By Mavis Applewater

September 2002

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Thanks to my beta reader Joanne.

As always, this is for Heather.


Part One

Celeste Devon looked around her apartment and scowled. While being sequestered away in the motel in Malden, dust had settled, the plants had died, and there was a nasty smell coming from the refrigerator. "This is bad," she grumbled, feeling exhaustion overwhelm her. Her dream woman was coming over and her once pristine home resembled a hovel. She tossed her suitcase in the bedroom, changed into a comfortable pair of worn Levis and a T-shirt, and began to scrub and scour her apartment. "I should have suggested her place," she muttered as she cleaned out what was growing in the refrigerator. "But no. I had to go and open my big mouth."

Celeste had no idea when Walker would be arriving. They’d exchanged phone numbers, and without stopping to think about the long day they’d already endured, Celeste suggested dinner at her place. She gave the tall brunette her address and told to her come over whenever. She knew she hadn’t been thinking clearly. Her only thoughts had been about the quick sexual encounter they’d shared and how much she wanted to explore more of what Walker had to offer. It wasn’t just Walker’s amazing body and the intense sexual attraction; she felt that she and the brunette had connected from the moment they met.

Celeste was tired as she dragged the trash out to the dumpster. She had awoken at seven that morning and been forced to listen to the dry monotone voices of the lawyers deliver the closing arguments. The verdict took no time at all. Raymond Carsen was a guilty guy who wasn’t very bright when it came to covering up his heinous actions. The only smart thing he’d done was to murder his poor sweet landlady in a state where there was no death penalty. After rendering their verdict in record time, they then had to wait for the lawyers and judge to be ready for them. After the verdict was read they were loaded into the bus and driven back over the Tobin Bridge to Malden to collect their belongings. She still didn’t understand why they’d been lodged so far away from the city.

She smiled as she recalled how the intense sexual frustration had driven Walker to take her on the bed, while a deputy waited outside their motel room. Then it was back on the bus for a long drive in rush hour traffic until they were deposited back at the courthouse, free to go. She was finally free and could touch Walker. The thought of being able to kiss the woman with whom she had shared a hotel room for almost two months made her stomach flutter with excitement. It also frightened her. "What if that pent up sexual frustration is all we have to offer one another?" she wondered.

She deposited her trash and headed back towards her building when she spotted a taxi stopping out front. "No," she whimpered as she spied the sexy brunette exiting the taxi. Walker smiled at her as she approached. "I’m a mess," Celeste blurted out.

"You look adorable," Walker reassured her with a smile. "I take it your apartment looks like mine."

"I forgot how long I’ve been away," Celeste grumbled as she led Walker into her building. "I’m thankful that the court took care of our landlords but you’d think they would send someone over to water the plants and clean out the fridge," Celeste rationalized as they climbed the stairs up to her apartment. Walker chuckled lightly from behind her as they entered the sparsely furnished apartment.

"This is nice," Walker complimented her as she stepped inside.

"Well, she got most of the furniture," Celeste explained as she closed the door behind them. During their time together Celeste had explained to Walker her reason for being out of town when the murder occurred. She’d broken up with her lover and the blonde had needed some time away to clear her head.

"Tell you what. Why don’t I grab us some takeout from that Thai place I noticed on the corner?" Walker suggested. "And you can hop in the shower and relax."

"That would be great." Celeste sighed deeply, feeling completely at ease in Walker’s presence. Of course why shouldn’t she be? They’d been together twenty-four hours a day for the past seven and a half weeks. Celeste handed the leggy brunette her house keys and went in search of her wallet.

"I got it," Walker volunteered. "I want you relaxed and refreshed. Besides you owe me a story," Walker teased as she wrapped her arms around Celeste.

"Oh no," Celeste blushed.

"You promised," Walker insisted as she kissed Celeste lightly on the cheek.

"I did, didn’t I," Celeste offered meekly.

