~Love Me Now, Forever ~

by Lawlsfan

Alternative Sexual Content: This vignette is love story. Is there alternative content here? I say, take it as you wish. It could apply to any two people. However, I know where my inspiration lies. And if you are offended by that inspiration well then you know what you can do.  :-)

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A special thank you to Sarah Brightman for recording and sharing her musical talents with the world. The music is truly inspirational.

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"My heart still surrenders like the sun to the moon. I can barely stand this aching, burning endlessly. ‘Love me now, forever’ were the last words you said to me."

From "The Last Words You Said", lyrics by Richard Marx, performed by Sarah Brightman

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Tis but a moment in time…

I am impressed by how the sky above us is so strewn with stars that it seems to resemble a cascade of dazzling gems waiting to be plucked one by one. The heavens appear clear and deep and unending just like my love for you. Closing my eyes…

…I can feel the warmth emanating from all around and within me: the fire, the night, the love that we’re making. Your hands are so tender and your body so soft as you’re caressing, caring, teasing, and guiding me into the heights - - into the heavenly expanses above.  Oh yes, hello stars.

Place your hand across my heart and feel the refrain of what seemed a millennium of restless days and nights of unrelenting yearning, until this moment. Our moment - - our now, flutters within the walls and chambers of this pulsing vessel that lends me life, and I cannot by any mortal bearing contain its rapturous beating. Can you hear it sing of and to you? Take my heart into your hands and let it intone into your flesh the melody of love that I’ve heard within myself for so many moons: the longing, the wanting, the needing. Let it sing the melodic rhythm of my love, which until now had been set against a background strain of murmuring denials. A denial of feeling and of our love’s greatest gifts and pleasures. A denial born of fear but not of cowardice. A denial fading slowly now into memory with each tender caress.

With unrepentant desire rising inside, I can feel your hands descending lower to finally conquer the heretofore unconquered, while your lips, unmerciful in their pursuits, dance upon my flesh with the passion of a thousand unbridled lovers, leading me to wonder - - how can you be but one? To at once burn me with the flames of desire, challenge me to the newest height, flail me with passion’s baton, haunt me with erotic fantasies, and love me with the tenderness of a mother with babe in arms. Indeed, your passion is immeasurably faceted, a treasure my body accepts without trepidation or hesitation. Denial is whisked away at last in the whisper of your breath against my breast.

Yes, do taste me, tease me, torture me, take me, and teach me. Let me know all of you: the formed within the form, the woman within the warrior, the light behind the dark, and the dark behind the light. And then let me show you in return, the lessons I have learned.

Oh that I could dwell in this sentient palace forever and even beyond, through formless existence - - far, far into the ever after. But alas, the mortal human experience is a mere inkling in the larger purpose, and the ever after is an unknown. So if it should be that this singular moment is all I shall have then let it be my now, and my forever…

...as I open my eyes once again to the stars above and reach over to feel the emptiness of the bedding beside me. I can only smile at the promises made so long ago. My warrior, my lover, my hero…’love me now, forever’ were the last words you said to me. Of course my love, as I do, I will.


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