Violent Content Warning: This story contains scenes of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Warning: This story also contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.

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Wave Runners

By: Teagen2


There she is. I see her almost every morning as I’m driving along the beach to my job. She is always at this beach, in front of Tower 7. She sits about 30 feet offshore on her surfboard. I saw her catch a wave once. She was really good. Ricky, the usual guard for Tower 7 is out today. For the first time since I transferred here, I will be working that tower.


Dressed, with rescue can in hand, I head up to the tower and open it up. She is the only one here. Its only eight. Soon the beach will be hopping. Over my shoulder, I see movement. Dare I hope that it is what I think it is. It is! She waved at me. I threw up my hand. I sit down in my chair and put my feet up. Here comes a wave. She takes off on it. I smile as I watch that tall, slender body in action. She has to tower over me. The wave was small. Her ride was short. She coasts into the shore and walks up the beach to where her towel is placed in the sand. Throwing her board down next to her, she begins to dry off.


I’ve already had one milestone happen with the wave, now she is heading towards me. I watch her as she strides to the bottom of the ramp. She is tall. The Body Glove wet suit compliments her. Every curve is visible. I wonder if she has anything under it. "Hi." I almost didn’t hear it. I startled out of my fantasy.


"I’ve never seen you here before." she comments.

"I usually work further up the beach. Tower 4." She nods.


"Can I come up?" she asks.

"Uhhh...sure." I smiled as she wiped her feet before she walked up to me.

"I’m here just about everyday."

"I know." She looks at me with a questioning look. I smile. "I drive that road coming in every day." I gesture behind me."

"Cool. Can I get your name?"

"Sara." She reaches out a large hand and shakes with a firm, but gentle grip. An awkward moment passes. I’m beginning to wonder whether she will tell me hers. Finally, I chuckle and say, "And you are....."

"Ohhh. I’m sorry. Blue."

"Blue?.....As in the color."

"Yeah, that’s the nickname my surfer buddies call me. I kinda like it."

"Its also the color of your eyes......Their beautiful."

"Thank you. If I may be so bold, so are you." Another pause as we seem to study each other. "My real name is Mandy........If that’s easier for you." She seems a bit nervous.

"Blue is just fine with me." Blue grins, showing me an impressive smile.

"How long will you be here?"

"About two days."

"I can find ya........I’ll catch you later. Gotta get some sleep. I work at night." I wave and she walks down my ramp.

"Hey, Blue." I call out. "Try not to get shark bitten on my watch okay?"

"You got it." I watch as she grabs her towel and board and heads for the parking lot.



My smile fades as she fades from sight. There is one thing about me I know she won’t like, especially on this beach. I’m afraid I’ll run into her while on one of my days off. There is a huge feud going on between surfers and kayakers. It happens on a lot of beaches, but especially this one. Three months ago a surfer was killed when he collided with a kayker that was on ‘his’ wave. We’ve been breaking up brawls ever since. I try to kayak in an area I don’t patrol, but its getting harder to find a secluded area. I love to paddle in the ocean. So much more exciting that a flat, dull river or lake. I have a feeling Blue isn’t going to like that.


The next day, I was filling in for Ricky again. I was a bit uneasy as I saw Blue sitting on her surfboard in the water, with several other surfers. Two were men. Two were women. I recognized one of them. I caught him threatening a canoeist who was putting in and I broke up the fight. To my relief, it seems Blue was talking to the other girls and not the men. Possibly, the men are simply her friends’ boyfriends. I’m trying to reason as my fear escalated. The beach is deserted. If they start trouble, I’m alone. The waves were small today. I saw them all begin to paddle in. Blue waved goodbye to her friends and walked up the ramp of my tower. She leans against the rail in front of me, but not enough to block my view. "Morning, Sara."

"Good morning. Surf not great today huh?"

"It sucks." We both laugh.

"Yeah, I hate small waves." Damn! I gave too much away.

