Chapter Eighteen

By KatLyn




The shadowed figure in the Camaro across the street sat watching as lights turned on in one of the front rooms of the house. Not wanting to press his luck, he sat in the darkened car and patiently waited. You have to sleep sometime ladies, and when you do, I'll be there to wish you pleasant dreams…long eternal dreams. He silently cursed himself for his sloppiness earlier in the evening. Logan McGregor was proving to be harder to handle than he had once believed. Now, since appointing herself the personal bodyguard of the doctor, he was finding it difficult to catch the small blonde alone. McGregor has to be first. If I get her out of my way, the rest will be a piece of cake.


Deciding to give up earlier in the day after driving by the crowd of uniformed cops at the house in Bridgeville, he had driven to the outskirts of town and patiently waited, knowing the detective would most likely return to the scene of his latest masterpiece. To his surprise, she had not only returned, but also loaded up the doctor and her dog, then driven back into the city. Having already surveyed the detective's property the previous day he knew where they we headed and sat back and drove a comfortable distance behind as he had tailed them into the city.


Thinking back over the trip, he decided his only mistake was not being prepared for the unexpected stop for dinner. Being unfamiliar with the neighborhood, he'd no choice but to pull into the nearly vacant parking lot and wait for the trip to resume. Now as he sat watching the house, he vowed not to make another mistake where the menacing detective was concerned, knowing he wouldn't get a third chance with her.


Waiting is always the hardest part. Isn't that what Dad always used to say? He sat and he watched, as the rancid smoke from his cigarette slowly curled out the window like a snake slithering through the night in search of prey.






Madison observed Logan from half closed eyes. Those blue eyes never failed to amaze her, one moment they could be boring holes through you and the next they could be melting your heart. She felt a warm stirring in her body as the desire she had held at bay for so long resurfaced with a vengeance. "Are you going to eat all of that by yourself?"


Logan didn't flinch when Madison's voice unexpectedly filled the room. Instead, she slowly turned her head towards the other woman and shrugged, ice cream smudging her lips. "Well, I brought it for you, but since you were asleep…well, I couldn't let it just melt, now could I?"


A well-groomed brow rose in question as the blonde held her mouth open like a small bird begging for food. Laughing, Logan kicked down the leg rest and moved over to the couch as Madison moved one leg to the floor, allowing her room to sit, leaving the other to rest snugly behind the detective's back. As the detective sat down, Madison swung her leg up onto the inviting lap and locked her ankles together around the warm, muscular body. With an impressive display of strength, she quickly pulled the detective's body on top of hers.


The movement took Logan by surprise, with the ice cream in one hand and a spoon in the other; she could do nothing as her body was pulled towards Madison. The resulting position was one she couldn't ignore as the heat between the doctor's legs radiated against her rib cage. Reaching out blindly, she sat the ice cream container on the glass coffee table as Madison's lips captured hers in a torrent of desire and need.


In the distance, the doctor heard the spoons falling to the floor and inwardly smiled as she pulled Logan closer. Hands searched to find warm skin and tongues battled for entrance as their passion erupted from the depths of their souls. Heat filled minutes passed as the fervor continued, each ravenous for more, neither satiating the deeper hunger that drove them. Hearing a hungry growl escape between their lips, Logan pulled back to gasp for air and felt Madison's arms tighten around her. "No, don't stop, please…I need you."


Looking down into the dark green pools of Madison's eyes, Logan felt her resolve fading. She could feel the insistent throbbing between her legs and knew the fantasy of their first time together, alone in the cottage at Conneaut Lake, was quickly being pushed aside in the heat of the evening. Taking a deep breath and a moment to compose herself, she gently caressed the doctor's soft cheek, concern creasing her forehead. "I don't want our first time together to be something you regret. Madi, are you sure this is what you want?


Logan's answer came as the doctor captured her lips in a passionate kiss as a demanding tongue vied for entrance. An uncontrollable trembling rushed along her torso as warm hands slipped beneath the half t-shirt she wore and she released a primal growl from deep within her throat when Madison's long fingernails began trailing a path along her spine. Breaking the kiss, Logan urgently stood, pulling the smaller woman with her. Cupping warm cheeks between her hands, the tall detective leaned in and began nipping at an inviting lip. "Come with me." As a soft finger played across soft cheeks, the hunger in Logan intensified ten-fold. " I want to do this right…I want to make love to you in my bed."