"Hey, relax. I’m just looking forward to spending time with you," Walker offered with a sweet sincerity. "Maybe later we can go for a walk? I never realized how much I would miss the city air until we were locked up."

"That sounds nice," Celeste agreed with a smile and a shy kiss.

Once Walker had left the small blonde opened the windows to air out her townhouse. Then she descended on her bathroom - first she cleaned it since it was rather nasty looking after all the weeks of neglect, and then she climbed into the shower, losing herself in the warm spray. The EconoLodge bathroom had nothing on the heavy-duty shower massage she’d had installed when she moved into the apartment. It felt great to enjoy her shampoo and soaps.

Her thoughts quickly turned to Walker. "How am I going to tell her about my past without scaring her off?" she muttered as she rinsed her body. "After that sweet story she told me about losing her virginity at summer camp, my story is going to seem sleazy." Celeste blew out a heavy breath as she stepped out of the shower and began to dry herself. "Okay, there’s no need to panic yet. It’s not like I can change the past," she reasoned, recalling all the late night conversations she’d shared with Walker. They had really gotten to know one another and they seemed to connect on so many levels. If Walker shut her out because she lacked discretion in her past, then she wasn’t the person she thought she was and she’d be better off without her. ‘Please don’t be a judgmental jerk,’ her heart pleaded.

Celeste changed into a pair of black jeans and a teal sleeveless tee. Then she blow-dried her short blonde locks, noticing that she needed a trim. All the time she’d spent serving on jury duty had certainly disrupted her life. It was the little things like being able to watch television and get her hair done that she had missed. But spending every waking moment in Walker’s company had more than made up for the inconveniences. She had known that there was something special about Walker the moment the tall brunette had jumped to her defense when that obnoxious man had hit on her while they were waiting to be called in for a panel.

She emerged from her bedroom to find Walker setting up the takeout food in the living room. "Hi," she offered with a bright smile as she watched the tall woman’s movements.

"Hi," Walker responded with a smile of her own.

"That smells fantastic." Celeste sighed happily as she approached Walker. "After weeks of those cardboard sandwiches I’m really looking forward to this."

"I even got us a nice bottle of wine; it’s chilling in the refrigerator," Walker offered with a shy grin. "Hunter Ash, I seem to recall you said that you really liked New Zealand wines."

"I do," Celeste concurred as she wrapped her arms around Walker’s waist.

Walker returned the embrace and wrapped her arms tightly around Celeste’s body. "This feels nice," Walker murmured softly. "I’ve been dreaming about holding you since that first day."

"Oh yes, when you defended my honor," Celeste responded softly as she nestled her head against Walker’s chest.

"That guy was an ass," Walker snorted indignantly. "Granted, I can understand him not being familiar with Karin Kallmaker but still, what part of ‘I don’t want to talk to you’ didn’t he understand?"

"Some men just don’t get it," Celeste offered as she inhaled the scent of Walker’s skin. "Hmm . . . that’s nice. Jasmine?"

"Yeah," Walker responded softly. "I couldn’t wait to hop into my own shower and use my body scrub. I hated those little soaps at the motel. But I forgot my own stuff. I was a little flustered with dealing with tying things up at my job and everything else."

"I was the same way," Celeste said as she listened to the steady rhythm of Walker’s beating heart. "Well, except for the job part. I can take months off and not worry about it. Still I should start looking for a new assignment," she added with a slight frown.

Celeste was a gifted cinematographer who worked exclusively on documentaries. The work was good and, with the emergence of stations like the Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel, she worked and traveled a lot. She had been smart when it came to investing her hard-earned money back in the days when the pay and work was scarce. So now she worked when she wanted to and on what she wanted to.

"I really need to catch up on work myself," Walker grumbled. "I’ll probably been sent off again soon."

Celeste stepped slightly back from the warmth of Walker’s body. "Being a geologist must keep you busy these days," Celeste offered as they both took a seat on the sofa. Celeste was thrilled when Walker kept her hand in her own.