"Really? You surf?"

"Uhhh...not really."


"I come here on my days off sometimes." Shut up, you idiot! "....and watch the waves." I quickly finish. She nods. She seems to have bought my story.



"I was wondering.......Do you like sweets?"

"You mean chocolate?"

"Yeah, cakes, brownies." I grin from ear to ear.

"I live for it. Why?"

"Well, I’m a pastry chef at Conner’s Confections."

"Yeah, I know where that is."

"I was wondering if it would be all right to make to something."

"That’s so sweet, Blue.......No pun intended."

"What would you like? I can make just about anything.

"How about brownies with M&M’s in them?"

"Done. I’ll bring them tomorrow." She moves down the ramp.

"Bye........Oh Blue.....If I’m not here, I’ll be in Tower 4. Okay?"

"Okay......Be safe, Sara." Warmth engulfed me with those words. I smiled.




I received pleasant news today. Well, it wouldn’t normally be pleasant, but this time it was. Ricky was fired. As soon as the news reached me, I raced into my commander’s office and demanded Tower 7. I got it! This was great! The surfer was talking to me. She obviously likes me. Now I can see her every day. With a huge smile on my face, I headed to my new post. As I walked up to the tower, I was stunned by the vision in front of me. Blue had sitting on the sand with her board next to her. When she stood, I saw that she had only the bottom half of her wet suit on, the sleeves now dangling next to her thighs, leaving her chest open to view. She had been in the water. She was wet. All I could see was Body Glove on her top. Her tanned muscled arms, bare now. "Hey." I didn’t notice the container in her hand until she was standing in front of me.

"Hi." I squeaked out.

"Here’s those brownies I promised ya." I took them without a word. I was still trying to get my mind off of those abs I see now. With a chuckle, she waves her hand in my line of sight. "Hello?"

"Sorry." I immediately opened the plastic container and took a bite. I was stunned.

"These are delicious, Blue." I purred, quickly finishing the brownie.


"Their so moist, so smooth. How did...."

"Trade secret. Maybe I’ll tell you some time." she grins. "Guy sick again?" she asks.

"Huh.....Ohhhh.....No, he was fired. They gave me Tower 7."

"That’s great. We can talk everyday."

"I’d love that.....Tomorrow’s my day off." I groaned.

"You doin’ anything?"



My heart stopped. I was doing something. What I always do on my day off, kayak. Should I risk it? Blue may never talk to me again. When I looked into those blue eyes, I crumbled. "Yeah, coming to the beach."

"Great. Will you meet me here at 7?"

"Sure." I swallowed hard.

"Cool. I’ll see you then......Enjoy the brownies." My smile never returned today. I was sick to my stomach at the thought of tomorrow. I reasoned with myself that she was going to find out sooner or later. Better now than if we get closer.



I hid from her, literally. I got to the beach early...on purpose. I parked my SUV two lots over so she wouldn’t see me until I saw here. At five minutes till 7, I saw a red convertible pull up. It was her. "Nice car." I mumbled nervously as I watched her remove her board and tuck it under her arm. I got out when I saw her head for the beach. I opened the passenger door and stood up to reach the rack. I unstrapped and pulled down my boat. I boggle men’s minds when they see me carrying this thing. Its almost as big as I am, but thank god the designs get lighter and lighter. I deliberately came up behind her at an angle so she wouldn’t see me approaching. I watched her pull the top of her wet suit on, zipping it shut. I dropped my rig just behind her. She turned around with a smile.......until she saw the paddle in my hand. Oh gods no. Her face turned emotionless. "Hi." I said as cheerfully as possible.

"Hey." she returned as if I was a complete stranger. Blue looked down at my boat. Her jaw muscles clenched. I won’t lie. I felt like running. With that expression, with her hands on her hips, I was scared. I stood my ground. "You’re a paddler?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"You do work this beach don’t ya?"

"What kind of question is that? Of course I do."

