Violent Content Warning: This story contains scenes of a violent nature.

Alternative and Sexual Warning: This story also contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

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The Rules of War

Part 2

By: Teagen2



My heart was beating wildly, not just because I was at a full run. I have reached the point of no return. I freed three war prisoners. By the rules of war, I can be charged with treason and also desertion if I chose not to return. Even those issues were not foremost on my mind. We were still deep within the outer woods of the fort. The deeper we went, the more Huron joined us. They seemed to appear out of the air. Finally Aronia stopped to rest. I didn’t realize how tired I was until I stopped running. One of the male warriors that had joined us gave me a water bag that I drank from greatly. Another handed Aronia a tomahawk. She placed in her belt. She also took the musket and ammunition bag. I recognized both as being French. As they spoke in their native tongue, I tried my best to understand what they might be saying. From what I could tell by gestures, they were happy to see the three warriors. They were probably thought dead by their tribe when they did not return. I also began to notice gestures of respect to Aronia. She might be what we considered a general or maybe a member of the chief’s family. In either case, it works to my advantage to be in her favor.


Taking my hand, she led me away from the resting men. Suddenly my fatigue was gone. She stopped when we were no longer in sight. She leaned the musket against a tree. Turning to me, she once again framed my face with her hands. Our lips were both moist with the water we have drunk. I feel the coolness of her lips as she kisses me. Without fear of a guard now, her arms come around me. One hand buries itself in my hair. I moan at the pleasure it brings. My hands caress strong shoulders, descending down her back. My hand ventures underneath the hem of her cotton shirt. Her skin is surprising smooth and soft. Aronia’s tongue thrusts into my mouth, causing my knees to shake. Once her lips leave mine, I ask, "Shouldn’t we go back to the others?"

"No, they can come to us." She smiles, picking up her musket. "Aka sa le." she calls towards them. They appear and Aronia takes my hand. She gestures with her musket and we begin walking.

"Where are we going?"

"Back to our village."

"What about me?" She turns.

"You’re coming with us."

"Is that wise?" I ask, unsure I want to go.

"I think so." I have faith in Aronia. She would not place me in harm’s way. Yet, I couldn’t help being nervous. I was a white, colonial woman heading for a Huron village. No one has looked at me in a hostile manner. I don’t know if it’s Aronia that keeps them from doing so or that I saved Huron lives in this war.



My fears escalated as we neared the first structures in the village. Huron began to appear from everywhere. The large crowd moved with us as we headed for the center of the village. Many of the cries and yells seemed to be happy ones. I was thankful that Aronia kept a tight grip on my hand. An old man adorned with many decorations was sitting in a chair, giving me the impression of a throne. I noticed when we got closer and closer, everyone stayed back, but the original members of our party. "We must bow." Aronia said softly. Each one of us dropped to our knees and remained there. I assumed we had to wait for the chief to acknowledge us before we spoke. I did notice a wide smile on his face. I was relieved that he wasn’t hostile. I have heard tales of the Huron bringing whites into their camp and executing them by fire. I tried to keep those thoughts out of my mind.

He stood slowly. His ‘aides’ stood with him. The smile was still evident on his face. Something appeared into my line of view that nearly made me faint from lack of air, an equally elderly……white woman. She smiled also, which calmed my remaining fears. I was in no danger. "I am pleased at your return." I kept the surprised look off of my face from hearing excellent English from the old gentleman, just like Aronia. "The message of your return was a happy one. Rise," My heart stopped. He was speaking to me. Aronia let go of my hand and gave a reassuring smile. I stood slowly. "Wendat people owe you a great debt. I have been told that you have saved a number of my warriors."

"May I speak?" I ask softly.

"Of course, Little One."

"I was grateful to do so. My job is to help others."

"If only all whites were as noble as you." he commented. He gestured for the rest to stand. "I am also grateful for the safe return of my granddaughter." I watched him embrace Aronia. They exchanged words in their language. I was reminded through the chief’s speech that these people are Wendat. I must break myself from the French term of Huron.



The leader of this tribe is Aronia’s grandfather. I was pleased that I was right in assuming that she was part of the ‘royal family.’ The white woman joined her husband in greeting her granddaughter. "Welcome….."

"Jenny." I offered.

