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Stories by D
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Classic tís All Greek to Me: Memoirs of a Talking Warhorse OR the Life and Times of Xena and Gabrielle as told by Argo II

Halloween Panic (Complete)
(Xippy Award Winner 10/31/06)

Post FIN Fic Forty-Eight Hour Fix

Blood Bond - Xippy Award Winner

Uber A Valiant Heart

A Valiant Interlude

A Valiant Journey + zipped file

Frequent Conversations

A Valiant Life

Most Cherished Dreams - Doc file / html file

Christian's Faith

 A woman contemplates in solitude as she awaits her partner to return all the while reminiscing about their friendship

Do You Remember...

Blind Date

A Valiant Mind - Part 1

Somewhere In The Night

Simple Pleasures

Twenty Four Hour Valentine

A Valiant Nightmare

Coming of Age (Complete)
Sometimes, coming of age isn't all its cracked up to be 

A Valiant Option (Complete)
The final chapter in the Valiant series - and the Storyteller's Cardinal Rule finally comes back into play for Randi and Gwen as their story draws to a close.

Valentine Humbug (Complete)

Three Choices (Complete)

Option Number Four (Complete)

One Little Smile (Complete)

Beloved...Immortal (Complete) (Halloween Story)

Drifter (Complete)

A Picture's Worth (Complete) (Halloween Story)
this Xena and Gabrielle are the immortal Bacchae from Blood Bond.

Reunion (Complete)

Don't Take The Girl (Complete)

Guardian Angel (Complete)

Made For You (Complete)

Zoned In (Complete)

Favors of Fortune



Xena/Wonder Woman
Brave New World (Alt / Complete)
The year is 2043. For over one hundred years, the world has been ruled by Nazi tyranny. The Japanese are an acknowledged power within the Reich, but they concede the supreme leadership of the Fuehrer. The United States, because of its choice to remain isolated during the conflict that was World War II, is now an occupied territory of the Nazi regime. It is also home to the Resistance. This is the story of their fight for freedom.