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She looked down again at the sleeping woman curled up against her, long, blonde hair lying across her arm, warm breath against her skin. This is so close to the Elysian Fields, this so nearly perfect person has told me time and again that she loves me, how could I ever deserve this? What have I ever done to deserve having this beautiful, kind, thoughtful person care so very much about me?

The sleeping woman stirred slightly, shifting her position and seemingly curling even closer to the warm body surrounding her own. A sense of safety, of absolute love enveloped her, and she drifted even deeper in sleep...however her dreams continued...dreams of days spent traveling across Greece, dreams of nights spent under the stars, sleeping in the warmth and safety of the tall woman who held her close every night.

Just that day, while traveling through a valley near the Aegean Sea, a band of slave traders had made the fatal mistake of thinking they were about to acquire a young blond woman, a tall dark haired woman, and a beautiful horse. The six filthy traders saw the women and the horse come out of a copse of trees and immediately began planning how their good luck would bring them money, drink and female company as soon as they sold the two women and the horse. They hooted among themselves, telling each other what they would do that night, how virile they considered themselves, while making ready to make their move on the ‘victims’.

Three of the slave traders had not had time to do more than draw their weapons before they were dispatched to wherever vermin such as they go when separated from their heads by the tall, dark haired woman’s strange round weapon. Two others managed at least to attempt to use their swords before falling to the ground mortally wounded. The last one, the leader of the group, attempted to run; showing the world his cowardly ways, only to find that he was being swept up by the dark haired woman’s whip wrapping itself around his ankles. He then found himself hanging upside down from an overhead branch, his face only inches from the dark haired woman’s gorgeous blue eyes. She had grabbed his shoulders and, with a mighty heave, spun him around so fast that he lost his last meal along with his last breath as a marauding slave trader. The last words he heard before the woman released the whip, causing him to fall on his head and break his neck were that his slave trading days were over.

The young woman stirred again. The dark haired woman holding her so very close looked down at the face that meant so much to her. She wondered if the life they lived was what the young woman really wanted. She’d made a terrible fuss early in their relationship when the tall, dark haired woman had tried to get her to return to her village. The older woman smiled to herself as she remembered the young woman standing before her, hands firmly planted on her hips, stretching up to get as close as possible, face to face with her. Emphatically telling her that she had no intention of leaving and that the dark haired woman had just better get used to having her around!

The warrior thought back to those early days, how this young woman followed her no matter what. How it seemed that every time she looked around, the young blonde was right there, waiting to be taken in, expecting to be taken in, in fact, absolutely not taking no for an answer...she was going to travel with the warrior until the end of her days. She had more than once made this very clear. The dark haired woman smiled again as she remembered the times that this little one had stood nose to nose...well, more like nose to breastplate...and would not back down. This was not something that happened often when dealing with the warrior...as the broken bodies strewn across Greece could attest!

The warrior was a formidable presence, a force not to be reckoned with. Except when it came to this young woman sleeping so soundly now in her arms. This blonde woman had the warrior wrapped around her little finger, and they both knew it.

The warrior shifted slightly, still holding the young woman safe within her arms. She leaned down and lightly kissed the closed eyelids, then the nose, the cheeks, the chin of the woman in her arms. She leaned back and watched to see if the little blonde would awaken. Morpheus’ hold must be especially strong tonight. Let’s see if I can loosen it up a bit...I love this, I love the way she looks when she sleeps, and the way she looks at me when I nudge her awake with my kisses.....

The dark haired woman with the gorgeous blue eyes leaned down and kissed the lips of the sleeping woman; she moved her lips, nibbling, pulling on the girl’s lips, until she began to get a sleepy response. The young woman started to respond, she moaned softly in her sleep, causing the warrior to renew her efforts, using her tongue to pry the girl’s mouth open, pushing her tongue into her mouth...and being rewarded with green eyes looking up at her.

The young woman smiled up at the gorgeous vision hovering over her. This was a favorite time of the day, when she would be awakened by this beautiful creature, by her kisses, her touch. Just knowing that this woman wanted her was enough for the her to come fully awake...even though sleeping was one of her favorite past times, along with eating...oh yes, this woman loved to eat!

The warrior smiled down at her precious armful, then leaned down once again, this time trailing light kisses down the woman’s neck, across the top of the girl’s chest, and down to the laces of the bilious green sport bra the blonde always wore. Using her strong, white teeth she began to unlace the BGSB. With the release of each lace, the young woman’s breasts slowly appeared. Her nipples reacted to the cool air, and to the anticipation of what was to come. She lifted her head slightly to watch the warrior as she freed her breasts, pushing the BGSB aside. She buried her hands in the long, dark hair and pushed the warrior down onto her left breast, arching her back to make sure the intent of the movement was very clear.

The tall woman took the younger woman’s breast into her mouth, sucking, licking and gently pulling until the green-eyed woman nearly screamed in ecstasy. The hands wrapped in her dark hair pushed her into the valley between the two perfect breasts. She took the opportunity to lick the skin, kiss and caress it with her tongue. Then the hands moved the warrior’s head to the other breast, where she happily ministered the same treatment to that perfect mound of creamy skin.

The green eyed woman arched her back, twisting and turning her head as she allowed the warrior woman to take control of her young body, orchestrating her responses with warrior hands, tongue, talents, her many skills.

The tall, dark haired woman removed the young woman’s hands from her hair, smiling down at her as she placed the small hands over the green- eyed woman’s head. The young woman knew that she should keep her hands above her head as long as she could...they had played this game many times, and each time it got better and better. The feelings would build as the warrior worked her way down the young woman’s body. But at some point, as the tension built to a fevered pitch, the young blonde would scream and grab the warrior’s head, pushing it into her center, encouraging, demanding, insisting on deep, delicious penetration by that talented tongue, those long, beautiful fingers.

Then, when she had screamed herself hoarse, when she felt that she could not respond ever again, that she was totally spent, the warrior would start anew..kissing her inner thighs, the back of her knees as she placed the young woman’s legs up over her broad shoulders...settling up on her own knees...plunging her head down once again into the sweet treasure box found between the green-eyed woman’s legs. Within only a few moments the young woman once again found herself making that delicious, agonizing climb toward release. Her eyes glazed over as she screamed once more, and then shuddered as the warrior climbed up and covered her body with her own, nestling against the sweat streaked skin, flushed with the warmth of their lovemaking. She wrapped her arms around the warrior’s back, pulling her ever closer so that there was not the possibility of even air reaching between them.

The warrior reached down with one hand and stroked the thigh of this wondrous creature that loved her so well, so completely. She knew that her lover would soon insist on making love to her, but for now they would just lie together, wrapped in their love, in the aftermath of passionate expressions of love between two people who had became one, each providing the half missing from the other, two souls, joined forever as one.


The End


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