And One To Grow On

By: Candace Chellew

Usual disclaimers apply .. X and G aren't mine, but it's sure fun borrowing them for various compromising positions, from which I make no profit!

PORN WARNING: There be sex ahead of the same sex variety.

CORN WARNING: While I hope some parts of this "plot, what plot?" story makes you moan, I guarantee the last scene will make you groan. But, I couldn't resist the easy joke ... so sue me ... what do you expect from free entertainment? Quality? As if ...

DEDICATION/EXPLANATION: This story came into being by special request <um, direction ... er ... order> by my wonderful girlfriend, Blade.

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The warm glow produced by the conglomeration of candles danced around the room, creating and destroying shadows as the small flames flickered in the slight breeze journeying through the open window.

Bubbles broke the still calm of the water that soon churned violently as a blond haired head burst through the surface.

"Ahhh!" Gabrielle wiped the water from her eyes and arched her neck as she slicked her hair back. She smiled slyly and cut a glance to her left. "Thank you, Xena," she cooed with delight as she relaxed against the edge of the hot tub.

An eyebrow arched on the water-dappled forehead of the warrior. "For what?"

"Oh, c'mon," Gabrielle rolled her eyes, "don't play dumb with me. It was your idea all along, wasn't it? And a great one, too, I must say."

Xena narrowed her eyes and briefly relished the site of the swell of her lover's breasts as they floated just at the surface of the water before dragging herself back to the perplexing conversation. "Gabrielle, I don't mind being thanked for having ideas that make you happy, but I have no idea what you're talking about."

Xena was captivated as Gabrielle's nipples briefly peeked from the water as she breathed a heavy sigh. "The birthday party, Xena."

The warrior tore her eyes away from curves that held her attention and tried to focus on the words that had been spoken. "The … " she began, waiting for the words to click in her brain. "Birthday party."

She had finally completed the thought and was working out its meaning when Gabrielle moved to sit in front of the warrior. "Yes," she whispered, moving closer to Xena, "the birthday party." Gabrielle was now nose to nose with her companion. "Thank you for the birthday party, Xena," she looked her lover in the eye before claiming her lips in a long, warm kiss.

Xena was breathless when the kiss broke. She ran her thumb over the bard's lips and smiled. "If this is how you thank me, you can have one every day if you want."

Gabrielle smiled back. "I like seeing all those people from time to time," she captured the warrior's thumb in her mouth and sucked it briefly before taking the big callused hand in her own. "But, if we celebrate my birthday every day, I think I'd prefer a private celebration."

"Really?" Xena chuckled softly.

"Really," came the answer and another searing series of kisses.

The heat between warrior and bard rose as the kisses turned into a passionate battle for control. It was Xena who finally ended the war, pulling away from her lover's mouth. A small sigh of disappointment escaped Gabrielle's lips, making the warrior smile in triumph.

"Y'know," she breathed into Gabrielle's ear as she pressed her close, "there's a little Amphipolis birthday custom that I haven't shown you yet."

"Mmm?" the bard was only half listening as she contented herself to suck and nibble at the warrior's neck.

Xena's reply was almost forgotten as the sweet sensation of Gabrielle's teeth and lips dancing across the sensitive flesh of her neck shot tingles down her back. The bard moaned with delight as the warrior relaxed into her mouth and breathed a contented sigh. The bard's moan brought Xena back to herself and she remembered the plans she was making for her lover. The beginnings of a feral smile danced on Xena's lips. She grasped the bard by her hair and forced her away from her neck. A surprised yelp from the bard brought Xena to a full smile.

Gabrielle struggled to get out of the warrior's grasp when her lover kissed her roughly. She fought the hard kiss for a moment, then gave in to the demanding tongue and teeth that sweetly tortured her mouth.

When Xena finally released her from the bruising kiss, she tried to regain her breath. "Is that the old Amphipolis custom?"

"Nope," the warrior smiled wildly. She stood and picked the bard up out of the water, which cascaded down Xena's strong, tanned legs as she stepped from the tub.

Gabrielle smiled as the warrior headed toward the bed. She had hoped Xena would top her birthday party off this way … just the two of them in a long, luxurious night of lovemaking. She closed her eyes and waited to be lowered onto the bed.

