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Sex: Not in this lifetime.

Violence: Not yet.



Other: I shouldnít be allowed to rest. These are the silly things I come up with. I just did it for the halibut. LOL okay so that was really badÖIím sorry. My bad.



Here Fishy, Fishy, Fishy

By T.Novan

"It was bound to happen sooner or later." Gabrielle offered, trying to get her bearings. "Serves us right I suppose."

"Somehow itís just not right." Xena grumbled, having a look around at their new surroundings.

"Itís just as right as anything else Xena. At least weíre still together. What do you suppose the odds of that happening were?"

"Weíre soul mates. I expect us to be together every time."

"Yeah, but what you expect, and what we really get are some times two different things."

"No, do tell." The warriorís voice was full of sarcasm.

"Thatís not going to help the situation."

"Nothing is going to help this situation Gabrielle. Weíre trapped and there is nothing we can do about it."

"Thereís got to be something we can do." The bard tried to get between two rocks but failed and backed out slowly.

"Nope, weíre pretty much trapped this time."

"I canít believe youíre just giving up. Itís not like you."

"Gabrielle, what part of this are you having trouble comprehending?"

Xena began looking through the rocks on the floor to see if there was anything helpful there. She found very little. Giving a hard mental sigh she tried looking in another section of the enclosure. Still nothing that might get them out.

"You find anything Gabrielle?"

"Yeah, this plant is pretty good." The bard offered pulling loose another leaf and tasting it.

"Always thinking with your stomach." Xena mumbled.

"Hey, youíre the one whoís saying itís a lost cause and thereís nothing we can do. May as well not starve to death in the process."

"True." Xena joined the bard and tasted the leaf. "Not bad. But I hope thereís more here to eat than that."

"Iím sure there is. Just look around. We are at least surrounded by stuff we can eat."

Suddenly a shiver washed down the warriorís spine. "Gabrielle hold perfectly still."

The cat took her perch next to the tank. A very satisfied purr left her chest as a paw pressed against the glass. She looked up at the top of the tank.

Oh Xena, Gabrielle. Itís so good to see you again. Once I figure out how to get the top open and get past that fear of getting wet thing Iíll be by to say hello personally.

The cat looked up and cocked her head a bit when she heard the familiar voice.

"Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Come on Callisto! Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Itís dinner time."

The cat jumped down from the bookcase, giving a quick glance back.

Yeah I know. I was just thinking sushi appetizer.


(Please donít throw rotten fruit at the bard. <GBG> Sometimes you just have to write truly silly things.)

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