Without a word being spoken, the two women made their way down the long hallway to the back of the house. As they reached the entrance to Logan's door, Madison suddenly hesitated, pulling back on Logan's arm. Peering into questioning eyes, she smiled. "Why don't you go make sure the house is locked up and I'll meet you back here in a few minutes? I…I want to freshen up a little."


Nodding, Logan turned and walked towards the kitchen, the shaking in her legs revealing the nervousness swarming in her gut. After checking the doors and activating the alarm, the detective walked back to the guest bedroom with Clancy's food and water bowl. Entering the darkened room, she heard the cat purring and knew he had settled down happily in the middle of the bed.


After placing the bowls beside the dresser, she walked over to stroke her hand along his back, smiling as she felt him lean into her touch. "Well, boy, I guess you're stuck here for the night." Clancy looked up lovingly with half closed eyes and continued to purr as Logan scratched under his chin. "Wish me luck, big guy and here's hoping I haven't forgotten how to do this."


"Oh, I don't think you've forgotten Detective. You may be out of practice, but I think it will all come back to you after a few minutes." Madison leaned against the open door to the bathroom, grinning at her, soon to be, lover.


Spinning around as the husky voice pierced the silence in the bedroom, Logan was captivated by the luminesant green eyes watching her. Jumbled amidst the flurry of thoughts racing through her head, she had forgotten that Madison had put her clothes in the guest room and had obviously returned to the adjoining bathroom to freshen up instead of the bath off the master bedroom.


Her mouth became an arid cavern as she looked at the blonde woman standing before her in the dark green, revealing, negligee. Her tongue became a paralyzed bundle of muscle, completely useless, and unable to swallow the lump that had risen like molten lava, deep in her throat. She couldn't find the pathway to her mouth for the words in her head as she simply continued to kneel beside the bed, her mouth agape, her stomach churning, delighting in the beauty of the woman before her.


Madison chuckled at the shocked, somewhat terror-stricken look on Logan's face as she drew closer. For the first time since their first meeting, Madison watched as Logan transformed from a strong, powerful detective to a frightened, vulnerable woman. Reaching out, she took the larger hand in hers, pulling the distressed woman to her feet, and led them across the hall.


Logan followed along silently, certain the neuro-pathways in her brain were short-circuiting. As they reached the threshold of the bedroom, Madison hesitated and turned towards Logan, looking up into dark pools of blue. Stretching onto her toes, the small blonde placed a tender kiss along quivering lips, and then pulled back to study the face before her. "I guess I should ask you if you're sure about this as well." When Logan didn't reply, only continued to stand in shocked silence, Madison took a step back. "Maybe we should…"


Logan heard the first question, but with her mind still reeling, couldn't respond. Only when the warm heat of Madison's body disappeared did she finally pull herself out of the trancelike state. "NO." Realizing that she had shoulted, Logan reached to caress Madison's soft cheek. "I mean no, I don't want to stop." Stepping closer, she bent her head, tasting the sweetness of the blonde's lips before backing them further into the bedroom. It took a few moments before she noticed the burning candles sitting along the edge of the dresser and another on the nightstand. Smiling, she turned back towards the suddenly shy-looking blonde. "Looks like you were busy while I was gone."


Silently, slender arms rose to wrap around Logan's long neck and confident fingers ran through the long, silky hair that cascaded across broad, muscular shoulders. As her hands moved lower, along the long sensuous neckline, Madison could feel the pulse beating furiously within. Leaning in, she gently placed a single kiss on the throbbing artery and felt a tremble beneath her lips. "Do you know how much I've wanted you?" Madison gently nipped an earlobe. "How much I've wanted to taste you?" She let her lips travel down the side of Logan's neck as her tongue left a warm, moist trail along the hot skin. "Feel you?" Her hands lowered until she felt the hard muscles in the woman's chest twitch at the sensual touch. "Make love to you?" Her lips followed the pathway of her hands as her tongue traced the line of Logan's clavicles towards the deep vee in her neck.


The overload of sensations had Logan's mind spiraling. She wove long fingers in Madison's hair, urging the warm lips to open as a soft groan escaped from deep within her throat. Feeling the unmistakable wetness between her legs, she knew there was no backing out, not now.not ever. No words were necessary as gentle caresses spoke their own language, relaying volumes as the two women stood among the flickering candles feeling the fire that raged within their souls as they continued their sensual exploration.