Her eyes shot open in surprise when Xena stopped short and stood her upright only inches from the bed.

"Xena … " she began to protest, only to be cut short by another passionately forceful kiss.

The warrior broke the kiss and stepped back from her bard, who now found her legs to be considerably wobbly. "Don't move," she ordered as she stretched herself out on the bed.

Gabrielle feasted her eyes upon the lithe, yet muscular form of her lover, starting at the strong feet, calves, thighs, then trim waist. Her eyes narrowed as she finished her survey of the warrior's tanned landscape feasting on the beautiful breasts and neck that now arched back. Xena's mouth was half open, here eyes heavily lidded as she ran a hand down the curves that Gabrielle had already traced with her hungry eyes.

The bard swallowed hard against the dryness in the back of her throat. She tried to collect her thoughts but found them scattered in the slight breeze that blew through the room. The warrior's hand paused long enough to play with one of her own nipples, teasing it into stiff alertness. Gabrielle moaned at the display, bringing a smile from warrior. Xena's hand continued its travel … too slowly for Gabrielle … who chewed her lower lip in frustrated anticipation. Xena's long fingers finally found the spot they had searched for. A hiss of satisfaction from the warrior signaled the exact moment. It was followed almost immediately be a small groan of frustration from Gabrielle, who found her own hands suddenly wanting to be busy. She reached for herself only to be stopped by the low voice of her lover. "I told you not to move."

Gabrielle froze, unable to tear her eyes away from the warrior's slowly moving hand … trying desperately to keep her own twitching digits from disobeying a direct order. She watched intently as the talented hands of her lover slowly withdrew from the place Gabrielle most wanted to be at the moment. Xena sat up and stood before her bard, giving her a gentle kiss. Gabrielle closed her eyes and opened herself to her lover, only to find the taste in her mouth change. She realized Xena had removed her mouth and inserted her still wet fingers. Gabrielle relished the familiar taste of her lover and sucked hard at the offering until Xena withdrew her fingers.

"Mmm," Gabrielle sighed, then looked quizzically at her friend. "This can't be that old Amphipolis custom. Or else birthdays are everybody's favorite day. This is better than a million solstice presents."

Xena allowed a low chuckle to rumble through her lips. "No," she smiled at her lover. "We're getting to the custom. Right now."

The warrior slowly lowered herself to the edge of the bed and patted her legs as an invitation. Gabrielle hesitated for a moment, unsure of what her lover wanted. She slowly approached and Xena took her hand, turning her to the side … then motioning again toward her lap. "C'mon, Gabrielle, put yourself across my lap," the warrior instructed, bending her bard at the waist and helping her over her knees.

Once the bard was draped over Xena's legs she began to have second thoughts. "Xena, I … " she began.

"Shhh," the warrior cooed as she ran her hands down the soft cheeks of Gabrielle's bottom, sending jolts of pleasure through the bard. "I have to explain this custom to you, because you've got to do something for me while I'm doing it, okay?"

"'kay," Gabrielle answered slowly, enjoying the soft massage the warrior was giving her now throbbing posterior.

"In Amphipolis," Xena began to explain, "it's customary that the birthday boy or girl be given a spanking. One lick for each year."

The bard slowly registered the warrior's words and panic crossed her face. "Oh, no!" she struggled to extricate herself from Xena's lap.

A stinging slap to one of Gabrielle's cheeks stopped her writhing. At first it was the shock that stopped her cold, then it was the warm sensation of the warrior's hand still on her butt that shot a jolt of pleasure through her body.

"And that one didn't count," Xena informed her in a low voice.

Gabrielle realized that resistance was futile. "Okay," she gave a resigned sigh. "What do I have to do?"

"Count," Xena said simply, before raising her hand and striking the bard again.

Gabrielle jumped from the impact and let out hiss of breath.

"Out loud, Gabrielle," the warrior commanded.

"One," the bard whispered.

"Louder," Xena growled as her hand again made contact with the soft flesh.

"Two," Gabrielle gasped, louder this time.

Xena smiled. "Very good."

"Three!" Gabrielle screamed as the warrior's palm found its mark again.

