Full of Grace - 2

Full of Grace
Part II

The sky was rich in oranges and reds despite the impending coldness of the winter’s day. Tara looked up at the sky as she let herself in quietly to keep from waking her lover. Nonetheless, she was surprised to see the petite woman sitting on the couch looking straight at her. Tara’s hands shook as she deposited the keys in her pockets and threw her jacket in a nearby chair. She discreetly wiped her mouth and sniffed to see if all the vestiges of Cleo were gone. ‘Please don’t let anything go wrong.’ She felt jade green eyes scorching her as they watched her progress to the couch.

Gabrielle felt anger explode behind her eyes. The other woman looked rumpled and smelled of alcohol. ‘She went out and got drag out drunk.’ The writer gritted her teeth to keep from snarling, but it came out sounding harsh anyway. "Where the hell were you?"

Tara turned to answer. She saw the anger mirrored in the beautiful face. Over the past few weeks that look had incited her own anger, now, there was only a sense of calm and nervousness.

"I-I went to the bar."

"So to hell with me right? You couldn’t call because all you wanted to do was get pissy drunk?"

"It wasn’t like that Red. I just needed to get away for a little while."

"You stayed out all night!"

Tara hung her head, making Gabrielle take a closer look. She seemed. . . .the strawberry blonde couldn’t quite put her finger on it. She sighed in frustration. It hurt so much. It all just hurt too much. Who knew it hurt like this to love? The smaller woman massaged the bridge of her nose then got up. She pulled her night shirt down a little and added, "Look, I’ll be in my office trying to get some work done." She turned and headed for her office.

’It’s now or never T.’ In three big steps, the older woman stopped close behind her lover, gently grabbing her arm. She said a prayer of thanks when Gabrielle didn't pull away.


"What?" She replied irritably then spun around to face her.

Blue latched onto green. Tara tried to relate all the guilt and all the love in one look.

"I love you."

Pale brows shot up in confusion. "Wha-?"

"I love you Gabrielle," she whispered softly.

A sob fell from the petite woman’s lips, and she pressed the back of the free hand against her mouth. However, her eyes said it all. In a little over a month in the aftermath of all that had happened, they had neglected to really say those three words to each other. They were a balm to her heavy soul, making it feel just a little lighter. Tara pulled the sobbing woman into her arms. If felt so good to have her there again. She tightened her hold. "I’ve missed this. I’ve missed you."

"Oh, God," was the younger woman’s reply. "Missed you so much."

Gabrielle buried her face in her lover's neck. She kissed the skin lightly and took in the spicy scent that she had missed. Tara cradled the red-gold topped head and kissed the fragrant hair. The younger woman raised her head, peering into clear blue. She didn't bother to wipe her tears away as she whispered, "I love you too." The dark head bent, seeing quivering, full lips that she had to taste. She put a long finger to pouty lips to calm them then her head descended to offer even more comfort. Lips brushed and lifted like a soft, wispy cloud. It felt great to be home again. She covered her lover's lips once more, feeling out of practice. Tara reveled in the fact that she was finally allowed to touch and love. If only for a little while, she felt full again.

The strawberry blonde's insides quaked in awe. 'This is what I've been missing out on, her strength and love, and maybe, it's what I needed all along.' Where her mind had denied her, her body sought after contact now, burrowing into the lanky form in front of her. Small hands grasped broad shoulders and held on for dear life. Never had she thought that one little kiss could be so sweet and so full of love. Lips brushed and lifted again and again, making her whimper with each caress. She could taste her own salty tears as the drops made their way passed their sealed mouths. It only served to make it feel more new. Gabrielle murmured in contentment and in acknowledgment of the magic of the moment.

The two lips under hers felt like the finest of silk. Tara couldn't help wanting more. It had been so long since they had touched like this, kissed like this. Some voice deep inside told her they should talk and take one step at a time, but the need out weighed reason. She knew this would fix nothing, but it might be enough to reconnect them and bring them closer. Lifting her head from the kiss, Tara found her hands caressing the face so close to her own. Both pairs of eyes reflected wonderment. The taller woman's sensitive fingertips ran along the length of her lover's jaw until they found the warm moistness of lips again. She ran sensitized pads over the bottom lip, feeling it part from its twin, and dipped in just a little, caressing the satiny inside. A tingle of awareness started from deep inside and worked its way from fingers to toes. She continued to peer into green as she repeated the caress. Her eyes held a tentative question that only the woman before her could answer. 'May I have more?'

