Disclaimer: This story uses the Renassaiance/MCA characters, Xena and Gabrielle, in ways that have more than likely not been considered in most, if not all of the plots in Xena: Warrior Princess. TPTB have no idea what a gold mine they would have if they would just consider the story lines that some of us would like! I’ve not hurt the characters; in fact, I may have made them happy! At any rate, I’m returning them in fine shape...tall, dark and gorgeous; short, blond and cute as a button!

There is no particular time line represented within this story. Just know that Xena and Gabrielle have been together for some time, and have had a number of adventures together.

If expressions of love between two people of the same gender is considered illegal, immoral or whatever where you live, consider moving! This story does contain a hefty dose of sexual expression between two women. Children should not read this story...instead they should watch some violent TV show that has someone having their brains blown out between commercials. Go figure!

I appreciate the help of my good friend and editor, Portia Richardson. Without her I probably would be out stealing hubcaps instead of writing. And of course, KB...what would I do without her pushing me along?

Oh yes, before I forget, this is another of those "First Time" stories! Have you ever thought about how great it would be to have so many "First Time’s"? Be still my heart!

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Gabrielle had been having erotic dreams for what seemed like forever, or at least for almost as long as she’d been traveling with the tall, dark- haired, blue-eyed woman called Xena...and always woke up with the same thought... "I can’t handle this, I’ve got to get this out of my system...but I don’t know how...if I tell Xena what I’ve been dreaming, she’ll probably laugh at me, or, even worse, tell me that she doesn’t want me to tell her this stuff.."

The dreams were very warm, very exciting. Gabrielle would watch Xena sharpen her sword, sitting by their campfire, just like they did every night they spent out in the open. She’d watch the fire light play against the warrior’s skin, highlighting the gorgeous angles of that beautiful face, playing against those blue eyes, the tawny skin of her chest, glowing against the muscles of those beautiful, strong arms, the long, muscular legs.

She would find herself staring, hardly able to breathe. She would visualize getting up from her bedroll, setting aside the scroll she had been attempting to work on, and walking over toward the beautiful warrior, her eyes drinking in the magnificence of this woman she had come to love more than life itself.

She’d reach the warrior’s side, and slowly, with purpose, graze her fingers against Xena’s face. In her dream, Xena would look up and smile at Gabrielle, while continuing to sharpen her sword. Gabrielle would lean down and putting her hands on the warrior’s, she would take the sword and sharpening stone, gently placing them on the ground. Xena would look down, then back up at Gabrielle, her blue eyes looking deeply within Gabrielle’s, questioning...questioning, and smiling that beautiful, secretive smile always turned Gabrielle into a quivering mass of emotions.

Reaching out, she would take Xena’s hands, causing the dark haired woman to rise slowly to a standing position, tall, strong, those beautiful blue eyes looking deep into her own. Gabrielle would take the warrior’s hands and place them around her own waist, while reaching up and placing her own hands around the warrior’s neck. She’d slowly draw Xena’s head down, and softly, slowly she would raise herself up as tall as she could, her lips partially opened, her eyes on the azure eyes of the woman she loved, and she would move into a glorious kiss. Gabrielle would find herself drawing the warrior’s tongue into her mouth, sucking, pulling, lightly nipping with her teeth.

She’d feel herself melting into the kiss, her body moving into the warrior’s, allowing no air between them. Each nerve fiber within her catching fire, her body reacting in a way that can only be described as totally sensuous, totally alive, juices flowing freely, soaking her britches, her inner thighs. Her breasts would be crushed against the warrior’s armor. She would feel her nipples becoming hard, sensitive, throbbing, wanting more, wanting to feel her warrior’s hands on her breasts, her mouth on her nipples, sucking, pulling, nipping, making them harder than can be imagined. Crying out for attention.

The dream would continue as Gabrielle’s vivid imagination carried forward. She would reach up and begin to remove the warrior’s armor breastplate, and then she would tug down Xena’s leather shift, exposing her beautiful, full breasts. Standing back slightly to observe the gorgeous display before her eyes. Looking up, seeing those blue eyes sparkling down at her, those beautiful lips curving into a seductive smile.

The next part of the dream was actually Gabrielle’s favorite. Xena would begin to untie Gabrielle’s BGSB, her long fingers gently undoing each lace, until Gabrielle found her own breasts open to the night air. Her nipples would immediately harden, and Xena would circle her fingers around both nipples, encouraging them to harden even more. At the point where Gabrielle would want to scream out loud, Xena would lower her head and take a nipple into her mouth, sucking and licking until Gabrielle would feel her knees start to turn to water. Her beautiful lover would grasp her around her waist, gently lowering her to the ground, never stopping the wonderful attention her mouth was giving to Gabrielle’s breast.

While cradling Gabrielle within her strong left arm, her right hand would reach down and slowly, sensuously move up Gabrielle’s inner thighs, reaching her already soaked britches and, hooking a finger at the waist, peel them off Gabrielle’s bottom, past her knees, her ankles, and toss them aside. Reaching up, she’d flip up Gabrielle’s skirt, showing the night air the beauty and mystery of Gabrielle’s sex.

At this point in her dream, Gabrielle would find a struggle taking place. Did she want to be the instigator, the director of the dream, the one who would do the seduction, the one who would master the warrior, making the tall, dark haired woman scream out her name in the throes of wild passion? Or, did she want to let the dream continue on its path, letting Xena take control of her body, her emotions, and her responses?

It was also at this point, as in every other dream sequence, that Xena would wake Gabrielle with a sharp poke in the ribs. This time was no exception!

"Gabrielle, wake up! You’re doing it again, you’re talking and moaning in your sleep! I can’t sleep with all the noise you’re making, and you’re even upsetting Argo!" This is really strange, she can’t possibly be having wet dreams...then again, maybe she is. Gods, I hope she isn’t dreaming about that dork, Perdicus.

Gabrielle sat up, startled out of her glorious dream, realizing that her body had responded in a most embarrassing way. Getting up, she made the excuse that she had to visit the bushes. Once away from their campsite, she walked and paced furiously, mumbling to herself, until her body calmed down and reached a more "normal" state. I am going to lose my mind. This can’t go on much longer, I have to do something about this!

The next morning as Gabrielle rustled around creating breakfast out of whatever was available. Xena sat and watched the young woman, wondering just what was making her sleep so disturbed, so noisy, and so active!

"Gabrielle, stop fussing with that stuff and come here, I want to talk to you."

Gabrielle felt her heart lurch and she slowly put down the fish she had been wrapping in palm leaves.

"Oh no, I think she’s gonna say something about the dreams I’ve been having. What am I gonna say, I can’t lie to her, she sees right through me...this is not good. Life as I’ve known it is about to end...I won’t go back to my village, there is no way I’m going back...this is it, I can feel it, it’s all over, and all because of my stupid dreams...my wonderful, loving delicious dreams.

"Can’t this wait? I was just about to put the fish into the coals, I’m hungry, I’m sure you are..."

"Gabrielle, get over here, I want to talk to you, and I want to do it now, not later." We need to get this out in the open. We’re both losing sleep with these noisy dreams. And if it’s Perdicus she’s dreamin’ about..I don’t even want to think about that!

Gabrielle knew that tone of voice, and knew that she had to do it now. She’d been on the receiving end of that tone of voice before, and knew that to disregard it would lead to situations she’d just as soon avoid. Xena was many things; Including very direct in her expectations of obedience, no matter what.

The young woman placed the wrapped fish to the side, turned and walked toward Xena. Her walk was slow and deliberate, but no matter how slow, she eventually reached the warrior’s side.

"What is it, what do you want?"

"Gabrielle, something’s going on here, and I wanna know what it is. You’ve been having bad dreams, haven’t you? Why don’t you tell me about the dreams, maybe I can help you." I can help you, oh yeah, how much I would I like to help you! But you’re really just a kid..a beautiful, desirable, sexy kid, but none the less, a kid. Tartarus, you’re probably too young for Perdicus..no, not too young, but certainly too much for him...he could never love you like I could.....please don’t let her be dreaming about him.... I’ve got to stop thinking like this, or I’m gonna be having noisy dreams too!

Oh, Xena, you have no idea how much I want to tell you, how much I want you to ‘help’ me. But when I tell you, I know you’re gonna think I’m strange, and you’re gonna want me to go back home...I just know it!

"Xena, nothing’s wrong, I’ve just been having some dreams, nothing to worry about, I’m sure it’ll stop."

"Gabrielle, talk to me and talk to me now. I want to know what you’re dreaming about, and I want to hear it now. No more beating around the bush...start talking!" Oh great choice of words, Destroyer of Nations!

She watched Gabrielle’s reaction, wondering what else could possibly be so disturbing.

