Violent Content Warning: This story does contain scenes of a violent nature.

Sexual and Alternative Content Warning: This story also contains scenes of a sexual nature between two women. This story is not for those under the age of eighteen.

Uber Warning: This story is an uber. The two characters are based off of the leading ladies of XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS.

Author’s Notes: This is my second installment to my ‘Arresting Behavior’ series. I’d like to thank my friend Terri for her help. All POSITIVE comments are welcome. Negatives I simply ignore. Send your thoughts to startrek@ellijay.com.

Arresting Behavior-Rookie Year

Part 2

"Stabbed Through the Heart"

By: Teagen2


I saw the flash of silver. It was a blade. The hand that reached for my gun suddenly became part of that blade. As I reflexively cradled my hand, with the hilt still within it, Randy attacked Rico. Rolling Rico over and cuffing him roughly, he said, "Don’t ever touch my partner, Man." I moved away from the two men as my vision began to blur. I looked down at my hand and couldn’t believe there was a knife in it. Randy all but threw Rico into the back of the cruiser. "Dispatch. 10-18 Officer down! Requesting ambulance at Ralston and Rhodes.......Gabby," He moved around to me and looked down at my hand. "Oh shit. Here...sit." He coaxed me down onto the curb. "I’m sorry, Kid. This is all my fault."

"You sound like, Ze." I chuckled as tears stung my eyes. "Man, she’s gonna kill me." I started to cry. The sirens in the distance were getting louder.

"She’ll have to go through me first." he smiled. "I need my partner." I looked up at him and smiled.



"What do ya have?" the EMT asked as he approached.

"She got stabbed in the hand." I’m glad Randy was talking for me because I didn’t know how many words I could string together.

"What’s your name?"

"Gabby. Ahhhhh." I hissed as he turned my injured hand over, looking for an exit wound and finding none.

"Didn’t go all the way through. Okay Gabby," he began as he started to pack gauze around the knife. "Let’s go." He helped me to my feet.

"Randy, can you call Zena for me?"

"Sure. I’ll be by to check on ya in a bit as soon as I get ‘Him’ booked." I nodded.




"Hi, Zena Walker?"

"Yeah?" I didn’t recognize the voice of the caller.

"I’m Randy Madison, Gabby’s partner." I stood up, causing my dinner to go to the floor.

"Is she okay?" Oh gods no.

"Well, she got stabbed in the hand and they took her to St. John’s. She’s fine. Gabby’s talking and everything. Don’t worry."

"Uhhhh. Thanks for calling. Could you tell her I’ll be there as soon as I can?"

"Will do.....Zena?"


"She’s a great kid. You are one lucky woman."

"I know, Randy." I smiled, despite the situation. I hung up and grabbed my keys. Kid? Must be some guy to get away with that description.



St. John’s was in Santa Monica. It wasn’t a long trip thank goodness. Flashing my badge, I was able to go back and find her. "Hey, Baby." I saw her sitting up with a gauze wrapped hand. A man stood up who had previously been talking to her.

"Hey, Ze." she said sadly.

"Hi. I’m Randy Madison." We shook hands.

"Zena Walker. Thanks for taking care of Gabby."

"Really didn’t do a good job of that." he gestured.

"Randy, it wasn’t your fault. It was Rico’s."

"Rico? The guy who....." A quick look silenced me.


Any further conversation was halted by the arrival of the attending physician. "Gabby, the knife didn’t go all the way through your hand...obviously." she smiled as she unwrapped the bandage. "We are gonna give you an anesthetic and then remove this thing. Be right back."

"Well I better get back in service. Bye Gabby." He caressed her shoulder. "I’ll call you at home."

"Alright.....Randy? Thanks for pulling him off of me."

"No sweat." I watched him until he disappeared.

"You guys are getting close huh?" I smiled.

"Somebody jealous?" she quipped.



"Oookkay. Gabby, Just relax." The nurse injected something into her hand as I held the other. She squeezed mine for a split second when the needle was extracted. "You both cops?" She made idle chit chat as she did her prep. "Noticed your bomber jacket." She motioned to the emblem of LAPD on my right breast.

