By Dbod

The unseen force
Invisable like the wind
Felt as a hundred galloping stallions
Incredable power from the smallest place.

A pure soul ripped leaving a gapping hole
One mind was balanced, now sags in depresion
as a wet sack over a rock

Soul and mind together form the being
One without the other is like grass without the rain

Light of sun to see by. No water to grow by.
Seeing but shadows
Shadows of a ghastly past, a past of the one.
The one who brought the darkness, the one who took,
The one who gave birth to a new begining.

But she is the one now. The one who feeds herself with a deception of life.
She craves only vengence and revenge.

Entwined by the love of destruction.
Rejecting the angels songs of tranquility
Their offerings tossed assunder.
For the day is black with the only the midnight sun as her guide.

Lashing wind, a cyclone of hate, a blindness of desire.
An eye of calm it's center, a pond of moderate stillness,
Strange as she sees no reflection.
She suffers a love of hate.

On the mountain top she cries, not knowing the answer she seeks.
Rupture of emotion, division of soul
To kill the one will not bring rest.
Spirits of victims past begin to speak
Their howling echoing through her mind like a thousand screeching eagles
Driving her on.

Only one voice may calm her rage.

Beneath the passion of aversion lurks the wanting of repose.
The raging flood diverted to the stillness of the pond
There for the first time a reflection is seen.
A small step in a long journey.

An attachment to a past long ago.

A charriot of peaceful quiet awaits
One day she may ride it
But this is not that day.

The severed and ragged spirit of the soul take her back to the
vengence of her begining.

her back to the
vengence of her begining.