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Cat and Mouse

By T. Novan


Gabrielle swept into the room catching the attention of everyone in it, male and female. The men wanted her and the women who didn’t want her wanted to be her. She was the epitome of beauty and power. The Amazon Queen simply commanded the room the moment she entered it. Even in a room full of dignitaries no one had the presence the little Amazon Queen did. Everyone watched her, watched every move she made. Everyone that is, but the tall warrior who stood with her back to the entrance and made no move to turn and see what had caused the murmurs to run through the room. She already knew.

The young Captain of the Guard who had been engaged in a conversation with Xena stopped in mid sentence as he laid his own eyes on the little blonde. Xena tried to hold back a smile as she watched the young man’s mouth drop open. She still hadn’t bothered to turn around.

Gabrielle made her way into the reception. King Tallares had been so pleased with his new treaty and impressed with the Amazon Queen he insisted on a celebratory reception before she departed.

The Queen made her way to the King’s table, her two Amazon bodyguards trailed behind her. She stopped in front of the king and smiled slightly, lowered her eyelids, nodded slightly "Your Majesty," She began. "My people and I are honored to have found such a strong and noble ally and I am privileged to have made a new friend. May the peace between our peoples be a long and prosperous one."


"You know," Xena began as she snapped her fingers in front of the young man’s face to bring his attention back. "That’s part of her problem."

The young captain looked back to the warrior as if she had lost her mind "What kind of problem could she possibly have?"

"She talks too much."

"She’s so…so…" His attention back to the queen.



"Intelligent?" The warrior could barely contain her smile as she sipped her wine. She still hadn’t looked at the queen.



"Oh yes." The young man sighed.

"Having a few lustful thoughts about the little amazon?" Xena grinned.

"No never!" He countered a little embarrassed that he had been caught. "I would never disrespect her in that manner."

Xena smirked. "You’d be the first. Quite a picture in those formal leathers isn’t she?"


With the pleasantries exchanged with King Tallares, Gabrielle began moving around the room making small talk with the various dignitaries. Even as she spoke to them, she scanned the room.

Finally, finding the person she was looking for she motioned for one of her guards. She gave her a quiet command, the guard bowed and went across the room to the tall warrior.

Xena took her time finishing her conversation before accepting the message from the amazon guard, which was whispered in her ear. She appeared to consider what had been said before sending a return message. The guard looked horrified, but nodded and returned to the queen.

Gabrielle watched the exchange. ‘How dare she’ She thought when she realized what was happening and that Xena hadn’t even looked her direction. ‘So that’s how she wants it’. Gabrielle sipped her wine.

Xena returned to her conversation with the captain who stared at her. "What?" She asked hoping he’d bite.

"If you don’t mind my asking…"

HOOK, LINE AND SINKER! "She wants me to bed her."

The captain nearly choked on the wine Xena had given him time to drink before she made the announcement. She patted him on the back as he gasped for air.

"You’re kidding right?" He asked as he gulped for air.

Xena raised and eyebrow. "Do I look like I’m kidding? Have you every been around an amazon before?"

"No. The Queen and her guards are the first one’s I’ve ever actually seen."

Oh this was too good. Xena smiled at the young captain. "Then you don’t know that Amazons prefer the company of other women. They only use men, generally captives for the purpose of getting pregnant. When it come to plain simple and very hot sex, they really like women."

She watched as he began to breath hard. "No I didn’t know that."

"Oh yeah it’s a well know fact. They’re very talent lovers too. They really take their time in pleasing their partners. To bad you’ll probably never get to experience it."

Xena thought she was going to have to catch the poor boy as his knees began to show a weakness. He caught himself and braced himself against the wall as pictures of this tall dark beauty and the little blonde amazon began running through his mind. He blushed and excused himself. Xena chuckled and leaned against the wall crossing her arms as she held her wine cup in her hand and finally made eye contact with the Queen. ‘Oh boy she’s pissed’ thought Xena. This is going to be fun.

Gabrielle watched the captain depart and slowly made her way across the room. She moved to Xena and just barely whispered as her lips stopped just a hairs width from the warrior’s "Torturing the locals?"

"Of course." She chuckled.

"How far did you get with him?"

"Oh he didn’t have much stamina. He couldn’t take it."

"He did seem to buckle awfully quickly."

"Poor boy just couldn’t stand it. I think he thought maybe he stood a chance with you."

"Well since you’re ignoring me. Maybe he does." She gave the warrior a soft kiss. Making sure to drag her tongue across her lips before turning and walking away.

Xena licked her lips and tasted the remnant of the Queen’s kiss. ‘Damn she’s getting better at this’ Xena thought as she felt that familiar tingle start in her body. The game was on.

The warrior pushed off the wall and walked over the where the Queen was engaged in conversation with an Ambassador. As she approached the Queen from behind, a footman had approached from the front with a tray of finger food. Just as the Queen took a piece of the food, a set of callused fingers trailed down her arm to her hand and took the morsel. As she brought it back she leaned and whispered. "I’m not ignoring you. You just don’t have my attention yet." With that she popped the food into her mouth and walked away.

