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The Claiming of Ford

By T.Novan


Ford roamed through the corridors of her new ship. It was certainly impressive. Large enough to accommodate her staff and her guards, but small enough to be very maneuverable in flight. She liked that.

She looked over the weapons system earlier in the day, with a few minor adjustments they too, would be up to her standard.

Making her way to the command deck she stepped onto the bridge, finding the senior staff busy going over their stations, calibrating equipment and reporting to Garron Richards.

The young man stood from his chair immediately when the door closed behind the tall woman. "Ambassador Ford. I wasn’t expecting you today."

"That’s why they call them surprise inspections Rick."

He smiled and nodded. "Yes, I suppose it is Ambassador."

"And how is everything coming along?"

"Fine. We’ll be ready to launch in three days."

"Good. Once the ship is ready to go, give the crew the rest of the remaining days off. It may be a long time before any of us see solid ground again." She tossed a data chip to Rick, who caught it smoothly in one hand. "These are the changes I want made to this ship. They shouldn’t put you behind schedule."

"Yes Ambassador, right away." Richards handed the chip to one of his senior officers who immediately began dealing with the information contained on it.

"Also," Ford sighed hard. "Given the nature of this mission, I want you to offer the crew the opportunity to resign. Anyone who doesn’t want to go with us doesn’t have to. They can request reassignment without fear of retribution."

"Yes, Ambassador." Richards nodded, making a note in his log.


"Where is Lady Kurrathian?" Ford inquired the moment she got home.

"The stables Lord Kurrathian. Her serpentine seems to be in labor."

Ford opened the door, taking off at a run for the stables. She continued at a full run until she hit the door. Skidding to a halt, she entered the stables slowly when she heard Phoenix roar.

Marra was standing well back from the stall watching the big male roam and stretch his wings. He was clearly very agitated. He craned his neck and growled, baring his teeth and swishing his tail.

Ford moved in behind Marra, placing her hands on the small woman’s shoulders. "What’s going on?"

"Neyta is giving birth. But I can’t get close enough to see anything because Phoenix is being very protective of her."

"Yes he is." The tall woman sighed, wondering if she could coax him out of the stall or if in his current state he would merely make a snack out of her and be done with it. "How is she doing?"

"Well, I can’t tell much from her thoughts but she seems to be all right."

"Then until we’re needed I suggest we just settle down here and relax. Phoenix might just calm down too."

Marra agreed. The pair set about to preparing a place in another stall in case they were going to have an extended stay with their beasts. Ford called to the house, requesting that dinner be brought to them. Then they settled down in a soft pile of straw holding each other close.

"How is the ship?" Marra settled her head on Ford’s shoulder.

"It’s a very nice ship. Brand new. It’s requiring a few adjustments to make it up to my standard, but we’ll be very comfortable on it."

"I never had a doubt about that."

Neyta gave a little growl from deep with the stall. Marra was on her feet immediately, trying once again to get close to her serpentine. "Ford can’t you do something with him?" She gestured to Phoenix who once again lifted his head and gnashed his razor sharp teeth.

"Yeah, I could feed him my arm. That’s what would happen if I tried to get close to him right now." She was once again behind her spouse looking at the beast in the stall. "He’s protecting his mate and his offspring. There’s nothing more dangerous than a parent protecting a child."

Marra sighed. "I just wish I could get close enough to see them. I want to know how Neyta is doing. She blocking me or can’t communicate with me right now."

"Maybe I can distract him long enough for you to get a quick peek." Ford moved toward the stall with Marra right behind her.

Phoenix eyed Ford, watching her very intently. He hissed trying to warn her off, but continued to approach, drawing his attentions to the right. He followed her growling and hissing. It was working, while Ford kept him busy, Marra move to the edge of the stall. Looking over she saw Neyta with two small babies next to her. The first looked like its father, the second like Neyta. They both were moving about and seem healthy enough.

Then something caught Marra’s eye. Another little foot, golden in color. This beast was smaller than the other two. "Ford keep him busy. I’ve got to get in there."

