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Love involves a peculiar, unfathomable combination

Of understanding and misunderstanding.

********Diane Arbus********


Trouble is a part of life, and if you don't share it, you don't give the person who

Loves you a chance to love you enough.

********Dinah Shore********


by Kat

This story finds our heroines walking down a hot, dusty dirt road, searching for a cool, shaded campsite by a stream to stay for the night. Xena is riding her ever faithful horse Argo, while Gabrielle walks beside them in silence (?).


Xena (barely above a whisper) Gabrielle?

Gabrielle: Are you speaking to me?

Xena: Yes.

Gabrielle (testily): Speak a little louder then, I can't hear you.

Xena (feelings hurt): Sorry. I just wasn't sure if you were speaking to me anymore.

Gabrielle (getting madder): Of course I am. Xena, I am hot, tired, and covered with dust. I want a bath, something to eat, and then some rest.

Xena (whispering again): Do you love me?

Gabrielle (a little too loud): What kind of question is that?

Xena (defensively): I was just asking, everytime I say something to you, you yell at me.


Xena (petulant): Sorry, sorry, can I do anything for you? Do you want to ride Argo? I can walk. Or, we can ride together.

Gabrielle (resignedly): Xena, why don't you go ahead, and see if you can locate a decent camp. One with a nice lake or stream, or a large puddle full of water. I don't really care. If you find one, come and get me.

Xena (depressed): Fine, no problem, I'll just leave. If you need me . . .

Gabrielle: Xena. Just go, and find us someplace please.

Xena (muttering to herself): Geez, try to be nice, and all I get is yelled at.

Gabrielle: WHAT? What did you say?

Xena (head down): Nothing. I'll hurry, I'll find a good spot.

Gabrielle (grumpy): You better, or (whispering) maybe I'll find someone who will.

Xena (dejected): Hmmm, forgot my superior hearing I guess.

Xena continued down the road on her own, while Gabrielle continued walking, buried in her own thoughts. The further she went, the hotter, and dustier it got. She was beginning to wonder if she maybe should have ridden with Xena after all. And thinking of Xena, Where is she anyway?

Several candlemarks later, Xena came upon a beautiful shaded area, with a stream fed by a lovely waterfall. She quickly dropped their belongings, and hastily set up camp. She had saved some special treats for Gabrielle from the previous town, and only hoped that she could appease her lover's anger. Hopping back on Argo, and racing back to find Gabrielle, she let her attention wander a little too far off her surroundings. Almost too late, she found herself deep in a battle for her life. A group of raider's caught her not paying attention, and knocked her off of Argo as she passed beneath a low hanging branch. After sustaining a bad cut to her ribcage, she dispatched her attackers with the ease of a machine. She hastily stuffed some linen into the slice in her leathers, and then resumed her search for Gabrielle. Who by now was extremely angry at being left for so long.


Gabrielle (exasperated): Gods! It's about time she got back here. Always thinks of herself, and never of me. Well, two can play at that game.

Xena (riding up, out of breath): Gabrielle, I found the greatest place, come on up, and we can finally get out of this heat.

Gabrielle (doubtfully) Oh, I see, so how far is this place anyway, 27 leagues? And what did you do? Have Argo walk backwards or something. Geez, I could have melted out here, or someone could have attacked me or something. Do you ever think of me? Or is it just you and that horse of yours?

Xena (perplexed and in pain): Well, (looking down to see the blood dripping from her leathers) actually I . . .

Gabrielle (rather crossly): Right! Save it Warrior Princess. Next thing I know, you'll be telling me that you were attacked by 10 guys, and you got hurt. Yep, yep, yep, I've heard about all I care to today. Don't patronize me!

Xena (angrily): Fine, whatever, just get up here, and let's go.

Gabrielle: Gods, Xena. When we get to camp, first thing you do is take a bath.

You smell like a band of Raiders.

Xena (sadly): Well, I . . . never mind.

Reaching carefully for her companion, she hauled Gabrielle's rear end up in front of her on the saddle. Figuring that if she kept her there, she wouldn't find out about the injury. Two can play at this martyr game.