The Queen took a deep breath as the hair on the back of her neck settled and her pulse returned to normal. She turned and looked as Xena reached for another glass of wine from a tray and took a seat in a chair. Throwing a long bronze leg over one arm of the chair as she leaned back and sipped the wine.

Xena sipped her wine and stared at the Queen who seemed to have gotten the message. If she wanted the warrior she would have to get the warrior’s attention. She watched as Gabrielle drew a deep breath and made her way across the room. She stood in front of the warrior for a moment, looked around the room and then straddled the leg that the warrior had on the floor in front of her. It was then that Xena realized the Queen wasn’t wearing anything under her leathers. She clenched her jaw as she looked into the laughing, dancing green eyes of her partner. "You know," The Queen said as she slowly slid herself backward from the warrior’s leg and stood up. "I can’t remember for the life of me why I came over here." She turned and walked away once again.

Xena looked down at her leg. That tingle was becoming a twinge. She ran the tips of her fingers across her leg. ‘Hmmm. Getting too good’ she thought as she slowly licked the tips of her fingers.

The amazon guards had been watching this entire exchange with great interest. You know," Said Jillon, the older of the two guards. "These two are the only ones I know the can turn a diplomatic reception into foreplay."

"They are amazing to watch." Said the younger guard as she watched Xena get to her feet and start for the Queen. "Oh oh…she looks awfully determined. It may be over now."

Xena moved with the grace and precision of a tiger as she made her way across the room. Gabrielle had taken a chair at the table where the King and several of his nobles where seated. There was a seat open to the Queen’s left and Xena wasted no time in placing herself in it. Gabrielle was caught up in the middle of a delightful conversation with one of the King’s Ministers and made no attempt to acknowledge the arrival of the warrior.

She sat very patiently for the Queen. She enjoyed another glass of wine and some fine food and even enjoyed listening to Gabrielle talking to the Minister. She was very proud of Gabrielle and her accomplishments, after all this entire night had been arranged to celebrate this woman who sat to her right. However being in the mood that she was in and the state that she was in she couldn’t help letting her hand drop down and come to rest on the thigh of a certain amazon. She gently ran her fingers across the warm skin setting the trap.

Without removing her eyes from her current conversation Gabrielle reached under the table with her left hand to still the roaming fingers of her partner. Then she felt her wrist captured. She didn’t dare try to pull away. She smiled at the Minister and slowly turned her head to the warrior who grinned and arched an eyebrow in silent challenge. The Queen whose hand was still held by the warrior’s firm grip returned to her conversation.

Xena bought said hand to her own leg. She held in place for long moments, as the twinge became a slow ache. Then she led that captured hand a little further up that leg as she adjusted in her seat to give it the room it required to assist with that slow ache which was quickly becoming a fire that only the Queen could ignite and extinguish. Sliding the captured hand under her leathers, she placed it exactly where she wanted it.

Gabrielle had to choke back an audible gasp in the guise of taking a drink of her wine when she realized where her hand was being placed and what was expected. She cleared her throat as images of soft dark curls slightly damp with the sweetest of ambrosia came to mind. She considered how warm it was getting in the room when a rough callused hand placed her hand over those same curls, which by touch were indeed soft and damp. Then she felt the shift and cleared her throat to mask another gasp as she was guided into the warm, wet folds of her partner.

She wondered for a moment how it was she was even forming coherent words let alone carrying on a conversation with this man as Xena forced her hand back and forth through the silky wetness. She glanced sideways at the warrior who sat there with her eyes half closed and a wine glass to her lips enjoying the pleasure she was receiving from the Queen. She wasn’t making a sound and her breathing was slow and steady, but Gabrielle knew that she was having an affect on the body next to her. She could feel it with every stroke of her hand. She returned to her conversation

It was several moments later when the Queen realized the hand that had been guiding her own was gone. She was working her lover now of her own accord and quite enjoying it actually. What had started as Xena’s attempt to dominate had slowly but surely turned into a quest that the little Queen was finding immensely pleasing as well.

She pushed a little further finding her partner more than willing and capable of receiving any pleasure the Queen decided to give. She slipped two fingers inside, causing a slight jump from the body next to her and a low growl that could only be heard by the Queen. She smiled as she continued her conversation. Her hand pleasured the warrior stroking in and out at a slow and steady pace. All the time she could feel the slick wetness begin to travel down her own thighs.

Soon as she picked up the pace she could feel Xena closing in around her hand and fingers. Another soft growl reached her ears and she recognized this as her partner’s verbal acknowledgement of the climax that her body was feeling. After a few moments more Gabrielle slowly withdrew her hand and laid it on Xena’s thigh. She spent a few more moment in conversation and then she turned to the warrior. "Can you walk?"

"Oh yeah." The warrior growled.

"I think we should turn in for the evening."

"Un-huh." The warrior agreed.


