Part 2

Possession Part II

By Minerva

The ice is thin
Come on dive in
Underneath my lucid skin
The cold is long forgotten
Hours pass, days pass, time stands still
Light gets dark
And darkness fills
My secrets are forbidden…
Ice--- Sarah M.

The next couple of days were filled, trying to make up for two weeks of abstinence with passionate lovemaking. After such a night, they sat staring at each other across the breakfast table, remembering. Gabrielle smiled goofily at Tara as she sipped her favorite flavored coffee. Tara held and traced petite fingers with her larger ones.

With a slight grin on her face, "Ewww, Red. I don’t see how you drink that stuff."

"What stuff?"

"That coffee. It doesn’t taste like coffee at all. It’s like flavored sugar or something."

Gabrielle frowned and looked into her cup.

"Wellllll, my sweet tooth won’t accept anything else."

"Tch, ruled by baser instincts. For shame."

"Hey you weren’t saying that last night. In fact, I got the impression that you greatly appreciated those instincts."

Tara grinned lecherously. "Mmmm, appreciate is not the word for it. I think enjoyed—no something stronger—reveled, yeah that’s the word."

The smaller woman giggled. But their playtime was disturbed by the doorbell.

Lil stood tapping her foot with Jamie blowing spit bubbles in the vicinity of her face. On the drive here, she debated with herself whether to come at all, knowing that the green eyes of her sister would uncover her sadness. Lil sighed. There was so much to think about, and she had to hide that from her temporary roommates for the next two weeks. The younger woman closed her eyes not looking forward to the difficult time ahead. Still, she had become rather good at faking it, hoping that alone would work.

Tara mumbled as she headed toward the door, knowing the only person in the world who would ring the bell this early would be Lilian. She opened the door and wasn’t disappointed. Tara smirked down at the dark haired, blue eyed woman, who grinned back up at her.

"Well, well hello there big blue. Wouldn’t have thought you would be here," Lil said sarcastically.

Tara’s smirk turned into a grin. "Yeah, uh huh, gimmie."

Lil knew Tara was referring to the little girl reaching for the taller woman, but a little imp inside her wanted to play.

"Oh, okay. Here."

She shoved her luggage into the raven-haired woman’s hands, who looked at her with slits for eyes in response. Lil smacked her lips, still smiling and walked through the door.

"Hey, um, Red I know you’re here."

Gabrielle walked from the kitchen. "Well of course I am silly I live here." She gave her sister a hug and kissed her niece, who gurgled happily, on the forehead.

"Where’s your stuff?"

Lil pointed back with her thumb as Tara walked up with several bags slung over he shoulder. "T was happy enough to help me. Weren’t you dear?" Tara bared her teeth in something resembling a smile.

"Uh, huh," she whispered as she disappeared down the hall toward the spare bedroom.

Gabrille cooed as she picked up her niece. "Hey sweet pea. Did you miss me?"

"Agoo, brr, boo!"

"Ofcourse you did."

The little girl began to pant and squeal when Tara came back into the room.

"Boo, boo!"

Gabrielle chuckled in Tara’s direction, "Uh, Boo boo, I think she wants you."

Tara grinned through her blushing cheeks. "Hey, lil bit. Long time no see!" The taller woman threw the infant low in the air. Jamie gurgled with laughter. Lil and Gabrielle rolled their eyes in amusement.

"Uh, should I leave you and my daughter alone?"

"If you want. Lil bit, let’s go watch some TV."

Tara left the two sister’s standing there. "Um, well Lil. Do you want some coffee? We can take it in the living room to spy on those two."

Lil smiled wickedly. "Deal." The two of them almost choked on the steaming brew minutes later as they witnessed Tara trying patiently to explain to the one year old what a tellietubby was. The little girl stood on shaky legs in front of the TV kissing each tellietubby that happened across the screen. Tara looked up at the pair who were trying to hide their smiles behind coffee cups.


"Oh, nothing. You’re just too cute playing with her." Gabrielle exclaimed, leaning in and kissing her lover on the forehead. Tara smiled crookedly and began to sing the Barney song as the show came on.

"Was that cute enough to get a kiss right here?" Tara pointed at her lips.

"Oh behave, you!"

The taller woman pretended to pout and looked over at Lil. "Do I get anything from you for being cute?"

Lil smiled toothily. "Oh yeah, turn around."

Tara stood up and turned her back to them.


"Owwww," Tara rubbed her behind.

"Was that the payment you were looking for?" Lil asked with eyes sparkling with mirth. Tara looked over her shoulder with a mock snarl. "Better ask your sis bout paybacks."

"Two pairs of blue eyes stared at the smaller woman. Gabrielle giggled then studied the bottom of her cup innocently and intently.

"Anyways, I gotta get dressed and get outta here."

Gabrielle and Lil were still giggling at the antics of the infant when Tara returned from the bedroom. "Okay, I need to get to the shop. So, I’ll see my favorite ladies later." She gently brushed her lover’s lips with her own and kissed Jamie on the top of the head.

"Ahem," Lil sat with her lips puckered and an expectant look on her face.

"Uh, don’t think you’re quiet ready for me yet Lil."

The younger woman stuck out her tongue in response. "Behave you two." The strawberry blonde said sternly. Wanting to get the last word in, Tara licked out her own tongue on the way out the door. After Tara left, Gabrielle and Lil stayed in the living room content to talk there as Jamie played at watching television.

"So little sis whatcha wanna do today?"

"Don’t know really. Actually let me ask you. Are things okay between the two of you?"

"Oh, yeah. Better than ever. In fact, she’s not much on words, but I know she wanted to thank you for looking out for me then her when she first got out the hospital."

"No need for that. But really Gabs, she seems like a great woman. I don’t really know her that well yet, but I can tell she’s good for you."

"Yeah, we bring out the best in each other." She took a sip of coffee. "You know you can rectify that situation of getting to know her."


"Go ask her out to lunch. Talk to her. She’s not much on words, but she makes them count."

"Hey that’s actually not a bad idea. Will you be okay with Jamie?"

"Oh please, we will be fine. She usually stops for lunch around 1 o’clock. Just go ask her, and when you get back maybe we can talk about what’s been bothering you."

Lil looked at her startled. She knew she couldn’t hide forever. "It’s nothing really." Her mind worked overtime trying to think of a believable lie. "Uh, just worried about school is all, but we’ll talk about it later."

Gabrielle studied her for long minutes. "Yeah okay." Yet, she still sounded unconvinced. "Anyway, I was also thinking that we should take you to the bar while you’re here and get Shan and Wayne to go with . Oooh, you can meet Jake, Tara’s brother. Her puts on a good show."

"Yeah, I’m game." "Today let’s just lounge around the house with breakfast first of course. Feel free to help."

"Sure no problem."

The patrons on the busy mid afternoon sidewalk, seemed to part to let her through. She drew admiring glances from the teenage boys, their fathers, and even some of the women, and envious glares from the rest. She soaked it all in with a tiny knowing smile, fully aware of the way people were affected by her. Her heels clicked on the sidewalk different from the others. She walked with extreme confidence with hips swaying and head held high in the air. Standing tall and lean, her athletic body was encased in a gray pantsuit that fit her body as if the designer had her in mind.

Long, thick, white blonde hair fell past her shoulders with a natural wave, bouncing and moving when she walked. Her face would have made the romantic poets and painters weep with joy with beauty consisting of equal parts innocence and experience. Her eyes were one of her most shocking features. They glinted with the almost exact color of the dark, cloudy sky in addition to the sparkle of keen intelligence and self-assurance shining in them. Her nose was straight and aquiline that crinkled when she smiled. Under it was a mouth blessed with a cupid’s bow made for kissing, smiling, and laughing. The slope of her chin was strong and stubborn with the graceful lines of cheekbone slanting upward, creating hollows that made her seem more vulnerable. Her skin was porcelain pale looking just as fragile.

However, there was nothing fragile about this woman. Inside beat a heart incased in ice. Ice that allowed her to win in business, in the bedroom, and in life. The ice had thawed for only one woman, and in a last effort to protect herself, she made sure it wouldn’t melt further. She hurt her badly. Jerking herself from this reverie, the woman picked up her pace as she neared her destination. ‘While I am here, might as well have a little fun at her expense.’ She smiled to herself. Opening the door to the shop, she smiled even bigger at the familiar sight.

Tara kneeled on the floor picking up the contents of the box she spilled, when she heard the door creak open then close. She cocked her head to the side waiting for the customer to speak. Not hearing anything , but knowing someone was there, she quickly finished her chore.

"Well, well there is a site I’ve always enjoyed seeing."

Tara froze. The silver blue eyes widening then slitting at the familiar voice. ‘No, no, no! It can’t be.’ She screamed to herself. Slowly standing up, she turned with her features an unreadable mask.

"Caitlin." The older woman studied the body under the coveralls-‘fun indeed.’

"Oh, now, now Tara. We’re old friends, and all my friends call me Catt you know that."

Tara could feel her body being scrutinized, and steeled herself against it. ‘She can’t hurt you anymore—she can’t.’

"We’re not friends Caitlin. What are you doing here?"

"Oh, I’m in the area for an advertising convention and just thought I’d look you up. You know," shrugging elegant shoulders, "catch up on old times." The blonde’s smile was feral.

"We don’t have anything to discuss."

Twirling the ends of her hair, she laughed, hurting Tara’s ears. "Oh, love. Surely you’re not still angry. That was years ago and you seemed to have grown up quiet nicely."

The tap of the heels grated on Tara’s nerves as the woman circled her, eyeing her like a particularly juicy piece of meat.

"Uh, huh. Well, I’m particularly busy here, and believe me when I say I don’t want your company."

Caitlin studied pale blue for long minutes. Then she smiled slowly, slyly transforming from a beautiful woman to an extraordinarily beautiful one. She saw it in Tara’s eyes. There was nothing there to anger—nothing to work with, leaving the blonde pouting internally. "My you have grown up haven’t you?"

"Oh yeah, not into bitter or salty anymore. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. My tastes have changed to something a lot sweeter."

"Oh, I see you have a little girlfriend. How sweet." Caitlin responded her voice dripping with venom. On the inside she was screaming hating that she couldn’t get a rise out of this woman.

"My point exactly Caitlin. So now run along. I hear there may be an escort service in town with woman who may be willing to play your games. You need the address? I’m sure you brought plenty of cash." Tara smiled sweetly. Grey eyes turned decidedly stormy and high cheekbones were dusted with red as the older woman tried to control her anger.

"Well, we’re a little---"

The statement died on the older woman’s lips as Lil came through the door. Not paying attention to the other woman right away, she smiled up at Tara. "Hey, Big blue. How’s about lunch? We can—" She trailed off. Noticing the tension in the room, she turned to study the other woman. Lil’s stomach dropped and whatever thought was traveling through her mind left—immediately. The young woman openly stared at the blonde. Swallowing was almost impossible in her suddenly dry mouth. She put her suddenly clammy hands into her pockets. Catt stared back as if amused. She raised a perfectly arched eyebrow in question. Lil shook her head as if to clear it, but things still felt hazy. One word formed in her mind. ‘Beautiful.’ Caitlin’s smile widened. Maybe she would have fun afterall. She studied the brunette in front of her with an appraising eye. ‘Very nice. Very, very nice.’ The older woman almost laughed at the look of curious interest in the other woman’s eyes. ‘Lots of fun.’ The wheels in her mind began to turn.

