Clouds Of Darkness

By Dbod

    Clouds of Darkness
Small rays of light fighting to push through.
Thunder,lightning force them back
    Struggling.Evil against good
Light against dark.

Darkness.The easier of the two gloats in victory   
Storm clouds invade villages like vermin on a rotting carcass.

    For the soul is withering and dying.
Growing thin and weak with each clap of thunder.
    Eyes of the sky sparkle with vicious pride
For their servant honours them with mis-guided justice.
See she cannot that even the mightiest tree can rot from in to out.

Time passes and rivers of hope run dry until bearly even a trickle remains.
    Ghostly figures come to drink.
The reflection they see is not their own but that of a she devil in human guise.

        This princess.She is of Darkness
A destroyer of nations,of hope.Of life.
            They fear her
Her mere name invokes panic,people flee.
What price life.

On horseback with death in hand she comes
Swarming through like a plague of demons.
            Warrior:-Princess of Darkness.

Muddy waters,swirling.
Torrents of rage bursting the banks that will no longer hold them back.
        Flooding the lands,everything swept away.
        They surge on like a stampeding herd
        Oblivious to all in their path
        Crushing to pulp.Sadness in their wake.

The current below engulfs it's owner with guilt,
anchoring her to a morbid cave of despair.
A cave that whispers with the dying breath of a loved and dearly missed brother.
    His heart pierced by a sword,hers by the sword of guilt.

Haunted by this is worse than death.

    The torrent reaches it's crescendo.
    Striking an immovable object,it moves like a cornered animal
            eyes darting,searching
Looking to engulf this symbol of purity.To drown it.
The pureness will not be covered,it rises and floats atop the evil as a feather on the breeze.

    Arms wide,spreading beams of light into the dark.
        Slowly light breaks through.
Clouds begin to part,nature welcomes it.
    Light and water together nourish the very heart of her.
        Feeding her,opening her.Replenishing her.

    The whispers grow faint and merely float as a companion.
        Torrents become calm,floods subside.
            Peace returns.
        The past lives in the past but never dies.


;    Xena...Warrior....PRINCESS.