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A Day in a Life

by Rosemary

"Gabrielle get down." Xena said urgently, as she pushed her lover down into the soft loam. "What is it?" Gabrielle whispered. "Riders." Xena's eyes narrowed at their approach. "Three of them." Xena rose up, her expression hard. "Stay here." Gabrielle wriggled deeper into the ground and watched open mouthed as Xena approached the men. The lead rider pulled his mount up. "Hail woman." Xena dipped her head in greeting. "Nice day." He continued. Xena smiled and remained still.

The man sighed heavily. "What are you mute?" Xena simply cocked an eyebrow. He motioned to two his men. "She must be mad, attired as such. Go carefully, do not raise her ire." The three riders gave wide berth to the lone woman in the roadway. Xena watched until they melted into the horizon.

Quickly she returned to her lover, a self-satisfied smile on her lips. She pulled Gabrielle into a tight embrace, "Didn't I always say I would protect you my love?" She asked. Gabrielle nodded and pressed into her lovers warm embrace. "Xena?" She murmured. Xena absently stroked Gabrielle's hair, reliving the fearful looks she had created on the mens faces. "I think you may want to dress next time."

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