Tara cleared her throat loudly. Having no affect, she waved her hand in front of Lil’s face then snapped her fingers. "Hello? Lilian you home?" Lilian turned to look at her blankly. "Lunch remember?"

"Huh, oh yeah, lunch. Um, you wanna go? Gabs has the baby."

"Yeah, sure. Caitlin was just leaving weren’t you Caitlin?"

The woman in question smiled innocently. "In a minute. Is this the girlfriend? How sweet."

"No she isn’t but just the same STAY AWAY!" Blue eyes flashed dangerously.

"Mmm, well we’ll see. I need to go for now, but I will be seeing you." Grey eyes bore into Lil, making her swallow and shake. Leaving the smell of Chanel and something sexier behind, Caitlin walked briskly to her rental car. Her eyes glittered in determination. "Let the games begin."

Tara sat across the table staring patiently at the quiet Lil. Something was definitely going on with her, and she didn’t like the way Catt looked at her one bit. Tara cleared her throat and gently touched Lil’s hand.

"You okay?"

"Hmm? Oh yeah, just a lot on my mind." Like that woman. Caitlin wasn’t that her name? It fit her. She moved like a sleek cat full of grace and stealth. With eyes of extraordinary intelligence that saw through just about anything. Predatory. That was the word she was looking for her, and Lil felt pulled into the hunt. Her heart accelerate, buzzing in her ear along with each breath. "Yeah, I’m just fine."

"Uh, huh. So whatcha wanna talk about? Trying to get in my head? Tara arched a brow and smirked.

Lil laughed, "Nah, just trying to get to know you better."

"Mmm, well what you see is what you get."

"Somehow I think you’re a little more complicated than that. Like who was that woman?"

"Whoa, you don’t pull any punches do you? Alright. She was an old girlfriend. She liked to play games, so it ended. It’s as simple as that. Why do you ask? You interested?"

Lil’s eyes widened. "Uh, no! Last time I checked I still like men!" The smaller brunette wiped her mouth with a napkin. "Sorry for the outburst. That was just unexpected."

"Mmm," was Tara’s only reply. ‘ I think we are protesting just a little too much my friend.’ The taller woman said to herself.

Lil walked through the door of her sister’s house, hearing soft humming coming from the vicinity of the kitchen. She walked in to see Gabrielle holding Jamie to her chest and stirring something in a pot. The little girl looked more than comfortable with her face buried in her aunt’s neck and little hands holding onto russet tresses. The older woman motioned for quiet, putting her finger to her mouth. She hummed a few more minutes and motioned for Lil to follow her to the bedroom. Once Jamie was resting comfortable, Gabrielle turned inquisitive eyes to her sister.

"So, how did it go?"

"It was okay. Kind of interesting though. When I got there, some blonde woman was there, and you could cut the tension with a knife. Caitlin was her name. Tara said she was an ex-girlfriend. Do you know her?"

Gabrielle’s breathing stopped with the mention of the name, and anger was quick to surface. She visibly shook with it. If hate truly was the other side of love. She hated that woman with the same passion that she loved Tara. The muscles in her body bunched and twisted and her hands folded into fists, as if preparing for a fight. The smaller woman gritted her teeth. "No, I don’t know her, but I know of her." Her voice was low and dark. Startled, Lil put a comforting hand on her sister’s back.

"You okay? If you’re worried, Tara seemed to dismiss her handily."

With the same voice, "No, it’s not that. She hurt her." Gabrielle spoke as if she was reliving the pain herself. "She likes hurting people and given the chance, I’m sure she is here to do it all over again."

"Oh." Lil blinked somewhat dismissing it all. Surely a woman that looked like that could not be that cold? How could the coldness they described cause such heat to form inside her? They must be exaggerating. They have to be.’

Gabrielle closed her eyes, trying to remove the red haze clouding her vision. That woman would not hurt Tara again, and if she tried the cliché about redheads was going to become fact. She released an exasperated sigh. She needed to go make sure Tara was okay. "Uh, Lil? I need to go see Tara watch the food." Before she could respond, Gabrielle was out the door with her coat trailing behind her.

The young woman made it to the bike shop in record time. She pushed the door open in impatience and winced when it banged against the frame. Surprised blue eyes looked up from the computer. Green eyes searched the shop, making sure they were alone. Then they searched blue in understanding, uncovering the sadness. With hurried steps, Gabrielle was behind the counter, cradling the raven topped head to her chest. Tara widened her legs and scoot back in her chair to allow her lover closer in the embrace. Large hands caressed and held onto the wool covered back. For several minutes no words were spoken. Tara took a deep breath, "I won Red. She can’t hurt me anymore."

"Shhh, that’s good baby. I wouldn’t let her if she tried."

Luminous chips of green turned into cold emerald ice. She would make damn sure of that. Gabrielle shook her head bringing herself out of the haze. She bent to kiss the raven head.

"Is she just here to torment you?"

"No, she said something about an advertising convention in Indianapolis and wanting to catch up on old times. I was in the process of making her leave when Lil walked in."

"Hmm," was all the response as Gabrielle filed away what was said for later use.

"You should have seen it, Red. It was driving her crazy that she couldn’t get a rise out of me." Tara chuckled.

Gabrielle smiled and looked down at her lover. "I’m glad everything went okay. When Lil told me who it was, I just wanted to make sure you were alright."

Gabrielle lovingly traced the arched eyebrows on the face looking up at her.

"I knew you would come, and I’m glad you did. God," Tara’s voice hitched, "I love you so much."

She looked up with blue eyes darkened with emotion. Tara squeezed tighter, pulled her closer as if she was trying to absorb her through her skin. Gabrielle’s fingers went from eyebrows to tracing Tara’s entire face as if memorizing the emotions exhibited in each plane, in each hollow, knowing her own countenance held the same look. Finally, busy fingertips reached lips. Gabrielle leaned forward, wanting to taste the lips that called her, compelled her. When they finally touched it was as soft as a whisper and communicated just as much. Gently, and in caring fashion, they savored the moment. Lips met softly again and again. Tasting. Reveling, and immensely enjoying. Refusing to let it go despite onlookers that gaped into the window as they passed by. Several minutes later, the kiss finally stopped, but the contact remained. Their foreheads touching as did their bodies."

"Mmm, Red, you make everything seem better."

Gabrielle grinned and kissed her nose. "Anything for you love. So, how was lunch?"

"Strange to say the least. Something is really up with Lil. I wasn’t going to say anything until I knew for sure, but I think it runs in the family."

"Huh? What do you---oooh!" Gabrielle covered her mouth with her hand. "Oh my God. Why didn’t she tell me of all people she must know that I would understand what she was going through."

"Yeah, but baby I don’t think she has really come to terms with it herself. Give it some time. She’ll tell you."

"Yeah, you’re right. I won’t say anything until she comes to me."

Tara sighed, "Still, we may have a problem."


"Caitlin looked very interested in your baby sister, and I gotta say Lil looked like she returned the interest."

Gabrielle stiffened. "Oh no! We’ve got to do something. That woman will tear her apart." The wheels under the red-gold hair started to turn. Time to call in some favors, and fix this before it gets out of hand.

"Yeah," Tara added, knowing from experience.

Lil sat on the couch looking through the TV rather than looking at it. Her brain refused to erase the image of the tall, lean, leggy blonde. It played over and over again like a scratched record, and like an addict, she relished it and was slowly giving into the magnetic pull. Lil didn’t even look up when Gabrielle breezed through the door, letting the cold air in behind her. It wasn’t until she plopped down beside her that Lil realized that someone was there.

"Lil, honey are you okay? You got this strange look on your face."

"Huh? Oh yeah, I’m fine. Got a lot on my mind is all. Everything okay with you and Tara?"

"Oh yeah. Just wanted to make sure she was okay. That woman really hurt her with her games. She lies and cheats without a conscious."

"Um, you never know Gab, people can change."

"No, I don’t think so. You can only change when you want, and I think she has too much fun and gets too much satisfaction being the way that she is." Gabrielle looked over at her sister to see if her point hit home. It didn’t. Lil looked away trying to rationalize what she heard. "Mmm, yeah," was the only response. Gabrielle sighed. "Listen, I’ll be in my office I need to make some phone calls."

"Kay, talk to you later then. I’m gonna go check on Jamie."

Lil’s sleep that night was restless and full of erotic images, smells and sounds. She felt the slide of soft flesh on flesh, tasted sweetness of tender lips and the salty taste of flesh as if it was under her mouth. She felt the heat, the intensity and the tickle and burn of silky blonde hair caressing her body like it was reality not erotic fantasy. She reveled in it moaning softly in her sleep as the heat of her body increased. She moaned louder, jolting herself awake. Her breathing was shallow and raspy and her body was drenched in a cold sweat. She squeezed her thighs together and gasped feeling the rhythmic pulsing between them. She was wet, incredibly so. She could smell as well as feel it coating her thighs and trickling down to the crack of her behind. She looked over at her sleeping daughter, and rubbed shaking fingers through the soft hair, in an attempt to calm herself. It didn’t work. "I want her. God help me, but I want her," she whispered into the quiet room, and began to sob piercing the aforementioned quiet.

Down the hall, Gabrielle lay awake for another reason. She had called in a few favors, told some small lies and used her somewhat celebrity status to find out where Caitlin was staying. The hotel manager, and old friend, now thought she was coming to visit a friend from college. With a little more sweet talk, she knew the convention schedule, her room number, and found out that she went out everyday for lunch. Gabrielle’s jaw worked in part anticipation and part anger. She had to go see her. The thirty minute drive to Indy would be worth it. She had to make sure that the woman knew who she was playing with. She had to make sure that she knew the consequences. She softly caressed the corded muscle of Tara’s forearm and snuggled further into her naked body. Gabrielle knew she had to tell her lover, but there was no need to mention it until after the fact. She would be angry, but she would understand that her sister was involved now. She sighed quietly and willed herself to dose because she had a lot to do come morning after Tara left.

Caitlin sat in her room sipping coffee and watching CNN. Her mind wondered to the small brunette with the striking blue eyes. ‘She wants me. I saw it in her eyes, and I will have her.’ The tall blonde shivered in anticipation and lust, somehow knowing she would be the first one to introduce the woman to the pleasure only a woman can bring to another.

Gabrielle stood in front of the door, reaching deep inside to gain the strength to ward this woman off. She knocked on the door. It opened and she looked unflinchingly at the striking woman staring down at her. "Who—" barely got out of Caitlin’s mouth as Gabrielle pushed her way in. Caitlin arched a pale brow, and turned to the woman. "I guess you’re not housekeeping huh?"

"No, I’m not," the smaller woman answered then went quiet.