Where her insides had quaked before, now they turned to mush. With one touch, it brought with it a flash of arousal. It was something she hadn't felt or couldn't feel in over a month. Perhaps, she needed to be touched, revered, and loved. Maybe, both of them did, just to reconnect with the closeness that had been lacking. Gabrielle saw the question gleaming in the eyes before her and decided to give an answer. She took the larger palm into her two smaller ones and pushed the invading finger further into her mouth. A hot, silky tongue branded it with swirls around the tip and a gentle suck. Green eyes sparkled as the answer was registered. Tara shivered as pleasure wound its way up her spine in sneaky tendrils, and then let out an involuntary whimper at the feel of wet heat surrounding her appendage. Arousal thick like honey and just as sweet flooded her being, collecting between her legs.

Urgency came along with it, but she stilled herself against it in an effort to take things slow. That idea was blown all to hell when the petite woman wrapped a hand around her neck and pulled her head down. Gabrielle made sure lips engulfed the finger then allowed it to slide out sensuously. With the tip of her tongue, she licked Tara's bottom lip in a request to open. She obliged her and lips opened moistly over each other. Gabrielle's moan was muffled as breathing hitched and accelerated. The tips of tongues played teasingly before battling in a war for control. Lips crushed together urgently, unevenly, and they drank from each other ravenously. A growl was torn from Tara's throat. The sound shot directly to the other woman's groin, signaling the beginning of its pulsation. Wrapping her hands around the small, muscular back, Tara moved them backward until the far wall stopped them. She then steadied herself with arm against it.

Gabrielle groaned at the feel of the other woman so close. She'd missed this too, the passionate intensity. Her body hummed and felt taught like an electric wire. She arched her back, jutting out hard-tipped breast, and they rubbed against the corresponding pair, making her knees all the weaker. She refused to release her hold on the lips, but the need for breathing demanded it. Wrenching her mouth away, she sucked in much needed breath, even though they were ragged. Eyes met and smoldered just like their need. Gabrielle's hands found a home in dark tresses. All she could think about was more to make her feel, to make her fly, and eventually bring her to ground.

Between harsh breaths, she whispered huskily, "Touch me."

Foreheads met and breaths mingled. Tara bent at the knee in a quiet request for firm thighs to wrap around her, and the request was honored. Her large hands caressed creamy thighs to the apex. She could feel the tremble of muscle in the wake of her touch and groaned in understanding. Her hands found purchase in the back, under her lover's nightshirt. Tara whimpered, realizing that she had just met naked skin. She palmed the twin globes of flesh and squeezed harshly, separating them for a second to let cool air blow over her heated center.

"Oh God, yess!" Gabrielle cried.

Tara's head swam as wetness teased the tips of her fingers. Her eyes spied the delectable flesh where neck met shoulder. She bit into it, and then licked away the traces of pain. The resulting moan from the woman that she was holding made her all the wetter, especially when she felt the beginnings of a grind from the other woman's hips. She groaned in frustration because it wasn't enough. She wanted her naked, writhing, and moaning. Leaning her against the wall for support, Tara removed the woman's nightshirt to reveal erect pink nipples and sweaty, soft skin. Feeling like it was the first time that she saw such a sight, she stared in wonder. The swells lifted and flushed before her eyes, and Tara licked her lips in anticipation. She frowned when she felt a small flutter. Looking down, blue eyes spotted small hands busy at her fly, and green eyes twinkled sheepishly back at her. Gabrielle slid down her lover’s body until her feet touched the floor once more. Then after more fumbling, her fly was unbuttoned and jeans slid down impossibly long legs. She stepped out of them and immediately felt those same hands tugging up her sweater.

"Wanna see you," the petite woman said as she lifted the sweater up and over her lover’s head.

Not saying a word, Tara gave her free reign. Quick hands made their way to her naked torso. Ducking her head, Gabrielle was eye level with hard brown tipped breast. Her mouth watered with the need to reacquaint herself with the taste. Without another thought, her lips engulfed the nipple, twisting it in her lips as she twisted the other with fingertips. Her body shuddered at the feel of rigid flesh. She sucked the nipple in slowly but firmly, and she shivered again as the woman towering over her cried out. Wet heat in abundance spilled from her loins onto her thighs. Her center radiated with life as nether lips thickened along with the swelling clit. Blood roared through her ears in combination with the hard thump of her heart. It had been too long. Way too long.

