Steelsong (Gabrielle)

By: sHaYcH

As I stare across the empty night,
the flames of our campfire
reflecting in my eyes, I
look at you and wonder
"will it always be this way?"

The sweet stinging song of
'stone to steel sings in my
veins, thrumming along my
nerves in an all to familiar,
yet comforting whine.

A thousand thousand nights
I have stared through this
fire, listening to the echoes of
my heart.

A thousand thousand times
I have gathered my courage
and started to speak...

Then I look up, across the empty
night and see the flames glimmer
in your eyes and all my boldness
deserts me.

So I sigh, while the steelsong
plays on and I wonder once more
"will it always be this way?"