"Well, at least tell me who you are before I call security." She moved to the phone, picking it up.

Looking up again, the smaller woman was in front of her snatching the phone. "Ahh, ahh you don’t want to do that. I’m Gabrielle."

Caitlin looked at her blankly, and Gabrielle sighed harshly.

"Lilian’s sister."

The taller woman bristled inside at the familiar name conjuring up the familiar face, but she still kept her face a blank mask. Waiting.

"Tara’s girlfriend."

"Ah, so your the sweet little thing that she spoke about. You don’t look at all her type. Too innocent, inexperienced looking."

Gabrielle’s voice lowered and she almost snarled at the taller woman. "Careful lady, you don’t know the first fucking thing about me. So, don’t make assumptions. They could be dangerous."

The cool blonde was slightly taken aback at the fire coming from the little woman, but soon slipped into her ice mode. "Mmm, so let me guess. You are feeling a little threatened because I’m here. Are we a tad bit insecure. Mariel?"

Gabrielle smiled full of confidence. The taller woman was again taken aback.

"Not in the least. She’s mine. Nothing you can do will change that." She walked in closer, looking up into gray eyes not the least bit intimidated. "You leave my sister alone. I won’t let you hurt her."

Caitlin’s smile was feral. "Oh, but she looks like a big girl who can make her own decisions. So, I say let her make the choice. I’m sure she’ll make the right one."

"Stay the fuck away from her!" Her eyes were flashing green fire and her face was flushed with anger.

"Tsk, tsk. Temper, temper little girl. There is nothing you can do about it."

"Oh, you think so?" With a flurry of movement, Gabrielle swept the phone and other contents off the in table. The phone landed with a crash against the floor.

"Don’t underestimate me. When you mess with my family all bets are off!"

A startled Caitlin looked up from the couch, where she had fallen in a last ditch effort to protect herself only to see the door slamming shut. She closed her eyes. "Oh God. What have I gotten into?" She swallowed and considered cutting her losses and getting out now. Then the picture of long curling dark tresses formed in her mind. Set off by deep blue eyes and lips she had to taste. "No, I’ve got to have her."

A half an hour later, Gabrielle walked into her own house. She found a note from Lil telling her she went out and Jamie was with Mrs. Tibidault. "Where are you Lil, and what are you doing?" She said into the unanswering air.

Lil sat in her parked car. She rubbed sweaty hands down her slacks, and tried to swallow down the lump in her throat. She had to see her, and this was the only place she knew to come, hoping she would return. Lil almost whimpered, remembering the intensity of the dream. She had to know if it would be like that---she had to know.

"Looking for me I hope?"

Lil jumped and turned to look out the window. ‘She’s here.’

"Yes—yes I am," she said nervously.

"Lunch?" The cool blonde asked.

"Yes please." She looked into the stormy gray, getting lost, getting pulled in. They crinkled at the side as she smiled. The brunette looked in them for as long as she could, feeling the flush rise up to her face. Her eyes lowered to the ruby coated lips, and watched as the taller woman wet them with a small pink tongue. Sucking in a breath, Lilian lowered her eyes completely, but not before she saw acknowledgement. She knew. She knew how much she was wanted. Caitlin reared back up to her full height in an attempt to gain some composure. Her heart was slamming against her chest. ‘ No, this is just a game. Just a game, and I got her.’ She opened the door and slid into the passenger seat.

"Good you choose. I’m not picky today."

Lil smiled wanly, and almost moaned out loud when just the smell of her permeated her overcharged senses, making her insides flood with heat and her crotch with wetness. She closed her eyes, sucked in a deep breath, licked her lips, and squirmed in her seat, feeling the wetness coat her thighs. Not knowing what else to do, the young woman started the car and drove off.

Lilian sat across from the object of her affection, trying to silently gain confidence in order to see what made this woman tick. She sensed that she already had her interest. It was only a matter of keeping it. Lil watched the taller woman, under hooded eyes, eat the Cobb salad, envying the fork and its contents as it disappeared into the sensual mouth. Catt smiled inwardly. She couldn’t remember the last time she was looked at with such curiosity and need. It made her feel down right giddy that this beautiful woman was worshipping her, but she couldn't afford to think about that too much. She smiled at her, catching the deep blue orbs staring.

"This is a nice place. It must be new, I don’t remember it the last time I was here."

"Mmm hmm, they just opened it last year I believe. Um, this doesn’t seem like a tourist spot for a woman like you. You’re too elegant to be in a country town like this." Lilian tapped herself on the back for finally finding a coherent voice.

Catt laughed. "You are right about that one. I’m actually here for a convention in Indy. I’m a senior exec in an advertising firm on the East Coast, Jersey to be exact, and it was my turn to go this year. Lucky me." She rolled her eyes in exasperation. "I haven’t been back here in quite a few years, since I got that job. It seems to have picked up some interesting additions." Catt smiled sexily as she raised her glass. "To beautiful new additions and attractions to this city. You being one of them."

The older woman watched the attractive blush with a practiced eye as it crept up Lilian’s neck to the gentle curve of her cheeks. ‘God everything about her is honest and vulnerable. She could be addictive.’ Lil smiled out right infected by the smile of the other woman. The young brunette swallowed, enjoying the flirtatious attention she was receiving. Gabrielle had to have exaggerated. There was no way this woman could be that cold. The brunette was irrevocably drawn to the blonde woman, making her want to open up and tell all.

"I’m not from here either. I go to school and have a place upstate about five and a half hours from here. My sister talked me into spending part of the holiday with her."

The taller woman raised an eyebrow.

"You seemed older. How old are you by the way?"

"Oh, I’m 21."

"Ahh, to be that young again. Enjoy your twenties Lilian. They go by quickly. Take it from someone in their thirties. Anyway, I heard you say something at Tara’s shop about a baby?"

"Yeah, I have a one year old daughter, and I have to say she is the most important thing in my life. She keeps me going you know and loves me no matter what."

"Mmm, aren’t we all looking for that? It sounds like she’s wonderful, and I’d like to meet her sometime. She does sound like a handful though, being only one and all."

"Not really. She’s a good girl and really very smart. I usually don’t have much trouble with her."

Caitlin watched the younger woman’s face light up as she talked about her daughter. ‘She really is beautiful.’ The older woman reached across the table, taking the smaller hand into her own. Lil stopped talking mid sentence and the noise of the restaurant filtered away. Electric tendrils shot up her arm directly to her groin, and she heard the roar of her blood in her ears. Lilian looked at Caitlin with eyes full of panic, anticipation, and desire.

"It’s okay."

Lil whimpered and tried to pull her hand away.

"No, Lilian. It’s okay to want somebody."

The younger woman’s chest heaved as her breath rasped in and out of her chest. She bit her lip as another whimper escaped them. Caitlin held on to the table in a white knuckled grip as each whimper tied her stomach in pleasurable knots. The younger woman licked suddenly dry lips. "But, I’ve never been—I mean this is all new for me."

"I kind of picked up on that. Will it make you feel better if I tell you that I’m feeling the same?"

"Um, you do?"

"God yes. It starts right in the pit of your stomach and flares outward like a thick heat going everywhere, all the way down to your fingertips. The feelings can be triggered by anything; a look, a touch, a smell, a taste. Anything. You feel crazy and out of control like your body isn’t listening to your brain."

Lilian whimpered again louder and more laced with need. She clutched at the hand holding hers, completely mesmerized by the older woman’s low, husky, melodious voice; her words; and the mouth they spilled from. She couldn’t tear her eyes away.

Caitlin was taken aback by the force of the feelings she was experiencing. She wasn’t supposed to feel anything outside lust, but there was more growing. She could feel it. She had to step back and regain her bearings before things got out of hand, but looking into the deep blue was making it become more and more difficult. The tall blonde caressed the petal soft skin she held. Instantly knowing the younger woman would be just as soft all over. She desperately tried to control her own breathing as heat flowed through her body thick and syrupy. It was impossible not to react—impossible not to say what she said next.

"God, I want to kiss you so much right now."

Lilian made a sound of pure, raw need, as desire flashed through her body like a raging fire leaving her skin hot and scorched.

"Please, I have to--," her voice was ragged as her breathing.

The younger woman snatched away her hand, jumped up almost knocking her chair over, and ran toward the vicinity of the restrooms. Caitlin blinked and tried to decide whether to wait or follow her. Her body made the decision for her.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, with shaking hands, Lilian patted her face with the cool, damp paper towel, trying to bring her body temperature down. She closed her eyes and willed her heart to be still, and her breathing to return to normal. Instead, a picture flashed in her mind of a blonde head descending, soft lips touching. Lil shook her head to clear it. "I need to get a hold of myself." She smiled shakily at the woman giving her strange looks as she exited the stalls. ‘I can’t stay in here forever,’ she said to herself this time.

She exited the restroom only to find herself pushed against the wall next to it by a tall, amorous blonde. Caitlin slammed the smaller body against the obliging wall, and blocked any escape by molding her body to the smaller woman’s and positioning her arms on either side of her head. Lil wanted to cry out at the incredible heat that suffused her body. Her skin tingled wherever there was contact. The taller woman groaned as she flexed her hips and began grinding them against the brunette. They both moaned when Lilian’s hips joined in the erotic dance.

"Catt, we can’t do this. What if—Oh God that feels so good," Lilian said breathlessly, arching her back as she felt the pebbly hardness of the other woman’s nipples poking through and rubbing tantalizingly against her own. They scraped across each other, pulling the fabric tighter, making the material of their clothing feel like a lover’s caress. Caitlin wanted to purr the moment was so erotic. Sparks flew through her body, making her ache even more. The possibility of getting caught making her even more naughty. She peered down at the captured woman, studying the flushed demeanor, hooded eyes and parted moist lips. She had to taste them. She had too. Catt traced wet lips with her fingertips, feeling the softness. She stared into the hypnotic blue and heard the younger woman’s breath hitch. Slowly, she lowered her head, stopping just short of touching, letting the anticipation grow, so close they could taste the wine on each other’s breath.

Lil wound her hands through luxurious blond locks and tried to initiate the kiss by pulling the woman’s head down. No such luck. Then suddenly, unexpectedly, full lips swooped down, devouring. Lilian cried out. The sound muffled by sweet lips and a demanding tongue. Caitlin groaned and deepened the kiss, spearing and darting her tongue within the warm cavern of the young woman’s mouth, possessing every crevice. Wetness flooded between Lilian’s legs, making her grind harder, faster, and unevenly. Catt grasped the moving hips and slid eager hands around to cup the shapely bottom. She pulled the smaller woman into her, trying to increase the friction. The usually cool, aloof blonde had never been so aroused by a kiss. Warning bells sounded off in her head, telling her she had to get control, but the little noises Lilian was making in the back of her throat, ate away at her resolve and served to strengthen her desire. She wanted so much to bunch the other woman’s skirt up around her hips and explore the wet flesh she knew was waiting. She wanted to make her come right here. Right now. She increased the cadence of her hips enjoying the needy whimpers that spilled from the brunette’s lips.