"Xena, I don’t know how to tell you this, and I know you’re gonna think I’m so strange, but I’ve been having recurring dreams, dreams about you. You and me, actually." Oh, I think I’m gonna be in trouble here.

"Well, that’s not so strange, after all, we spend nearly every waking moment together, fighting for the greater good. Why wouldn’t it be normal for you to dream about what we do, what we’ve done?"

Gabrielle looked into those beautiful blue eyes and felt her knees go weak. I gotta do this; it’s now or never. Pleasepleaseplease let her take this in a good way!

"Xena, this is really hard for me to tell you. The dreams have been about us, but not the us that we know during the day, but rather the us that I guess I would really like us to be at night, and during the day, too, anytime, actually, all the time, I guess would be more like it."

She stood and watched the warrior’s reaction...if it would be appropriate to consider a look of total confusion and incomprehension a reaction.

"Gabrielle, would you say that again, just straight out. Just exactly what do you mean by ‘us’? Oh, this is beyond my wildest thoughts. But I need to get her to understand the consequences of us being together, and does this mean she’s over Perdicus? This isn’t gonna be easy!

Gabrielle couldn’t believe her ears. Xena, the woman who seemed to know everything, who had an answer to every problem, appeared to have no idea what Gabrielle was talking about.

"Xena, I know this is probably hard to understand. But it’s really true. That’s what my dreams are made of." Her heart was singing. Maybe this was a good thing after all, now it would come out in the open, no more hiding her feelings, no more dreams to tear her apart...then the other boot fell.

"Gabrielle, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard you say in a long time. There can be no ‘us’. You’re just imagining it, I mean, after all, I’m older, more worldly, I’ve been places, seen and done things, that you may never experience. There’s no way we can ever be an ‘us’. I can’t imagine us being together like that, after all, you’re just a kid, a young, inexperienced woman, I’m surprised you’re even having such thoughts!" Oh, how I want us to be together, but I’m just not sure if this is the right thing for us...well, it would be right for me, but I’m not sure if it would be right for you.

Gabrielle felt like she’d been slammed into a rock wall. Her heart was about to break, tears began to fill her eyes, her ears buzzed with Xena’s words. But then something else took over. She felt anger. She realized she was clenching her hands into fists, she could feel the blood pounding in her ears.

"Hold on there just one minute, warrior woman...I might be a young upstart, nothing but a sidekick, a nuisance, according to your opinion, but the fact is that I love you, I’ve loved you almost from the moment we met, and I’ve strong feelings for you..and you’re not going to convince me that you don’t share those feelings. The dreams I’ve been having have been wonderful, as far as they go, but they always end the same way..you wake me up! Well, the dreams are moving out of the picture, now it’s time for reality."

"Gabrielle, what in Tartarus are you talking about?"

Xena felt a tightening in her gut; she’d never known Gabrielle to be so assertive, so direct. She’d always been able to tell the young woman what to do, when to do it, she protected her, kept her safe, and kept her warm. She’d always been the aggressor, the instigator, the one who called the shots, directed the action, and made the moves. She found this new dimension in Gabrielle interesting, stimulating, exciting. I’ve had thoughts about Gabrielle almost from the first day we met, too. I love her; I love the way she makes me nuts with her incessant talking, the way she sees everything bright and clean, hopeful, possible. She’s so unlike me, she’s light where I’m darkness, she’s good, she sees good in me, she makes me see good in others. But she’s hardly ready to take on someone like me, me and my past!

"Look, let’s just eat breakfast and get movin’, we can talk about this later. We’re supposed to be heading toward Amphipolis, remember? My mother is expecting us, she needs our help at the Inn. And there’s the Festival to think about, you know how much you love festivals! Shopping, Gabrielle, shopping!"

Xena knew she was grasping at straws trying to get Gabrielle interested in going to Amphipolis, anything to get her off the subject of her dreams for now. I need to think about this..I need a plan here..I need time to think and plan my strategy.my moves.

"Xena, we need to talk, I can’t keep this buried anymore. I want to talk and I want to talk now. This is too important!"

Gabrielle still had her fists clenched, her jaws were clenched, and she was in no mood to back down. This was one time when things were going to be done her way. I need to get this out there, to get it over with, once and for all.

"All right, we’ll talk, but we also have to get going. We can talk on the road. Now get your stuff together and let’s get moving. I’m gonna get Argo saddled up. Pack up our stuff, we need to be on our way."

"No, we’re not going anywhere until we get this all out in the open!"

"Gabrielle, Mother is expecting us. I’m leavin’as soon as I get Argo ready. You can either come with, or you can stay here, it doesn’t make any difference to me, one way or the other" Boy, that’s a lie, it would make a big difference if she didn’t come with me. Come on, Gabrielle, back down like you always do, come on....Gabrielle, come on....that’s my girl, just back off, you can do it, you....

" I need to have your undivided attention. Just this one time, Please!"" If I give in now she'll manage to change the subject and we’ll never get this all out in the open. Nope, I’m gonna stick to it here.

Xena continued to get Argo ready to leave the campsite. When she was ready, she looked over at Gabrielle.

"Are you coming?"


"Have it your own way then. I’m leaving"

"Fine, leave."

"I am, I’m leaving. I’m leavin’ right now."


"Gabrielle, get up and get over here. Stop acting like this. We’ve got to get on the road if we’re gonna make Amphipolis by nightfall. You know Mother wants to see you...sometimes I think she wants to see you more than she wants to see me! She’s been cooking and baking like a Banshee in anticipation of you comin’ to visit! Nutbread, Gabrielle. Warm nutbread smothered in freshly churned butter...hmmmm. Now get up here and let’s get moving!"

It was the nutbread that made the argument, of that, Xena was certain.

"Oh, all right. I guess I can’t hurt your mother’s feelings by not showing up. But I want to ride the whole way. And I want to ride in back of you, not in front. I get dizzy when I’m in front. So help me up and let’s get moving. We don’t have all day!"

Xena stood at Argo’s side and shook her head. It never fails, mention food to this woman and she’s like putty in my hands! Well, at least it seems I’ve gotten her off the subject of her dreams. Now if I can just keep her occupied with thoughts of Mother’s cooking we might be able to make it all the way to Amphipolis without that subject coming up again, at least until I figure out how to handle this. She quickly mounted Argo. Reaching down, she lifted Gabrielle to the mare’s back. Gabrielle settled in behind Xena and wrapped her arms around the warrior’s leather clad waist. She wanted to reach around and hook her hands on the brass breastplate, but thought that might be a little too obvious.

"Hold on tight, Gabrielle, I wanna make up some time, so we’re gonna be moving out fairly fast for a while."

No problem, no problem at all. I don’t have to be told twice to hang onto you. The feel of you in my arms, even if we’re on Argo’s back, is pure Elysian Fields to me! But if you think for one minute I’m gonna forget about having our discussion, you’re one very disillusioned woman!


With a slight nudge to Argo’s ribs, the two women were off down the road.

Gabrielle kept a tight grip around Xena’s waist, laying her head against the strong back of this woman who occupied her mind day and night. She closed her eyes and entered into another of her dream-like fantasies. This time she fantasized about riding along a road just like the one they were on. The day was warm; the rhythm of Argo’s pace added a sense of comfort to her. The fantasy was nothing new to Gabrielle, but it certainly was one of her favorites. We’re riding along. Xena slows the mare, and then stops. She slides down from Argo’s back, turns and reaches up to bring me down from the saddle. I slide down her long beautiful body. As she sets me on the ground she holds me close; she leans down and kisses me. A soft, tender kiss. She tells me she wants to make love to me; she wants me now, and can’t wait until we reach our destination. I smile up at her and we walk hand in hand into the woods at the side of the road. Argo follows, grazing as she walks behind us. Xena continues into the woods until she finds just the right place, a small clearing, the ground covered in soft pine needles, emitting a fragrance that delights the senses. She reaches down and begins to remove my clothes, taking her time, admiring the my body, commenting on the softness of my skin, the way my breasts look, the way my nipples harden as she brushes her hand against them. Then she removes her armor breastplate, her leathers, all the while smiling at me, talking softly, starring into my eyes with her beautiful blue eyes. She gently lowers me to the pine needle covered ground, and then lowers herself to ...

"GABRIELLE! Wake up! You almost slid off Argo’s back! You wanted to ride in back but I can’t hang on to you when you’re back there. Let me put you up front. At least I’ll have a better chance of grabbin’ you when you start to slide off!" That was another of those ‘dreams’ for sure. Must have been a good one, she is usually petrified of being on Argo...but it didn’t seem to stop her going off again.