"Jenny. It is a pleasure of have you here."

"Let it be known that you, Jenny, are welcome here always for your help in saving our people. You may stay here as long as you wish." the chief stated.

"Thank you."

"My name is Tona," he said, "and this my wife Amy." I nodded. "You may go."



As the entire tribe dispersed, Aronia led me to her home. Inside, it was decorated beautifully. The fire in the center has not burned in days. As she gathered wood, I thought it would be a good time to ask her a few questions. "Your grandfather is the leader?"

"Yes. My father was killed when I was twelve."

"I’m sorry."

"It’s okay.

"Your mother?" She stopped for a brief moment, and then continued.

"She died bringing me life."


"It was foretold in the visions of Rona, the seer of things to come, that my birth would bring about change in the Wendat nation. My mother did not survive. Grandfather named me Aronia."

"What does it mean?"

"Heaven…He and my grandmother taught me the tongue of both cultures. My life would be a bridge between our two worlds and I would save my people from the army of blood."

"Army of blood……..You mean the British…….The red uniforms." Aronia sits behind me, pulling me into her arms. The new fire brought warmth, but so does Aronia.

"My people hate them. Le Françoise says to fight."

"I have never understood the French’s interest in the colonies. Why do you fight the white’s war?"

"They steal our land. The blood wants more and more land. More than anyone can use. It threatens our nation."

"I don’t know what will happen to the colonies if they come under French rule, Aronia." She nodded.

"Grandfather and I have spent many nights discussing this. He is at a loss. I do not understand why blood and Le Françoise don’t fight on their own land."

"They have for a long time. Guess they figure that fighting here gives them a sense of safety. They think that a few colonials are nothing."

"Are you returning home?"

"I don’t know." I answer honestly.


"I want to be with you." Her hand reaches up and turns my face to her.



Her soft lips connect with mine. I turn in her embrace and sit on her lap. Aronia’s arms came around my back, holding me. I placed my hands on her shoulders. She never made a sound, but I felt her muscles tense. I broke the kiss immediately. "I’m sorry. I hurt your shoulder.

"It’s okay. I’m still sore."

"Do you want me….."

"If you want." she finishes. I watched her as she removed her shirt. I remained on her lap. The heat of her skin and the beauty of her body made me momentarily forget why she removed her shirt. I gently place my fingertips at the now unwrapped wound. Glancing around her shoulder, I examine her exit wound.

"Both are healing nicely." I say. "I am amazed at how you’ve recovered."

"I heal quickly." she whispers, inches from my face. My heart pounded in my chest as my hands moved over her exposed skin. They have a mind of their own as I cup her breasts. Aronia moans softly, watching my hands as I massage her hardened nipples. Leaning down, I kissed her left nipple. "Jenny." I hear as I take it into my mouth, biting softly.



I have never been intimate with anyone, especially a woman. My mind and body seemed to separate as my actions were being guided by an outside force. My hand caressed the material of her breechcloth. I moved underneath. I could feel the heat emanating from her center. I saw her eyes close as I felt the wetness that was there. I had no idea what I was doing. My fingers slipped through her wetness into her body. Aronia groaned loudly. The pleasure on her face was enough for me to continue. My fingers thrust into her, causing her to moan. Her hands went to my hips. She grinded against me. I felt her hands pulling my dress up. Every layer of clothing I had was now up to my waist. Her hips began to drive my fingers deeper. Aronia caressed my face with her left hand as her right disappeared under my dress. I felt them. My body throbbed as I felt her fingers moving closer to my folds, teasing me. My juices began to flow. I smiled as she slowly entered me as far as she could. The pain was quickly swept away by pleasure as we began to thrust against one another. I climaxed quickly, holding a shaking Aronia as she joined me.


I awoke to noises. I opened my eyes partially. I heard voices. It was Aronia. She was still spooned behind me. As I sat up, so did she. There was a woman in her hut. She was crying and frantically trying to say something to Aronia as she bowed. Aronia stood, helping me up. After they exchanged words, she turned to me. "She says a woman is dying. She wants your help. It is her sister."

"Of course." Aronia and I followed the woman through the village. The air was crisp. It was almost morning. We came to a hut that had several men and women gathered at the entrance. Judging from this incident, my reputation as a healer must be spreading. As I entered, I saw a woman on the floor…..a very pregnant woman. Her husband was beside himself with worry.