Lilain felt as if the top of her head was going to pop off. Her body hummed with arousal that was dangerously close to a quick orgasm. She didn’t care if anyone was watching. She didn’t care if they got caught. All that mattered was the searing sensations coursing through her body. There was no way she could stop. No way she could deny it. Desire overrode the panic and fear she felt earlier. There was no turning back. The young woman knew what she wanted. Lilian surrendered completely, returning the passion in the kiss and the touches. Warning bells went off louder when she felt the shorter woman’s surrender. Gathering strength she didn’t know she had, Caitlin tore her lips away. They were swollen and throbbing just like the woman’s she was kissing. She rested her forehead against the other woman’s and began to slow down her grinding hips. Lilian whimpered in disappointment but knew sub-consciously that this was necessary. Her body shuddered as it tried to regain control. If it was possible, she wanted this woman more than air—her body ached.

Caitlin cringed on the inside. She had lost complete control. ‘But oh God it felt so good,’ she thought to herself. The older woman had to rectify the situation and regain the upper hand in the game she was so adept in playing. She kissed the young woman on the forehead with tenderness she didn’t feel and stepped back. Her body instantly screamed, missing the warm contact, and the needy look in the blue eyes was almost her undoing. Caitlin shook her head when the younger woman reached out for her.

"No, we need to stop this."

She took the smaller hand into her own and led them back to the table with two pair of legs shaking. What seemed like hours had only transpired in minutes, and within these minutes, Caitlin discovered how to return to the status quo. She would play her trump card. Lilian sat down still visibly shaken. Her eyes raked over the blonde woman, memorizing her. She knew her eyes showed what she was feeling, but she couldn’t hide such need, especially from the one who caused it.

"I’m sorry Lilian. I didn’t mean for that to happen, but things just got a little out of hand." Her voice was still husky from the previous activity.

"No, no don’t apologize. I liked it very much, and I want to do it again. Soon."

Caitlin sucked in a breath on a stab of desire. What was it about this woman that made her react like this. It was driving her crazy. She had to do something about this.

Her smile was slow and sexy. "Yes, I can tell you did, but as far as doing it again, I don’t know. I met your sister today. Actually she came to see me. She blatantly told me to leave you alone and was somewhat violent about it too." The older woman pat herself on the back for such a good acting job. ‘There is nothing left to do but sit back and watch her come to me.’

"What?! I can’t believe she did that! How did she know in the first place?" I can’t believe this. What the hell gives her the right to mess with my life?"

"Look, I’m sure she was just looking out for you. I don’t have a stellar past."

That doesn’t matter. It happened years ago. I don’t understand why she did this to me. I’m not a damn child and am capable of making my own decisions." Anger flushed her face, turning her pale skin pink. Lilian gripped her wine glass so tightly that it began to crack. She glanced back at Catt. "I want to see you again as soon as possible, and don’t worry about my sister. I’ll handle that. It’s obvious that Tara hasn’t been keeping her busy enough that she has to but in where she doesn’t belong."

"If you’re sure? Don’t do this to get back at her. I mean I’m not going to be here that long anyway." Caitlin winced hoping she wasn’t laying it on too thick.

"Oh, I want to see you because I want to. So, how about dinner tomorrow night?"

"If it’s not too much how about lunch and dinner. I want to see as much of you as possible, but if have trouble finding a sitter it’s okay."

"No, that won’t be a problem. Listen, I need to get home and take care of this. Here is my half of the check. Are you alright with getting a cab?"

"Yes, its fine. Don’t worry about me." Caitlin would have given anything to be a fly on the wall in Gabrielle’s house. On the inside, she clapped with glee, knowing it was going to be an interesting night in that household. The cool, confident blonde knew from the kiss and the conversation that this woman was hers for the taking. She swallowed down a twinge of unidentifiable emotion. It was a new feeling. Maybe it was guilt, who knows. "Um, you go on, and I’ll meet you here tomorrow around noon?"

"Okay, that’ll work."

Lilian grasped her hand in an attempt to relay feelings she couldn’t display in the semi-crowded restaurant. What her hands couldn’t communicate, her eyes did. With a final squeeze, she left the older woman sitting alone, sipping wine with a small smile of triumph on her face. She whispered into the air, "Oh little Gabrielle don’t underestimate me and what I can do."

Lilian drove around for over an hour before she returned to her sister’s house in an attempt to dissipate some of the anger and to think. To confront Gabrielle would be to reveal everything, but apparently, she already knew entirely too much. Damn her eyes anyway. Obviously, she had admitted and accepted it for herself in going out with Caitlin and kissing her so passionately. It would become even more real with this confrontation. Lilian strengthen her resolve to approach her sister and Tara if necessary, despite the consequences. ‘In just one day this woman has become very important to me. I have to see where it goes,’ she thought to herself. She pointed her car toward the highway leading to her sister’s home.

At home was a waiting Gabrielle wringing her hands and wondering if her tactics had backfired. Tara returned home early and noticed right away that something was wrong.

"Red, what’s wrong? Where’s Lilian?"

"I’m okay just writer’s block, and I think Lil went out shopping or something, she left a note."

Tara accepted the explanation at face value and just like she had lied to the hotel manager, she smoothly lied to her lover for the first time. Realizing this, her insides felt as though they were sweating. Her breathing was loud and audible, and deep in her own ears. Her heart slow, throbbing and humming, and her stomach lurched. ‘It had been so easy and she did it without thought. That alone panicked her. ‘I have to make sure that monster doesn’t get to her. Lil is the important one here.’ Her thoughts reverberated through her head.

Lilian slammed through the door, startling both Tara and Gabrielle.

"Damn it Gabs. I know you’re my sister, but you have no right to snoop in my life! What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Lil, what are you talking about?"

"Oh, don’t give me that in the dark bullshit. You went to go see her to ward her off? You’re not my damn mother!" Lil’s voice was loud, strained and full of anger.

"Lil hold on! Sweetie, I did it for your own good. She would do nothing but hurt you, and you don’t need that kind of pain for your first experience."

Lil laughed derisively. In a way I’m glad you know, but you have no right to decide who I see Gabby! I’m a grown woman, and you should have come to me first! It was wrong and you know it was!" Gabrielle dropped her head, and looked over at her lover.

‘She lied to me. She looked me in the face an lied to me. She didn’t trust me enough to help her with this so she went behind my back.’ Tara thought as her heart lurched and her stomach knotted. Never would she think Gabrielle would lie to her. With just a couple of statements from Lilian, Tara felt desolation set in as well as anger. Gabrielle looked dead into sky blue, and what she saw made her stop. There was such sadness, such anger that she knew she had miscalculated this whole thing. Caitlin still obviously went out with Lil; Lil was vehemently upset with her; and Tara looked completely betrayed.

"Tara baby?" Gabrielle reached out to touch her.

The raven-haired woman shook her head and moved away from the touch. Without saying a word, she walked away into the bedroom. Lilian looked at her sister expectantly, as if waiting for an answer.

"Lil, I’m so sorry. Obviously you feel strongly about this, about her. I was just trying to help you, to protect you. I didn’t mean—Oh God." She covered her mouth, muffling a sob, and sat heavily on the couch. "I just didn’t want her to do to you what she did to Tara. I’m so sorry," the strawberry blonde sobbed.

Lilian’s anger broke with her sister’s tears. "Gabby, I understand you were trying to protect me, but if this is a mistake let me make it."

"You like her that much already?"

"Yeah, I guess I do."

"Just promise me that you’ll be careful?"

"I’ll try—no I will. Promise." The younger woman blew out a calming breath and reached for her sister, hoping to smooth this all over because based on the look on Tara’s face those two had something heavy to discuss. "Listen, we’ll be okay Gabs, but I think you got bigger fish to fry." She nodded her head toward the bedroom. "I’m gonna go get Jamie."

Gabrielle sat on the couch for long minutes wondering if she had greatly underestimated this woman. She knew deep down in her gut that Caitlin was up to no good. She had told Lil about their little altercation, which pretty much precipitated the whole argument. The older woman had won this time, and Gabrielle got the feeling she knew it too.

Tara lay in the bed trying to sort through the pain, trying to rationalize the situation. In truth, she understood why Gabrielle did what she did, but she still lied to her. A lie is a lie. Tara hurt because she was lied to and hurt because she was left out. She considered Lil to be like a sister, and her well-being was just as important to her as if she was blood like Jake. A hot knife felt as though it had been twisted in her insides. It hurt so bad.

Gabrielle entered the room, and Tara turned to look at her.

"Tara, listen. I am so sorry I lied to you—"

"Don’t Red, just don’t. It hurts too much right now. Can we just sleep on it?" Pale blue begged her to comply.

Small shoulders slumped. "Okay, if that’s what you need. Um, do you want me to sleep on the couch tonight?"

"No, the bed is big enough, besides its yours."

Later that night, Gabrielle climbed into bed careful not to touch her lover. She could just feel Tara’s eyes boring into her back, but when she glanced over her shoulder, she had turned around. For the first time, they lay together not touching, not holding each other. Neither one could remember ever feeling so alone.

Gabrielle woke the next day in the latter part of the morning. Tara’s side of the bed was long cold. She putted around the bedroom then into the shower. Finally, coming out of her room, she saw a radiant Lil cooing over her daughter.

"Hey sis. I’m gonna go to lunch with Catt, so will you keep Jamie for me? It’s just for a couple of hours."

"Sure okay, but I’m hoping to get Tara to come home for lunch. We have a lot to discuss, so I’ll call Mrs. Tibidault to see if she can take her until one of us is free."

"Oh, okay. Things still rocky between you two?"

"Yeah, I lied to her, so I got a feeling there would be a lot to fix."

Gabrielle studied her sister’s appearance. Elegant wasn’t a strong enough word to describe her. The wool slacks followed the lines of long legs, flattering them and the blue sweater brought out her eyes. "You look nice." The older sister looked down at her wringing hands. "You really like her don’t you?"

Lil smiled and blushed. "Yeah, I do. Hey and listen I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you about what I was going through. I just needed to make sure you know. I guess I’m pretty sure now, huh? Ugh, now that you know that leaves my friends and mom and dad."

"Yeah, you seem pretty sure, and hey tell them only when you’re ready okay, and I’ ll be behind you one hundred percent." Gabrielle squeezed her sister’s shoulder. "You just take care okay?"

"Yeah, okay."

After Lil left, Gabrielle stared at the silent phone for a long while before picking it up. It rung once, twice before the woman she’d been looking for answered.

"Hi," the younger woman whispered softly.

"Hey, how you doing?"

"Lousy. I missed touching you, holding you last night."

"Yeah, me too."

"Um, we need to talk."

"Yes, we do Red."

"Can you come home for lunch—spare a couple of hours?"

"Yeah, for you, anything."

Gabrielle closed her eyes and swallowed a sob. "Do you—do you still love me?" She said in a wee voice.

"God, Red, I don’t think I could ever stop. I’m just disappointed right now."

"Uh, yeah I know. So, I’ll see you around 12:30?"

"Wouldn’t miss it."