What is it with this woman? Every time I just about get to the best part of a dream or fantasy she wakes me up. "Oh, all right. I have to make a trip to the bushes anyway, so let me down. I’ll be right back"

Xena placed Gabrielle down on the ground and watched as the young woman took off for the bushes.

What’s with her? She’s so distracted. She hasn’t even been talking as much lately, and she sure isn’t spending any time at all telling me stories. These dreams she’s been having are robbing her of her sleep..that could be adding to why she’s acting so strange, she’s sleep deprived. I’ll have to make sure that Mother gives us a nice, quiet room so Gabrielle can catch up on her ZZZZZZ time. I hate it when she’s irritable and short tempered. There’s only room for one irritable, short-tempered person here and I already have that job! Gotta get my old Gabrielle back. I think a good night’s sleep in a real bed might be just what she needs. Yup, that’s gotta be it, that’s what she needs, a good night’s sleep, visiting with Mother, maybe telling some stories at the Inn, and definitely the Festival. She loves festivals. Yeah, that should make her forget about her dreams. But, on the other hand, it’s sort of nice that she thinks of me in her dreams...I wonder if it’s as good for her as I think it would be for me...gotta stop thinking this stuff, it can’t happen, she’s too young...and gorgeous, and sweet, and warm...I think I have a little sleep deprivation, myself!

Gabrielle finished her business in the bushes and slowly walked back to where Xena was sitting atop Argo. I don’t know how she manages to do it, but she seems to know just when to wake me up..always just as things are getting to the good part. Well, not for long, Warrior Princess, not for long. We’re gonna solve this problem once and for all, just you wait and see.

"Give me your hand, I’ll put you back up here, but this time in front. Come on, give me your hand."

"No, I think I wanna walk for a while."

"You’re riding up front, not walking! We have to get to Amphipolis, remember? Nutbread? Warm nutbread with fresh butter? Now give me your hand, we don’t have time for you to walk."

"All right, but I’m only doing this because we have to get to Amphipolis to help your mother. I want to make that very clear, it’s only because we have to get there to help her. Did you say there’s a Festival? Do we have any dinars?"

"Gabrielle, give me your hand, and give it to me now. I wanna get going."

Xena reached down and with minimal effort swung the young woman up onto the mare, placing Gabrielle in front where she could keep a close eye on her.

She wrapped her left arm around the young woman and held the reins with her right hand. Without thinking, she buried her face in Gabrielle’s hair. By the gods, she smells so good...I’m gonna have to do something about this. She’s makin’ me nuts! Or I’m makin’ myself nuts. She nudged Argo once again, and they set off down the road toward Amphipolis.

"Xena, tell me about the Festival, and you didn’t answer me, do we have any dinars? I might want to buy something. And we could buy something for your mother, a nice scarf, or a new shawl, or something like that. She never lets us pay for anything when we stay with her, and you know we usually eat enough for ten guests, so what do you think, do we have any dinars, should we get something for her, what would you think she’d like?"

The only way I can ever answer Gabrielle is when she runs out of breath. "Yes, we have some dinars, and yes, I’m sure you can find something that Mother would like, and yes, you can buy something for yourself, too. And what’s this ‘we’ stuff,? You’re the one with the hollow leg when it comes to eating! Now hang on, because I want to make up some time here. I wanna get there before dark!"

Gabrielle leaned back and tried to find a comfortable position against Xena’s chest, however she found herself being poked by the warrior’s brass breastplate.

"Is there any chance you could remove your armor? It’s very uncomfortable against my back!"

"Gods, Gabrielle. You’ve never complained about it before. What else are you gonna complain about? I’ll take it off. Just hang on here while I...." Xena tried to unfasten her armor, hang onto Gabrielle and Argo’s reins all at the same time. "I think I might need a little help here, Gabrielle. Hold onto the reins, and try not to fall off, I need both hands for this."

She managed to unfasten the armor, and twisted to tie it to the back of the saddle. Just then Argo was startled by a large snake that slithered across the road immediately in front of the mare, causing her to buck slightly. Gabrielle reacted by jerking on the reins, causing Argo to rear up on her hind legs, then coming down with a thud and stomping the snake into a dozen pieces on the surface of the road. The mare shuddered a few times, then regained her composure and stood with all four hooves firmly planted on the ground.

Gabrielle regained her own composure and was about to make a comment about how well she had handled the situation when she realized something was not quite right. Oh no, Xena fell off, she fell off her own horse..she’s gonna kill me! She slowly turned in the saddle, fearing what she was going to see. I can’t believe this. I’m dead. I’m toast. She has a fit when I even touch Argo’s tack, she barely allows me to feed Argo, and now she’s fallen off her horse because of me. She’ll never let me off on this one.

Xena was sitting in the middle of the road, wearing a very surprised look.

"Xena, are you all right? I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t have jerked on the reins. You’ve told me that so many times. I am so sorry! Can I help you up? Are you hurt?"

Xena continued to sit, legs sprawled, dust settling around her, still holding her armor in her hands. The surprised look was fading, being replaced by a look that Gabrielle did not want to see.

"Gabrielle, I’m not hurt, and I sure don’t need your help. And stop apologizing, just improve!" I can’t believe this, falling off my own horse. This is certainly a first. My own fault, though, letting her hold the reins..trying to make her happy by removing my armor, not getting off Argo and doing it right...Zeus, my butt does hurt, guess I hit a little harder than I thought. Now I just have to get up without letting her know that I’ve got a sore behind. Gracefully, easy now, there, that’s it..I’m up. Oh boy, not a good thing, now I just have to get back up on Argo. Maybe I’ll walk for a bit, ease into this.

"Gabrielle, I’m gonna walk a while, let me have the reins."

"OK, I’ll walk too! Help me down please?"

"No, you stay right where you are, I don’t want you anywhere but up there. At least if you’re up on Argo I don’t have to worry about you laggin’ behind, holding us up, making us even later getting to the Inn."

They began again down the road, Xena leading Argo, Gabrielle sitting on the mare’s back. After a short while Xena decided that she’d walked out most of the abuse she’d experienced falling off Argo, and stopped.

"I’m going to get back up on Argo, but before I do, is there anything else you want? Do you have to visit the bushes again, do you want anything out of the saddlebag? Now is the time to tell me, because once I get up there, we’re gonna move, and I’m not stoppin’ for anything. Do you understand? I am not stopping, I don’t care how much you beg or whine."

"I don’t beg or whine! And no, there’s nothing I want. Just get up here and let’s get moving. All these interruptions are going to make us late!" I can’t believe I just said that. Even I can only push her so far. Well, if she strangles me we won’t have to discuss my dreams, so maybe that would be a good thing! Doesn’t look like I’m gonna get anywhere with her anyway.

Xena flipped back up onto Argo, put her left arm around Gabrielle and took the reins in her right. She nudged Argo and they continued down the road. Gabrielle once again relaxed against Xena’s chest, and soon found herself lulled into a semi asleep state. This feels so good, I love it when her arms are around me. Makes me all warm and squiggly inside. Ummm, I feel another wonderful fantasy starting. This one is gonna go all the way, this one isn’t gonna get interrupted. Ahhh, let’s see, we’re riding down this road on Argo. She has her arms around me..I’m leaning back against her; she has her beautiful face nestled in my hair. She tells me how much she loves me, she starts kissing the back of my neck. I lean even further back, she’s holding the reins in her right hand, she wraps them around the saddle horn, leaving her hand free for other things. Those wonderful, talented fingers move over my leg, slowly finding their way to my inner thighs. I spread my legs apart and she moves toward my britches...no, this is my fantasy, so I’m not wearing any britches. She tells me she never wants me to wear britches, she wants me available to her at all times. She has absolutely unrestricted access to me. Her fingers start to touch me, touching me in the most wonderful way. I’m so wet, she notices how wet I am, she tells me how much I mean to her, how she can’t live without me. She tells me she wants to make love to me; she wants all of me. I offer my self to her, without restrictions, without reservations. Her left hand moves up to my breasts, she slides her hand over my BGSB and my nipples react to her touch. Then she begins to loosen the ties. Soon she has it totally unlaced and open. My breasts are open to the air, but I’m not the least bit concerned that someone might see. I am so proud to be loved by this wonderful woman; I don’t care if the entire known world sees us. Her right hand continues to stroke my lower lips, her left hand squeezes and pinches my breasts, causing me to suck in my breath. I can feel myself getting closer and closer to glorious release. Her right hand begins to stroke faster; my clitoris is huge, swollen, pulsating. I lean way back. She lifts me up slightly with her left arm, sliding her right hand under me. Now I’m sitting on her hand. She pushes two of her long fingers up into me, and my muscles immediately grab those fingers, my juices are coating her hand, soaking into the saddle. Her left hand continues to squeeze my breasts, first one and then the other. Her movements become more intense, faster, harder...Soon I can feel myself reaching the point of no return, I am breathing faster and faster, I know my eyes are not focusing... and as I reach my climax, I scream out her name, over and over....