"Then you know why."

"You have a problem with kayakers?" I ask boldly, hoping I won’t get slugged.

"Yeah, I do!" She stepped forward, but I didn’t move.



Now I was mad. I wasn’t going to let her intimidate me. "I thought we were friends, Blue." I said. Her face softened, but only for a moment.

"Surfers and Paddlers don’t get along. You know that."

"I don’t see us as Paddler and Surfer." I said angrily. "I see us as Pastry Chef and Lifeguard. Why can’t you?"

"That was a friend of mine that was killed!" There was an anger in her eyes. I stepped back, when she advanced. "Because some stupid kayaker got in his way!"

"Surfers don’t own the water, Mandy!" I shouted.

"We may not, but we don’t cross in front of others!"

"Oh no?" I smiled. "How about Wade Watkins?" Her face held a questioning look. "Last month he crossed in front of a kayaker and the kayaker nearly drowned trying to avoid him."



I took a deep, calming breath. "Please sit, Blue." She didn’t. "Fine. Look, I’ve broken up a dozen or more fights over this at my job. Please don’t make this an issue on my day off." She wasn’t budging. "There were mistakes made on both sides. Neither is blameless. I’m still the same person, Blue. Whether you see me on the beach or paddling a boat." She appeared to think about it. "Can’t we just go out there and share the waves? I promise I won’t get in your way."

"Yeah right." I watched with a sad heart as she picked up her board and headed for her car. I couldn’t move. I fell back on my butt and just sat in the sand. Tears came to my eyes. I can’t believe I have fallen for a woman that hates me.




I must have sat there for hours before I left and went home without ever getting in the water. Here I am, sitting at my tower watching her and two friends sit in the water. I wouldn’t be watching them at all if it wasn’t my job. Out of the corner of my eye, I spot two canoeists coming up the beach. I tense and watch the surfers. My heart skips a beat when I see them start to head in. I grab my radio. "Tower 7. Possible dangerous situation. Send me some back up." I stand up as I see that they are indeed heading for the canoeists. I grab my rescue can and head for the group. I see the taunting begin. A shove from one of the boatists, sends Blue to the ground. She leaps up, grabbing the oar out of his hand.

"Hold it!" I blow my whistle getting there attention. "Break it up." I push my way between them.

"Get out of the way, Little Lady." the tallest of the canoeists taunts. "I wanna kick these beach bums up the beach. He shoves me into one of Blue’s friends, who shoves me aside. It happened so quick, I was barely able to comprehend it. I hit the surfer’s chest. I saw the fire in Blue’s eyes, this time in defense of me. She lifted the oar and was ready to swing. I was shoved towards Blue by the surfer.


Blue was in mid-swing and there was nothing I could do about it. CRACK!!! was all I heard. I hit the sand, along with the canoeist she was aiming for. I heard the sirens approaching as my back up arrived. I was lying on my side, but I saw the feet of Blue’s two friends take off. I felt her hands on my side. "Oh gods, what have I done? I’m so sorry, Sara." My eyes were closing. I forced them open. She was crying. I felt her touch as she gently rubbed my back. "Help her please." I felt a man’s hands now. I struggled to keep my eyes open. They were only half open as I was turned onto a backboard.

"We better stabilize her head." I felt the collar going on. I couldn’t move. I couldn’t speak. "Sara, can you hear me?" I could, but could only blink in response. "Let’s get her back to headquarters. I saw her beautiful face. She was still crying. I felt her take my hand for a brief moment before they lifted me.



The ice was a huge help. Here I was sitting on one of the examanation tables in the first aid room with an ice bag against my head. The door opens and my boss strolls in. "Quite a whack you took." he comments. My face was swelling near my temple and my eye was beginning to darken.

"Yeah, it was a wooden oar." I chuckled.

"The surfer gave herself up." I nodded. "Actually, she was the only one that we didn’t have to chase."


