace as they held each other tightly, moaning in unison.

"Gods... Gabrielle...," Xena gasped, opening her eyes to look at her love, " I... love you..." Her eyes fell closed again as the small tremors began in the pit of her stomach and she buried her face in Gabrielle's silky tresses, whimpering her pleasure.

"I love you, Xena," Gabrielle groaned in her ear, clutching her tightly as they matched their rocking, racing each other toward oblivion. Their movements became more frantic and Gabrielle sought Xena's mouth, wanting..... needing..... to taste her lips at the moment of release.

Suddenly, it was upon her. Gabrielle drew in her breath and let the explosion overtake her. Her entire body drew taut and her hips bucked wildly against the knee at her center. Xena's release was only the briefest of moments behind hers, and the warrior princess writhed and strained against Gabrielle, both women crying out in ecstasy.

The sensations faded, and both women floated back to reality, exhausted and panting in each others arms. Xena lay motionless on Gabrielle's heaving chest, struggling to catch her breath and slow her rapidly beating heart. She felt Gabrielle's hand stroking her hair and smiled softly. "I love you," Xena whispered, kissing the closest piece of skin she could reach.

"I love you too," Gabrielle responded softly, kissing the top of her head. They held each other tightly, comfortable with the silence, warm with the feeling of their love. It was only a few moments later when Gabrielle spoke again. "What are you thinking about?" she asked, running her fingers along Xena's arm.

The warrior princess hummed contentedly and snuggled closer to her love. "Nothing really," she answered, smiling and gently kissing the same spot on Gabrielle's chest again, "I'm happier now than I ever thought I deserved to be."

"You *do* deserve it, Xena, we both do," Gabrielle said softly, drifting off to sleep again. Xena felt her breathing even out and deepen, and let her sleep. She sighed deeply and closed her eyes, pulling the sheets up to cover her shoulders, for the moment, at peace with herself.

Her thoughts immediately darkened, but she pushed them down, still struggling with her irrational fears. Xena knew she would never really be free of them, but she vowed not to let them control her, now that she had found Gabrielle. Her heart. Her love. The other half of her soul.

She felt sleep coming for her, and let it wash over her. She knew the nightmares of her warlord days wouldn't come while she was in Gabrielle's arms. Her last conscious thought before sleep claimed her was of Gabrielle. And so she slept peacefully, feeling safe and cared for, believing in her heart they were connected for all eternity.


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