"Yep. I work for L.A, Gabby works for Santa Monica." I smiled. I could tell Gabby, for once, wasn’t in the mood to talk. She smiled sweetly at me as I conversed with the MD

"Cool. Must make life interesting."

"Oh we have our moments." I chuckled. I was deliberately not telling her Gabby was a rookie. I know she appreciates it.


"Can you feel this?" The doc poked her injured hand near the knife.


"Here?" She repeated on the other side.


"Ooookkkaayy. Your gonna feel just a bit of pressure, but no pain." I reached over and pulled Gabby’s face towards me so she couldn’t see the knife being extracted. The moment the doctor pulled, Gabby squeezed her eyes tightly shut. "There. Its out." The nurse next to her took the weapon and laid it on a toweled tray.

"Blade is bigger than I thought." I said softly to Gabby. "Must have fat hands." I joked. Luckily, I got a smile.


"Gabby, we’re going to irrigate the wound and then we’re gonna stitch you up. According to your x-ray, it didn’t do any major damage. More or less a flesh wound." Gabby nodded as she watched the doctor flush out the hole that now existed in her hand.

"Wiggle your fingers for me, Gabby.....Good." The doctor flattened out her hand and placed a blue sheet over her wound with a small hole in it. Oh boy, here comes the fun part. "Turn your head to the right and look at Zena while I do this."

We spoke in hushed tones and whispers as the two meds worked on her hand. Her mood was not the best it has ever been, that’s for sure."



It wasn’t long before I was allowed to go home. Thank the gods, because I hate hospitals. "Why don’t you just say it Ze?"

"Say what?" she said questioningly.

"I got hurt, just like you said I would."

"Gabby..." Zena sighed. "I told you I accepted that you wanted to be a cop. I meant it."

"I think the only reason you can understand is because I’m doing exactly to you what you did to your dad."

She pulled her jeep into the nearest parking lot and turned off the engine. She turned in her seat to face me fully. "You’re right. I don’t want you out in this madness. That’s why I begged you to come live with me. I wanted you away from this street....bullshit." she gestured sadly.

"And I go right back in it." I finished for her. She sat back and closed her eyes.

"You’ve been through so much Gabrielle," I hated when she used my real name. That meant only one thing, she was genuinely upset. "and I give you everything...love, safety. Yet you take the first opportunity to go right back out here." Her voice was quivering with emotion. Seems I’m not only one that keeps things bottled up.

"Are you saying I’ll loose your love?"

"Never." she said immediately.

"Zena, I love you but you can’t tell me what to do. I found something that I like to do. Why take that away from me? Are you afraid this..." I gestured at my uniform. "will replace you?" Her silence said it all. "Why would you think that?"

"Because it replaced my mom!!!!" she yelled. "I grew up without my mom because he loved the job more than he loved her." She wiped the one tear that managed to fall.

"You know that’s not true, Ze. Your mom walked out on her six year old daughter and NEVER looked back. It had nothing to do with the job. I’m sure that was only part of the problem." She made eye contact with me. I could see the deep thinking going on behind those sky blue eyes. "No job will ever replace you in my heart and I hope it will never replace me in yours."

"Never." she whispered. "Why Gabby? Why go out and see this fucked up shit everyday?"

"Why do you?" I said softly. She smiled for the first time and wordlessly started the jeep. Before she shifted into drive, she reached for me. I instantly enveloped her. I know Ze will not get used to this easily, but at least we cleared the air a little.



"How’s your hand?" she asked as I crawled into bed.

"Aches a little." Ze adjusted the comforter over both of us.

"Took that medicine they gave you?"

"Yep." I lowered my head to her shoulder.

"How long is your leave?"

"Don’t have one. I’m shifting departments tomorrow. I’m working with Simmons in filing."

"Ohhhh what fun." she drawled.

"Do I detect a hint of sarcasm?"

"No, you detect quite a bit of sarcasm." she yawned.

"Sorry I drug you out tonight."

"Hey...." She rubbed my back until I raised my head. "If you need me, I’m gonna come running regardless. You know that right?"