"By the gods, Gabrielle, what’s wrong now? Why are you screaming? And for the sake of Zeus, stop writhing around like that, I can barely hold onto you! Did you fall asleep? Are you having another dream?" She can’t possibly be doin’ what I think she’s doin’?

Xena had a hard time hanging onto the young woman. She halted Argo, turned Gabrielle’s face to hers, and saw that Gabrielle’s face was flushed. What’s going on? Did she just get it off again or is she sick? Has she come down with something? This is great, we’re supposed to be helping my mother at the Inn and Gabrielle is either obsessed or sick. Mother’ll drive me nuts worrying about Gabrielle and trying to get things done for the Festival. And somehow she’ll decide that it’s all my fault. With Mother, even Gabrielle’s wet dreams will be my fault!

Gabrielle was amazed that she was able to get all the way through one of her dream fantasies without being interrupted. But now she had another problem; how to explain screaming out Xena’s name. This is going to take some doing. I have to come up with something, something believable. HA! The day I can fabricate something that she will accept as truth will be declared a holiday by the gods! And what about my wet britches, they’re soaked through. The saddle is wet. She’s gonna notice that her saddle is wet, I just know it. She’s gonna know why this is happening.

"I’m OK, I guess I was sort of sleeping, having a dream or something. Sorry I scared you, I have no idea why I screamed your name. Guess I was wanting you to save me once again from some bad guys or something." OK, now we see if she buys it...

"Fine then, but try to stay awake for a bit, we need to keep moving if we’re gonna make Amphipolis before dark. I want to be able to concentrate on getting us there in one piece, and having you scream out like that isn’t helping." Yeah, like I’m gonna believe that, fighting bad guys, right! These wet dreams are making us both nuts. At least she hollered out my name and not Perdicus! I don’t think I could stand that! Has to be the lack of sleep. She needs to sleep in a real bed, that surely will help her get back to normal. Of course, what’s normal for Gabrielle? Non stop chatter. Eating.Writing in her scrolls...Taking care of me. Yeah, I guess those things would qualify. I want her back the way she was..Let’s get to Mother’s. A real bed and Mother’s cooking should fix her up.

She kept Argo at a steady pace, and soon they were seeing signs of early civilization as they reached the outer limits of Amphipolis. The sun had just begun it’s descent into the west and the light was beginning to fade as they stopped in front of Cyrene’s Inn. Gabrielle was all eyes as she took in the sights. There were striped tents everywhere, with merchant’s wares hanging from poles and sitting on shelves. Xena could tell that Gabrielle was anxious to get down from Argo and to start going through the open-air market.

"Gabrielle, let me help you down. I want us to go in and tell Mother we’re here. Come in with me."

"Oh, Xena, look at all those tents! This is gonna be wonderful! I can’t wait! I’ll go in with you to say hello to your mother, but then I want to get out here and see everything!"

"No, Gabrielle, we’re gonna go in, see Mother, you’re gonna eat till you burst, and then you’re goin’ to bed! This is not open for discussion or negotiation. Now let me help you down!"

Gabrielle allowed herself to be taken down from Argo’s back, but couldn’t take her eyes from the sights in the village square. Xena walked to the door of the Inn, opened the door and turned, expecting to see Gabrielle right behind her. The young woman was still standing next to Argo, starring at the tents and colorful displays.

"GABRIELLE! Get in here, NOW!"

"Oh, all right, I’m coming. Spoil sport! She has no idea of the fun and excitement to be found out in the square.

The young woman stepped up to the door of the Inn, passed Xena who held the door open, and walked into the Inn. Xena followed her, shaking her head. This is going to be a fun visit; I can see it all now.

As they entered, Cyrene looked up from her conversation with a customer and called out with delight to her daughter and Gabrielle.

"Xena! Gabrielle! Oh come here, let me see you both, give me a hug and a kiss! Oh, I’m so happy you’re both here! Look everyone, it’s my daughter, and her dear friend and companion, Gabrielle!"

The patrons looked up and smiled, not so much at seeing Xena and Gabrielle, but rather because Xena’s mother, Cyrene, was obviously so overjoyed with her visitors. Cyrene was a respected member of the town, and a much-loved innkeeper!

Both Xena and Gabrielle endured multiple hugs and kisses, while Cyrene babbled on about the joy of having them both under her roof. Xena finally extricated herself from her mother’s arms, and held the dear woman at arms’ length.

"Mother, we’re glad to be here, and we’re both looking forward to helping you out here at the Inn during the festival. But first, I have a favor to ask of you. Could you please let us have a room here for the night? And could you please feed her? Now, before you answer, remember Gabrielle’s appetite. You may need to get in some more supplies!"

"Of course you can have a room, I saved the best one for you and Gabrielle. It’s the most comfortable and private room here. And regarding feeding Gabrielle! I’ve been cooking for a week just for her! Come with me dear, and let me start to fill you up. I have stuffed grape leaves, boiled chicken with peas, roast lamb, fresh milk and warm nutbread with fresh butter! And if that isn’t enough, we can go out to the market and get anything else you want. Daughter, you go take care of Argo, and bring your belongings up to the back room at the top of the stairs. I’ll take care of Gabrielle. We have so much catching up to do! Come along dear, let’s go to the kitchen, you can eat and tell me all about your adventures since the last time I saw you!"

Gabrielle and Cyrene walked arm in arm back to the kitchen, leaving the Warrior Princess standing in the middle of the room with her mouth hanging open. I can’t believe this; my mother just gave me orders like a stable hand and then walks off with Gabrielle. Guess I’ll go out and take care of Argo, at least I know she’ll be glad to see me.

Xena took Argo to the stables. When she removed Argo’s tack, she noticed the saddle was damp. Those dreams are becoming more vocal. Xena smiled. She screamed out my name. Not fear, but passion. Interesting. She caressed the spot where Gabrielle had left her mark of desire on Argo’s saddle. I do love her so very much, but this might not be the right path for us. She’s young, inexperienced, a virgin, for god’s sake! This could be nothing more than young infatuation rearing it’s head. I need to keep my wits about me. I can’t give in to this infatuation, if that’s really what it is. Xena thought about the situation and possible solutions while spending some quality time brushing and caring for her mare. After saying ‘Good Night’ to Argo she turned and carried Gabrielle’s scroll bag, their saddlebag, her armor and weapons back to the Inn. She trudged up the stairs and deposited their belongings in the large, warm room her mother had held for them. Looking around, she decided her mother had chosen well. The room was spacious, with a large wooden tub for bathing. Candles were on every flat surface, the bed was wide and comfortable looking, and the window was open, allowing delicious fresh air to flow into the room. There was a fireplace with kindling and logs just waiting for a flame. The far wall opened onto a veranda that overlooked the square. Heavy drapes hung at the window and the veranda, easily closed at night to prevent the morning light from waking the occupants too early.

Xena smiled as she looked around the room. It was perfect. Gabrielle would sleep so very well tonight. And hopefully, the dreams that had been interrupting her sleep would be a thing of the past. She backed out of the room, carefully closing the door behind her. She knew their belongings were safe in the room. One of the things her mother prided herself on was the fact that her Inn was safe and secure. No one would dare do anything to cause a problem at Cyrene’s Inn, knowing that her daughter was Xena: Warrior Princess.

The tall, dark haired woman walked down the stairs and entered the main room of the Inn. Gabrielle and her mother were no where to be seen, so she went up to the bar and ordered a cup of port. The young man behind the bar set the mug in front of her, then leaned on the bar as though to start a conversation with the beautiful woman.

"Save the palaver, I am not the least bit interested in you, or anything you might have to say."

Xena watched the young man step back on hearing the veiled threat in her words. She turned, holding her measure of port, and leaned back against the bar on her elbows, surveying the room. This was the only place anywhere in Greece that she felt completely at ease. There was something to be said for having your mother own an Inn, and for everyone in the Inn to know that the daughter of the owner of the Inn was a fearsome warrior. A young man at a raised area in the corner of the Inn was telling stories to a less than appreciative audience. Xena listened to his attempts at being a Bard, chuckling to herself when several patrons shouted at him, interrupting him and causing his voice to tremble with nervousness. Gabrielle should be here; she’d be having a fit with how this poor boy is making a fool of himself trying to tell a good story. Of course, if she was out here, she’d surely be up there telling her stories, and then I’d be having the fit, and would eventually have to drag her off. I wish she would tell stories about other people, it gets so embarrassing when she tells stories of our adventures. She always says that she tells the stories so that no one in the audience knows that she’s talking about me...right...like that works! I should probably go to the kitchen and see how she’s doing...or what she’s doing. She carried her mug of port back to the kitchen, walking in just in time to hear Gabrielle telling her mother about some of their more recent adventures. As usual, Gabrielle was embellishing the tale with her usual style, acting out the more exciting parts, making the routine dispensing of a band of road thieves much more dramatic than it really was. Xena smiled, aware that neither her mother nor Gabrielle was aware of her standing in the doorway.

