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The Blessing

By T.Novan



Athena practically had to haul Artemis down from Olympus, with the protector of the Amazons dragging her heals every step of the way.

"I don’t care!" The Goddess yelled as she tried to pull away from her sister’s grasp.

"Well you should," Athena growled as she tightened her hold on her sister’s arm. "You really need to see this before you make up your mind."

"I am not giving my blessing to My Chosen to be with that, that…barbarian." Artemis continued to argue even as they left Olympus.

"Okay, granted Xena has not been the most delightful of people in the past," Athena agreed as they made their way to the mortal realm. "But I’m telling you Sister you don’t have a choice in the matter…."

"Don’t have a choice!? Don’t have a choice!? Of course I have a choice. If I tell Gabrielle not to travel with Xena any more she will obey me."

Athena turned to her sister, quirking a brow. "Oh you think so?"

"I don’t think, I know. Gabrielle is my chosen and she will listen me."

"Un-huh. Sure." Athena rolled her eyes as they continued their journey.


Xena sat by the log sharpening her sword, watching Gabrielle across the fire as the woman used the light provided by a small lamp to write in her scrolls. The warrior smiled as she turned her attention back to her sword.

Gabrielle listened to the rhythmic scraping sounds as she continued to write. She loved this time of night. This was the time they would each set aside for the things that they enjoyed doing separately from each other. She would write whatever amused her as Xena would tend to her weapons and armor. Separate from each other, but still connected and still together.


Athena stopped well back from the campsite, throwing up her hand to halt her sister. "We can’t get too close. Xena always manages to know when we’re near. We can stay back here and watch."

"This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever done." Artemis grumbled as she settled next to her sister to watch the camp.

"Don’t even try it. I’ve known you a long time Sister dear. You’ve done far more ridiculous things than this and I think you might find this enlightening.


Xena sheathed her sword, placing it next to the bedroll near the fire. "Do you want to be close to the fire tonight Gabrielle? It’s kind of cold you might be more comfortable if you’re closer."

"Hmm warm fire on one side, warm warrior on the other. How could I lose?" She laughed as she put her writing away for the night.

"Un-huh." Xena grinned as she smoothed out their bedroll and prepared it for the night. "I’ll just be the one with the cold backside in the morning after you spend the night stealing the blankets."

The bard stood, approaching the warrior with as much ‘indignation’ as she could muster. "Oh yeah?"

The warrior turned, smiled and quirked a brow. "Yeah." Xena grinned as she remained on her hands and knees continuing to smooth out the bed. Soon she felt herself being tackled and rolled over on her back. The bard settled on the warrior’s stomach with her knees on either side.


"Has she lost her mind? Xena has killed people for less." Artemis started forward, but a hand on her arm stayed her movement.

"Just watch." Athena patted her sister’s arm reassuringly.


Xena reached up brushing her hand through the bard’s hair as the young woman looked down at her with that silly little grin the warrior loved so much.

"I do not steal blankets!" The bard leaned over the warrior.

"Yes you do."

"No I don’t. I fight for my share that’s all."

"Oh really?"

"Really." The bard nodded. "Yup big vicious warlord comes along and tries to steal them every night."

"Is that so? Hmm maybe you need protection from this big vicious warlord."

"Are you offering?"

"Hmm," Xena scratched her neck as she considered the question. "I dunno. Why would I want to spend my time protecting a skinny little thing like you? Bet you talk a lot and don’t even know how to cook."

"I’ll have you know I’m the best cook this side of Thrace." Gabrielle grabbed Xena’s arms and pinned them above her head, bringing their faces close together. "Besides I’m the one on top here oh mighty warrior."


"Is she trying to get herself killed? Has she lost her mind?" Artemis just couldn’t believe the picture unfolding before her eyes. "I swear if Xena harms one hair on her head…."

"Oh just watch." Athena growled as she conjured up a hot cup of tea and sipped. "And for Zeus sake, be quiet before Xena hears you."


"Oh really?" Xena flipped Gabrielle over before the bard even had a chance to realize what had happened.

"Oww. Oww." She grimaced as the pain shot up her back.

Xena moved up quickly gathering the bard in her arms. "Gabrielle did I hurt you? Gods I’m sorry. I was just playing."

The bard could hear the panic in the warrior’s voice. She smiled as she patted the strong arms that held her. "I’m okay, I think I just twisted wrong that’s all."

"Let me look at your back." She laid Gabrielle gently to the bedrolls then rolled her onto her stomach to begin examining her. "Where does it hurt?"

"My lower back."

The warrior’s hand slowly massaged down the bard’s back until she found the small knot. "I got it. Hold on this may hurt a little bit." She gently rubbed the muscles until the knot worked loose.

"Oh that’s nice." The bard purred as she relaxed under the warrior’s touch.


"Are they lovers?" Artemis asked as she too conjured up a cup tea.

"You mean you don’t know?" Athena grinned. "Don’t you keep tabs on Your Chosen?"

""Not her intimate life, no."