"Yeah. She said she wasn’t going to leave you.......Keeps repeating it was an accident."

"It was, Larry."

"You sure?"


"Okay. Then we’ll let her go." He starts out the door and stops. "Oh by the way, she wants to see you......If you want to see her, I’ll stay with you."

"That’s okay. You don’t have to. Let her in." He nods.



My stomach was churning. Moments later the door opens and Blue steps in. She looks at the floor first before lifting her eyes to mine. Her face was red. She had been crying. I smiled. "Hi." she says quietly. She keeps staring at my face, threatening to burst into tears at any moment. She walks over and sits on the opposite exam table. "I...ahhhh.....I just wanted to say I was sorry. I didn’t mean to hit you. I hope you know that." There was such tenderness in her voice. It was hard for me to even remember that she belted me with an oar in the first place.

"I do know that." I almost whispered it as a wave of sadness overcame me. Blue pulls her knees up to her chest, wrapping her arms around them, looking like a small child.

"I was thinking about what you said.......You’re right." I removed my ice bag and tenderly tested the area, hissing at the pain that I still felt. Two tears simultaneously fell from Blue’s eyes.

"I’m okay." She stood and moved in front of me. Reaching up, she tenderly brushed my cheek. "What was I right about?" I stammered, trying to finish the conversation. My mind was now on her beautiful eyes.

"Everything." she said quietly. "Its wrong to fight over such a big ocean." I smiled. She smiled. "All that time everyone wastes fighting, we could be enjoying it."


"I was an ignorant idiot. I hope you’ll forgive me." She was still standing between my knees, caressing my face.

"I do." She smiled. "I understand that you were passionate about your cause. It was your friend......I shouldn’t have been so black and white with the issue." A sadness passed over her features. She nods, understanding. "I should have been more considerate of your feelings."

"That’s okay. I was still wrong. You gotta know that today was the only day I ever got into a fight with someone."

"I believe you." I saw it in her eyes. A silence passes over us, filling the room. Blue leans in and brushes her lips against mine, sending a jolt through me that makes me forget about my head. My free hand entangles her hair as she kisses me again.



A soft knock is heard on the door. Talk about bad timing. We separate. Blue moves back to the other table and leans against it as my boss walks in. He silently gestures to Blue to leave. "Goodbye, Sara."

"Bye." I wave. As my boss moves to me. I saw the look she gave me over his shoulder, causing me to smile.

"Everything okay then?" Larry asks.

"Everything’s just fine."

"Okay, here’s the deal....." Uh oh. I hate when he says that. "Two days off, bed rest." I open my mouth to protest. "No arguments. I don’t want to catch you on this beach."


"Yeah, but I’m only ordering you to stay home one day." He turns to leave. "I’m not a monster you know." I smile.



Despite my best efforts to do so, my head killed me too much on the second day to leave the house. I was going to use my rig, but I was too dizzy. I hate myself for it. Now here I was back at work. In the locker room, people were chatting left and right. I think I feel another headache coming on. "Hey, Sara."

"Hey, Jane."

"How’s the head?"

"Better. Good thing its so hard." I joke. She laughs.

"I heard that surfer’s sister attacked ya."

"She didn’t attack me. It was an accident. I got in the way of.....What did you say?"

"That surfer...What do they call her? Green, Red...."

"Blue." I said agitated. "What about her?"

"Her brother’s the reason all that shit out there is happening. You didn’t know that?"

"Didn’t know she had a brother. So, he’s a surfer." I nod. "Makes sense."



"Was a surfer. He was the one killed by the kayaker." I collapsed onto the bench.

"I didn’t know that." Jane wordlessly walked away. "Why didn’t she tell me?" I said to



I quickly finished dressing and headed for the tower. When I got there, Blue was riding a wave. Chances are she hasn’t even seen me yet. I walked up the ramp and opened up the tower, before sitting in my chair. She was good. I smile as she makes it look easy. I probably couldn’t even stand on a surfboard. Blue finishes her ride and walks to the shore. She took her ankle cuff and tossed her board in the sand. Stopping at the ramp, she smiles up at me. "Hey, Can I come up?"