She was having trouble concentrating as the pain in her backside resulted in a wonderful tingling sensation between her legs. As the next hits came she focused hard at feeling the painful burning of her behind turn into the sweet burning between her legs. She counted each stroke aloud just as she was instructed … but was now totally lost in the feeling of the warrior's hand as it struck her, only wanting to feel it again. 'Gods, if I were only older,' she thought ruefully as she neared the end of the count.

Xena watched with satisfaction as the tanned skin of her bard's ass turned a rosy red from the luscious torture she inflicted. With each stroke she let her hand linger a little longer on each cheek. Dipping a finger into the crevice of her lover's bottom with each stroke, teasing the bard with more to come.

When Gabrielle had finally shouted out her age, the warrior slowly massaged the glowing red cheeks and relished the heat that rose from lover's ass. Gabrielle was panting softly from the exhaustion of the sweet spanking and Xena could feel her lover's wetness on her legs. Xena had wanted to take the next part slowly but found she couldn't wait any longer. She desperately searched the room for just the tool she need for her next move. Her eyes found it, and she smiled. Grabbing it she ran her hand over the wood. 'Just the right size,' she mused happily, 'and no splinters. Very good.'

She returned her gaze to her lover's ass. She bent down and kissed the hot, red cheeks, and invaded the crevice with her tongue. Gabrielle moaned at the contact and rose to meet the warrior's searching tongue. Xena found her mark and made lazy circles around it, taking in the scent that could only be Gabrielle.

Xena pulled back and inserted a finger into Gabrielle's ass, fully appreciating the long moan it produced from her lover. She slowly worked the digit back and forth, bringing more noises of ecstasy. She smiled as she brought her improvised sex toy into the mix. Gabrielle gasped with surprise at the smooth stiffness that invaded her, backing herself into as much as she could. Xena teased her with it, refusing to give Gabrielle as much as she wanted, making her writhe uncontrollably on Xena's lap, trying to get ultimate contact with the object. Her grunts of frustration only made the warrior smile. She reached around and took a nipple between her fingers. She rolled her prize hard, and Gabrielle sucked in a pained breath. At that moment, Xena gave Gabrielle what she wanted, driving the wooden phallus deep within her. The bard yelped in pain and pleasure, taking the full measure into herself over and over again.

Gabrielle soon began to lose all her senses as she focused on the one place where her nerve endings were most sensitive. The room began to spin as she felt herself headed for her climax. She pushed hard against the stiff object, exploding with a cry as her orgasm took her. She was exhausted but not finished as she rocked herself to yet another mind-blowing pinnacle. She desperately wanted to continue but her body revolted … slumping uselessly in the warrior's lap.

Xena ran her hands over the bard's back and behind, whispering nonsense phrases to her lover. Gabrielle grimaced as the warrior slowly withdrew from her, but continued the soothing massage.

"Thwack!" The warrior brought her palm down hard against Gabrielle's butt eliciting a sharp cry that brought the bard swiftly back to reality. "What was that for?"

"That's one to grow on," Xena smiled with satisfaction as she gathered the bard into her arms.


"Listen, there it is again," Minya and Autolycus put down their mugs and cocked their heads. They had been sitting in the tavern most of the evening talking and eating, but they kept hearing strange noises.

"I heard it," Autolycus scratched his head.

"Do you think it's the ghost of that bounty hunter Argo killed?" Minya's eyes went wide as she laid a hand on the thief's forearm.

Autolycus pondered the question and placed a reassuring hand over Minya's. "No," he shook his head slowly, and patted her hand, "unless she's trying to learn her numbers, no, I don't think it's that at all."

"Then what is it?" Minya breathed.

They both jumped as they heard the noise again, then silence.

"It's a mystery," he wrinkled his brow and stroked his mustache.

The noises died down for a little while and they went back to their conversation. Soon, though, they heard a familiar voice crying out in what seemed to be ecstasy. Then silence.

Minya and Autolycus exchanged worried glances. Then the thief smiled and snapped his fingers. "I've got it!"

"What?" Minya said breathlessly. "What was it?"

"It was Xena, in the bedroom," he wiggled his eyebrows. "With the candle stick."


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