"All the major oil companies are certainly keeping us busy," Walker agreed. "I love the traveling. I never thought about it when I first decided to get into the field."

"What made you decide on studying rocks?" Celeste asked the one question that she’d been dying to ask since she discovered Walker’s profession. "And yes, I know it’s more complicated than that."

Walker smiled as she released Celeste’s hand. The blonde’s body instantly missed the contact. "Oddly enough it started my first year in college," Walker explained as she handed the blonde a plate. "I had no idea what I wanted to major in. I was just trying to fill my science requirement," Walker continued as they began to fill their plates and eat.

"This is so good," Celeste moaned as she dug into her plate of curried shrimp. "Okay, so you needed to fill your science requirement?" Celeste encouraged her.

"Right," Walker responded with a nod. "I didn’t want to take Biology because I couldn’t deal with cutting up a poor little piglet."

"You’re squeamish?" Celeste chuckled.

"Just a little," Walker said, defending herself with a slight pout that Celeste found positively endearing. "Anyhow, I took Geology figuring that since my teammates on the basketball team called it rocks for jocks, it would be a breeze and boost my GPA. I ended up loving it. Of course now I’m more of a team leader and don’t get all dirty anymore. I miss that."

They settled into a comfortable conversation as they enjoyed the mountain of Thai food that Walker had purchased. Walker told her about her last trip to Alaska and Celeste shared tales of her trip to Egypt. Celeste felt a niggling fear that the constant traveling and demanding schedules that they both had would be a problem. Celeste cleared away the remnants of the meal and opened the bottle of wine.

She settled down on the sofa next to the very relaxed brunette. "So, Miss Devon, I do believe you owe me a story," Walker stated wryly.

"Yes, I do," Celeste stammered. Then she took a healthy sip of wine. "Prior to my last relationship, I was very single."

"Yes," Walker responded in a slow careful tone.

"I’ve had relationships but, well, I did date a lot in my twenties," Celeste continued nervously. "I’m not ashamed of my lack of commitment."

"You shouldn’t be," Walker reassured her. "You told me before that you weren’t a player but you did date a lot of different women. And you were careful and healthy."

"All true," Celeste confirmed. "While I wanted a relationship I wasn’t ready to just jump into one when I didn’t feel that it was the real thing. It took me long enough to come to terms with my sexuality that I needed to be in love. Plus the first couple of times I fell in love I ended up being hurt. My last relationship was a good example. Have I scared you off yet?"

Walker released a hearty laugh as she snuggled closer to Celeste. "Not a chance," Walker reassured her. "I certainly explored my options in my youth. Plus with the way both of us have to travel on a moment’s notice, it isn’t very good for maintaining a marriage."

"I know," Celeste responded sadly.

"What is it, Celeste?" Walker inquired carefully. "We’ve talked about this before. I think you know that I’m looking for more than what we shared this afternoon."

"So am I," Celeste asserted. "It’s just that my first time was a bit unconventional. In the past it’s scared away more than one potential suitor."

"It wasn’t a farm animal, was it?" Walker teased her.

"No." Celeste laughed as she gave Walker a light swat. "Okay, pour us some more wine and I’ll tell you the whole story."


Part Two

For Celeste, doubts regarding her sexuality had begun to emerge during her senior year of high school. By the time she had just about completed her first semester in college she was more confused than ever. She didn’t have enough confidence to even talk about it with Joy and Sandra who had become her closest friends during the semester. The two girls were roommates and their room was right across the hall from Celeste’s. The three of them hung around constantly and Celeste was drawn to both women.

She was also curious; there were constant rumors about just how close Joy and Sandra really were. One night the three of them were hanging out in Joy and Sandra’s room, drinking some cheap rum. As the three of them sat on Sandra’s bed, Celeste noticed the constant touches the two other women were sharing. It wasn’t the first time she’d noticed the affectionate touching between the two girls. Celeste was fascinated by the interaction; normally she would excuse herself from the scene.