"Sure." She quickly moves up the ramp. Leaning down, she kisses me. This time I keep her mouth to mine, deepening the kiss. I shiver as the water on her wet suit drips onto my thighs. Just as our hands were beginning to roam, I stopped the kiss, remembering what Jane said this morning.


We heard the sound of children and we turn to see a family, setting up an umbrella. Blue, knowing she couldn’t block my view of the water, sat down in front of chair, leaning against the rail I always put my feet on. I pray they won’t go in the water for awhile.

"Why didn’t you tell me?"

"That I was in love with you?" she smiled. I taken back. I wasn’t expecting that. Though I was hoping that. "I thought it was obvious." I looked down at her.

"I feel the same way." I say quietly. "but that wasn’t what I was talking about."


"Why didn’t you tell me that it was your brother?" I ask quietly. That sadness overcame her features again. Her eyes already shining with unshed tears. I reach down and take her face in my hands as the first tear appears. "I’m so sorry, Baby." I whisper. "If I had known, I wouldn’t have been so callous."

"Its okay." she sniffs. I take a quick glance at the family. No one has entered the water yet.

"Come here." I help her stand and pull her into my arms. I hear it as she whispers it into my ear.

"I love you." I smile, caressing her back, feeling the material was still wet.

"I love you, too." I release her. "Hey, go get your towel and come up here."

"Are you sure its okay?"




She trots off and grabs her stuff. She unzips her wetsuit and pushes it down. Blue wipes her chest with her towel as she walks back up the ramp. She takes her place on the floor again. She puts her feet on my chair, as I put my feet above her head on the railing. "They’ve gone in." I announce. She knows I’ll have to watch my water now.

"You wanna go to dinner tonight?"

"Where?" I smile.

"My place......I don’t do meals, but I can order pizza and cook dessert."

"What’s for dessert?"

"Whatever you want." she said in a sexy, suggestive tone.

"In that case....I’d love to." I smile.




Suddenly the boy was in trouble. He was farther out than the rest of the family. I stood from my chair. I grabbed the rescue can on the way down the ramp. Throwing on the strap as fast as I could, I dove in. No member of the family seemed to have noticed the trouble until I was treading towards their son. I heard the panic in the mother’s voice. I grabbed the child steadying him in the water. "Easy. I’ve got ya." Putting the can in front of him, I started pulling us to shore. I ignored the parents’ rantings until I got to shore.

"Thank you." the mother sobbed as I removed the strap from my chest.

"Please watch your children closely, Mame." was all I could say without adding an angry undertone to my voice.

"We will. Thank you." she sobbed.



I walked slowly back up to the tower. Blue was leaning on the railing now with a beautiful smile on her face. As I walked up the ramp, she handed me a towel. "Thanks." I say quietly.

"That was amazing, Sara." I simply smile in response. "First time I’ve ever seen you wet." I would have been deaf to miss the sexy tone of her voice.

"Just wait." I mumble softly. She saw the smile, but it didn’t reach my eyes.

"What’s wrong?" I take my seat again in my chair.

"I get kinda shook up saving kids."


"Yeah, I.....ahhhhh....One day I had to pull a eight year old out of the surf." I said sadly.

"Didn’t make it huh?" I nodded to confirm her assumption. "I’m sorry, Baby." I look up into her blue eyes.....and see sincerity.

"You make me feel better just by being here." I admit.

"Good." she smiles. "Unfortunately, I’ve got to go.....for now.......but I’ll see you tonight?"

"You bet."

"Okay..." Grabbing a pen and my pad, she jots down something. "Here’s my address." I

glance at it quickly before returning my eyes to the water.

"Hey, I know where that is. Its not five minutes from my house."

"Great. How about 6?"