"She’s just amazing, Cyrene, she’s so good. And so strong, so competent. I feel so safe with her. I would do anything for her, she is my life, I just..."

Gabrielle became aware of Xena standing in the doorway. The young woman’s face turned bright red. She mumbled something and looked down at her hands. Cyrene put her arm around the young woman and looked up, smiling at her daughter.

"Come join us, dear. Did you find the room to your liking? I prepared it myself, just to make sure it was perfect for you both. I’ll have one of the servants’ fill the tub with hot water, now that you’re here. Would you like something to eat? Gabrielle left a little bit for you!"

"Oh, Xena! The lamb and the chicken and the stuffed grape leaves were wonderful, but the nutbread...oh, the nutbread was fantastic! I’m so full, I think I might burst. But I think I’ve room for a little more nutbread, and maybe some more of that wonderful goat cheese. Oh, and just a touch more of that fresh milk. We haven’t had milk in ages! And the roast lamb, just another slice, please?"

Xena and her mother exchanged knowing glances and smiled.

"You know she has a hollow leg. Maybe two hollow legs! You’re gonna have to sell a lot at the festival to make up for the dinars you’re gonna lose feeding this one!"

"Gabrielle, help yourself to whatever you want, dear, and don’t listen to this grump of a daughter of mine! Xena, would you come back to the storeroom with me? There’s something I want you to carry to the kitchen. Gabrielle, just make yourself at home and eat whatever you want, we’ll be right back!"

Xena accompanied her mother out to the storeroom at the back of the Inn, fully expecting to have her mother ask her to lift and carry heavy sacks of flour or other supplies.

"I asked you out here because I wanted to talk to you in private."

"What is it, Mother, what’s wrong?"

"There’s nothing wrong, at least not with me, but there is something wrong with Gabrielle, and only you can fix it."

"Mother, what is it, is she sick? She’s been sleeping so poorly, I knew something was wrong, but she...what is it?"

Cyrene looked up into her daughter’s blue eyes and sighed. How can this daughter of mine be so strong, so brave, so intelligent, and yet not see what is right in front of her face?

"Xena, that young woman eating everything in sight back in the kitchen is in love with you...hopelessly, completely in love with you. She’s scared to death that you’ll reject her. She’s told you about her dreams, and your reaction to her telling you is tearing her apart. She’s trying hard not to dwell on it, but she keeps coming back to it. Did you tell her that there could be ‘no us’ for the two of you? Xena? Why?"

"Because, Mother..."

"I know that you care for her, it shows every time she walks into a room. You must do what’s best for both of you, and that’s to tell her how much you love her, make her your very own. She’s the best thing that has happened to you, don’t mess it up! See what’s right in front of you, and do something about it!"

"Mother, don’t you think she’s too young for me?"

"No, I don’t"

Her mother continued as if Xena hadn’t interrupted. "I’ve given you the best room in the Inn. I made sure that it will be warm and comfortable and romantic..Yes, romantic...I know you, Xena, you sometimes need some prodding. I want you to take that beautiful young woman up to that room, and let her know what she means to you. Everything is taken care of, I’ll have meals sent up and left outside the door..A triple knock will mean that the meals are there. I don’t want you to leave your room until you and Gabrielle have discovered how important you are to one another."

Xena stood, mouth agape, listening to the woman she thought never understood her or what was in her heart. She’s got me pegged this time!

"That room has a balcony overlooking the square. When you need bath water or the chamber pots emptied, just go sit on the balcony with one another, I’ll arrange to have someone let me know you’re out there, and your needs will be taken care of. Now I want you to go back to the kitchen and take Gabrielle upstairs. Now!"

If her mother refused to accept that the two friends shouldn’t venture into a more intimate relationship, then Xena would just have to convince her. As soon as she convinced herself.

"Mother, you amaze me. I appreciate your efforts, but I think you’re way off the mark here. I love Gabrielle very much. I think I fell in love with her the first time I saw her, but she is so young, so naive, I’m not sure this would be the right thing for her. And you know my life is dangerous more than not at times. If any of the creeps that try to add a notch to their sword belt were to know that she and I were together her life could be in constant jeopardy. I can’t always be there to protect her."

"Daughter, don’t even think about squirming out of this. This woman is the one who belongs with you. Now go take care of it and not another word!" Cyrene directed Xena to a large sack of flour, motioned to her daughter to carry it to the kitchen, and walked out of the storeroom.

Xena, once again, stood with her mouth hanging open.

Back in the kitchen, Xena deposited the sack of flour on the table near the large ovens, turned, and looked at Gabrielle. The young woman was sitting on a stool at a tall table, drinking a large mug of fresh milk. She looked up, not realizing that she was wearing a prominent milk mustache. "’Got milk?’ Gabrielle?" Xena asked, with a smile.

"Don’t you want anything to eat, Xena? Everything is all so good! It has been ages since I’ve tasted such good food...probably the last time we were here! Your mother is such a wonderful cook."

Cyrene looked at Gabrielle and smiled, then she looked at Xena and jerked her head toward the stairs and the room waiting for them. She frowned when Xena didn’t respond instantly. She jerked her head again, glaring at her tall, dark haired daughter who was obviously determined to ignore her mother’s not so subtle hint. Finally she jerked her head one more time. Xena took the hint, deciding that it was better to do what her mother wanted than to watch the woman’s head fall off!

"Gabrielle, are you about finished? Mother has a wonderful room all ready for us, so let’s go. You’re gonna love it, and you’re gonna get to sleep in a real bed tonight...after a bath, in a real tub...not a river or stream!

Gabrielle looked at Cyrene, then at Xena, then back at Cyrene. She slid down from the tall stool she’d been perched on and walked toward the warrior woman. Then she changed direction and walked back to where Cyrene was standing. She put her arms around the woman and kissed her cheek. "Thank you," she whispered, "for everything." She turned once more and walked back toward Xena.

"Cyrene, thank you so much for the wonderful dinner. I actually think I’m gonna burst, but it was all so good. And thanks in advance for the room, and a bath! Wow! In a tub, no fish swimming by, no crabs biting my toes, no eels to worry about..."

She looked up at Xena, who reached out and took her hand. Gabrielle looked back toward Cyrene and said, "Thank you again, Cyrene. See you in the morning."

"Upstairs and into that tub!" Xena continued to hold Gabrielle’s hand as they left the kitchen. Cyrene watched them go with a smile on her face.

As they walked up the stairs, Xena put her arm around Gabrielle’s waist. She smiled down at the young woman, and reached out to brush some nutbread crumbs from the front of her BGSB. She ran her fingers lightly over Gabrielle’s upper chest, watching how Gabrielle blushed all the way up from her neck.

Gabrielle sighed and paused on the stairs.


"Xena, we still need to talk. You know, you can’t do things like brushing off my top and not expect me to react"

"I think you’ve been doing a lot of talking, Gabrielle, to Mother. Amazing how you can talk and still manage to eat so much at the same time."

Gabrielle looked up at Xena with some degree of concern, concern that perhaps she had put herself in some form of jeopardy by talking about her problem with Xena’s mother. The warrior princess was a firm believer in not talking out of turn.

"Don’t look so worried, Gabrielle. I know you talked to Mother about your dreams. It’s all right, I’m not angry. You need a bath, and sleep. Wait ‘til you see how nice the room is. Mother really outdid herself!"

They reached the room and Xena pushed open the door. Gabrielle started to walk in, but Xena stopped her. The young woman looked up into Xena’s face, wondering why. Xena answered Gabrielle’s unasked question by reaching down, picking Gabrielle up in her arms and carrying her into the room. She pushed the door closed with her foot, and still carrying Gabrielle, walked over to the large, comfortable bed and deposited the young woman among the many furs, blankets and pillows.

Gabrielle was speechless, not believing what was happening. She started to get up, and Xena shook her head, kneeling on the bed alongside the confused woman.

"Gabrielle, tonight’s going to be very special. I do love you, Gabrielle, I think I’ve always loved you. I’ve been afraid of telling you and then when you said it, I thought maybe you were confusing hero worship with love."

"No, Xena. I’m not." Gabrielle said, looking intently into those beautiful, blue eyes.