"Yeah." I smiled and repositioned my head on her chest.


"Mmmmmm." I heard the wince in her voice.

"What is it, Ze?" I lifted my head to see her pained expression.

"Nothing. Just a cramp in my leg."

"Do you want me to move?"

"No, Baby. You’re okay." she whispered as her eyes started to drift shut.



I awoke alone. I rolled over and grabbed my leg as a sudden pain hit. Shaking it off, I turned and looked at the clock. Five. I slowly stood and limped into the living room. Gabby was sitting at my computer engrossed in a chat room it would seem. "Hey. Did I wake I you?"

"My leg did." I dropped onto the couch. She quickly typed something and left the computer.

"Can I get you an aspirin or something?"

"Please." I said as I rubbed my temples. She walked into the kitchen and returned with a glass of water and two pills.

"Here ya go, Sweetie." She watched me intently as I swallowed the pills.

"Thanks." I croaked after downing several sips of water.

"Come on. Let’s go back to bed." Gabby reached her hand out and helped me stand.



"I’m gone, Gabby." I kissed her tenderly as she played her new computer game.

"Bye, Zena. Love you.....Be careful." she said without taking her eyes away from the

monitor. I chuckled softly.

"Love you, too."



"Hey Zena." I rolled my eyes. This new officer in our division was driving me crazy.

"Hi, Tori." I sighed, placing the file folder back in the drawer. As luck would have it, I’m responsible for ‘breaking her in’ to Crash. Well it is my department, but this one was giving me the creeps. "Ready to check my reports?" she smiled.

"Sure." I walked over to my desk and sat down. Tori dropped the report in front of me and went to stand over my left shoulder, a little too close. She dropped her head right next to mine as I read over her work. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt a hand on my opposite shoulder.

"Are you busy tonight, Sarge?"

"Yep." I said, continuing to read.

"I was just wondering because I have two tickets to the Smashmouth concert on the Santa Monica pier." She dropped her voice an octave. "I know you are....different." Her meaning was not lost on me.

"Yeah I’m gay. If that’s what ya mean." I deliberately said it a little louder than necessary, hoping to scare her off. Seemingly uneffected by the topic, I continued to read. Tori, however, became a little uncomfortable.

"I uhhhh I was just suggesting that if ya wanted we could......"

"I love Smashmouth." I commented, placing the paper back in her hand. "Can I bring my girlfriend?" I said, letting the smile drain from my face into a serious expression.

"You’re involved?"

"Yes, over eight months."

"I thought that......"

"You thought wrong." I cut her off. "So, I won’t speak of it again if I were you."

"You guys dating or what?" Tori asked smugly.

"I don’t recall that being any of your business, Officer Devin. Get back to work."


I couldn’t believe the nerve of that woman. She made a direct pass at her superior officer. Not that it hasn’t happened before to me, but now its different. I’m with Gabby. It seems more, unnerving somehow. How am I gonna keep my cool around her?



It was almost time for my lunch break. Man, I’ve been in the office all day. Not once did I set foot in my cruiser. Luckily Tori was paired up with Logan today. Every conversation with her was turning into a contest of patience. I wanted to tear her head off. Earlier she had the nerve to once again ask me to the stupid concert. "Hi, Sarge." Ohhhhh great. I put my head in my hands and prayed she would go away. Of course, she didn’t. "Wanna have lunch at Pete’s? I’ll buy."

"No thanks."

"Ahhh come on. I just wanna make up for what I said earlier. I understand your taken. Its important to trust your fellow officers to watch your back, right? I just want to get to know you a little better. That’s all."

"Alright, but I buy my own food."

"Fine by me."




"Hey Burns." I said I recognized the officer.

"Gabby!! Hey. How are ya? Heard you got Santa Monica? I was hoping you’d work for us." he smiled.

"Someday. Just not right now. Zena out?"

"Yeah she went to lunch with Tori Devin." an officer chimed in. My brows immediately formed a questioning expression.

"New transfer." Burns answered. That was strange. Zena never ‘goes’ to lunch. Hell, I can barely get her to eat lunch.