"I’ll be there." She leans in and kisses me softly on the cheek, knowing she can’t block my view.

"Bye Babe."

"Bye. I love you."

"Love you, too." I grin as she walks down the ramp.

"Nice ass." I say to myself.

"Thanks." I here from her, almost startling me. Damn, she has great hearing.




I was dressed in a T-shirt and jeans when I rang her doorbell. It was beautiful home with light blue vinyl siding and white shutters. "Hey." she says excitedly as I step in. "Right on time. I love a woman who’s prompt."

"I hope so." I say, wrapping my arms around her neck. My lips melted against hers in a passionate kiss. I felt silk. I released her. I was nearly floored by the sight in front of me. She was wearing a purple, silk shirt and black jeans.


"Nothing. You look......sexy, that’s all." I’ll say. My mouth was watering. "I’m used to seeing you in a wet suit."

"Well you look great, too.......Even though I’m used to seeing you in a bathing suit." she teased. "Ready to eat?"




In her kitchen sat a large pepperoni pizza and a bottle of Pepsi. "Ahh, my favorite meal." I smile.

"I’ll remember that."

"Hey, its from Richie’s on Sixth."

"Yeah, its the closet."

"Best pizza in town." I say as I take a seat next to her.

"Well, dig in." And I did. She sat in amazement as I downed twice was much pizza than I was seemingly capable of. "Glad I got a large." she jokes, taking a bite of her slice.


"No, its okay." she chuckles. "That’s what I got it for."



Blue popped in a movie she rented. She draped her arm around my shoulders as we propped our feet up on the coffee table. Her heard her start yawning towards in the end on the meal. Judging by the detail on the cake she made, she was probably working on it all day instead of sleeping. We were so full, we didn’t even get a taste. I definitely intend to get some before I leave. It looks too good not to eat.

So, I wasn’t surprised when I glanced over, a half hour into the movie, to see her eyes closed. I grin devilishly. "Blue." I whisper. Nothing. I carefully slip away from her arm and stand. I take her feet and put them on the floor one at a time. I slowly straddle her thighs. Suddenly, her hands shot up and grabbed my sides, causing me to squeal. The smile that spread across her features made me smile even wider. "Faker."


"I wasn’t......Okay, maybe I would."

"Would?" she grins.




I reach up and begin to unbutton her shirt. In no time, her bra was visible. In even shorter time, it was gone. I immediately began to lick her nearest nipple, causing her to shutter. Her hands were frantic, torn between undressing me and dealing with the sensations I was causing. My clothes were removed. Blue’s jeans and underwear also joined mine on the floor. I pushed her back until she was lying on her couch. Straddling her hips, I pressed my wet center against hers. Before I could comprehend what she was doing, two fingers entered me. I screamed at the pleasure it caused. I made sure her own hand she was using to pleasure me was rubbing her clit. From the look on her face, I knew it was. I smiled down at her as my pace quickened. I felt her tremble when her orgasm swept through her.

"Sara." she moaned as I continued to ride her until my climax was over. I collapsed on top of her for a brief moment. Her hand stroked my hair as we both caught our breath. Without a word, I slid lower until her dripping center was inches from my face. I dove into her taste and scent. Blue’s thighs quivered, but my steady hand kept her in place as I feasted on her. Her clit throbbed as my tongue stroked it softly. I was rewarded with another flood of juices as she came again.

"I love you, Blue." I whispered as I put my cheek on her thigh, waiting for the quaking of her body to reside.

"I love you, too." she said breathlessly. "That was incredible."

"Thank you." I smiled.

"Come here." I sat up and moved to her, looking directly into her beautiful eyes. She stroked my cheek with the hand that recently pleasured me. "I’m so sorry." She tenderly touched the still dark area of my face.

"It was an accident. There was nothing you could’ve done." I assured her.

"Yes, there was........I could’ve not swung the oar in the first place." she said quietly. I nodded.