"I see that. Anyway, I do.." She paused, then swallowed. "I do love you. My mother is right, you’re no child." She paused again and smiled at her Bard, "Oh, and Gabrielle, never, ever, ever tell her I said she was right." Xena grinned.

"Xena, oh....I’ve dreamed of you telling me this...this...sharing my feelings." Gabrielle was flustered and trying to keep up with the conversation while being distracted by being on a bed with Xena kneeling before her.

"So, Gabrielle, we’ve had our talk, right?"

Gabrielle waited, unsure if she should make the next move or follow Xena’s lead. It was so much easier in my dreams!

"I see the answer is yes, so let me undress you. We’re gonna take a bath, and like you said, no water critters, just us."

Xena reached over and began to unlace the BGSB, slowly, without ever taking her eyes from Gabrielle’s face. She smiled down at her, and then leaned down and lightly brushed her lips across Gabrielle’s. After raising back up, she removed the last of the laces holding the BGSB together, and released Gabrielle’s firm, young breasts from their cover. Gabrielle watched Xena’s face as she looked down at her half- naked body. The pleasure and appreciation of the site before the warrior’s eyes was apparent in her expression, in her soft smile. Gabrielle felt her heart beating fast, she felt a flush creep up her neck, onto her face, her ears.

"Gabrielle, you’re so beautiful. I love your skin, so soft, so sweet."

Reaching down, she unlaced Gabrielle’s boots, and tossed them to the side of the room. She looked at the young woman’s feet, and smiling, squeezed and massaged them for a few moments. Then she moved back to continue with what she had started, untying Gabrielle’s skirt, hooking her fingers into either side of the young woman’s britches and pulling them down, past her hips, down her thighs, her calves, and off her feet. She twirled them for a moment on the fingers of her right hand, while looking down at the beauty before her, then flipped them across the room. Her eyes took in the tight abdominal muscles, the golden patch of hair at the juncture of her thighs, the sculpted thighs and calves. Running her hands down Gabrielle’s body, from her neck, around her breasts, down her belly, stopping only a moment to touch the golden mat at the joining of her legs, and then down her thighs, her calves, and stopping at her feet. Bringing her hands back up, she reached for Gabrielle’s hands, and brought the woman to a sitting position.

"Gabrielle," I thought I was doing the right thing, not getting ‘involved’ with you. You’re young, inexperienced. By the gods, you’re a virgin! You know that I’ve had many lovers in my life, but I never...I’ve wasted so much time.... But that’s all going to change now. "Let me show you how much you mean to me."

Gabrielle allowed herself to be brought to a standing position at the side of the bed, while Xena sat on the bed, her feet on the floor. She felt absolutely no embarrassment, no feeling of shame, being completely naked before the fully clothed warrior.

Xena reached out and touched first the left, then the right nipple of Gabrielle’s breasts with the tips of her fingers. She put a hand on Gabrielle’s right hip and turned the young woman around, admiring the strong, straight back, the curve of her spine as it met her waist, the beauty of the sculpted behind. She ran her fingers down Gabrielle’s spine, then placed a light kiss at the indentation just above the woman’s bottom. Her fingers played over the twin cheeks of Gabrielle's ass, squeezing and stroking. Then she once again turned the young woman around and looked into the green eyes of this young woman before her.

The tall, dark haired woman never took her eyes from Gabrielle’s face as she stood and slowly began to remove her arm guards, her boots. She started to remove her leathers, but Gabrielle stopped her, placing her hands over Xena’s, saying, "Let me do that."

She reached up and with a hand on either side, removed the shoulder straps of Xena’s leathers, pulling them down, allowing Xena’s full breasts to burst free. She leaned in and lightly kissed the small scar on Xena’s right breast, her eyes never leaving Xena’s face.

"I’ve wanted to do this for as long as I can remember. You’re so beautiful, so tall, strong, you’re so good."

She placed her hands on Xena’s britches, and tugged them down over the warrior’s hips, down her legs to her feet. Xena caught her leathers and the britches with the toes of her right foot and flipped the not needed clothing toward the far wall.

They both stood perfectly still, drinking in the beauty before them. Smiling at the young blonde woman, Xena leaned down and picked Gabrielle up in her arms. She walked to the tub filled with warm, fragrant water and stepped over the side. Gabrielle had her arms around Xena’s neck, she could feel Xena’s breasts against her skin, the nipples hard and pronounced. She nestled her head into Xena’s neck and knew that if she died at that very moment, she would die happy. This is how it’s supposed to be. This is what I wanted to happen for such a long time. It’s finally becoming reality. I can’t imagine it being any better than this! This is even better than my dreams!

Xena slowly lowered herself and her precious burden down into the water. She continued to hold Gabrielle to her, sliding her around so that she was positioned facing her, between the warrior’s strong legs. She reached down and took Gabrielle’s left leg, placing it over her own, then did the same with her right leg. Gabrielle never took her arms from the warrior’s neck, as she settled into the water. She watched as the water covered her breasts, coming almost to her neck. She then looked at Xena, and realized that Xena’s height would afford her an unrestricted view of the tall woman’s breasts as they bobbed in the water. She looked up into Xena’s face, and smiled.

"Xena, you’ve no idea how long I’ve waited for this moment. I can’t believe this is finally happening. I love you, I love you so very much..."

"I know, Gabrielle. I know you’ve waited, so have I, but you’ve got to be sure this is really what you want. Once we do this, there’s no going back to the way we were."

Gabrielle leaned forward and silenced her with a kiss. Xena took control of the situation, however, and thrust her tongue deep into Gabrielle’s mouth, while holding the back of the young woman’s head so that she could not move from the penetration. They kissed for a few moments, then Xena released her hold, and looked down at Gabrielle’s flushed face. She took some of the fragrant soap her mother had placed on the side of the tub, and began to lather it in her hands, then she reached out and began washing Gabrielle, spreading the lather on her neck, cleaning her ears, first the right one, then the left. Gabrielle closed her eyes and let herself be washed, not even complaining when Xena scrubbed her ears with vigor. She then felt strong hands lifting her up, standing her in the tub. Xena stood also, and using the lathered soap, ran her hands all over Gabrielle’s wet body, never pausing more than a moment in the more sensitive, erotic areas, constantly moving, until Gabrielle’s entire body was covered with suds.

Gabrielle took the soap from Xena, lathered her own hands, and began to wash the tall woman. Occasionally her hands would linger in a particular spot too long, and Xena would reach down and move them, smiling down at her.

"Later, Gabrielle, later. You can touch all you want later."

They resumed their sitting position in the large, wooden tub, and Xena unceremoniously dumped Gabrielle’s head under the water, laughing as the young woman came up sputtering.

Xena lathered up Gabrielle’s hair, piling it on top of her head, molding the suds into strange and exotic ‘headpieces’. Gabrielle did the same with Xena’s hair, and then tried to dunk the warrior into the water, without success. Xena grabbed her hands and pulled the young woman to her, gathering her in her arms, and together they submerged under the water, rinsing the suds from their heads. Gabrielle came to the surface, sputtering once again.

"You always could hold your breath a lot longer than me, you almost drowned me!" She smiled at Xena, showing that she wasn’t the least bit upset.

"Okay, my beautiful Bard, let’s get out before we turn into prunes."

Xena stood and lifted Gabrielle to her feet, then took her again into her arms and stepped from the tub. She held Gabrielle to her, and once again lightly kissed her lips, her nose, her eyes, nuzzling her neck, until Gabrielle thought she would scream. She walked to the bed, reaching down to remove one of the soft blankets. Standing Gabrielle on the bed, she wrapped her in the blanket, and began to pat her body dry. She took another blanket and wrapped it around her own shoulders.

After drying both Gabrielle and herself, she tossed the used blankets aside and then took Gabrielle in her arms again. Gabrielle wrapped her arms around Xena’s neck, and kissed every inch of skin she could reach. She was rewarded with sweet sounds emanating from the warrior, sounds of arousal, sounds that could only mean one thing...Xena was as excited as Gabrielle.

"Are you ready to get some rest, Gabrielle? You need sleep. How about we go to bed, get a good nights’ sleep, and then you can go to the Festival tomorrow."

Gabrielle looked up into Xena’s gorgeous blue eyes with an incredulous expression on her face. "You have got to be kidding! All this buildup and you want me to go to sleep? Sleep? You are out of your mind!"

Xena looked down at Gabrielle and laughed. "Just checking. Givin’ you a chance to back out."

"Uh-uh, no way!"

She gathered the young woman up in her arms and sank down onto the bed. Gabrielle resumed kissing Xena’s neck, her shoulders. She took Xena’s earlobe in her mouth and sucked on it, while running her fingers over the warrior’s breast.

