by JD Jenkins
Gently our bodies meet
heat and passion joined.
With grace and skill
she showed her love to me.
And knowing that my warrior
loved me as much as I her, 
I fumbled to return her love.
Amazed, her blue eyes gave way
her desire for my touch.
I followed the path she demonstrated,
her body telling me her secret.
My warrior's heart melted that night, 
revealing a gentle soul.
After traveling side by side,
not touching for so long,
I never thought this night would come --
despite my yearning and hop.
We had gone fishing, 
as we had any other day.
But this time your hand grazed my shoulder.
Involuntarily I leaned in.
Fluttering across my stomach,
you hand found a home on my hip.
You brought me in, looked deep into my eyes.
My heart felt like it was going to explode,
my hand found your neck.
All I could say was yes
as I reach for your lips.

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