Madison heard the quick gasp as her fingers slid across the taut muscles of Logan's stomach. The rapid rise and fall of the ribs beneath her hands and the warm breath caressing her cheek told her the tall brunette was quickly losing control. With sure hands, the Doctor tugged the t-shirt from Logan's jeans and quickly pulled it over her head, before leaning back in to kiss her muscular chest. The spicy scent that she had come to love attacked her senses and the young doctor felt her passion rise almost beyond her control. When she felt the usually guarded woman shudder as Madison pressed one leg snugly into the hot, moist dampness between her legs.


A growling moan escaped both women as Logan thrust forward, pressing her throbbing clitoris harder against the doctor's thigh. Looking into the green pools once again, Logan gently tugged the silk neglegie up and off Madison's body, then stood back to admire the muscular, yet very feminine physique of her lover. ""


As strong, sure hands slid up her rib cage, Logan's mind continued to whirl in a flurry of emotions. Never before had she felt so out of control, so vulnerable…so…so free. Lifting her arms, she allowed Madison to ease the t-shirt up and off her body and immediately felt the cool air as it hit hot skin, and she shivered, not only from the coolness of the room, but the passion that was surging through her body. A deep groan escaped her throat when Madison's leg pressed firmly between hers and she felt her own legs weaken in response.


Commanding all of her strength, Logan pulled away, feeling her pulse quicken, all the more, as dark, lust filled eyes peered into hers. Bending her head, she gently sucked an open lip between hers, lightly tracing the smooth skin with the tip of her tongue as she began backing the smaller woman towards the bed. When Madison's legs pressed into the mattress, she slowly lowered the blonde onto the bed and knelt on the floor between her open, inviting legs.


Logan allowed herself a moment to marvel at the beautiful woman before her as she sat on her heels. Madison's long, silky blonde hair fell across bare shoulders, and the flickering candles made it appear as if golden threads were woven into the honey colored tresses. Even in the darkened room, Logan could see the sparkle of green eyes as she once again fell under the spell of the lustful gaze. With trembling hands, she reached out, caressing the soft skin of Madison's legs, allowing only her fingertips to feather gently along the sensitive skin of creamy thighs. Reaching the taut, musculature of the doctor's hips, she gently pulled the woman closer, immediately feeling a warm, silky wetness against her stomach.


Cradling her lover's face between warm hands, Madison captured the inviting lips, and as a moan escaped from somewhere deep within the detective, pressing her tongue deeper, demanding access to the treasure within. Tongues battled for control as hands reached out for possession, each needing to find release, yet wanting to savor every touch…every taste. Long moments passed as they lost themselves in the exploration of the others body with soothing touches from reverent hands.


With a tenderness she didn't know she possessed, Logan slowly began to kiss a trail down Madison's neck, along the soft, sensuous curves of her throat. Long fingers feathered over the sensitive skin, slowly dropping to become still along the sides of the small orbs as green pleading eyes locked with passion-filled blue. The only sound in the room was ragged breathing and the electrified air flowing between them became as they fell into the chasm of each other's eyes.


Madison pulled Logan closer, the yearning in her soul quickly overwhelming the control she had vowed to maintain. Drowning in the deep pools of blue, she relinquished control to the need…the hunger, she had until now, been able to contain and as Logan's thumbs brushed across her hardened nipples, a desperate cry echoed through the silence as she wrapped her legs around the firm muscular waist. "Ohmygod Logan, yes."


When Logan slowly, deliberately captured a hard nipple between her lips, Madison threw her head back, shutting out everything except the sweet, tortuous sensations flowing through her body. She felt herself being pressed backwards as a strong arm circled her waist, gently lowering her onto the mattress.


Madison's body immediately ached, as Logan moved away, missing the touch of her lover's skin. She felt long, slender fingers dip into the waistband band of her panties as the silky garment was lowered along her legs, and then, finally, the welcomed blanket of warmth as the long length of Logan's body covered hers. Looking into green eyes, she pleaded, "Make love to me, now. Please…I need you."


Pressed against the swollen nerves between Madison's legs, Logan felt a sweet wetness soak through her jeans. The detective's aching need was relentless and she struggled not to satisfy the cravings of her own primal being by ravishing the woman beneath her. Denying her body's demands, she yielded to the passionate need to savor each taste, every touch and continued along the journey that she knew would soon drive her insane.


A predatory growl formed deep within her belly as long nails raked over her back, completely dissolving her vow to luxuriate in the sensual feast before her. As her body reclaimed control, she thrust her hips hard against the firm thigh between her legs, crying out as a wave of tremors washed over her. Logan bit down gently on the nipple between her teeth then caressed the swollen peak with the tip of her tongue as Madison urgently thrust her hips higher and harder.