"Why were you so angry the other day? Because he shoved you?" She shook her head.


"Was it because of the fight we had?"

"Maybe....I was just angry at everything I guess."

"I don’t blame you. You were stressed. I would have never said anything if I knew that your brother died."

"Why not? It needed to be said.......Things need to change on that beach." I smile widely.

"You really think so?"

"Of course. I’m gonna change it."

"No, you’re not." She looks at me questioningly.

"We’re going to change it." She reaches up and kisses me softly. I place my head back onto her chest, listening to her heartbeat.




I yawn and open my eyes. The first rays of light are beginning to stream through Blue’s curtains. "Damn." I leap up from the couch, waking up my ‘pillow’.

"What’s wrong?" she yawns.

"I’m late for work." She sits up on her side.

"I’m sorry, Baby. I should have realized to set the alarm clock for you.

"Its okay." I throw my last article of clothing on. "Feel like changing the world?" She smiles.


"Meet me at 4 at my tower."

"You got it. Be careful."

"I will.......and bring your board." She salutes me as I walk out the door.



Four, right on time. Blue comes up behind me as I’m about to put in. "Hey, Baby." Giving, me a soft kiss on the lips.


"Need a hand?"

"Sure." I strap into my rig and Blue pulls my nose into the water. Jumping onto her board. we paddle side-by-side into the surf. Instead of paddling into the waves, I sit beside her as she sits up on her board. We are about twenty-five feet out. We can already see the curious glances from the other surfers and boaters. I sigh heavily.

"Don’t worry. I won’t let anyone hurt you."

"I know........This is nice. Us, sitting here like this."

"It is, good for my eyes."

"Your eyes?"

"Yeah, I don’t have to strain to see you on the beach." I shove her on the shoulder. She

smiles. "Go on. I wanna see ya."




I paddle back towards the shore, catching a bit of the last wave. I swing to the side and paddle parallel to the shore, then swing into the swell of the wave. The nose comes up, jumping the swell. I get a rush every time I do that. I paddle back to Blue, who has a huge smile on her face.

"That was so cool."


"You need to try that on one of these." She pats her board.

"Only if you try the rig some time."

"Deal, let’s catch some surf." she smiles.



We both paddle back towards shore, catching a nice wave. Blue is able to take off on it. She stays right beside me as shreds through. At one point, she comes around me, changing sides. I look over to my other side now to see her grinning. I have just enough time to switch sides myself before we coast into shore. "That was so cool." she says as she helps me stand and step out of my kayak.

"Hey! Blue!" we hear. We both turn to see three surfers. "What the hell are you doing?" The commotion seems to have caught the attention of several kayakers and canoeists.

"Having fun with my girl. You gotta a problem with that?" she asks calmly.

"She’s a paddler."

"Excellent deduction, Dude." One of the other kayakers say.

"So what." Blue says.

"Danny was......."

"MY BROTHER!" she screamed, causing everyone to jump. "He was my baby brother. I can say when I’ve had enough. It was a mistake of ONE kayaker. Not her..." She points to me. "Not them." She points to the others. "He may have been your friend, your dude, Jerry, but he was family to me. I can say when I’ve had enough. You guys can fight like five year olds if you want." She glances around to everyone assembling. "but I rather enjoy the beach myself." There was a deafening silence. "Come on, Baby." Blue hands me her board and picks up my rig for me. I grab my paddle and follow her up the beach, leaving the crowd there, hoping no fights break out.


We got to my truck. I watch Blue as she puts it on my rack for me. "That was a brave thing you did."

"Thanks." she said quietly. "Half of them won’t ever talk to me again." she jokes.

"It felt right."


"It felt right.....You standing up to them like that and......"

"And you by my side." she finishes.


"Weird huh?"

"Yeah, think we changed anyone, Blue?"

"Yeah. Me........and for the better." She wraps her arms around me. "I love you."

"I love you." I return.



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