by Dbod

Night comes and she sleeps but gently

Ever wary for what tries to return and reclaim

A sheild of light to protect

The path once followed now blocked

Eyes that were blind now see

The way is clear , but the journey long

Songs of angels sweet and serene like gentle

rain to a thirsty flower.

Petals unfold and open to the richness of life.

Tranquility mixed with unrest.Cautiously.

Aching with a mighty burden to

return what she once took.

As the stem is to the flower so is the friend on her trek.

Keeping at bay the weeds that grow beneath

which strive to strangle the buds.

Each day the sun rises the flower grows stronger

stretching further up, leaving the weeds of

hate languishing below.

She looks upwards, down no more.

Many forms these angels take and different

songs they do sing, but the meaning

remains the same.

She hears them, they invade her and are welcomed.

A heart that was once of darkness, an empty void,

now is full with the rays of hope,vibrant,healing.


Regrets :-There are many.

Oh to remove the past, but at what cost.

The past must be so the future can live.

Onwards, many need help for the evil never rests.

Lurking, ready to claim the unsuspecting.

She sees it and knows it. Disrupts it.

Away like the cowerdly demon it is returning to

whence it came. As a small child lost.

She is whole once more, one soul that was lost is

found. Returned.

Warrior of Light. Princess of Life.

Like a cooling breeze on a hot summers day.

Casting a shadow in which all may rest.

Gone is death.

This shall be her legacy. Protector,friend,companion.

Fear her they will no longer.

A thirst to be quenched. A pond still and clear she sees herself.

A smile as rare as rain in a dessert shines, a lake of wonder,




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