That night, thanks to the rum and cokes she’d consumed, she just sat back and watched. Her body was tingling with excitement. She tried to convince herself that it was caused by the rum and not the sight of the other girls snuggling together and Joy massaging Sandra’s stomach. Then Joy reached over and captured Sandra in a lingering kiss.

Celeste’s jaw dropped as she watched the kiss deepen and the two women begin to fondle one another. The blonde’s body was in turmoil as she found herself excited and terrified. She could hear her heart pounding against her chest as she watched Joy’s hands slip up under Sandra’s T-shirt. Celeste didn’t know what to do. She decided to leave the couple alone and allow them some privacy. As she moved to climb off the bed, Joy turned to her. "Don’t leave," the platinum blonde requested in a breathy tone.

Celeste blinked her eyes in confusion, not understanding why she would want her to stay. She looked over at Sandra who smiled at her. "Stay," Sandra encouraged her in a tone that sent shivers up and down Celeste’s spine. Before Celeste could respond, Joy cupped her face in her hands and drew her in for a soft kiss. Celeste was lost in the soft feel of Joy’s lips exploring her own.

Celeste gave herself over to the feeling as Joy parted her lips with her tongue. She could feel her body being moved. She was now sitting between both women. Joy was exploring the warmth of her mouth with her tongue while Sandra’s hands were running up along the sides of her body. She felt Sandra kiss the back of her neck while she cupped her breasts. Celeste moaned from the contact.

Celeste deepened the kiss as her own hands began to explore Joy’s body. Celeste felt hands running up under her shirt. She cried out as she felt both women touching her sensitive breasts. "We both find you attractive," Sandra whispered hotly in her ear.

"I never . . . ," Celeste choked out as she felt her top being removed.

Celeste never finished what she was struggling to say as her bra was removed and Joy suckled her nipple in the warmth of her mouth. Celeste’s body arched in response as Joy teased her nipple with her teeth and her tongue while Sandra’s hands busied themselves with undoing the buttons of her jeans. Celeste leaned into Sandra’s body and the redhead captured her in a fiery kiss.

Celeste’s body reacted to every touch both women offered as she turned and found herself pressing her body into Sandra. Joy nestled her body on top of her. Celeste exchanged kisses with both women as they undressed her and themselves. Celeste’s naked body was trapped between the two equally naked women. She was excited and frightened. A part of her wanted to stop what was happening. Yet her body craved the feeling of being touched by both women.

Celeste was lost in the feel of Joy’s skin and desire melting into her from behind while Sandra’s skin and desire caressed her body from the front. She began to kiss Sandra hungrily as Joy began to kiss her way down her back. Celeste kissed her way down Sandra’s neck and shoulders while Joy’s hands began to caress her backside. Celeste’s hips arched as Sandra’s hand slipped between their bodies and Joy’s hand dipped into her wetness from behind.

Celeste couldn’t think as both women pressed fingers against the opening of her center. She parted her trembling thighs as she captured one of Sandra’s nipples in her mouth. Celeste winced when both women entered her wetness. She gave herself over to the feel of Joy feasting upon her wetness as Sandra teased her clit. She loved the way Sandra’s nipple became erect as she suckled it.

Celeste thrust her hips urgently as they plunged in and out of her in perfect rhythm. She could hear Joy’s murmurs of pleasure as Sandra pleaded with her to suckle her nipple harder. Sandra hissed in pleasure as Celeste teased her nipple with her tongue and her teeth. The feel of Sandra’s desire pressing against her stomach further fueled her need to touch and be touched by these women.

As Joy and Sandra’s rhythm grew wilder, Celeste’s head fell back and her body lifted higher. Joy moved behind her and pressed her wetness against Celeste as Sandra once again began to suckle her breasts. Celeste was grinding as she began to cry out in ecstasy. Sandra’s head fell back as she ground her wetness into Celeste’s body. Joy was groaning as her hips swayed against her backside.