"Well, no not in the physical sense, not yet. I mean they do share small intimacies, but they’ve never made love."

"Why not?"

"Because Gabrielle has not received your blessing and she doesn’t want to go against Amazon tradition."

"And Xena abides by this?"

"Oh yes. Look at them Sister. That warrior adores that little amazon, but just wait. The most surprising things are still yet to come."


Xena finished rubbing the knot from the small of the bard’s back. "Better my love?"

"Much," The bard yawned as she began to feel the effects of the wonderful massage. "Thanks."

Xena moved to their saddlebags retrieving two heavy shirts. "Here Gabrielle put this on. It’ll help you keep warm."

The bard sat up slowly taking the shirt Xena offered. She smiled it was one of her favorite shirts. It belonged to the warrior and she loved wearing it to bed. Xena had all but given up ownership of the shirt to the bard. Occasionally Gabrielle would ask Xena to wear it just so it would retain her scent. The warrior always agreed with a grin, as she would toss it on.

The warrior stood up and stretched, tossing her shirt over her shoulder. "You get ready for bed Gabrielle I’m going to check the perimeter. I’ll be back in a bit."

"Okay." The bard nodded as she started undoing the laces of her top.

Xena took a deep breath and turned away, walking slowly into the woods.


"Okay," Athena nudged Artemis. "You are about to see something that you’re just not going to believe."

The Goddesses sat together and watched as Xena moved into the woods. She found a small clearing then dropped to her knees. "Athena, please give me the strength to continue taking care of Gabrielle. The strength to resist Ares and the power to continue on the path the bard has shown me. Artemis, please find it in your heart to bless us. I love her so much. I want spend the rest of my days with her. Please allow me to be the one for Your Chosen. I can’t live this life without her." Xena got to her feet and began the perimeter check to make good and sure she and the bard would be safe for the night.

"How long?" Artemis sat absolutely stunned as she watched Xena walk away.

"How long what?"

"Has she been praying like that? I didn’t think Xena ever fell to her knees before the Gods."

"Oh she’s not on her knees for us. She’s on her knees for Gabrielle and to answer your first question she’s been doing it every single night for just over a season. Haven’t you ever listened to her?"

The Amazon Goddess dropped her head. "No."

"Well, then maybe that’s the reason she never trusted in us before. No one save Ares ever took the time to listen to her."


Xena returned to the campsite. Gabrielle was already safely tucked into the bedroll, nearly asleep. She rolled over, smiling as she watched Xena strip off her gear and throw on her own shirt to get ready for bed.

The warrior climbed under the covers pulling the little blonde into her arms. "Warm enough?"

"I am now." She rolled over to face Xena, tracing a line down her jaw with a fingertip. "You know there are times when I really want to."

"I know." Xena kissed her on the forehead. "Roll over before we start something we can’t finish."

"Umm you know…." Gabrielle planted a soft kiss on Xena’s lips. "Maybe we should just…."

"No Gabrielle. Not until you’re sure that Artemis has blessed it. To be with me without her blessing would only bring her wrath upon you and the amazons and I won’t have that."

Tears welled up in Gabrielle’s eyes as she took in these words. It spoke volumes to her about how much she was loved by this warrior. "I love you Xena."

"I love you too Gabrielle. Now roll over." The warrior chuckled as she pushed the younger woman over so they were spooned together. Xena wrapped a protective arm around the bard’s waist.


Athena and Artemis watched as the women fell into a content slumber. "I had no idea." Artemis admitted quietly.

"I know that’s why I brought you down here. You needed to see this. The most amazing part of the whole thing is Dite had nothing to do with this."

"Oh people don’t fall in love like this without her help."

"These two did."

They continued to watch them sleep. The warrior rolled onto her back. As she did the bard adjusted curling up next to her laying her head on her shoulder. Xena never woke, but she turned her head and gave a soft kiss to the bard’s forehead. Her arm remained around the form next to her as her cheek rested against the top of Gabrielle’s head.

"Watch this." Athena gathered a small ball of energy in her hand and tossed it down into the campsite. It landed sounding like a small rock then disappeared.

Xena’s eyes opened immediately. Her head raised slightly as she cocked it listening for more noise. Her free hand went to Gabrielle’s head and face in a protective manner. She listened for a few moments more then she settled back down to sleep, pulling the bard close and making sure she was properly covered to ward off the night air.

"Amazing." Artemis admitted softly as she watched the display.

"Quite fascinating isn’t it?"

"Yes it is."

"It gets better."

They continued to watch the duo sleep. After a few candle marks of watching them move and readjust in unison to be close to each to each other even as they slept they saw Xena’s sleep become fitful. She began to call out in her sleep, thrashing around slightly in the bed.

"An unfortunate side effect of our brother’s influence I’m afraid." Athena said softly.

"Does she go through this every night?"

"Very nearly."

They watched as Gabrielle woke from her sleep state and began soothing the warrior. She whispered soft words while laying gentle caresses that calmed Xena back into a restful slumber. The bard placed a soft kiss to the warrior’s forehead before curling back around her.