The rest of the world ceased to exist as Madison focused on the warm tongue teasing her nipple, and the insistent throbbing of her aching clitoris. Every fiber of her being screamed for release as Logan's lips left a warm, moist trail along her stomach. She slipped demanding fingers into the long dark tresses, pressing her lover lower, urging the warm tongue to satiate her ferocious need. "Please baby, I need you."


Savoring every inch of the journey along Madison's body, Logan slowly made her way to the only oasis she knew could quench her burning thirst, the aching need in her own swollen flesh sending a tidal wave of sensations along her spine. Her body begged for relief, but Logan refused to stop and remove the barriers of her jeans and bra, needing only at this moment to satiate her hunger and the burning desire of her lover. She ached to feel and taste the essance of the women beneath her, and when Madison urged her lower, encouraging, hastening the moment when warm lips would meet soft curls, Logan felt a spasm deep within her core.


Opening her eyes, Logan watched as Madison's head pressed into the mattress, her back arching above the bed as her breasts rose into the darkness, the hard nipples pleading to be devoured. Reaching out, Logan gently took one of the prominent peaks between her fingers and gently pinched the tender flesh at the same moment her tongue slid ever-so-slowly along the warm, glistening length of Madison's hard, swollen clit.

"Ohmygod, Logan, yes." Madison's fingers pressed Logan closer as her clitoris throbbed under the gentle assault of the woman's warm, soft tongue. "I need you so bad, baby." Her body was hot and the air was thick as she gasped for a cool breath. The heat in the room was intense as she rode the first spasm of her orgasm. Opening her eyes, she peered down at the raven-haired woman between her legs and cried out. "Noooooo."


 Logan felt herself being pushed away as Madison scrambled further onto the bed. In her confusion, she simply stared as the woman clambered to the other side, trying to escape. "Madi? What's…"


All Madison could manage was a feral moan as she pointed towards the hallway, completely paralyzed with fear. Logan turned and saw the focus of Madison's panic. Flames were quickly scorching the walls and the air around them was becoming thick with smoke as the dark cloud thickened along the ceiling. The detective immediately assessed the situation, the emotions and feelings she had been experiencing only moments ago were shoved into the background as years of training took over, propelling her body into action.


Grabbing the blanket from the bed, she hurriedly wrapped it around the terror stricken woman and led her towards the window. Raising the sash with one hand and knocking out the screen, she pressed the doctor towards the opening. "GO."


Pulling on Logan's arm, Madison pleaded for the detective to follow. "Come on Logan, hurry."


Logan pried the insistent fingers from around her forearm, "I have to get Clancy and Femur. I hear the sirens; make sure they come to the back of the house, Femur's in the sunroom." Leaning down she quickly kissed the trembling woman and then ducked back inside the house. The open window was creating a chimney effect, quickly bringing the flames deeper into the room and so she hastily turned and shut the window closing off the pleading eyes beyond the sash, and locking herself in the raging inferno.


Seizing the sheet, still warm from their bodies, Logan dodged the ever-rising flickering tongues of the flames and bolted across the hallway to the guestroom. Clancy, frightened and franticly crying instantly jumped into Logan's arms, seeking refuge from the heat and flames. Wrapping the cat inside the sheet, she ran into the bathroom and turning on the shower, saturated the sheet, hoping it would be enough to prevent the animals fur from igniting as they tried to escape the blaze. She ducked her head under the cold water, wetting her long dark hair, thankful that she still had on her jeans and shoes and hoping the sports bra would provide, at least some protection from the heat and flames.



Tucking the wet bundle under her arm, she once again ducked into the hallway, trying to stay beneath the toxic cloud of smoke billowing along the ceiling. Dodging the flames that were quickly engulfing her home, she headed in what she thought was the opposite end of the house, only to slam into a blackened wall. The smoke was dense and acrid as she groped along the wall. Dammit, there should be a door here somewhere, fuck. Bits and pieces of the ceiling began to cascade around her, burning the naked skin as they ricocheted off her shoulders.  


Disoriented in the smoke filled house, she knew she had to find a way out soon or it would be too late. Covering her face with part of the dampened sheet, she continued to feel her way along the walls. The heat was scorching her skin and the greedy tentacles of the ever-increasing flames were consuming the oxygen she so desperately needed. Frantically groping along the wall, her hand met open space. The bedroom. I've been in my fucking bedroom. Reorienting herself in the house, she blindly stumbled into the hallway, concentrating as one outstretched arm steered her along and the other clutched Clancy. As the smoke grew thicker, she knew she should drop to her knees and crawl along the floor, but in her haste to reach Femur she chose to take a chance and push on.