Sandra was quivering beneath her as Joy was trembling behind her. Joy pressed her breasts into her back and leaned over and began to nibble on her earlobe. Joy was whispering lust-filled words in her ear and Celeste felt her thighs trembling. Celeste’s head was spinning as she felt her body explode. She cried out as she felt a sudden rush coursing through her entire body.

Before Celeste could understand what had happened, her body’s need took over. She began to kiss Joy passionately while she fondled her breasts. Sandra assisted her in fondling Joy’s body. Throughout the night both women opened Celeste to a whole new world, showing her everything, and sating desires she never knew existed.


Part Three

Celeste sat there waiting for Walker to say something. The brunette simply stared at her with a stunned expression. "Wow," Walker finally managed to stammer.

"Anything else you want to add to that?" Celeste pushed as she felt her heart drop. Walker simply blinked in surprise. "Walker, I want you to understand something. I don’t regret what happened; I just wish it hadn’t been my first sexual experience."

"I’m sorry," Walker explained as she recovered. "I can understand why you wished your first time had been different. I felt the same way about Monica. I don’t regret what happened, but a part of me wishes that I had waited until I was older and in love."

"So you don’t think less of me?" Celeste asked shyly.

"No," Walker reassured her as she wrapped her arms tightly around Celeste’s body and pulled her up onto her lap. "Did you think I would because you had a three way?"

"Well, frankly, yes," Celeste retorted as she caressed Walker’s shoulders. "In the past when I’ve explained what happened with Joy and Sandra, most of my lovers thought that I was really into group sex. It either scared them off or they were far too interested."

Celeste felt a sense of relief as Walker chuckled lightly. "Well, as for three ways - been there, done that," Walker offered with a shrug. "And although I enjoyed myself, it’s not something I’m interested in at this point in my life."

"I feel the same," Celeste reassured her. "I don’t regret my past but it’s just that - the past."

"The only thing that bothers me is I get the feeling that Sandra and Joy set you up," Walker offered in concern.

"They did," Celeste agreed as her eyes drifted to Walker’s soft full lips. "Did you ever feel that way about what happened with Monica?"

"Yes," Walker confirmed with a heavy sigh. "None of that matters now. If those things hadn’t happened we might not be together now. The same goes for Raymond Carsen. If he hadn’t murdered his landlady, we might not have met."

"Hmm . . . we can send him a Valentine’s Day card every year," Celeste teased while sh Walker’s hands caressed her back. Her eyes remained focused on the brunette’s lips that were now parted slightly. "Who knew that doing your civic duty could be so rewarding?" Celeste added. Her body trembled from the feel of Walker’s fingers slipping up under her shirt. She dipped her head and captured the lips that had been the only thing holding her focus for the last several moments.

Celeste moaned deeply as Walker parted her lips with her tongue. The kiss quickly deepened as their tongues engaged in a sensual duel. Walker’s hands began to caress her back, making the blonde shiver. Celeste reached between their bodies and caressed Walker’s breasts as the brunette unclasped her bra. Celeste moaned into the warmth of Walker’s mouth as her lover cupped her breast.

Celeste reluctantly ended the kiss when the need to breathe overwhelmed her. She ran her fingers through Walker’s long silky dark hair while her lover teased her nipples with the palms of her hands. Celeste’s body arched in response and she gave herself over to Walker’s touch. "Celeste, I want to take this slow," Walker whispered hotly in her ear.

"Do you want to stop?" Celeste panted as Walker began kissing her neck.

"No," Walker murmured against her skin. "I just want to make this moment last."

Celeste tilted her head back, giving Walker more access to her sensitive neck. "So do I," Celeste whispered in understanding. The rushed excitement of the encounter they’d shared earlier that day left both of them with a feeling that something was missing.