Tara slumped her body into her lover, giving her better access, and one arm against the wall kept her from sliding to the floor. A long fingered hand urged the woman on as she pressed the back of the strawberry blonde head into her breasts. She groaned at the loud, wet sucking sounds and wished she could see the look on her lover’s face that went along with the little whimpers of enjoyment. Her hips surged forward with each suck that seemed to devour more and more of her breast. Her nose flared at the smell of sex and arousal thick in the air. She could almost taste it and wanted to wallow in it. Deciding to settle, she leaned her lover against the wall once more, and used the free hand to lift a creamy thigh over and around her own, leaving the other to graze her own mound. Arching her own leg upward, she met intense heat and dripping moisture. It made her breath catch on an impending moan.

"Mmmm, so wet."

Nether lips hidden behind curly auburn hair felt swollen, engorged against her skin. She moved her leg in a circular motion and was rewarded with a sharp whimper and an increase in suction. Gabrielle moaned long and harsh as liquid fire rolled through her blood in the form of pleasure. She pressed down and rode the obliging thigh shamelessly, proudly. The urgency returned. She squeezed the nipple in her hand, pulling the tip, and correspondingly her hot, pink tongue traced the other globe of erect flesh as she suckled it deeper. Gabrielle could feel the flesh throb and swell in her mouth, which served to make her hotter, wetter, and ride harder. Wet lips slid along the strong thigh, generating an incredibly erotic friction. Their sweaty bodies thrust into each other wildly. The strawberry blonde’s free hand scorched a trail of fire down her lover’s back with short fingernails. One larger hand found a home upon a firm, round buttock, kneading the flesh as she urged the gyrations on. The air was filled with the sounds of grunts and whimpers.

The thigh in between Tara’s legs only served to tease the aching flesh there only grazing it lightly, but the constant moist pull at her breasts and the sounds of her lover’s enjoyment pushed her higher, making the backs of her legs tingle.

"Oh yeah baby, c’mon," she exclaimed hoarsely.

Gabrielle's mind reeled, and the voice of her lover pushed her to new heights. Her skin felt tight, hot and slick with sweat, and pleasure burst from between her legs, radiating outward. Her sex felt as if it was on fire with the delightful rubbing of swollen flesh on smooth skin. She could feel oblivion reaching out for her, wanting to comfort her in warm arms. She opened herself to it by gyrating wildly, pummeling her center with electrical charges that shot throughout her body. It started as a sunburst behind her eyes. The warmth she saw enveloped her body, flooding it with heat. With a few more jerks, the convulsions started as indescribable pleasure mingled with the heat already pumping through her blood. She bit into the nipple in her mouth and screamed into the convenient globe as she shuddered. She had gotten her wish. She was flying.

Tara moaned gutturally as the juices spilled over her thigh. It triggered the oozing of her own. The sound of her lover’s pleasure; the vehement suckling of her breast; and the teasing thigh were enough, just enough to send her over. Fingernails dug into a plump cheek as she held on for dear life. A rumble started in her chest and worked its way out into a loud yelp as orgasm slammed through, devastating her in the most erotic of ways.

Her slack body leaned forward covering the one in front of her. She felt the slight weight of the smaller woman against her, as well as soft kisses punctuated by whimpers against her throat. Usually sturdy legs shook as she tried to remain standing, but she was helpless, not able to do anything but follow the slowly descending body before her. The strawberry blonde had gotten another wish fulfilled. She was grounded, at least for the time being.

Making it to the bedroom sometime later, the morning and most of the afternoon was filled with the re-discovery of sounds, smells, touches, and the use of tongues, mouths, and fingers. The room was filled with everything from quite murmurs of love to yelps of satisfaction. After all was said and done, Tara found herself holding her petite lover as they drifted off into much needed sleep.

His eyes bored into hers as the knife descended into her stomach. . . "Noo!" Gabrielle jerked awake holding her belly. She wiped at the sweat and tears that stained her face, and green eyes looked around the dark room frantically just to make sure the dreamscape was no more. She pushed her hands through her hair in an effort to clear her head. It always seems so real.