Just then, there was a knock at the door of their room. Three knocks, actually.

"I don’t believe this!" Xena sat up with an exasperated expression on her face. "What’s wrong with Mother! She just fed you a half candlemark ago."

"Maybe something’s wrong. Go see, Xena, maybe she needs you."

Xena stood and walked toward the door as naked as the day she was born. Gabrielle watched the muscles in that beautiful back, the strong legs that ended in that beautiful rear end. "Xena, you’re naked! Put on a blanket or something."

The warrior growled something that Gabrielle couldn’t decipher, but somehow she knew that it wasn’t anything that would be appropriate written on a birthday scroll. And then she remembered! "Oh No! Oh, I think I know why she knocked at the door!"

Xena looked back at Gabrielle kneeling in the middle of the bed, her long blond hair hanging down in disarray, her skin still flushed from a few minutes earlier.

"What are you talking about?"

"I told your mother that I would entertain tonight. That I would do the ‘bardly’ thing for her customers." Gabrielle continued to kneel in the middle of the bed...watching Xena’s face for however the woman was taking in this information. It wasn’t a good thing; the expression on Xena’s face went from dark to darker. Through gritted teeth the warrior spit out. "YOU DID WHAT?"

Gabrielle jumped up from the bed, ran toward the dark haired woman, and, pushing past Xena, she flung herself between her lover and the door. "Just a minute, let me explain."

"Oh yes, please do explain...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"

"Xena, she feeds us, she lets us stay at the Inn for nothing...I mean, look at this room! She could have gotten a lot of dinars for this room with the Festival in town. And I just thought that if I did some of my scrolls tonight in the barroom of the Inn, she would make lots of dinars on the extra drink she’d sell. You know how people drink when I’m up there doing my scrolls!"

"I know I sure drink a lot when you’re ‘doing your scrolls’ in front of a crowd."

"I thought you liked my stories?"

"I do, but when you do them in front of other people, you always make them so...dramatic! It’s embarrassing."

"Why? Because I make them know the real you? The tall, dark, beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, did I mention tall, wonderful, courageous, trustworthy...." Xena grabbed Gabrielle to her, smiled down into the innocent face and kissed her. It was an effective method to stop the flow of words that characterized the Bard when she got started.

"Mother wanted me to bring you up here to show you how much I love you...and now she wants you to go entertain...She must think I’m awful fast!"

Xena walked back to the bed, grabbed a blanket, wrapped it around her shoulders and walked back to the door. She opened the door, fully expecting to see her mother standing on the other side, however instead she found a large tray covered with a cloth.... Her mother was no where in sight.

"I don’t believe it, Mother has sent up food already! She must think we need to fortify ourselves"

"That’s great!" Gabrielle started toward the door. Xena reached out and grabbed the naked woman, wrapping her in her arms and covering her face with kisses, attempting to change Gabrielle’s direction away from the food and back to the bed. It didn’t work.

Gabrielle took the tray from Xena and carried it back to the bed. Kneeling on the bed, she lifted the cloth covering and discovered that the tray was full of fruit, nutbread, cheese, and a pitcher of fresh milk. Xena looked at the tray and shook her head. Everything on the tray was obviously for Gabrielle, not even one small mug of port for her. She walked back toward the bed after securing the door once more.


Gabrielle looked at Xena, then back at the food. It was a dilemma. "Looks like I’m gonna have to choose, huh?"

"Whatcha gonna do, Gabrielle. Me or the food?"

The young woman pretended to be making a real decision. She smiled back at Xena, with what she hoped was a seductive smile, but was actually a huge grin.

"You, definitely you."

"Tell you what..." Xena lay back on the bed and leaned over, grabbing a handful of red, ripe cherries. She began to pop them into her mouth, one by one, while looking at Gabrielle with a small smile playing at the corners of her mouth. "Ummmm, these are so good!"

"Oh, leave some for me. I love cherries!"

So do I, Gabrielle, so do I! The warrior grinned.

Gabrielle caught on to the game Xena had started. She scooted over to Xena’s side of the bed and held up a peeled orange. She moved her hand toward Xena’s bare breast and then began to slowly squeeze the orange so the juice dropped down onto Xena’s right nipple.

"Oh, look at that, I dribbled on you...here, let me lick that off." She bent her head and took Xena’s nipple into her mouth, sucking on it until Xena started to make little noises. Without removing her mouth from the tasty snack she looked up at Xena, who had closed her eyes and arched her back.

"Gabrielle, I think you should forget about all that food on the tray, and get your beautiful behind over here, NOW."

"Certainly, my warrior princess, you know I always do as I’m told!" Gabrielle dropped the orange back onto the tray, and scrambled up to her lover. Xena immediately trapped Gabrielle’s hands in her left hand, while reaching to the tray with her right and finding a large, ripe strawberry. She bit into the berry oblivious of the juice running down her chin. Her eyes never left Gabrielle, watching the effect she was having on the young woman. She took the remainder of the berry and squeezed juice over Gabrielle’s breasts and abdomen, into her belly button, and down to the patch of hair at the juncture of the Bard’s legs. She began to slowly lick the juice from the young woman’s skin, removing all traces of the red substance, using her tongue in a most sensuous way.

Gabrielle squirmed, fully aware of what was happening to her, including the fact that her hands were still trapped in the grip of this beautiful woman.

"Xena. Let go of my hands, I want to touch you." Her request only caused Xena to hold her tighter, while increasing the tempo of the ministrations of her tongue. Soon Gabrielle was arching her back, twisting her hips, and attempting to reach something, something that she knew, instinctively, would give her ultimate pleasure. And so much better than her dreams!

"Just relax, Gabrielle. Don’t you want to finish all that stuff on the tray Mother sent up?" Xena smiled down on her beautiful captive, and then leaned in and kissed her, driving her tongue into the Bard’s mouth. Gabrielle opened her eyes after a moment, and then began to respond to the kiss. She sucked on Xena’s tongue, played with it with her own tongue, enjoying the response she was feeling within her own body. Gabrielle was amazed at the way their bodies reacted to each other, the responses that came of their own accord. She loved the feel of this dark haired woman’s skin, the smell of her, the warmth of her breath, the soft sounds their bodies made as they created suction with their movements.

Xena positioned herself over Gabrielle, her long hair hanging down, draped across the young woman’s breasts. "You’re sure about this?" She let go of Gabrielle’s hands. With no hesitation she reached up and pulled Xena down to lie on top of her.

"I’ve never been so sure of anything in my life. I think this is what I’ve wanted ever since I met you. Please, teach me what to do, I want to make you happy."

"You’ll know what to do, it’ll all come to you..just go with it. But if I do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable just tell me. I’m not saying I’ll stop, but at least I might think about it!"

Xena smiled down at Gabrielle then lowered herself to kiss that sweet mouth. She kissed her neck, her shoulders, then moved to her breasts. "You are so beautiful, so sweet, so innocent...." She took a breast into her mouth, sucking and licking. The young blonde woman began to arch her back, pushing against the warrior as she felt her body respond.

Oh, this is so much better than my dreams. I never knew it could feel this good. I should have gotten her started ages ago. All the time we’ve been together, all those nights by the fire, those nights we snuggled together to stay warm. We could have been making love. We could have been doing this!

Xena kissed Gabrielle’s eyes, her nose, her lips, then moved to her neck. Gabrielle squirmed and smiled at Xena. "I love you so."

No one could love you like I do, and no one could make love to you the way I will. If I were honest with myself, I’d admit I’ve wanted this for a long time, too. How many times I thought of how it would be to kiss you, to touch you, to taste you. Every time we lay down at night, I wanted to reach for you. But there were so many times that you seemed to find others interesting, desirable. Perdicus, and that kid you actually slept next to when we were dealing with the Titans. Each time you had eyes for someone else, it ripped me in two. I see how others look at you, your long hair, and your green eyes, the beauty and wonder in your face.

Oh, Xena, this is so wonderful. I want to just crawl into you! I want your hands on me, I want your mouth on me, by the gods, I want it all. This is worth all the nights of restlessness, wanting you, wanting you to want me. I hope you won’t be disappointed in me. You’ve had so much experience. You’re so gorgeous. I can get lost in your eyes alone. You have a beautiful smile, a beautiful face. I’ve seen how others look at you. The hunger in their eyes, the fear in their eyes, that too, but mostly, the hunger. I know Ares has lusted after you, of how you respond to him. I remember Ulysses, he would have given up his kingdom for you, and Marcus, beautiful Marcus. I know how much he meant to you. I just worry about being woman enough for you. There have been so many in your life, and yet I want to be the one that matters the most. I know you can’t think about Aphrodite without grinding your teeth, but if ever she could do some good, let it be now.