"Tell her I came by. I gotta shift to get to soon anyway."

"Okay. Come back now."

"I will. See ya."



I was beat when I got home. Paperwork was boring, just like Zena said. My hand kept falling asleep on me. I closed the door and saw her sitting on the couch, stroking Ares’ head. "Hey, how was your night?"

"What are you doing up?" I asked as I removed my jacket and gun belt.

"I was talking to Tori."


"The same Tori you had lunch with this afternoon?"

"Yeah...How’d you know about that?" Well, she wasn’t hiding anything.

"I came by. You said for me to stop by before I left for work."

"Ohhhhh baby I’m sorry. I forgot."

"Its okay. So, you guys getting on good huh?"

"Well at first she seemed really annoying, but talking with her I realize we have a lot in common." I kicked off my shoes and moved towards her.

"Such as?" I sat down propping my sock clad feet in her lap. Zena instantly began to massage them.

"We both went to the same academy. We both bike patrolled the pier at one point." The last one she said I couldn’t make out.

"What did you say?" I asked.

"I said, we’re both...gay."

"Oh. Well, that’s neat." I lamely commented. "Guess what?"


"Randy asked the lieutenant if we could be partnered together permanently."

"Well, Randy is obviously a smart guy. Knows good partners when he sees them. What did your lieutenant say?"

"He said okay."

"Do you like working with him?"

"Yeah. We’re both talkers so there’s no way we can get bored."

"Cool." she smiled. "How long before you go back to active duty?"

"Two, three days......Well I’m going to get some sleep."

"I’ll be in as soon as the X-Files are over."

"The truth is out there, Ze." I chuckled. "Night, Sweetheart."


"Good night." I watched her disappear through the door. I rubbed my aching thigh, trying to relieve the tension. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I was up because I was in pain. I called Tori just to kill time. Maybe I was wrong about her. I sighed to myself. She’s really not so bad.



The captain appeared in front of me with Tori as I looked through my mail. "Walker, take Devin out for a narc run. Show her the spots."

"Yes sir." I got Tori and we proceeded to Fowler and Giller for her first narc run.



"Alright. A narc run is short for ‘narcotics run’." I told her as we rounded Fowler. "We cruise the heavy dealing areas trying to catch them in the act. There are two groups to be concerned with, The Hell Cats and the Southside Switches."

"Rivals or allies?" she asked.

"Rivals, BIG rivals." I smiled. "Its hard to spot activity, but if you do: radio dispatch with the location. Only give chase if they scatter. ALWAYS grab the dealer. Don’t worry about the lookouts or the buyers. You need the goods."

"Got it."

"Now let’s see if we can’t catch these bad guys." I laughed.



I walked into Crash and looked for Ze. She was sitting at her desk, feet elevated to the desktop talking to a brown haired woman. "Zena."

"Hey." she smiled. I walked around her desk and gave her a peck on the cheek. "You off today. Babe?" she asked.


"Tori, this is my girlfriend Gabby. Gabby, Tori Devin."

"Hi, so nice to meet you." Her smile was as fake as her breasts....Bimbo. I saw the predatory gleam that was just behind her eyes. Zena was clearly clueless.

"Hi." I said nonchalantly. I draped my arm around her shoulders and kissed her soundly on the mouth. ‘My woman, Bitch’ My eyes sent out the signal. I normally don’t judge people this harshly, but my stomach twisted in knots the minute I laid eyes on the two of them together.

"Tori’s joining us for dinner, if that’s okay?"

"Sure whatever." Ahhhhhhhh.

‘Gabby. Calm down. Jealously is all I detect’ Great Gabrielle’s giving me advice now. This is going to be one hell of a dinner.


Zena talked to Tori like she was her best friend. Yet, they just met four days ago. Maybe Gabrielle’s right. I’m just jealous. They do have a lot in common. I watched as the two sat and conversed about something police related. I really didn’t care to listen. Tori reached up and tucked Ze’s hair behind her ear. Okkkkkaaayyy. She wants to play games huh? Well, I have a feeling Ze is going get a serious wake up call. Grabbing her by the back of the neck I pulled her mouth to mine in a very wet and passionate kiss. She stiffened in the beginning, but soon relaxed and forgot we had a audience. Having staked my claim to these lips, I released them and walked back to the computer and sat down.