"Marra no!" Ford called but it was too late. The blonde entered the stall.

Phoenix reared back from Ford, whipping around to hiss and growl at the intruder. He was making his way back to her when a rope caught him firmly around the neck.

"Marra! What ever in the name of Capri you’re doing, hurry! I can’t hold him for long!" Ford tugged back on the rope, trying to get it to a tie down post and not having a lot of luck doing it. "Hurry up! This rope isn’t going to hold long."

Marra reached down taking the tiniest of the creatures into her hands. Neyta looked at her with tired, pleading eyes then she lowered her head and nudged the black creature at her as well. The blonde scooped up the babies and left the stall just as the rope snapped.

Phoenix lunged, but Ford was faster than her beast. She managed to slam the stall door shut. Once it was closed he seemed content to go back to pacing and sniffing around his mate.

Marra staggered, nearly loosing her balance, catching herself in time to keep from loosing her footing and hurting her tiny passengers. Ford’s hand found her waist and steadied her further.

The tall woman peered over her spouse’s shoulder. "Well, now, what do we have here?"

"Babies." Marra looked back with a grin.

"And what are we gonna do with them, hmm?" Ford arched an eyebrow.

"Try to keep them alive?"

"Marra, do you have any idea how much work that will be?"

"We have to try. Ford look at this one." She moved her arms just slightly to give Ford a better view of the two little creatures and especially of the one that was golden in color.



Okay, this battle was lost. One well placed please was all it took and Marra knew it. She had used this one well. "All right. But they are your responsibility, not mine. If you need help you get Judith to help you."

"Yes Ford." She nodded her agreement.

"And don’t think for one moment that you’re going to guilt me into helping you because it won’t work."

"Yes Ford."

Ford turned and started for the house. Marra caught up quickly, cradling her new foundlings close to her. There was a tiny squeak, which caused her to look down at them. The little dark one was craning its neck searching for it’s Momma.

"It’s hungry." Ford said quietly, opening the door for her spouse.

As they stepped in, they met Judith who was obviously on her way with their dinner. "I…" Her comment was cut short by the very amused look on the tall woman’s face.

Ford relieved Judith of the basket that had been prepared and started up the stairs, leaving the two women standing in the foyer. "Have fun."


"Wait just a moment. What exactly do you think you’re doing?" Ford asked of Marra who was now busily setting up a small bed in the corner near the fireplace.

Ford dropped her book to her lap, cocking a brow and waiting for an answer.

"I have to keep them close, so I can get up and feed them."

"And you think our room is the place to do this?"

"Yes I do, and you’re not going to tell me it’s not." She stood and turned to her wife. "You used the important word, Ford, ‘our’ room. Meaning yours and mine. Which means I have rights in it too."

"I never said you didn’t." Ford protested holding up a hand to stall a further rant. "I was just making sure of your intentions."

"It is my intention to keep them alive and I’ll do what ever I have to, to make sure that they get that chance."

"Fine, fine. I’m not arguing with you." Ford returned to her book, trying not to look as interested as she really felt in how the little beasts might be fairing. "Where are they?"

"Judith is bathing them and feeding them while I get the nest ready."

"Are you going to sleep down there with them?"

"I wasn’t planing on it."

"They do better if they have a heartbeat to listen to and the warmth of a parent."

"Is that so?"

"Umm hmm." Ford nodded still peering at her book.

"And how would you know this?"

"I raised Phoenix, remember?"

"So basically you know a few tricks?"


"Care to share?"

"I just did. You’d better make that a big nest. You’re a mommy now."

"And you’ll be sleeping where?"

"In ‘our’ bed." Ford smirked from behind the book.

"Un-huh." Marra rolled her eyes. "We’ll see how long that lasts."

Ford was about to offer comment, when a knock stalled her. "Come!"

Judith entered carrying a bundle in her arms. She smiled at Ford then proceeded to Marra. Ford listened to the growling and the chirping coming from the corner and she knew she was in for it too. She wondered how long it would take her darling spouse to get her involved in the survival of the little beasts too.



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