When Lil sat down at the table, Catt immediately grabbed her hand, making fire shoot up the appendage. The older woman smiled fondly then her face took on a look of concern. "Are you okay? Did everything go okay last night?"

"Well yes and no. I chewed Gab out but in the end I can understand why she did it. Still, she had to start seeing me as an adult. Buut, things didn’t go so well between Gab and Tara. I think she lied to her and Tara didn’t set too well with that."

"Mmm, probably not." Inside Catt clapped her hands. ‘Take that little girl.’ "As long as you’re okay."

"Yeah, I’m fine thanks for caring."

"Welcome. I missed you last night." Caitlin’s voice became low, sultry.

Lil sucked in a breath and felt her heart begin to thud. "Really? I-I thought about you a lot too. Um, that kiss. Couldn’t get it out of my mind."

"Do you know how beautiful you are? How much I want you?"

Lil whimpered.

"Last night, I dreamed about how you would taste—so sweet and how your body would react when I touched and kissed you. I even got to hear you scream out my name."

The younger woman’s chest was heaving and her upper lip started to sweat. She was so aroused that she almost smell it, and turgid nipples scraped dangerously against her sweater.

"Oh God, please don’t—"

"Come back to the hotel with me? Let me touch you. I want to so much, and I know you want it too."


It was the fastest thirty mile drive, where the tension increased tenfold. The slow ride up the elevator did not help either. Sexual tension radiated from their bodies, making anyone in their vicinity feel as though they were intruding. Eyes met across the elevator, where they were at opposite ends, trying to resist temptation. They were oblivious to the other passengers. The looks passed between them smoldered and were as strong and hot as a caress. Finally reaching the older woman’s floor, Catt found her hands shaking as she pushed the key into the lock. She wanted this too much—way too much. She didn’t understand where the words said at the table came from, and she had vowed not to reveal the dream. Still, it just spilled out like the most natural of things. Just like the day before, the usually cool blonde felt control slip through her fingers. A taste –just a taste, and she would be okay.

Lilian shook with fear and anticipation. She wanted this woman so much it scared her. Never had she felt such pull, such need. Her heart was in her throat and her stomach twisted and churned with pleasurable knots and nervous butterflies. All she wanted was to feel those lips again—feel them everywhere. She shuddered in anticipation as the door swung open. Caitlin made way for the brunette to go in first. Lil’s curious eyes scanned the room nervously. Suddenly, her knees buckled and a cry of pleasure ripped from her throat. Catt molded her body to the back of the younger woman and in practiced ease her lips descended to her soon to be lover’s neck and her hands reached around to cup full breasts. The blonde groaned harshly at the sweet-salty taste of skin and moaned again louder, longer at the feel of plump nipples searing her palms.

"Oh God, mmm!" The younger woman exclaimed as waves after wave of heat and desire swept through her body, pooling in her belly.

Lilian cupped the hands that gently squeezed her breasts urging them on harder, rougher. Removing her hand, Lil sighed in exasperation and dropped her own. Then she moaned in delight as the remaining larger hand pushed her breasts together to rub and knead them through the fabric of her sweater. With her free hand, Catt searched under the baggy clothing, eager to touch naked, hot skin. She wasn’t disappointed. Lil arched into the touch crying out at the feel of flesh on flesh. The amorous blonde licked the ridge of an ear the speared her tongue inside, loving the hard shudder of reaction.

Whispering hotly in the younger woman’s ear, "Mmm so sweet. You taste so good."

"Unn, oh yess!"

As if by magic, both hands were suddenly searching under the heavy sweater. Finding what they were looking for, Catt pinched and tweaked the raised peaks of Lilian’s breast. If it was possible, the younger woman’s breathing became more erratic, her nipples more rigid. With each tug, there was an answering moan, and an increase in the amount of wetness that trickled from the brunette’s opening. Caitlin was herself astonished at the level of her arousal. She could feel it coating her thighs, and her clit throbbed and hummed, waiting for stimulation. Trying to relieve some of the built up pressure and due to the luscious feel of the shapely behind cradled near her crotch, Catt began to grind slowly against it. She moaned harshly into her young lover’s ear as her clit seemed to sigh at the momentary reprieve.

Lilian’s mind reeled. The sensations were just overwhelming. One piled up on top of the other, multiplying and compounding the unbelievable pleasure. It was too much too soon. She couldn’t think; she couldn’t breath; she could only feel. Each synapses in her brain seemed to crackle and pop with each grind and with each tug on her breast. They felt as though they were going to short out. In that moment, she panicked.

"Please, stop," she said breathlessly."

Whether the older woman didn’t hear her or wasn’t paying attention, she only ground harder against her buttocks. Lil sobbed at a renewed gush of wetness, but said loudly, "Please stop. It-it’s too much. I can’t think."

Caitlin whimpered as she tried to control her errant body. The younger woman had given her an out. She slowed her rampant hips and stopped her roving hands. Her body ached with unfullfillment.

"Okay, okay. Sorry," she said huskily. She took a step back and wanted to scream as her body protested. Lilian turned around with fear and panic shining in her eyes. "No, no it’s me. You know I never well –you know. Um, can we take this a little slower. I want you, but—"

"Shhh," the blonde woman stepped forward and placed a finger over the younger woman’s lips, reveling in the softness. "It’s okay. Really it is. I understand. You just let me know when you’re ready or when I go too far."

Lilian nodded her head. "Um, can I still kiss you?"

Caitlin’s heart contracted. So innocent, so giving. "Anytime you want love."

The brunette smiled. "Uh, are we still on for dinner?"

"Wouldn’t miss it."

"Okay, I need to go. I have to go pick up Jamie from the sitter’s, and I got some thinking to do. I can’t go home yet anyway I think Gabs is fixing lunch for Tara, and I know I can’t stay here without—well you know."

"Yeah, I know." The blonde kissed the younger woman gently on the lips, when they reached the door. Closing it, Caitlin leaned heavily against it. She couldn’t lie to herself anymore. She had meant every word she said to Lilian today. This wasn’t a game anymore.

Tara and Gabrielle ate in silence, each wrapped in their own thoughts. ‘How can I fix this? I don’t want her not to trust me. I don’t want her to leave me. I'll do what I have to, and that’s all there is to it. We’ll take it slow.' The strawberry blonde’s thoughts made her look up and study her lover. ‘Yes, take it slow."

’I know she has never lied to me. I fell it in my gut, but one lie leads to another then another. She did it so easily, and that’s what scares me. I need to know I can count on her to be the truth, to tell me the truth.’ Tara glanced up and caught the smaller woman staring. The raven-haired woman smiled wanly and got one in return.

After a few more minutes, Gabrielle motioned toward the couch, "Shall we?"

"Yeah, we got a lot to talk about."

They got comfortable on the sofa and there was more silence.

"T, I’m—"

"Red, there’s—"

They both laughed nervously.

"Go on you first Red."

Gabrielle nodded her head. "I’m not trying to justify what I did, but you know my reasons behind it. They are very important reasons, but I should have included you instead of omitting you. I know you care about Lil, but I wasn’t thinking. I just went into protect mode. I do love you, and I realize my mistake. I am so very, very sorry that I hurt you that was the last thing I wanted to do. I didn’t know what you would be more upset about, my going to see Caitlin or lying about it. I realize that a like is in fact a lie, and they can hurt more than anything." Gabrielle blew out a breath. "Whoa, that was a mouth full, but I think I said what I wanted until I hear from you."

Tara brushed a stray raven lock behind her ear. "Well," she took a deep breath. "I do understand why you did it, but you have to realize that Lil has become like a sister. I wanted to help too. I mean I can even speak from experience with this woman. You not only lied to me, but you made me feel like I only have one place in your life—like I can only serve one function, your lover. That hurt Red. It hurt a lot. As far as the lying goes, you have been open and honest with me from the get go. I don’t know anything else from you. To say I was surprised would be a big understatement. I don’t wanna not trust you, but I can’t help but say it’s gonna be in the back of my mind for a good while."

Gabrielle’s head lowered and when she looked up again, bright green eyes shown with unshed tears. "Um, so what do we do now? Where do we go from here?"

Tara reached out her hand, caressing a soft cheek. "Hey, hey don’t cry baby. We’ll work it out."

"But how?"

"I’ve been thinking about that one. Personally, I think we need to really get to know each other inside and out. You already know me here, " she made a sweep of her body," but you need to know me here and here," she pointed at her head and her heart, "like the back of your hand. This goes for me about you too. Let’s take it slow—go out more and talk more." Tara blushed before she said, " You know, I didn’t get the chance to romance you like I wanted to. Things just uh, happened."

Gabrielle grinned. Her eyes now dry. "Yeah, you could say that." Tara glanced at her, laughter shining in her eyes. "I just did, Red." The strawberry blonde gave her lover a mock slap on the arm.

"Oww, you bruised me!"

Gabrielle laughed glad to atleast have their banter back.

"Nuh, uh not them thick arms."

After a quite minute, "Romance huh? Um, okay. I’ll take the first step here, Kay?" The younger woman smiled, biting her lip. "Um, dinner tomorrow night. Here at home, just the two of us, and then dancing all night Friday at the club. We’re gonna have some tag alongs for that one. Lil wants to go and you know Shan and Wayne will be there. Still, when I’m around you, it always seems like we’re the only people in the world."

"Mmm, sounds good Red. It’s a date or is it some dates?"

"Ugh, behave smartass."

"C’mere Red." Tara pat her lap and the younger woman gladly took a seat. She wrapped her arms around the graceful neck. "Are we gonna be okay T?"

"We’ll be okay baby."

"I believe you, but I’m still worried about Lil."

"Yeah, me too, but she’s a big girl. Obviously trying to ward Catt off didn’t work. We just have to be there for her if anything happens."

Gabrielle buried her face in the fragrant neck. "Yeah, you’re right."

Lil and Caitlin passed dinner in a sexual haze. They couldn’t be near each other and not touch. Kisses had become more heated as did touches. Caitlin had long since conceded that the game was no more. She wanted this woman. She was charmed by this woman. The ice was once again melting, and she was scared to death. There was no out, and she couldn’t admit to herself that she didn’t want one. Her plan of one-upmanship with Gabrielle was forgotten. The next day was spent playing phone tag because of a heavy convention schedule. Catt’s voice left Lil achy and needy with her skin feeling hot and too tight.

"God, Lil, I haven’t gotten to touch you all day."

"I know. I miss you."

"Ugh, maybe I’ll blow off some of these meetings so we can at least see each other for dinner."

"Can you do that? I need to make myself scarce for a few hours tonight anyway. Tara and Gabby have some kind of romantic dinner thing planned."

"Okay, it’s a date then. You come over here, and I’ll try my damnedest too keep my hands to myself."

"Uh, but doesn’t that free up your lips?"

"Ahh, clever girl. Indeed it does. I’ll keep them to myself as well."

The brunette laughed. "Yeah, right. Hey listen we are all going to R’Place tomorrow night. Do you wanna go with?"

"I don’t know. If your sister and Tara are going to be there that my make us all uncomfortable."

"Hmm, yeah. I see your point, but that doesn’t mean we can’t sneak around anyway."