Tara jerked awake at onset of the scream. She sat up quickly in the bed and saw her distraught lover heaving breathlessly while frantic eyes scanned the room. The dark-haired woman scooched up a little to get closer the shaking form. She reached out a hand and felt reluctance flood her. Deciding another approach, she softly whispered the other woman’s name, "Red?" Not getting an answer, she touched her anyway. Reaching out a hand again, she covered a rounded shoulder. She felt wiry muscle tense under her touch, but Gabrielle didn’t pull away. That was at least something. The smaller woman turned around to face her lover. Tara saw the pain in the red eyes that were still tearing. Going on pure instinct, she pulled the woman into her arms.

For just a moment, Gabrielle felt safe, but as the seconds ticked away, she questioned the right to be that way in someone’s arms. Unable to help herself, she wiggled away from the embrace. She looked into sky blue eyes and saw the hurt there.

"I’m sorry. I just---"

"I know, but I’m gonna be honest with you and tell you that it still hurts."

Jade eyes widened. ‘Does she understand now?’ "Do you know. . .I mean understand?"

"I’m tryin’ to Red, and I’m gonna try to be more patient too. You just have to bare with me is all."

"What happen to make you like this?"

"Let’s just say that I found clarification at the bottom of a beer mug."

Gabrielle attempted a watery smile.

"Hey Red, you alright?"

"Yeah, I’ll live." Small hands wiped again at old tears.

"You hungry?"

"Uhm," She patted her stomach then looked up sheepishly. "I could eat."

Tara snorted and gave her lover a small smile.

"That’s my Red."

They sat on the couch legs folded underneath, devouring omelets and having the first real conversation in a long while.

"I talked to Lil."

"Oh, really how is her new little family fairing?"

"From what I got, things were rocky at first, but they worked it out.

"That’s good. Where was---"

"She was still at the sitter’s."

"Ah, you know me so well."

Somber green glanced into blue. "Yeah, sometimes I do."

Tara looked at her inquisitively and was about to speak. The wave of a small hand stopped her. She needed to change the subject away from the lately volatile personality of her lover, not wanting to argue. "You miss her don’t you?"

"Who?" Tara asked, a little thrown by the abrupt change of subject.


Tara couldn’t help but smile. "Yeah, I miss her something awful."

The red gold head hung. "Um, this thing that happened postpones a lot of things now."

"You mean the baby? Oh, Red I wouldn’t think of bringing a baby into our world right now with the way we’ve been acting.’

With unshed tears making her eyes glisten, Gabrielle stared at her lover. "I’m sorry."

Tara reached over and wrapped a red-gold lock around her finger. "Hey, it’s okay. We’ll have plenty of time for that. I’m not going anywhere."

The strawberry blonde shifted a little closer. "Thank you for trying to understand and for today too. We needed that closeness and intensity back. I felt it go a while ago."

"Yeah, I know." Tara tried to hide the flash of guilt as she thought about the closeness that she was about to share with Cleo. ‘I don’t think that I could have gone through with it anyway. I would have never been able to look her in the eye again.’ Clearing her throat, she added, "I don’t think either one of us could have kept going the way we were. It was like adding pain on top of pain."

They talked about everything, almost everything, and nothing while watching late night cartoons, cherishing the banter that had returned however awkward it was. Once again, the bed was occupied by them both.

Jean Howard argued with her husband most of the night, but she knew that she had to get to Terre Haute as soon as possible, despite how much he wanted her to wait. He had said she was an adult and needed time to herself, but a mother knows when her child is hurting or in need. They got that power when the kids grew into their terrible twos. Once she helped to get Gabrielle get the aid that she needed, she had to find out what was going on with Lil. The child had been acting positively strange lately. Graying hair moved slightly as she shook her head in concern.

She looked into the deceptive sun as it continued to rise in the early morning sky. It reflected off the waxed surface of the Lincoln and bounced off the windshield as she turned onto the highway.

Swallowing, she felt a nervous flutter in her stomach, instantly knowing the cause. She was going to see Tara again. There was no avoiding it because her daughter ate with her, slept with her, and lived with her. The tall young woman seemed to be intelligent, and despite her best efforts it still disturbed her that she was a woman. A woman in love with her daughter, who swore that she was happy. Happy. Jean remembered the way Gabrielle glowed around the other woman. It was damned hard to miss. She was hear to help her daughter get help and come to terms with traumatic events, but it looked as though that she also came here to help herself accept her child's lover.

End of Part II

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