"So Sister," Athena stood and stretched as the morning sun began to rise. "Tell me what do you think?"

"I think," Artemis stood and moved slowly toward the sleeping pair. "I have a blessing to give."


Xena awoke first, feeling warm and content. She had expected to feel a little chill from the air as usual when sleeping with Gabrielle. The bard really was a blanket thief. She shook her head slightly as the sensations began to settle in around her body. They where no longer in a bedroll on the ground, but a large comfortable four poster bed enclosed with heavy, but see-through fabric on all four sides. Spread across the bed a heavy comforter with the pattern of Xena’s armor and Gabrielle’s royal seal.

"What the…." Xena sat up in bed trying to put it all together. She looked over to Gabrielle who curled contentedly into the lush blanket and pillows continuing to sleep. She smiled as she shook her head and climbed out of bed. To her surprise the found that while she could see out from the inside she could not see in from the outside. The curtains around the bed seemed to be very dark indeed. Xena moved around the to the side of the bed where the campfire was. She examined the bed carefully. It was very real and beautiful. Peeking through the curtains again to the inside of the bed she found, the ornately carved headboard and posters carried the same intricate design as the blanket on top of the bed.

She turned to build up the fire only to find it ready with a fat rabbit roasting slowly and a pot of hot tea set to the side. She smiled as she poured two cups of tea then returned to the bed. She pulled the curtains closed as she settled in next to Gabrielle, then began the task of waking her bard.


"Hmm?" The bard just sighed then snuggled deeper into the big bed.

* It was hard enough to wake her when we were sleeping on the ground. I’ll never get her up today. * The warrior mused silently as she leaned over planting a soft kiss to Gabrielle’s lips. "Wake up love."

" Too early. Too comfortable." She mumbled as she rubbed her cheek against the thick pillow.

"Honey, aren’t you even the least bit curious as to why you’re so comfortable?" The warrior chuckled as she crossed her legs at the ankles and sipped her tea.

This did bring one bleary eye open. "Now that you mention it." She opened the other eye to find Xena lying next to her with a huge grin on her face. She took a moment to take in her surroundings. "Xena what’s going on?"

"It would seem my love that Artemis has given us her blessing." Xena handed Gabrielle a mug of tea as the woman sat up, running her hands over the blanket that covered them.

The bard accepted the mug. "Do you really thinks so?"

"Can you explain it?" The warrior grinned as her own hand travel over the cover she lay on top of.

"No I can’t."

"Gabrielle it’s finally happened." The warrior smiled as she leaned over and gave her another soft kiss. "She has accepted me. Accepted what we want."

The bard took a sip of tea then parted the curtains, placing her mug on the ground. She swallowed as she turned and took Xena’s mug placing it on the ground as well.

"Hey I was drinking that." The warrior laughed as the bard turned back to her again.

"Un-huh. Like I care." Gabrielle purred as she reached out to unfasten the clasps the held the warrior’s shirt closed. She heard Xena gasp as she slid her hand inside brushing over a taught nipple. "Like you care." She teased as she slid the shirt off the Warrior Princess’ shoulders.

"Not any more." The warrior reached out for the clasps of the bard’s shirt as well. She was a little more than amazed to find that her hands were actually trembling. She flexed her fingers a few times to try and force them to work properly.

"Ah what’s the matter," Gabrielle grinned as she moved out from under the covers to climb on top of her warrior straddling her hips. "Great big bad warrior, afraid of a little bard?" She smiled a wicked little smile as she looked down at Xena who just licked her lips. Gabrielle sat up and very slowly undid the clasps of her own shirt. She left it on, just hanging open.

"Gods…." Xena’s eyes closed tight when she realized she was being seduced and enjoying every moment of it.

"So tell me tall, dark and ferocious. What is it we want?" The bard’s hands began to travel over Xena’s prone form, as the warrior just lay under her breathing hard and unable to speak. Gabrielle smiled as she felt her warrior trembling under her. She leaned over placing her mouth close to Xena’s ear. "Think if we start it we can finish it?"

Xena nodded.

"Oh I’m glad to see you agree." Gabrielle nipped the earlobe then pulled it into her mouth licking and sucking it like a sugared fig. She heard Xena groan right before she felt warm, strong hands move to her legs and travel up her thighs. "We’re going to make love Xena. We’re going to give to each other that we we’ve held back from for so long. Are you ready for this?"

"Oh yes." Xena finally found her voice. She managed to find the strength to make Gabrielle sit up so that they were looking at each other. "This makes it final Gabrielle. There’s no turning back after this. It’s forever."

"I wouldn’t want it any other way Xena. I am yours now and forever. I love you."

"And I am yours Gabrielle, now and forever. I love you too."


Athena looked to Artemis. "So Sister, do you regret giving them your blessing?" She asked as they left the pair to learn, explore and love each other for the first time.

"How could one regret blessing a love and a union such as that?" The Goddess smiled at her sister as they returned to the halls of Olympus.




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