It was a record breaker, the time it took them to get to their room. With the door securely locked behind them there was no pretense of soft gentle seduction tonight. On this night it was going to be sex for the sake of sex. Only these two people who loved and trusted each other so much could come to this room ready to engage in the most carnal of acts with each other.

Xena had already removed her breastplate on the walk to the room and she tossed it aside immediately as her hands began groping and undoing the clothing of the Queen. She was about to begin removing her own leathers when the Queen, now divested of every stitch grabbed the warrior’s hands. "Leave them."

The warrior grinned as she pulled the Queen into her arms. Gabrielle moaned as she felt warm lips seize her neck and that warm soft tongue she knew so well begin it’s seduction of her flesh. "Thank you." Xena whispered as she sucked a lobe into her mouth and gave it a gentle bite.

"Welcome…" She managed to say as her body began to tremble.

"Tell me Your Majesty…tell me what you want of your humble servant." Xena said as she backed Gabrielle up and pressed her into the large post at the foot of their bed.

Gabrielle’s hand automatically went to the post for support, she spread her legs and growled. "On your knees warrior."

Xena dropped to her knees and wasted no time in burying her face where she knew it was desired. Gabrielle moaned her delight as the warrior’s tongue began its consumption of the sweet nectar of the Amazon Queen. Xena’s hands held firmly to the tight thighs and ass of her little queen. Partly for support to the Amazon and partly to try and maintain some control of the woman so she couldn’t writhe away from her.

"Gods…Xena…"Gabrielle moaned low and husky as the warrior’s tongue pleased her in ways that no one save the warrior ever had. "I…love…you…so much." She felt the shocks run though her body as the warrior switched from strong firm strokes to soft gentle nips with her lips.

Xena could feel the Queen’s leg muscles begin to contract and quiver. Carefully, one at a time she lifted them until they were over her shoulders. Using the post on the bed to support her back, the warrior continued her quest of the Queen. She took the warm folds into her mouth and bathed them with the gentleness that only a lover could. The groaning and moaning of her lover only served to encourage her tender explorations.

"Gods warrior…take me…to bed. NOW!" The Queen commanded. The warrior obeyed.

She let the Queen down and stood up, sweeping her into her arms and laying her on the large over sized bed. The Queen held onto the warrior and pulled her body down on top of her own. "Take me. Please by the Gods."

Xena ran her hands over the Queen’s body as Gabrielle captured her lips in a kiss. The Queen demanded and received entrance into the warrior’s mouth. Tasting herself there only encouraged her passion. They fought for control. Xena finally regained control, but only after pinning Gabrielle’s hands to the bed. In retaliation she got her bottom lip nipped as she broke off the kiss.

"You want to play rough?" The warrior growled.

"I just want you. I want…you to love me." She moaned as her head moved back and forth and her breath came in short gasps.

Xena leaned into her lover’s ear. "You know I love you Gabrielle."

"Yes." She gasped as the warrior’s hands traveled down and spread her legs. Soon she had that which her body screamed for. Her warrior had her. Her warrior was taking her, possessing her. Her arms wrapped around the leather-clad body as she felt the warrior making love to her. Her body arched into the sensation of her orgasm as she neared her crest. "Oh…by…the Gods…yes…" Nails dug into Xena’s shoulders as she arched into the warrior’s strong hands.

Under her, Xena felt Gabrielle writhing and buckling to her touch. She could hear in her ear growling and moaning. She knew what she was doing to the Queen and she was enjoying every torturous moment of it.

Taking a final kiss from the Queen, the warrior felt the woman groan into her mouth as her climax seized her body. The quaking and shuddering lasted for several moments as the warrior gave every last stroke to the Queen. Gabrielle held tight as she tried to regain control of her breathing and her entire body. She wanted the sensation of her warrior right there on top of her. She turned her head and planted soft kissed on a dark sweat soaked brow. "You okay?" She asked when she could speak.

"Hmm…you?" The warrior whispered.

"Never better." She gave a soft giggle.

"Glad to be of assistance." Xena said as she kissed a blonde eyebrow. "Gabrielle?"


"Can I get undressed now please? My leathers are soaked."

"Umm yeah I guess." She released Xena from her grasp. She executed a perfect push-up and got up from the bed.

As she undressed, Gabrielle climbed under the covers and lifted them to invite Xena in once the warrior was ready. Xena climbed under the thick covers and into the soft warm bed. She pulled Gabrielle into her arms. Once again, the two became one as they found that perfect fit. Gabrielle curled up and rested her head on the shoulder of the woman she loved, of the woman who had given so much.


"Yes?" Came the reply along with another soft kiss to the forehead.

"You know treaty negotiations can be a good thing. We should do this more often." She murmured as she snuggled down under the warmth of the blanket and into the softness of her partner and fell into a peaceful content slumber.

"As you wish My Queen." Xena pulled her close and closed her eyes as she found peaceful sleep with the comfort of her life next to her.



The End.

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