By Dbod

A seed in the earth
Slowly it will sprout and take root
The surface breaks so slowly as to be almost unnoticed
It grows knowing only that it must. Not why.

The guardian watches.
She can help it to grow but not control what develops within
A weed or beautiful flower. Time will be the answer
Reaching from the soil taking what is offered.
Warmth and comfort.

A stalk forms to support, without it what could stand.
Roots taking hold, drawing from the earth the essence of life.
The shinning surface of the stem grows stronger.
Small buds appear atop.
The guardian caresses them with love and they respond to her touch.
Petals gently begin to open,
fluttered by the soft winds that blow from her mouth.

Warm and inviting
So smooth and tender
They hold the answer.

The answer of the unknown.

Quietly she whispers to this flower, encouraging.
Coaxing the petals to open ever so lightly.
They react, pulling away, closing. Reopening, unsure
to reach out or hide.

Sensing something greater than life this flower,
a rose that holds danger in it's thorns does begin it's final growth.
Leaning to the sun that is the guardian of her.
Now trusting to open and reveal the stamen that is the soul.

The color of the rose is the brightest blood red.
Stained by the climbing weeds.
The hands of the sun push them back so she can breath,
but does not remove them,for the flower to truly bloom,
it must rise higher and stronger.

The sun's warmth penetrates with a softness she has never before felt.
Almost fully bloomed.

Alas the inner sanctum is scratched by it's own thorns.
How quickly the storm returns.
Wild rains and winds of sand berate.
Battering and sweeping away the petals
A thorny stem remains.

Many seasons does it take for the buds to reappear.
Having been destroyed once before they now grow stronger.
Knowing when to open and when to close for protection from the storm.
Closed. Open. Both strong.

Many years from the planting the rose does finally bloom in all it's glory.
It's guardian, now in another eternal garden.
Blowing the soft gental winds of love.

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