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This is Gabrielle's feelings and thoughts throughout The Greater Good.

Life Happens


Marie E. Costa


Gabrielle wrinkled her nose. She has such an interesting sense of humor...She watched Xena walk away before turning her attention on the golden horse standing before her.

"Ouch. You stupid conniving four footed daughter of a...mare." Gabrielle looked  around sheepishly. "Hmph! If I didn't know any better I'd think Xena had whistled for Argo on purpose - just to irritate me." She stood up and headed for the well. "I better go see what kind of trouble she found for us this time."


Salmoneus? Lord Seltzer? Fizzy's good. But battle over it? Oh over fake that makes sense. What does she mean; "Make him realize what he's up against."


Gaia, but I love to watch her fight! "Something's wrong." Gabrielle muttered under her breath Xena collapsing for no reason. The warlord hardly touched her.

"No!" Gabrielle reacted instantly, throwing her staff like a spear, knocking the sword out of his hand. I have to reach Xena!

I can't believe her! Not even a small mention of the dart! I thought we'd been through enough...that she knew she could tell me anything...could trust had to be the mighty silent warrior...

"This is really a stupid time to try to keep something from me." Gabrielle rolled her eyes at Xena's words. "It doesn't matter. If there was even a chance of your being sick you should have told me. You could have gotten killed." What yell at you later. Oh gods no! "How bad is it?" Legs are useless? Gabrielle wet her lips and swallowed her fear. "You're gonna pull through...right? I mean it''s not..." Oh Gaia I can't even say it. How can this be happening? What? Worse before it gets better...

I can't believe that I agreed to imitate her. Oh gods. Xena I can't do this. You want me to ride Argo?

Ya, my pony Tapenny. "No actually he got very sick one day and well I thought he'd get better, but that's just what happens with things you love. Sometimes they just leave you."

I can't believe I told her that. I feel so dumb. Now she'll really think I am a child!


Well that sorta worked, but Xena's still hurt. I'm so afraid. She only just started opening up to me and now this...I can't lose her. She wants me to go back out there.

I just want to stay by her side. She says attack his camp.

"Xena are you gonna die?" I had to ask. I couldn't leave her side without knowing...she thinks she will...why else mention Lyceus. I'll take her body back if it's the last thing I do...


I can't believe I was captured. Xena would be so disgusted...she can't trust me to help at all! Argo? Rescuing me? I guess Xena's right she doesn't hate me. Maybe everything will be okay after all.

"Xena! Xena, we've got trouble." Gabrielle glared at Salmoneus. How dare he stand between her and Xena, and what are all these people doing here? "Salmoneus get out of my way." What? "No." I see it in his eyes. Tell me it's not true. They part...I close my eyes from the painful sight of her shroud covered body. I lift the blanket and look.

Oh gods it is you. I'm looking at your body, but I'm not believing. I reach out and gently caress your cheek, your hair...I can't hold back my tears. I kiss your cheek...farewell.

I remember your words and steel myself to fight your battles from now on. I order Salmoneus, much the way you would have. I'm not running. This isn't about us it's about these people. I spit your words at Salmoneus. But I need to vent my anger...anger at the gods for taking away the one person I need more than anything else...

"Argh!" The tree can't fight back...this isn't helping. "Focus. Xena said focus."

I can't believe my eyes. Salmoneus surrendering...does he really think this man will let the villagers go? Xena's body. A red haze fills my eyes. No! He's not taking her body anywhere!

Great captured again! Good thing Xena's already dead...the way I've been behaving I'd just embarrass her. She almost laughed. They're going to use Argo to tear her body apart! I don't think so. Kill her? Argo! No!

Xena! Alive! Oh gods! Look at her! "Glad to have you back." I reach out and touch her. I need the physical proof that she's standing in front of me. Don't ever do this again!" A fight? Oh ya. I duck and turn to fight.

It's over. I look up to see blue eyes smiling at me...she's okay. I return the smile. We are going to be okay.

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