"Does she always do that?" Tori whispered. I could see Ze wipe her lips slowly, almost in shock, in the reflection off the monitor.

"Uhhhhhh. Yeah. Pretty much."

"A little young for you isn’t she?" she whispered, thinking I couldn’t here her. Ahhh so I was right. Tori is after my woman.

"No, she’s eight years younger than me." Ze said matter-of-factly.

"To each is own." From what I gathered Tori was at least three years older than Zena. As the topic moved off of me, I surfed the net.



I didn’t know what possessed Gabby to make her stake her claim on me today. My guess is she’s got a case of the green-eyed monster. I’m glad she loves me enough to show it. I can’t blame her. I guess I would act the same way if the situation were reversed, but Tori is definitely not my type. I have all I need right here at home. No need to shop somewhere else. Still its nice to be ‘staked out’ though.

"Hey Gabby. Tori’s got tickets to the Smashmouth concert Friday. You off?"

"No. I have to work security there."

"Why didn’t so say something. I love Smashmouth."

"I know, Baby." I sighed. "I wanted to surprise you."

"Surprise me?" I asked confused.

"Every officer gets backstage passes. I thought you could come and stand with me...if you wanted."


"No, no. You go with Tori. You have a better view in the audience." Somehow, I don’t think she was happy with that idea. It was plain to see.

"Hon, I didn’t know you were going. If you want me to...."

"Zena. I really don’t like Smashmouth very much. I’m more of a Kid Rock, Korn type of person. You go with Tori. I’ll meet ya afterwards."

"Are you sure?"

"Zena, just go."

"No Gabby. I wanna be with you. Tori’s gonna go with or without me."

"Here." she reached into her jacket that was draped over the couch. She pulled out two passes. "Take’em. You guys can meet me later."


"No arguments. Take them or don’t go. I don’t care." She left me holding them as she went towards the bedroom.



"Ze, I can’t wait for this concert. Its gonna rock." Tori bubbled as I tried to work on my latest case.

"Tori....I don’t mean to sound rude, but don’t shorten my name. Its what Gabby calls me."

"Pet name or something? Whatever." she shrugged. "So, Gabby comin’ or not?"

"She’s working as security. I told her I’d met her in the back."

"I thought you were coming with me Zena." I looked up to see a disappointed look on her face.

"I don’t know, Tori. She’s got two backstage passes...."

"Awesome." she smiled. I sighed. To me, it was a harmless concert. Gabby made it quite clear last night she did not like Tori in the least. What am I to do? If I go, she’ll be upset. If I don’t go, she’ll be upset. Sigh.

"I’m not sure I’m gonna go at all, Tori." I said sadly.

"Come on Zena." She lowered her mouth closer to my face. "If your girlfriend can’t trust you to go to a stupid concert, maybe you should look into other options." What’s with people walking away from me like an ultimatum?



It was during the second set, Tori wanted to go backstage. I was anxious to see Gabby. I hadn’t seen her since ten this morning. We walked together backstage. The music was deafening, even back here. We passed two officers on our way to Gabby’s checkpoint. Suddenly Tori tripped on a loose cable. She grabbed at my black silk shirt, ripping the top. "Shit." I cursed as I looked down at the now ruined garment.

"Sorry." she smiled. I just looked at her.

"Don’t worry about it. Come on." I motioned. We were almost to Gabby’s checkpoint when Tori suddenly grabbed my jacket, stopping me.



I was relieved of my checkpoint. Now I was free to roam or go home. All I could think about was Ze and Tori together. I know I have to trust Zena. I KNOW she loves me. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for her. I’d be dead. I owe her EVERYTHING. I rounded the corner and stopped dead in my tracks. OH GODS!!

Tori had a Zena pressed against the wall, with her hands under her shirt, which was ripped at the top, exposing the very top of her breasts. My heart was stabbed and torn in two at the sight that was now burned into my mind.


To Be Continued...........


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