"Ha, you are bad!"

"Am not! I just want to see you is all. Um, I know you have to leave soon," Lil’s breath hitched, "and I want to see as much of you as possible."

"Yeah, I know the feeling. So, sneaking around it is then. I have to go now—meetings and all. God, I’m so tired. I’ll see you tonight. I’ll call and let you know when I’m done."

"Okay, bye."

"Bye sweetie."

Tara drove up to a dark house. When she got up to the door, she noticed the illumination caused by what looked like lit candles, smiling she let herself in. She saw the first candle sitting on the in table in the living room with a long stemmed red rose along with what looked like a hand written not beside it.

Come to the bathroom. Your bath is already drawn. Leave the clothes on. I’ll do that for you.

Tara grinned crookedly. ‘Oooo, she’s gonna give me a bath.’ She made her way down the hall, beginning to feel the effects of the pampering already. Opening the door to the bathroom inside her lover’s bedroom, she was privy to a beautiful sight. The small room was aglow with candles and in the middle of it stood Gabrielle clad in a green silk robe, holding another red rose. The young woman sniffed the rose appreciatively and then grinned. She crooked her finger, asking the taller woman to come closer. Now in front of the smaller woman, Tara waited patiently. With the fragrant rose, Gabrielle traced the shape of her lover’s lips, her cheeks then her nose, allowing her to get a whiff of its potent perfume.

She then motioned for the raven-haired woman to take the flower between her teeth. Slowly, without breaking the electric eye contact, Gabrielle began to undress Tara. Once the coveralls were fully unbuttoned, the younger woman pushed them off her lover’s shoulders, and they fell to the floor with a soft whisper, leaving the woman clad only in a t-shirt and cargo pants. Carefully, the strawberry blonde tugged the t-shirt from the pants, cautious not to touch with intent. This wasn’t about sex. It was about love. Gabrielle smirked to herself, wondering if Tara knew that sex wasn’t on the agenda for tonight.

Coming out of her reverie, the young woman gently pulled the shirt over her love’s head and tried futilely not to stare at the full- brown tipped breasts. She didn’t succeed. After several long minutes of admiration, Gabrielle heard a distinctive ‘Ahem.’ She looked back up into silver-blue eyes that were full of mischief and amusement. ‘Oh yeah, she knows.’ The little woman smiled apologetically and began unbuttoning the well-worn pants. Soon, they fell to the floor along with a pair of brief panties. Gabrielle took one last sweeping look, earning a raised eyebrow from her lover. The taller woman was able to see the banked fires of desire, with the aid of the candlelight, just smoldering under the surface and knew her eyes were a mirror of that exact same look. She swallowed and strengthened her resolve. Gabrielle smiled knowingly and took the rose from between Tara’s teeth. Again, she beckoned with her hand for Tara to follow, the young woman turned and headed toward the bathtub. Tearing the petals from the flower, she sprinkled them in the water, and with a nod of her head, asked Tara to get in. The taller woman stuck her foot in to test the waters, then submerged the rest of her body with a sigh. Gabrielle smirked as her own robe fell almost silently to the floor. Tara scooted up making room in the back for her lover to get in. The younger woman hopped gracefully into the steaming water. Her shorter legs bent, extending past her lover’s narrow hips and her chest was almost molded to Tara’s smooth wet back.

Picking up a sponge and a bottle of liquid soap, she encouraged the older woman to move back some more. With the soaked sponge, Gabrielle started at the strong, muscular shoulders, watching the water tail down her back. Shoulders gave way to upper chest, and they both took in a shaky breath at the pleasurable contact of hand on breasts. The strawberry blonde’s hands slid over slick skin and where ever she touched, she felt tight muscles relax. The sponge trailed over flat stomach, corded back and arms as well as thick, thighs. When the soft material traveled in between parted thighs, the taller woman sighed and brought her knees up for better access. The sigh turned into a quite moan as each fold was cleaned and rinsed lovingly. In total silence, Gabrielle relieved the stress of Tara’s day, leaving the older woman feeling loved, valued, and completely relaxed. After several more minutes and the realization that the water was getting tepid, Gabrielle deposited the sponge in the niche in the bathroom wall, and slowly stood up.

Tara turned her boneless body and watched as water cascaded down her lover’s compact form. She followed fat beads of water as they traveled down ample chest, washboard stomach, into the sparse patch of curly auburn hair, and down strong thighs. She swallowed audibly and knit her brows as a wave of desire crashed through her unsuspecting body. Gabrielle looked back with a mixture of amusement and understanding. This was pleasurable torture, so why not drag it out. Not bothering to dry her own damp body, the smaller woman reached for a large fluffy towel, and with an arched eyebrow, the younger woman asked her lover to get out of the tub. Once out, Gabrielle started at her neck, dabbing and wiping to absorb excess water. The towel was soft and plush, making Tara’s skin tingle.

The younger woman dragged the towel over sensitive breasts, watching the intake of breath, down over toned abs. She bent down on her knees to dry long legs, and watch as muscles bunched and corded with her touch. To say the display was sensual would be an understatement. Gabrielle heard a tiny whimper when the towel brushed over intimate lips and nether regions and smiled to herself.

The small candles that decorated the bathroom had burned down considerably by the time the auburn-haired woman’s task was done. Grabbing the larger hand, Gabrielle led her lover back into the bedroom, where before Tara had missed her favorite ensemble lying on the bed. Lying at the foot was a half-shirt and worn jeans. Tara grinned crookedly, when the smaller woman launched a pair of silk panties in her direction. In the loving display of the past half hour, the two lover’s learned that they knew a lot about each other in that looks, touches, smiles all were different and each had their own meaning. They both stood amazed in understanding, as they got dressed. The strawberry blonde pat the edge of the bed, urging Tara to sit. Getting behind her on her knees, Gabrielle wound her fingers through the dark, inky mass of her lover's hair, and began to braid it. Tara sighed and relaxed into the fingers in her scalp. Pampered wasn't the word for what she was feeling. Decadent fit more. Finally, they walked hand in hand toward the dining room that was also lit with some of the same candles. Gabrielle pulled out a seat for her lover and then proceeded to uncork the wine. They sat in comfortable, companionable silence, until it was broken by Tara’s throaty purr.

"Mmm, Red, this is really nice. The whole thing has been."

"I’m glad you enjoyed it."

"Do you need me to help with anything?"

"Nope, just keep yourself where you are. I’ll handle everything."

The younger woman disappeared into the kitchen, returning a few minutes later carrying two plates covered with food. "Ooo, lemon chicken. I love that stuff."

"I know."

They ate and chatted through most of the wine and second helpings. Topics of discussion ranged from politics, where they both learned they were democrats, to religion, and came back around to children.

"Do you want kids T?"

"I don’t know. I used to. Some part of me still does, but I can’t bring myself to bring and raised a kid in today’s environment. You know what I mean? I would love to live in the country—not the yuppie type of country—but the way it used to be. Now, I would raise a child there." The older woman looked wistful. "Teach him or her to value themselves and others; teach him to respect and be eager to understand differences; and teach him to be giving and kind. Maybe it would rub off on some of the other kids today, you know?"

"You know what T? You have the biggest most caring heart of anyone I have ever met. You’d do give anything of yourself to help people who needed it."

Tara blushed. "You know more about me Red than I thought."

"Yeah, I guess I do."

"And you Miss firecracker," Tara smiled at the scalding look she got, " will do anything to protect the people in your life, despite the consequences. Sometimes I see you as so strong and so good. It keeps me going, knowing that I have somebody like that in my corner."

"I’ll try to always be there for you when you need me, but I think you know that already."

"Yeah, I do."

Gabrielle held up her glass, urging a toast: "To discoveries old and new." A blanket of peaceful companionship fell over them, draping them in the knowledge that things were going to be okay.

Lilian ran her fingers through the blond head laying in her lap. She smiled down at the woman starring up at her.


"Nothing, I was just thinking that I hate it that I have to leave once this convention is over."

"I know. I don’t want you to go either, but you don’t live here, so I’m trying to understand that." ‘I still can’t believe we just met three days ago.’ Lil studied the face before her, noticing the lines of stress and dark smudges under her eyes. "You look so tired."

"I am. Been on the go since 5am, and it’s so mentally exhausting listening to self-important men, who like to hear themselves speak. Makes you want to start a food fight to break the monotony. " Lil grinned wickedly. "You? Miss Elegance? They would be appalled and probably blame it on someone more likely to do it."

"Mmm, so you think I could get away with it then?"

"Oh, stop you!"

Catt grinned winningly up at her. "I like being with you like this," Lil whispered. Caitlin displayed a ghost of a smile as she closed her eyes.

"What about dinner?"

"Eh, not that hungry. Right now, just let me hold you."

The blonde tried to swallow the painful lump in her chest. ‘Careful, you could fall in love.’ She told herself, but wondered if her ‘self’ was listening. "I don’t want to fall asleep on you."

"Don’t worry about it. If you do, I’ll take care of you."

The older woman smiled helplessly. "Okay." Sure enough, Lil stroked the blonde hair again, listening to the woman’s deep even breathing while she slept. She leaned down and kissed the soft forehead, noticing how young, serene, and innocent the woman looked at her most vulnerable. ‘I could fall in love with her.’ She held the blonde in her arms for what seemed like short minutes to her, but were actually hours. Carefully, removing herself, Lil retrieved a blanked and pillows to make sure the woman was comfortable. With one last gentle kiss and longing look, Lil let herself out.

Carrying a sleeping Jamie in her arms, Lilian let herself in and immediately noticed the burned down candles. She smiled to herself. ‘Well, someone had fun last night. I hope they worked things out.’ She went into her room and put the sleeping child into her pajamas. Putting on her own sleepwear, she crawled sleepily into bed, with the image of a beautiful, slumbering blonde on her mind. In the other bedroom, Tara snuggled closer against her lover’s back, holding the younger woman to her as if for the first time.

The next day Tara ventured home to her neglected house to see her brother that she had been playing phone tag with what seemed like weeks. Unlocking and going into her own door, she was assaulted by blaring music. Jake was leaning over the table with a towel, shaking his butt, while cleaning. Smiling sweetly to herself, she walked up slowly behind him and grabbed his ass.

"Yeoww! What the hell?!" He turned around to see his sister grinning at him. "Well, well as I live and breathe. I was beginning to think you got lost. Good thing you didn’t forget your number here."

"Oh, ha, ha. Stick to what you know funny man. Just thought I ‘d pop by to see you in person it’s been a couple of weeks. Oh and guess what?"


"Caitlin’s in town."

His eyebrows rose and his mouth opened. "Nuh, uh! Are you okay?"

"Yeah, she can’t hurt me anymore, but she did try to rile me up—came by the shop the other day. She’s got her eye on Lilian, Red’s little sister now."

"Oh, no didn’t you guys warn her?"

"Yeah, and that in its self turned into an ugly affair. Bottom line is they are seeing each other. She is a grown woman after all, and the only thing we can do is be there."