It didn’t take long to see that the baby was not going to live or the mother without help. I rolled up my sleeves. "Aronia, I need a knife. Get it as clean as possible. She nodded, barking the order to a man at her side. A few moments later, the knife was being given to me. I took a deep breath and made the incision. I was relieved that no one tried to interfere as I pulled the baby free. Its cries caused the spectators to cheer. The baby was handed off to a woman near me. With the twine given to me, I stitched up the incision. The woman was exhausted, but happy……and alive. I left the shaman to give her the herbs to relax her as I exited the hut. The father went to his knees in front of me, obviously thanking me for saving his wife and child. Aronia told him that I was happy to help.



I went in search of my love, who seemed to have disappeared. I found her leaning against a tree. As I moved closer, I saw the tears in her eyes. I smiled at a woman that bowed and apparently thanked me. I smiled and continued to Aronia. "What’s wrong?" I ask, rubbing her back.

"She lived, my mother didn’t."

"I’m sorry, Aronia."

"Why didn’t Rona save her if it could have been done?" she asked angrily.

"I don’t know……..I have knowledge that she lacks I suppose." I was trying to offer an explanation, but I was failing.

"My mother was a wonderful woman." I realized that Aronia was not angry at me or Rona. She was merely trying to come to terms with her mother’s death, now that she’s seen it could have been avoided if Rona had simply known what I do.

"I know."

"How would you know?" she barked.

"Same way you do," I tapped my chest. "in my heart." She wiped her tears, knowing there was really nothing that could bring her mother back. She was angry, frustrated, but she smiled at me.

"I love you, Jenny." I smiled back.

"I love you, too." She embraced me briefly, looking down at my soiled dress.

"Let’s get you something to wear." I laughed softly.


Aronia arranged for me to get new clothing. I was happy with the change. I loved the dress that was given to me. I noticed that the adornments that were given to me were not ordinary pieces. In fact, I looked like someone of great importance. It was no secret that I was getting extraordinary treatment from the tribe. My guess would be they know that I loved Aronia and she loves me. My talents in the medical field were definitely needed here.




The days seemed to pass quickly. It has been a whole week since our mad dash away from the fort. I have made friends among the Waynat in this village and in neighboring ones. I have delivered three babies and treated several wounded warriors so far. I am enjoying my life with Aronia. The more days go by, the more I love her. I awoke with a strange feeling within the pit of my stomach. Something was not right. Aronia listened to my concerns, but I knew there was little she could do to help. It was mid-morning when the reason for my uneasiness showed itself. British infantry, hundreds of them lined the landscape. The entire tribe gathered at the entrance of the village, weapons in hand. Aronia, her grandfather, and I were in the front. When the three men on horseback rode down from the ranks, my heart stopped. I recognized one of them. "What is it?" Aronia asked, concerned.

"General Wolfe." I said, gasping. The three horsemen stopped a few feet from us.

"I am General James Wolfe, commander of the British forces in this region. I am here to retrieve your white captive that was taken from Fort Niagara." Aronia stepped forward, musket in hand.

"We have taken no white captives." She gestures for me to join her. "She may leave anytime she wishes."

"I want her back to her duties. Jenny, have you been harmed in anyway?"

"Absolutely not, I have been treated with nothing but respect."

"Good, now I will take you back to camp."

"No." I swallowed hard as the shock spread across his features.

"No? Miss Thomas, surely you don’t want to stay here."

"I do, General. I enjoy being here."

"Miss Thomas, I have wasted enough time here. You will return to the fort and resume your duties to the crown."

"I want to remain here, General. I am a civilian colonial nurse, unpaid by the crown. I am not bound any contract to stay." He appeared to think about it, before addressing me again. "I cannot allow you to give aide to an enemy of king and country. You must leave and I will see that you are escorted safely home." Several men began to walk down from the first regiment and stood beside the general.

"I can remain where I please." I heard the sound of Aronia cocking her musket. Seconds later, I heard every Wendat with a musket do the same. Bows were coming up into a firing position. I heard the chants of officers in the lines.