Xena propped herself up and looked at Gabrielle with a smile on her face. She took her fingers and lightly traced the young woman’s eyebrows, ran her finger down that cute nose, outlined her mouth, traced her fingers down across her chin, down her neck, over to her ear. She moved the blond hair away and gently kissed the exposed ear, breathing a soft sigh, and watching Gabrielle’s reaction. She saw that her pupils were dilated, showing only a thin ring of green.

Gabrielle never took her eyes from Xena’s face, aware of nothing except the intense, warm feelings she was experiencing. It was as though every nerve in her body would rush to wherever Xena’s fingers went next, causing a heated flush of her skin. She wanted more, but did not seem capable of intelligent speech. All of her senses seemed heightened, but focused only on this beautiful woman who was making love to her.

Keeping her blue eyes on Gabrielle’s face, Xena began to kiss her way down Gabrielle’s body. She kissed each breast, stopping only long enough to tease each nipple. Her eyes never leaving Gabrielle’s face, she nuzzled in the valley between her breasts, then continued down.

Gabrielle watched as Xena kissed her belly, nuzzled her belly button, then continued to move down. Their eyes were locked on one another. There was not a sound in the room, from the Inn, from the street...at least anything either of them was aware of. All awareness was concentrated on each of them. On their intense feelings,

Xena had reached the blond hair at the joining of Gabrielle’s legs. She continued to watch the young woman, watching her reaction. She stopped kissing the delicious skin before her, and asked Gabrielle one last time, "Gabrielle, I am going to make love to you. This is your last chance to change this path we’re taking. Now’s the time to stop me if you’re feeling this is wrong for you."

Gabrielle struggled to find her voice, finally aware that she had been holding her breath, afraid to breathe for fear that the wonderful feelings she was experiencing would disappear.

"I don’t want you to stop. I want you, more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life."

Xena smiled and began to run her tongue lightly over the skin of Gabrielle’s lower abdomen, teasing and touching, with her eyes still fastened on the young woman’s face. She knew that she was reaching a fevered pitch herself, and that Gabrielle was as ready as she could be. She decided that it was time to show the young woman squirming beneath her just how a warrior could be strong and tender at the same time.

I want to show you how I’ve been having dreams of my own, thoughts about loving you, making love to you. Sometimes my mind’s images of your body nearly drove me insane. You’ve no idea of why I would work out with my sword until I could barely stand. How I would have to go dive into the nearest river just to stop my urges, my desires, hoping the cold water would cool the heat that was about to devour me. How often I would be covered in a sheen of sweat, brought on by thoughts of you, sweet Gabrielle. How the sound of your voice makes me feel a rush of warmth, even though I complain that you talk to much, that you never shut up. How the sight of you, my green eyed love, walking toward me wherever we are, causes me to feel those wonderful warm feelings in the pit of my stomach, and lower. How many nights when we would curl together under our blankets next to the fire, with my arms wrapped around you, keeping you warm, keeping you safe...how many of those nights I never slept at all, for fear of acting on my feelings in a sleeping state. Of how I felt in control of my life, of my soul, until the first time I saw your eyes, and immediately got lost in them. The wonder of finding someone that you know is the perfect mate, the perfect friend, and the perfect person to complete you. Gabrielle, you are all this and more to me...I love you so.

Xena continued to smile up at Gabrielle as she moved her mouth down the young woman’s belly. Gabrielle lifted her head slightly to watch this beautiful woman who was making her feel like she had never felt before. She automatically raised her hips slightly, and opened her legs, allowing the warrior unencumbered access to her most sensitive, mysterious self. Xena moved down, giving the warm flesh offered so willingly sweet kisses and caresses, as she moved toward her goal. The mysterious place, the center of all things sensuous, all things exciting. Her tongue gave Gabrielle the most exquisite sensations. Sensations the young woman had never experienced like this, but she knew were making her body respond in ways that she had never dreamed possible.

Gabrielle reached down and buried her hands in the warrior’s hair, guiding, pushing that talented mouth, that experienced tongue closer to what she instinctively knew was where it should be. "Xena, please, touch me, I need you, I need you to make me yours."

The young woman heard soft, moaning noises, and then realized that they were coming from her own self. She felt so very alive; every nerve seemed to be alert, tingling, and sensitive. She could feel the warmth moving from her center, up her belly, spreading up over her breasts, her neck, her ears, and her face. She began to move her head from side to side, involuntarily; picking up the tempo of the sensations she was experiencing from the tongue of this gorgeous creature whose face was buried in her center. She was aware of a heightened sense of smell, her own smell of arousal, being mixed with the scent of the warrior’s obvious arousal. All these things were blending into the most wonderful feeling Gabrielle had ever experienced in her entire life.

Xena was very aware of Gabrielle getting closer to her orgasm. She knew it would happen in just a few moments, and wanted to give the young woman an experience that would forever bond them. She licked and stroked the folds before her, watching Gabrielle’s face and appreciating the fluid pouring from the young woman as her body responded. She slowed slightly, and began to focus on pulling the sensitive nub that stood out from the pink folds into her mouth, sucking, licking, teasing it to even greater arousal. The sounds coming from Gabrielle were becoming louder, more intense. Xena had a fleeting thought of appreciation for the location of the room her mother had prepared for them.

This woman is going to be noisy..Mother choose well in giving us this room way back here. Not having to worry about sounds being overheard is a definite good thing. I don’t know how much longer I can continue; I’m so close to release myself....

"Xena, I love you, I love what you do to me, I love you, I love you..." Gabrielle repeated this phrase over and over, in cadence with the thrusts of her hips as she neared her orgasm. The words came faster and faster. Xena had both arms firmly wrapped around Gabrielle’s hips, holding her close, not allowing her hips to get too far from the warrior’s mouth. She sucked harder as the woman held fast in her grip bucked and writhed. Her face was coated with Gabrielle’s juice; it ran down her chin, onto the bed below them. Her concentration became very focused, sucking, pulling, while holding the straining woman, keeping her sex firmly connected to her mouth. She shifted her hold, allowing her right hand to come down and move between the young woman’s legs, moving toward the part of Gabrielle that cried out to be filled. Her fingers, coated with delicious fluid, slowly attempted to slip into Gabrielle. She was aware of the constriction, the slight resistance her fingers were encountering. She continued with steady pressure as Gabrielle thrust her hips upward, begging to be entered. Xena continued toward her goal, finally slipping one long finger, then a second one into the woman moving below her. She was rewarded with Gabrielle screaming out her name, while her body grabbed Xena’s fingers. Pulsating, pulling them in, holding them in, trapping them, as the woman’s body bucked and jerked. The pulsating sensation sent Xena right over the edge, and she came with as much strength and beauty as the young woman impaled on her hand.

The pulsating gradually slowed, until both of them became aware of their surroundings. Xena found herself drenched in sweat, and Gabrielle’s fluids, mixed into a glorious testimony of what had just taken place.

Gabrielle took her right hand and held it over Xena’s hand still buried in her sex. She pushed the warrior’s hand in tight, as though she wanted it there forever, always. Xena complied, while managing to move her long body up and over Gabrielle’s spent form. She gently lay down on the Bard, kissing her neck, her chin, her nose, and her sweet lips. Gabrielle could taste herself on Xena’s face. Somehow this made the young woman nearly burst with love for this gorgeous, dark haired, blue eyed woman who had just made love to her.

"Oh, Xena, I...."

"Shhh, don’t talk, let the love we’ve just shared wash over you, just as it’s washing over me."

They lay wrapped together for a few more moments. Gabrielle made the first move, trying to shift out from under the tall woman.

"Where do you think you’re going, my love?"

"I want to make love to you...please, please let me."

Xena smiled down at the concerned look on Gabrielle’s face. "What do you think you’ve just been doing?"

"But I want to make you feel like you made me feel."

"You can’t imagine how you’ve already made me feel, Gabrielle. I came just as you did; you’re so exciting to me. My sweet, green-eyed beauty. You’ve no idea how good you’ve made me feel. I love you, Gabrielle. I love you more than life itself. No more having to hide feelings. No more dreams to drive both of us nuts!"

"Speaking of us...Xena, there is an ‘us’ after all?"

"Oh yeah, Gabrielle. There is definitely an ‘us’."

Xena continued to hold Gabrielle, and knew that this had been the right time, the right moment. What they were both experiencing was new, exciting and yet, familiar in some way, as though they had always been lovers, there had never been anyone else who would fill this void in both their lives. Nothing had ever mattered as much as this time in their lives, this time that would create a time honored barrier against all odds, all evil, keeping them safe within one another’s arms. She knew, and Gabrielle knew also, that nothing would ever come between them, that they were bonded to one another forever, they were soulmates.




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