"Uh, let’s back track for a minute shall we? You’re telling me Lilian is gay? Whoa, when did that happen?"

"Oh, I think it’s been brewing for sometime."

"Hooo boy! What a life you lead."

"Yeah, it’s never dull. So, anyway we’re coming to the bar tonight and bringing the newbie with us. Who’s performing, besides you of course."

"There’s gonna be six of us tonight." They talked for over an hour. Tara missed hanging out with her brother, but she knew these things happened when you got in a serious relationship. Still, she knew she needed to be around more often. She didn’t even know if he was seeing someone, but he seemed like his normal self.

The three women pulled into the parking lot, noticing quiet a few cars. "Whoa, it’s a little crowded tonight. I wonder who’s performing?" Gabrielle asked.

"Jake is, Tiara, Demonica, Terea, Henrietta, and another I forget her name."

"Mmm, sounds interesting." They both turned to look at Lil. "You ready?"

"Oh hell yeah."

"Oh, and make sure you have a lot of ones, sis, to tip the queens."

"Will do."

Lil looked around the parking lot, trying to spot a familiar rental, hoping she showed up soon. "Okay, let’s go. Shan and Wayne probably have a table already." Gabrielle told the other two. They made their way inside. Lil nodded her head to the music as she followed the other women upstairs. They gave Lil beer pitcher duty, while they toted the mugs. They spotted Shannon and Wayne under the technicolor lights, sitting at a large table to the side of the runway. Gabrielle walked up to them, giving them both kisses on the cheek.

"Well, hey boys. If it isn’t the Friday night regs!"

"Hey girl long time no see! We didn’t know you were coming." Shannon looked up at the smaller woman.

"Yeah I know been busy with that one over there." She pointed to the vicinity of Tara.

"Oh, I can understand why. If I were straight mmm, mm," he looked Tara up and down, " I wouldn’t come out the house either."

Gabrielled giggled. Tara looked down at him with a smirk. "Nice to see you guys too Shannon."

"On the other hand," he looked over at Lil, "I still wouldn’t speak to you!"

Lil laughed, "Oh, yeah I’m hurt. Like I would want a guy that doesn’t reach my chest."

Wayne cackled, "Oooo short jokes. Lil, so nice to see you. Always entertaining, and I see you brought beer too! Oh, my kind of girl!"

Lil filled his mug.

"So I’m assuming you’re staying with your sister? Is the noise getting to you?"

"Huh, what noise?"

Wayne’s eyes sparkled, "You know from the bed rocking all the time!"

"Wayne! Ohh my God!" Gabrielle turned red all the way to the tips of her ears.

Tara laughed and replied, "Tch Wayne, we have the floor, the shower, the couch, even the dining room table. No need for the bed to be always rocking!"

Gabrielle covered her eyes as they all laughed loudly. "Oh my God! You people are so bad! Pour me a beer dammit!"

"Yes, ma’am!" Wayne obliged her.

"We got about an hour before the show starts. What do you guys want to do?" Wayne asked.

"I say we hit the dance floor," replied Shannon.

"Sounds like a plan to me. C’mon T. We’re supposed to be dancing! Shan and Wayne? Lil sandwich."

The two men smiled as they pulled the young woman on the dance floor. Gabrielle could hear Lil’s squeals of laughter from behind her and then her focus changed, being wrapped in Tara’s arms did that to her. They danced slowly to the club music. Their bodies gliding and caressing each other. Green eyes held blue as they moved together. A raven head descended gently kissing her lover’s lips. Gabrielle smiled into the kiss and mouthed, ‘I love you’ as she pulled back. ‘I know,’ Tara mouthed back. They danced to the rhythm in their hearts. Extending the rhythm, Tara began to hum in her love’s ear loud enough for her to hear over the music. The humming turned to singing a soft love song---‘You give me love, love, love, crazy love..’ The younger woman shivered. The moment was perfect.

Soon the show began. Lilian laughed and danced with more than one of the queens, even Jake. The rest of the gang couldn’t tell if she was drunk, uninhibited or if it just ran in the family. Lil scanned the room. The crowd looked as though it hand thinned or filtered to the bar downstairs. She scanned it again and thought she saw a familiar blonde head by the stairs. Yes, it was a very familiar blonde head. She looked back at her friends to see if they were paying attention. They weren’t. Leaning over toward Gabrielle, "I’m gonna go check out the downstairs and use the bathroom."

"Oh, okay."

Lil moved toward the figure standing by the stairs. She stopped when she neared her and gave her a sexy, sultry look, beckoning her to follow with the raise of an eyebrow. Catt smiled back indulgently and followed a fair distance behind. Just watching the younger woman walk, the insistent sway of her hips, was enough to turn the blonde’s blood to fire. The older woman didn’t know if it was the prospect of sneaking around or what, but she felt considerably more uninhibited tonight. Lil stopped at the bar to inquire about where exactly the bathroom was and proceeded toward it. She turned and looked at Caitlin motioning that she would only be a minute. Not actually having to go to the bathroom, the young woman just looked at herself in the mirror. There was something about tonight, she just felt out of control and hungry for one woman in particular. The hyper brunette turned on the tap and ran water over her wrists, trying to soothe her erratic heart beat.

Lil jumped when she heard the click of the knob. Looking back, she saw it turning. "Hey someone’s in here!" ‘Damn,’ she thought, ‘I forgot to lock it.’ The knob continued to turn and revealed a tall, blonde walking through, and with a click, she locked the door behind her. No words were said. Their eyes said enough. The look smoldered between them. They knew that right here, right now –it was time. Caitlin walked slowly, purposely toward the woman standing in front of the sink. Lil whimpered when the older woman stepped so close their bodies touched. Wrapping her arms around the small waist, the blonde deposited Lil on top of the sink. Their eyes never left each other as Catt slowly moved the younger woman’s skirt up past her upper thighs. With this intent, breathing changed becoming deep and audible. Still not saying a word, the older woman captured the hem of panties and stockings and slowly begin tugging them down shaking legs. Lil whimpered, her cry a reverberating echo in the small bathroom.

"You want me."

"Yes, so much."

With that admission, lips crushed together with a mutual cry of pleasure. Mouths opened and explored each other hotly. Tongues danced; moist lips clung, sucked, drank from each other, and swallowed erotic sounds of need. Elegant, long fingered hands caressed and traced creamy thighs, causing the other woman to shudder hard and moan into the mouth of her lover. Those same thighs parted, leaving a wide birth for the tall blonde to stand. Lil was rising higher and higher, reaching the point where thinking was impossible, only feeling existed. Her skin felt hot, tight, and tingly with her blood boiling just below the surface. Heat so intense it flowed through her body, pooling thickly between her legs, making nether lips ache and clit throb in the same rhythm of flicking tongues. Lil arched her hips upward against clothed thighs, trying to create contact. Caitlin obliged. Busy hands moved up soft thighs, over a small waist, and around, cupping naked buttocks. Where there was cold tile against the fleshy globes before, it was replaced with warm, seeking hands. Catt palmed the flesh roughly, kneading it then using it to jerk Lil’s body forward, giving her the contact she craved.

The young woman made a sound of needy contentment in the back of her throat that turned into a hearty cry, as the older woman used the pliant flesh to totally control each thrust. Unable to stand too many intense pleasures at once, Lil tore her mouth away. "Yesss, harder!" Caitlin again gave her what she wanted. Hips meet in a hard grind.

"Is this what you wanted?" The older woman said huskily.

"Unghh, need more."

Caitlin reeled. Never had she been so aroused, so out of control. She wanted to scream her need; she wanted to cry; she wanted to feel. And she did. The younger woman felt so good against her—delectable skin and gentle curves. She wanted to feel said skin, naked against her with her just as naked. With each thrust, the material of her jeans scraped tantalizingly in all the right places over her clit. Just like Lil, she needed more. Backing away from the embrace and protesting hands, the blonde fought to undo the catch on her jeans. Small, curious hands ran over her silk covered torso, trying to keep some kind of contact. Lil pinched and squeezed, erect nipples, longing to taste them. Her head swooped down and she sucked in the silk covered flesh.

Caitlin cried out hoarsely. "Oh fuck! Yess!"

Her hands now shaking considerably as she fumbled with her zipper. The younger woman sucked harder, flicking the erect flesh with her tongue and groaned in erotic satisfaction.

Catt moaned again, louder and longer. "You’re driving me crazy. Want you so much."

Hating to severe the moist, mind-blowing contact, Catt stepped away to hurriedly pull pants and panties down around her calves. She sobbed in triumph as Lil made a cry of protest at the lost nipple. Moving back in, she parted the smooth thighs once more. This time wider.

"Mmm, you’re so wet. I can smell you –almost taste you."

The aroused blonde dipped a finger between the brunette’s thighs, swirling it around throbbing clit and down engorged lips. Lilian bucked and grabbed hold of her forearm, desperate to keep the charged contact. Jerking her arm away, Catt brought the finger back up and slid it into her waiting mouth. She sucked the sweet coating from her digits loudly. Lilian looked mesmerized by the sensual scene. Each suck made her hips buck against a naked thigh causing her to shudder and cry out harshly at the eroticism of the display.

"So good, so sweet. So fucking wet."

Electric tingles shot through the younger woman’s body, and she opened her mouth on a silent cry. Even vulgarity made her body hum with excitement. Still enamoured, Lil watched on as the same fingers disappeared between them again. She waited to fell the pleasurable intrusion, but it never came. The hand moved back up and began tracing her lips. Lil licked her lips and groaned when she tasted what she assumed was Caitlin’s juices on her. She sucked the fingers in deep, cleaning them with her tongue. Catt all but wailed. She couldn’t wait anymore. With her free hand, she rested it on the exposed sink on the side of the brunette. Leaning forward, she put the bulk of her weight on it. Then without warning, slammed her naked hips against the younger woman. The small bathroom was filled with simultaneous cries. Wet nether lips met almost perfectly, and jutting hip bones rubbed against each other, creating an intense friction; hence, an intense pleasure. Catt removed her fingers from their warm cavern and encased trembling thighs, using them to gain more leverage and maneuverability.

"Mmmm so good," Lil rasped out.

With her smaller hands, she groped at the older woman’s naked buttocks, raking blunt fingernails across the flesh, trying to grasp and palm every inch.

"You like it hard like this don’t you?" Caitlin asked through clinched teeth.

A whimper was her only response.

Blue stared into gray, relaying enjoyment, need and continued desire. Their bodies meshed together moistly, quickly, making small, wet smacking sounds in their wake. Sensual grunts and the creaking sink only added to the erotic song. Like their bodies, their lips met and clung. The meeting of bodies was raw, honest, and lusty. There was no room for gentleness only blinding need that needed to satiated. A fine sheen of sweat soaked through their remaining clothing, and dampened bangs. It was too intense; too erotic; too heated to last. With each thrust, the grunts became more pronounced, moans became louder, and Lil was pushed further over the cliff of oblivion. Feeling the orgasm gathering strength from far away, Lil tried to prepare herself by slowing down her body, but her partner was relentless. Like a flash of lightening, it hit her. Her features frozen in a look of pleasure/pain, while her body shuddered and shook violently. "That’s it come for me." The older woman whispered roughly against her lips. All that could be heard was a soft smacking, then suddenly a piercing cry. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure crashed through Lil’s body, collecting and multiplying until it robbed her of breath and sight, leaving only feeling that was white hot in intensity. Her body sagged, permeated by limpness and punctuated by the occasional shudder. She buried her face into Catt’s throat as soft whimpers were torn from her throat.