"Make ready." The English were positioning their muskets for the impending battle. "Aim," The muskets came up.

"NO!!!!" I stepped forward, between both lines. "Stop!" General Wolfe lifted his hand, halting his men. "I will go back with you."

"Stand down!" General Wolfe called. I turned to Aronia. Her face held confusion, shock.



As I walked back to Aronia, her face held sadness and unshed tears. "I will not let them take you back." she said sternly. "You belong with me." She draws her tomahawk and starts to raise her arm to signal an advance.

"No, Aronia." I stop her. "I will not let them kill any of your people."

"They have killed many of our people, Jenny." Toma says. "If you do not wish to leave, my warriors will fight."

"No, I am not worth it."

"You are to me." Aronia said.

"I will return to you." She watched as several British soldiers came to me, placing a blanket around my shoulders. Calls were heard throughout the village. Several warriors had to be restrained as I mounted an officer’s horse.

"Jenny!" Aronia yelled as I was being led away. My heart broke to hear her cries. Tears streamed from my face as I moved farther from the village and the person that held my heart.


As my tears continued through the day, I thought of my decision. Was it a wise one? I couldn’t bare the thought of any of Aronia’s people dying to defend me. They were definitely outnumbered. Near the end of the day, our regiment broke off from the main line. General Wolfe kept his word and these men were escorting me back home to South Carolina. The rest continued to the fort. As we made camp, I couldn’t help but wish that Aronia would save me. I felt eyes on me, but I could not catch anyone watching me. It was Aronia. I was sure of it. The surrounding woods provided cover. The entire tribe could be there and the ignorant British would never know. I smiled inwardly.




I awoke to the sound of the horn as the troops began to break camp. "We should make the border by nightfall, Miss." an officer stated.

"Alright." I was hoping I would not be in this regiment by nightfall. As we moved through a valley, I saw someone, a Wendat.

"Indian!" a soldier shouted. He ran for the trees, screaming war calls.

"You men go after him!" an officer ordered and the six men followed the man. The arrogance of the English was plain to see. We continued on. I knew those men would never be seen again. Several minutes passed and another warrior burst from the trees and slashed a soldier. Calls came from all around us. "Halt!" I stopped my horse. I watched the men on either side of me. They were focused on the commotion around us.


I kicked my horse and headed for the tree line. "Stop her!" I didn’t look back. I knocked several men to the ground. I was almost free, until I felt someone jump into the saddle behind me. Strong hands tried to grab the reins from behind.

"No!" I yelled as he tried to gain control of my horse. The animal turned around, facing the soldiers. A loud grunt from behind and my unwanted passenger fell from my saddle. I turned him back around, looking down at the man. An arrow was protruding from his back, yet no other Wendat were in sight. My senses told me what my eyes couldn’t see. Aronia was just past the trees. I kicked my horse again, heading for my love.

"You men go after her!" I made into the trees. A warrior helped me down. Turning the horse around, he sent it back to the awaiting troops. "Make ready!" Once again I was running through the woods. As I ran from the sounds of a battle, I turned back to see a banner moving through the trees that I recognized immediately. I was pulled in the opposite direction.

"Jenny!" Aronia ran towards me, taking me into her arms. "Are you alright?" she breathed.

"Yes…….How…how did the French know about the regiment?" I asked as artillery fire began to shake the ground.

"I told them." She smiled.



I was amazed and still in shock from the events of the day. Aronia was silent as we made our way back towards the village. She finally voiced her thoughts as we settled by the fire for the night back in her home.

"Would you like to go home?" she asked softly. I pondered the question, perhaps a little too long. Aronia hands shook as she held me close.

"I don’t want to lose you."

"That wasn’t my question."

"I know." I say softly. "I do miss my family……but I want to stay with you."

"You do?"

"Yes." I kiss her softly on the lips. "I want to stay here….with you."

"Are you angry for what I did?"

"You mean rescue me?"

"They were your friends….."

"Not really," I interrupt. "You did what you thought was right…….I didn’t want to go with them."

"I know." She smiled. "Grandfather was impressed with your courage. He said you will always be a part of

this tribe."


"I’m glad." I yawn. "I like it here."

"Sleep, Love." She whispered as we snuggled together, not knowing what tomorrow will bring.


THE END….??????



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