Celeste allowed her fingers to enjoy the silkiness of Walker’s hair while the brunette slowly kissed her neck and caressed her breasts. Celeste could feel her nipples becoming erect from Walker’s touch. Her hips began to grind into Walker’s firm body as her lover’s mouth moved further down until she was suckling the pulse point on Celeste’s neck. Celeste pressed harder into Walker’s body as she released a throaty growl.

Celeste pulled slightly away from her lover and stared deeply into her fiery blue orbs. "Bedroom," she said with a soft promise. They exchanged tender kisses before rising up off of the sofa. Celeste took Walker by the hand and led her into her bedroom. Once in the bedroom Walker wrapped her arms around Celeste’s body and the two shared tender kisses. Celeste’s lips were tingling from the shy exchange. She inhaled deeply and stepped away from her lover. She lit a candle that was by her bedside and then pulled back the bedcovers.

Her body was pulsating and she knew that Walker was watching her every move. Celeste turned to her lover and smiled as Walker kicked off her shoes. She watched as Walker pulled her shirt out of her jeans and began to lift it slowly. Celeste stepped over to her lover and captured her hands. "Let me?" she asked, the heat emanating off her lover’s body almost burning her. Walker lifted her arms and allowed Celeste to remove her top.

The blonde took a moment to run her hands along Walker’s broad shoulders. She slowly lowered the straps of the black bra Walker was wearing until they were hanging off her shoulders. Celeste kissed the valley between the brunette’s breasts as she reached behind her and unclasped the bra. She ran her tongue along the swell of Walker’s firm full breasts before removing the garment completely.

She stepped back to admire her lover’s beauty as Walker began to reciprocate by removing her top and bra as well. Celeste stepped into Walker’s inviting arms and began to kiss her lover. She moaned as her skin melted into Walker’s as their breasts brushed against the other’s body. Shyly they explored the warmth of each other’s mouth as they each caressed the other’s back.

"Make love to me," Walker whispered against her lips before reclaiming them. Celeste’s heart soared as she ran her hands down along Walker’s body. She could feel her lover’s skin respond to her touch and it only made her body crave more. Celeste began to kiss Walker’s jaw and then down her long neck. Her lover’s moans fueled the fire already burning deep inside of her.

Celeste was once again running her tongue along the soft swell of Walker’s breasts as her lover caressed her back and ran her fingers through her hair. Celeste’s exploration grew bolder as she circled Walker’s nipples with her tongue without touching them. Walker whimpered each time she would almost brush one of the rose colored buds. Walker’s hands cupped her backside and began to massage her firm cheeks as their hips swayed against one another.

Celeste’s wetness was dampening her jeans as she pressed her body against Walker’s. She suckled her nipple in her mouth, savoring the taste of her lover’s skin. As she teased her lover’s nipple she felt Walker slip a hand between their bodies and caress her abdomen. Her skin burned from Walker’s touch. She teased her nipples harder, moving from one to the other and then back again.

Walker’s thigh parted hers and pressed against her aching center as the brunette began to undo her jeans. She mirrored Walker’s actions and began to unbutton the brunette’s slacks while she continued to feast upon her breasts. Their bodies separated slightly as they both tugged the other’s pants down to their hips. "I need to feel you," Walker panted as she lowered Celeste’s panties. Needing to feel the same connection, the blonde once again mirrored her lover’s actions.

Both women’s pants and underwear hung on their trembling thighs as they brushed their wetness against the other’s body. Walker once again caressed Celeste’s backside while the blonde buried her face in the brunette’s breasts. Each of them slipped a firm thigh between the other’s legs. Celeste could feel her lover’s desire painting her skin as they began to sway against each other. "You’re so wet," Walker moaned as they ground against each other in a slow sensual rhythm.

The urgency of their movements grew as they clung to one another. Walker groaned as Celeste stepped slightly away from the embrace they were sharing. She reached up and kissed the taller woman. Never breaking the kiss, she turned Walker around, backed her up against the bed, and then gently lowered her down. Now lying on top of Walker’s long firm body, Celeste melted into her lover’s touch. She was breathless as she pulled away from the kiss.