With one, two, three more thrusts, Caitlin groaned low and long. Fire started from between her legs and radiated outward, shooting through her fingertips. With each extra thrust, she pushed the fire higher, hotter, making her eyes disappear in the back of her head in pure unadulterated pleasure. She couldn’t stop her hips from trembling and shaking uncontrollably. With each tremble, she cried out anew, feeling as though she was being destroyed and remade again and again. On the tale end of pleasure, the tears came, fear came, but peace did not because the ice had melted.

Long minutes later, coherence was re-established. Lil kissed the salty tears falling from her lover’s eyes. Their foreheads met as breathing slowed to normal. Lil smiled shakily, and Catt grinned in return. They said a simultaneous ‘wow,’ and continued to kiss gently. Catt was trying vehemently not to think, for if she did, the fear would spread. Fingertips continued to trace lovingly over cheeks, lips, and necks. "You’re incredible," Catt whispered, "I don’t deserve you."

"I’m yours anyway." Lilian replied.

A persistent knock sounded at the door, and Lilian didn’t see Caitlin beginning to shut down on the inside. They fumbled with their clothing, trying to make themselves decent. "Just a minute."

"Okay, but would you please try to hurry," the stranger replied.

Lil opened the door, and they both went out of it hurriedly. The young woman was very mindful of the stares and tried to hide the blush. She turned to her new lover, "Um, I need to go back upstairs. I don’t want them to worry. Will you stay?"

Catt looked everywhere except for the deep blue eyes in front of her. "Uh, actually I need to go. I got an early start in the morning."

Lil tried to hide her disappointment. "Oh."

"But call me when you get in okay. I want to hear your voice," the last bit was said through clenched teeth, hiding internal anger.

Lil brightened considerably. "Well okay. Whatever is good for you."

The brunette leaned in for a kiss and a hug. Watching the blonde walk out the door, the young woman tried not to notice how cold her new lover’s lips were.

"Hey, I wonder where Lil is she’s been gone for almost thirty minutes?"

"Maybe she’s downstairs talking to somebody Red."

"Maybe –oh here she comes. Hey you. We were starting to get worried."

"Nah, no need. Just made some new friends downstairs."

"Hope you didn’t do like these two did when Gab first came here. When I say they lit up the joint. They lit up the joint. They made everyone feel like they were intruding." Shannon added.

"I second that," Wayne replied.

"Well, I admit that there was almost an immediate attraction, but we were not that bad. Were we?"

Wayne and Shannon nodded their heads. Tara looked at them and nodded hers too. "Hey. You are supposed to be on my side!"

"Hey, I’m just admitting that when you’re around it’s hard for me not to be distracted. I wanted you so much then, and I still do now, even more so."

Silver-blue met green, and the air began to crackle. Tara raised a hand to cup her lover’s cheek then busy fingertips began to trace soft, moist lips. Gabrielle captured them between her teeth, and swirled a strong tongue around them. Tara’s breath quickened, and she leaned in, capturing her lover’s lips, fingers and all. There was a tiny twin whimper then a loud chorus of ‘ahems.’

"Oh my God. Do you see what I mean. It’s like the air changes around them," Shannon exclaimed. "Whew, damned arousing."

Wayne and Lil heads bobbed in agreement. Green and sky blue met. They smirked at each other, and then turned to their friends.

"Okay, point taken. I guess that does happen." Gabrielle conceded.

Lil flushed hotly, remembering what had happened in the bathroom moments before. She could relate, most definitely. She knew the blonde woman cared for her. It was hard to disguise or lie about it in her kiss, her touch. She was at least that confident in what they shared.

"Well gang. It looks like the show is ending, so this is where we part ways. I have to work in the morning," Shannon explained.

"Okay, I think we’re gonna go too. Unless either one of you two want to hang around?"
Lil shook her head no, and Tara yawned. "Okay, I take that as a no. I guess we’ll walk you guys out." They said their good-byes and rode in pleasant silence home.

"Shit, shit, shit!" Gabrielle cried from the bathroom.

"Hey, what’s wrong," Tara asked from the bedroom.

"Ugh, I started my period!" She could hear low laughter coming from the other room. "Are you laughing at me!?"

"No baby. I’m laughing with you. Look, it’s no big deal."

"But, but I wanted to—well you know."

"Crackle some more?"

"Oh, yeah," the strawberry blonde answered through the now open door.

"Baby, I thought we established that we always crackle." She got a sour look. "What I mean is, I get pleasure just from holding you, and I’ll be willing to do so all night."

Five feet five inches of muscled woman almost knocked the taller woman over, in an attempt to hug her. "You are so good to me."

She kissed the smaller woman on the top of the head. "Only because I love you."

Lil let the phone ring and ring, hoping desperately for her new lover to pick up. ‘Maybe she’s in the shower or sleeping. I’ll try back later.’ But, the young woman couldn’t deny the panic seeping into her heart.

Caitlin sat on the couch listening to the blaring ring of the phone. She closed her eyes and knocked back the vodka. ‘I can’t care about her. I can’t afford to. I’m too scared too. It has to stop now.’ So, she watched the ringing phone.

Lil let the phone ring six more times before hanging up. ‘It’s morning. Surely she would have called me. Something must be wrong.’ She picked up the gurgling child off the floor and headed into the living room.

"Hey Gabs? I need to run an errand can you keep an eye on Jamie for me?"

The petite woman looked up from her reading. "Sure. No prob. Uh, Lil if you’re going to see her, it’s okay to say so. I’m not going to bite your head off."

Lil smiled genuinely at the sister and said softly, "I’m going to see Caitlin."

Gabrielle smiled back enjoying the warm glow on her sister’s face. "Kay, see you in a couple of hours."

Lil knocked on the door, almost beating it. It was snatched open, and the younger woman smiled. The smile abruptly died when she saw the usually elegant blonde’s disheveled appearance.

"Why are you here? I didn’t call you."

Lil flinched. "Uh, are you alright. I was worried and—"

"Don’t worry about me little girl. Us grown ups do just fine."

Possessing a boldness she didn’t feel at the moment, the younger woman pushed her way in. "Why are you acting like this. It’s not you. At least it’s not you with me."

"You don’t know a damn thing about me. We’ve only known each other for a week," Catt said scathingly, "and you let me fuck you."

Lil’s breath caught. "Please don’t do this to us. Please. I know you care. Please let yourself care."

The older woman’s resolve weakened a bit. She wanted to take this woman into her arms, and tell her it was all a lie. The fear came back, staggering her. "No, little girl. You were just a hot fuck. A very hot fuck. I never told you that I wanted a relationship—never told you this would last beyond my stay here. Poor naïve thing. You read more into this."

Lilian sobbed. "I love you. Did you hear me?!"

Caitlin’s insides shook with the stress she was putting them through. "Go home Lilian," she said softly, "your sister was right about me. You should have listened." When the younger woman didn’t move, Catt launched her drinking glass across the room. It crashed mere inches from the brunette. "I said GO HOME!"

Lil started to shake and sob at the same time. Blindly, she headed for the door and ran down the corridor to the elevator. She didn’t get to see the blonde sob into the now quite room and fall on her knees to the floor.

Lilian drove around for what seemed like hours. Her insides felt ripped out and her heart was numb. She was so sure that she cared. Every touch seemed to scream it and every kiss magnify it. She felt so numb, but, the pain was coming. She could feel it far off moving closer with each beat of her heart like waves to the shore. Parking the car on the side of the rode, she screamed in rage, in pain, in love, and in fear. Her hands beat against the steering wheel, hoping one physical pain would erase another. She had no such luck. She screamed until her throat was raw, and pounded until her hands could barely make fists. Only then did she drive home to see her sister. To tell her she was right.

Gabrielle and Tara sat on the carpet playing with an excited Jamie. "Your mommy will be here in a few minutes, and she will be so happy that you were so good."


The door opened, and Gabrielle looked up smiling at her entering sister. Her smile fell as she took in Lil’s ashen features. She could tell she had been crying. The tracks were barely dry in her make up. She looked closely and noticed that the younger woman was shaking also. Gabrielle looked over at Tara, who got up to guide the obviously upset woman to the couch. Tara took her hand and immediately felt the swollen tissue. "Lil, honey? Can you tell us what’s wrong?" Lilian turned deep blue to silver-blue. Tara had never seen such a look of profound sadness. It made her want to look away. "It’s Caitlin isn’t it? She hurt you." The brunette began to laugh. It was a pained laugh and as abruptly as it started, it stopped. Sad eyes looked over at Gabrielle, and her mouth opened as if to speak.

Softly she said, "You were right." Again, she said it louder. "You were right!" The next time she screamed it. "YOU WERE RIGHT!"

Painful sobs wracked her body. Jamie started to scream, knowing her mother was upset. Lil cooed at her child, picked her up, and without a word left the room.

Tara looked at her lover, seeing the usually warm green glow turn icy and hard.

"I’m going over there. She has to pay for this."

Tara grabbed her hand. "I’m going with you." Gabrielle nodded her head in silent agreement.

They beat on the door for long minutes before the woman answered. She looked at them, trying to feign amusement.

"What do ya wan?" Her voice was slurred. It was obvious that she was drunk, very drunk. Gabrielle pushed her way in. "Ya not goin to throw nothin gain are ya?" The smaller woman looked to her lover for help.

Tara’s voice was low and menacing. "You hurt her, and you have no idea how much. You’ve ruined her. Why do you hate yourself so much that you’ve got to destroy others?"

"Get outta my room. You don’t know wha you talking bout!"

"Just shut up. SHUT UP!" Gabrielle shouted, shaking with controlled anger. "If you know what’s good for you. You will pack up your things and leave as soon as possible or I will make your life more of a hell than it is already. Do you hear me!"

The older woman’s eyes grew big. She wanted so much to tell them that she did care for Lil; that she wanted her; needed her; but feared her. However, she could not. Closing her eyes, she could see deep blue sparkle in passion, in laughter, in pain and in anger. With a deep shuddering breath, "Fine." She said quietly.

Gabrielle’s steam defused somewhat with the woman’s surrender. She looked at Tara searching for understanding. The raven-haired woman looked back at her just as confused.

"Can you leave now please. I’ll be gone by tomorrow. The convention is ending."

Not waiting for a reply, the blonde walked slowly back to her bedroom. Tara took Gabrielle’s hand and led her out the door. They looked at each other still puzzled. It wasn’t until the ride home that the pieces slipped into place. "She loves her," Gabrielle said quietly, "but she’s scared. I could see the fear in her eyes."

"I think you’re right. Christmas is going to be a bitch."

More to come soon.

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