By Dbod

Conquest of what
The unknown

Fear is that which drives
In the begining, fear of loss
It makes some strong and others weak

What is seen, she thinks she knows it.
But as a new born babe she searches for life
As a blind cripple she stumbles past it
Camouflaged by fear

Light shines in a crevice, illumimating a flask of mortality
She reaches for it without knowing, a small taste
Then the fear grabs again shutting out the light
Dying while living but hearing a call

Destiny needs a hero
Must the good be evil to do good
Must they suffer to prevent it
She has to conquer herself to understand the fear

The battle of fear brings massive torrents of pain
Pain that lasts the longest time
Time of mystic endurance, covering with a layer of gentle
touches, soft and healing reaching through the pores of her skin
Deep inside, further, down to the core of tangled tormented spirit

An innocent child calls, crying in the night, alone, frightened.
Open arms being ignored

Emotoions erupt like lava from a volcano spewing forth and cascading down
The child in it's path stands firm, crying no more instead smiling.
Smiling tears of joy and recognition.
She sees in the beauty of the destruction the re-emergence
The conquest
The bloodiest battle over
An allie found
The circle complete.

allie found
The circle complete.