A candlemark later, Gabrielle had fallen asleep in the saddle. Xena fought to stay awake herself. She was loosing a lot of blood. I wonder how I'm gonna pull this one off. Get Gabrielle to the campsite, get her cooled off, comfortable, and fed, and not die in the process. And, sew up this hole in my side. Good trick warrior.

As they arrived at the campsite, Xena kissed the back of Gabrielle's sweaty, dusty neck, and nudged her a little to wake her up.

Xena (weakly): Gabrielle? Gabrielle love, wake up, we're here.

Sliding off Argo to help Gabrielle down, Xena almost stumbles in her weakness. Unfortunately this goes unnoticed by her lover.

Gabrielle (smugly): Beautiful site Xena. No wonder it took you so long. Hmph, well, thanks for setting up the camp anyway. Now, let's get cleaned up, I can't wait to soak in that pool.

Xena (mumbles): Uh, sure, I'll be right with you.

Gabrielle wanders over to the pool, to wiggle her fingers in the water. Satisfied, that this is going to make up for the grueling trip they just made, she sets her things down, and begins to undress.

Gabrielle (over her shoulder): Xena, could you bring the herb soap? Oh, and come over here, I want you to scrub my back.

Xena (delerious): Right away sugar plum. Just got to . . .

And then poor Xena fainted dead away. Gabrielle oblivious to her surroundings, continues to soak in the nice cool pool. A candlemark later, she again calls over her shoulder.

Gabrielle (slightly apologetic): Okay, Xena, I get it. You are punishing me for being so mean, and you're right. I was mean. I was just hot, and feeling yucky, and you were all caught up in whatever you were doing, and I just didn't feel like you were paying any attention to my needs, and well (blah, blah, blah).

Not getting a response, she finally turned around, and started visually searching the campsite for any sign of her lover. It was then that she noticed the bottom of a pair of dusty leather boots facing her from the middle of their campsite.

Gabrielle: Xena, XENA! What are you doing? This is no time for a nap. Come on, I said I was sorry. Get those smelly leathers off, and come on over here. The water's nice and coooollll. Come on, please, I'm waiting for youhoooo. Please, I'll give you a back rub laaaaterrrrrr.

Not getting a response, she finally looked around to see if anyone was watching, and then trotted over naked to where Xena was laying in the dirt. Thinking she was napping, she bent down, and went to tickle her ribs, only to come back with a handful of blood.

Gabrielle: XENA!!!! What happened? Are you okay? Of course you aren't okay. Oh Gods! What an idiot I am. I'm thinking that you were just trying to make me angry, and you were just thinking of yourself, and now I see that you really were hurt. WHY . . . DIDN'T . . . YOU . . . SAY . . . SO?

Xena (softly): I tried, but you were too mad to care.

Gabrielle (in tears): I am never too mad to care. Don't you ever do this again.

Xena (softer still): Yes dear, anything you say dear.

Gabrielle (smiling through her tears): Okay, I deserve that. Can you stand? Let's get you over to the pool, and I'll clean that up, and then sew you back together.

Later that evening as they lay in their bedrolls, the two lovers, companions, best friends, quietly discussed the days events. Both were clean, and fed, and feeling much better.

Gabrielle: I'm sorry I doubted you, I was feeling sorry for myself, and I guess I was acting very selfishly.

Xena (smiling): Yes you were Gabrielle, but it's okay. Because I love you, and no matter what you say, or how you say it, I will still love you in the end.

Gabrielle (tears falling again): I don't deserve you. And, no matter how nasty I get, remember, that I will always love you too.

Xena: How about some of those treats I saved for you, huh?


And so, as the sun slowly sank into the West, (or is it East) (One never knows about those things) our two heroines snuggled up, kissed each other, and settled down to count stars, to count blessings, and to share their love with each other for the rest of eternity. And some mighty tasty pastries too.


Kat: Okay, I know, I'm really reaching now. But in my own defense, I read the two quotes at the beginning of this little vignette before writing it, and couldn't resist trying to find a way to make it apply. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship, remembers moments such as these. Maybe not raiders, or hot dusty roads, but corporate Bigwigs, and crowded freeways definitely fit the situation.

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