Venturing deeper into the burning structure, the smoke became unbearble and she felt the beginning symptoms of oxygen deprivation as her head began to spin. Stumbling over burning debris, her only thought was getting to Femur and Madison and keeping Clancy safe. The roar of the fire was deafening and at first, she didn't hear the thunderous rumbling echo through the room. As she looked up, the ceiling came crashing down around her. Unable to pull herself from under the heavy weight that pinned her to the floor, her thoughts instantly focused on the blondo woman she had so recently been making love to, hoping she had at least been able to save Madison, and then her world went dark.




Madison frantically ran to the curb, waving as the fire engines sped towards the burning house. As the first firefighter jumped from the truck, she grabbed his arm. "She's in there. You have to get her out."


The firefighter yelled to his comrades, informing them of Logan's presence in the house, then turned back towards the hysterical doctor. "Where did you last see her inside the house?" His voice was calm and controlled but the look in his eyes revealed the urgency of the moment. As a physician, Madison had seen that look a thousand times in the eyes of her fellow doctors as the seconds ticked by in an emergency.


Tugging on the man's turnout coat, she pulled him towards the burning structure. "She's trying to get the animals." Raking a hand through her hair, she tried frantically to remember Logan's last words. "The sunroom, that's it. She said meet her at the sunroom at the back of the house."


Waving his team on, the firefighter led the group towards the back of the house. Two additional fire engines arrived and the yard was instantly a scene of organized mayhem as hoses were unreeled and the fire teams scrambled to their assigned positions.


Madison felt a strong arm around her shoulders as a uniformed police officer led her away and closer to the street. "Miss, you need to come with me." She tried to free herself from the officer's hold and when the strong arms tightened around her waist, the doctor spun around towards the man. "I have to find her. PLEASE, let me go." She was screaming at the man, pounding his chest as tears streamed down her face. "You can't just leave her in there...please, God…nooooo"


Surprised by the strength of the small blonde, the officer literally picked the hysterical woman up and moved quickly away from the working fire fighters. Gently, but firmly he pinned Madison between his body and the squad car and held her as she cried, calling out for the woman they both feared was trapped inside the burning building.


Madison fought to regain her composure as the firefighters rained thousands of gallons of water onto the roof and into broken windows, constantly watching the side of the house for any sign of Logan. Suddenly, one of the firefighters yell and she watched horrified as he disappeared into the flames through a hole in the roof. Tearing herself from the officer's hold, she ran towards the house, just as a massive explosion erupted through the plate glass windows in what used to be the den.


The doctor felt her body flying backwards as the force of the explosion knocked her on the ground and shards of glass rained down upon her. Scrambling to her feet, she began running towards the flames, her mind on nothing but Logan and then felt herself being tackled to the ground by the officer. He held her, pinning her body beneath his as the entire roof collapsed into the house and tried to comfort the horror-stricken doctor as she screamed. "Logan…. ohmygod, Logan, Nooooooooooo."





 A crowd had convened across the street and watched in shocked silence as the house disintegrated into charred coals. The dark figure stood several feet behind the group watching as the scene played out before him, desperately trying to hide the smile that played across his lips as the explosion ripped through the structure. The smell of gas hung heavily in the air and he knew it would not be long before they discovered the reagents of the gas cans he had strategically placed along the perimeter of the house.


Feeling proud of his first experience with arson, he felt the adrenaline rush through his system and filed the information away for later use. Damn, that felt good. He watched as the firefighters continued to spray water on the burning structure. In silent contemplation, he knew it was too late to save the woman or the firefighter that had fallen through the roof and momentarily felt a twinge of guilt for harming the innocent firefighter. Shrugging, he thought to himself, Well, I guess that comes with the job.


Paramedics were attending to the tackled doctor lying on the front lawn. It appeared as if she were unconscious as they huddled around her still form. I guess that was just too much excitement for the little woman. He kept an eye on the paramedics while attempting to look nonchalant and watched as they placed her onto a gurney, then into the waiting ambulance. As the flashing lights disappeared into the darkness, he turned back towards the house and stood watching for a few more moments before tossing his cigarette butt on the ground and slowly walking to his car, whistling as acrid smoke hung in the night air.



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