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"Xena: Warrior Princess".

The characters Little Xena and Little Gabrielle were used with permission of Lúcia da Ascenção deNóbrega lunobrega@sol.com.br. If you have not seen her drawings or cartoon connection on The Australian Xena Information Page http://xenite.simplenet.com/index.html, I recommend it!

The story is mine. May 13, 2000

Violence: None

Subtext: Sorry not in this one. This story was for my niece and is suitable for all ages.

Authors notes: I just wanted to say thank you to Lúcia for providing me with a wonderful image that I shared with a very special little girl!

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A Birthday Letter/Little X&G go to Sue's

A Little Xena and Gabrielle Story

By Susan A. Rice


Dear Lu!

Hi! I hope you had a great birthday and I’m sure that your day with your friends will be something special. Well, let me tell you, when you said I could take the girls for a couple of days I thought, "Piece of cake! We’ll have a great time." You know, I never knew how fast and how much work these two can be! I bow before you and Cyrene! My God, but they do have a lot of energy.

Well, so what did they do the last couple of days? Hmm, where to start? Oh, I know.

They wanted to get Mommy Lu a present for her birthday, so off to the mall we went! Lu, I lost them in the Disney store! Xena saw the mountain of stuffed animals and launched into the air (no, she did not draw her sword but she did let out that cute little yell of hers) and the next thing I knew there were Pooh Bears flying all over the place! While apologizing to the owner, I realized Gabby was missing!

Now I was worried! Where could she be? This is a big mall! Three Stories and people from at least 2 states shop here. I started searching everywhere, with Little Xena helping me. I thought to myself "Lu is going to kill me! I can’t believe I lost her. And on Lu’s birthday!"

We kept on looking and calling out her name. We asked people if they saw a little blonde haired girl anywhere. Everyone said no! Until we found this very young boy. He told me that the girl with the funny coat went to Paws.

Now then you ask what is Paws… It’s a pet shop in the mall! Well, we got there and there she was telling a story to a puppy. She looked at me when she realized I there and asked, "Can I have my own husky please."

I immediately said no and told her we need to find a gift for Lu. Well, she said, let’s get you the puppy… Lu, she already had a name picked out! Now what am I going to do.

Now Lu, you know me… I’m a sucker for blue and green eyes… so, um, Did you know Little Gabrielle’s are really green and that puppy’s eyes were really blue… And… Well… Hey, does Nina want a younger sister? I’d say little but I think the puppy already outweighs Nina. Don’t worry Lu… No puppies, but now I have to find a stuffed husky puppy for her. She said the puppy could guard her lamb.

We finally hit a toy store and found a couple of gifts for you. Hopefully you will be getting that care package very soon. I’m sorry it did not arrive sooner.

Gabrielle really took a liking to my best girl, Lady Blue. They seemed to be cuddling all the time. I found Gabby curled up on top of her sound asleep the other morning in bed. The dog is bigger than she is and seems to be very attached to her as well.

Don’t tell Little Xena this but she has been playing with Racquet constantly. She does not think I’ve noticed but the two of them have been caught "cat napping" together as well.

The girls missed Argo, but that did not last for long when the realized they could get Lady to play horse. Lu, it was the funniest thing I had ever seen. There is Little Gabrielle walking over to a prone puppy dog and she sits on her back. Lady turned her head to look at her with that doggy attitude shining in her eyes. Little Gabrielle held on tight and tried to get Lady to move. Finally after saying things like giddy-up and such she looked to me on the porch and said, "Why won’t she GO?"

Well, hearing the word GO was a command that Lady had been trained with and off my husky went with a very startle Gabby hanging on. Lu, I wish the video camera had been running you would have loved it! Then she started yelling, "whoa" but Lady is not a horse and did not understand the command. They were going in circles…. Have you ever seen how much endurance a husky has? Well, my little fur ball has lots of it and was picking up speed! I gave Lady a verbal signal and she came running toward me and I think she would have come up the stairs with Gabby on her back, but I gave her the hand signal for down. Lady skidded to a halt and laid down. At this point Little Gabrielle rolled off of her and was panting as hard as Lady. Lu, it was priceless!

Gabby was a little sore the next day but I think she actually got Little Xena to try it. I was not there for that. Gabby commented on it but Little Xena just gave us the Look and decided not to comment.

Little Xena went hunting for the very elusive "Panther Kitty" while she was here. She is trying to tame that beast I call my cat. Racquet is a very nice cat but he is a cat and you know what that means. When he wants to cuddle, he will come to you, otherwise leave him alone. Well, Little Xena was stalking my poor boy all over the house. She cornered him in the library and then I hear all of these sounds coming from behind the closed door. I started to open the door, when Little Xena came bolting out of the room slamming the door behind her. I looked at her and asked what was wrong? She said the panther kitty has broken his chains and is now loose and that he was stalking her.

I chuckled and said, "Are we talking about the same cat here? Come on, this is Racquet, he is the cute cuddly one."

I started for the door but she stopped me. "No, really, he is a fierce jungle kitty panther! Don’t go in there… Please?"

I smiled and said, "OK, but how are we going to catch him and tame him?"

Lu, Little Xena just smiled at me and said something about Nina could speak kitty panther since she is a kitty white tiger and I told her that that would be hard since there were no phones in the room. WE finally decided just to leave him alone and he would calm down on his own. Little Xena left and I slowly opened the door. I could not see him anywhere. I called and he was not answering me. Finally, I found him. He was under the futon sound asleep. So much for my fierce panther kiddy huh?

You know, we really have to work on Little Xena’s desire to run and jump on beds… Especially waterbeds when she has her sword out. I’m going to assume you do not have one since she had not idea about mine. Well, I can’t speak for the girls as to what exactly happened that morning but I’ll tell you the results. Although, I’m sure you can guess at the results…

I was sitting in my office downstairs typing a story about Little Xena and Little Gabrielle. My cat Racquet was sleeping on my lap and my dog Lady was playing foot warmer, when all of a sudden there is water dripping on my head. I look up at my ceiling and I see this huge water stain. I also realize the house is very quite all of a sudden. This should not be the case, not with my two little friends visiting me. As I watch the stain get bigger I’m trying to figure out how that could have happened? There are no pipes in that part of the house. Then I start to hear giggling and the sounds of Little Girls trying to be quite.

I remembered Lúcia’s warning to not spoil her girls and I smile. "Yah, right, like I could possibly not spoil them. They are just way to cute." I mentally remind myself not to say that out loud. I’m still looking at the ceiling when it dawns on me… MY WATERBED!

I jump out of my chair sending poor Racquet flying off of my lap and onto Lady and I bolt up the stairs, down the hallway and into my bedroom. There I found 2 very wet Little Girls playing in the middle of my waterbed, or what’s left of it. Yelling just was not an option. I started to laugh so hard and joined them for a couple of minute. Then I realized I needed to go mall, again, for a new bed and I had lots of cleaning up to do! <Groan>

Lucky for me, the place that I got the bed from had a replacement handy! They delivered it to the house and it is now being filled. Little Xena knows that there are no swords to be drawn in the house unless we are under attack by the Persians.

Well, it is 6PM here so it is 7PM there and it looks like this story/letter is being finished just in time to wish you and your guests a very wonderful day. Thank you for letting the girls spend some time with me this week and all my best to you, your mom, Nina, your mom’s gata, Honey and the rest of your guests!

Sua Muluca Amiga pra o US


PS… Lady and Racquet say to give you a lick and a head rub!

PPS… Thanks for the cake! Yum!

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