Celeste began to kiss her way down Walker’s body, taking her time to enjoy the taste of the brunette’s trembling flesh. Walker scooted further up onto the bed as Celeste removed her pants and underwear. She tossed the clothing aside, and while she drank in the sight of her lover lying naked before her, she removed the last of her own clothing. She knew that Walker’s eyes were roaming her body as well. "Come here," Walker beckoned her with a sultry purr.

Celeste grinned slyly as she lowered her body and began to kiss her way up Walker’s endless legs. The blonde took her time as Walker trembled beneath her. She kissed and licked her calves and the back of her knees as Walker whimpered in pleasure. All too soon Celeste found herself captivated by the scent of her lover’s arousal as she kissed the inside of Walker’s trembling thighs. Celeste nestled her body between Walker’s legs and cupped the brunette’s firm backside.

She blew a warm breath in the dark triangle that was moist with desire. She parted her lover and dipped her tongue into Walker’s wetness. Celeste murmured in pleasure as she traced Walker’s slick folds with her tongue. She drew her lover’s center towards her and teased the opening of her center. Walker cried out as Celeste entered her with her tongue. Curling the appendage, Celeste slowly plunged in and out of Walker as the brunette’s body lifted up off the bed.

As she fought to hold Walker steady, Celeste began to tease her clit with the pad of her thumb. She could feel Walker nearing the edge so she withdrew from her wetness; Walker groaned in protest. Celeste smiled as her fingers replaced her tongue and she suckled Walker’s throbbing clit in her mouth. Walker’s body jerked as she cried out in pleasure. Celeste suckled her clit harder, teasing it with her teeth and her tongue while her fingers plunged in and out.

Celeste could feel her own body trembling as Walker’s trembled against her. The brunette was groaning and panting; she tried to call out the blonde’s name as her body tightened around Celeste. The blonde held onto her lover as her body arched against her, exploding in ecstasy. She tried to drive her lover into a second climax only to have Walker pull away. The brunette moved quickly and swept Celeste up into her arms.

Walker captured her in a fiery kiss as she gently caressed her body. Celeste felt alive as Walker’s body melted into her. They rolled around the bed as they kissed and caressed one another. Celeste found herself lying beneath her lover who was suckling her breasts. She arched her back, offering more up to her lover’s mouth. The slightest touch from Walker threatened to send her over the edge. Celeste wrapped her legs around Walker’s body. Walker rolled them over so Celeste could straddle her body. Walker’s hands slowly slid across her skin. The intensity from her lover’s touch was driving the blonde insane. She felt that Walker was a part of her.

She whimpered as Walker’s hands moved slower. Celeste looked down into Walker’s eyes and almost cried to see the intense emotions she was feeling mirrored in her lover’s eyes. Walker smiled as she caressed her hip with one hand and her other dipped into her wetness. The brunette never broke the gaze as she slowly stroked Celeste’s throbbing clit. Celeste leaned over Walker’s body, allowing the brunette to slowly explore her passion.

The tenderness of Walker’s fingers gliding along her slick folds was making her body tremble. As Walker began to tease her clit in slow deliberate movements, she entered Celeste. Walker filled her completely and the blonde could feel the climax already building inside of her. Celeste’s body quivered as she gazed deeply into her eyes and her fingers pleasured her slowly. Celeste was shocked as she climaxed quickly and collapsed into Walker’s arms.

They climbed under the covers and held one another in a warm embrace. Celeste still couldn’t believe how powerful her orgasm had been given how gently Walker had made love to her. Perhaps it was because sharing her heart with Walker was like breathing. As they drifted off to sleep Celeste knew the odds were against them. Because the demands of their respective careers, they both had incredibly bad batting averages when it came to relationships. Yet somehow Celeste didn’t doubt that they would make it.


The End

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