Near You Always

James Bergquist


16 November 1998


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Many seasons have passed in the marriage of Gabrielle and Xena. Gabrielle took her role as Queen and made everyone proud. Treaties were signed, young girls were molded into proud warriors and grew into women before the Bard's eyes. Slight creases now frame the incredible green eyes of the now semi-retired Queen. Gabrielle was proud of the 10 or 11 gray hairs she earned. She remembered what Xena said that first year together. "People in our business don't live to be old and grey"

Xena proudly took the healers position. She also helped out in training in survival and non-lethal combat skills. Since her beloved Argo finally passed away last winter, Xena immersed herself more into her job. It was hard for her but she made it through. Gabrielle and Ephiny started training a new future Queen, Aeon. Aeon was extra special to Gabrielle and Xena. Xena delevered Aeon 12 years ago and her mother died during her birth. With no family, Gabrielle watched over Aeon and saw how gifted Aeon was. At 4, she was playing the lyre and drums and was speaking Chin's language that Xena taught her. At 6, she was reading and writing, beating Gabrielle by 2 years. Aeon was the perfect choice....

Gabrielle was signing the daily logs when Xena came into the hut with two scrolls. "Letter from Hecuba, Gabrielle. I got one myself." Xena held up the scroll.

"Hmm, Lila's doing great. Our nephew is doing wonderfully and she stopped having morning sickness. Lila says thanks for the helped alot..Oh, Mom. She says Dad's lost some weight, but it's like a second honeymoon. What you have there?"

"Nothing much. I got an idea..let's go visit them. Take a break from this"

"I don't know, Xena. I have alot to do here and Aeon needs her studies. Amazon customs and laws..someone might get hurt while we're gone. We can't just get up and go like the old times."

"C'mon, Gabrielle. We don't see them much and I don't have much to do now. Bumps and bruises. Let's go" Xena rubbed Gabrielle's hand, "Please." Gabrielle softly kissed Xena "OK, Xena. We'll go. If it means that much to you. But, a short visit." "Thanks. Help me pack our stuff?" "Sure thing. Aeon, sweetie. Read your scrolls and don't forget your reports. I'll be quizzing you later, young lady." Aeon groans as Gabrielle hugs her young charge. "I will. Good bye, Aunt Gab." Xena hugs Aeon next..."Don't give Ephiny a hard time. I'll miss you" "Miss you too, Xena."

Gabrielle and Xena start heading for the door as Ephiny joins them. Ephiny kisses both women on the cheeks and says her farewells. Gabrielle goes out the door as Ephiny gently grabs Xena's arm. "Is everything allright?" Ephiny asked with a concerned low voice. "Yeah, I just wanted to see the folks. No biggie." Xena answered quickly and defensive. "It just that you really nudged Gabrielle into this trip back home. Does it have to do with that scroll?" "Ephiny, I don't have time for this. We have to go...take care" Xena snapped and followed Gabrielle to thier hut.

Hecuba had nutbread ready for Gabrielle when she arrived. Herodotus was napping on his chair as Gabrielle kissed him on the cheek. "Hi, Daddy. Surprise" "Oh, hi sweetie. Nice to see you. Hi, Xena. How's the healing business?" Herodotus rose to his feet and hugged his 'son in law' Xena. "Hello, old man. It's doing well. You have lost weight." "Well, I have more help around the farm, but I keep busy." Herodotus lowers his voice "Still getting it 5 times in 7 nights." Xena smirks "You dirty old man.." "That why you like me, huh?" Herodotus answers with a pinch to Xena's rear. "Ow..don't you start" Xena slaps Hero's offending hand. "I got your scroll" Xena started as Hero shished her. "Wait."

Xena looks at her wife and Hecuba drinking tea and laughing about old times. "I'm going to the market for some feed. Need anything?" Hecuba waves him off "No, honey. I'm fine" Herodotus stares for a moment at the woman who, as a young girl 40 summers ago, burned his bread order at the bakery her family owned. She felt bad and Herodotus asked her out for dinner. She accepted and thier feast known as their love was never ending and robust. Herodotus walks over and kisses her goodbye "Love you" "Love you too, dear" Hecuba returns to the conversation without missing a beat. Herodotus then walks to the door and puts on his coat and hat. Xena watches as suddenly, Herodotus face twists in pain as he leans on the door. "You OK, sweetheart?" "Ye-yeah. I just tripped. Bye,honey" Xena drinks her cider quickly. "Let me go with you. I haven't been to Potiedaia in forever. Nice to see some changes."

Gabrielle turns around in her seat. "Don't be a pest to Daddy, Xena. And don't spend too much." "Yes, your Majesty. I'll behave. Love you" Xena kisses Gabrielle.

"Love you too, Xena. Bye Daddy" "Goodbye, Gabrielle" Herodotus smiles half-heartedly as he walks out the door. Xena puts on her cloak and waves good bye as she exits.

Xena helps Herodotus into the wagon as she jumps aboard. "So, how long have you had those pains?" "30 nights. And yes, I went to the healer's. I went to all of them. As far as I could reach. They say the same thing. I don't have much time."

Xena leans in to hear Herodotus' heart. She listens silently. Xena picks up her head and looks around. She curses to herself. "They're right. You'll be lucky to survive tonight. You haven't told Hecuba yet..." "No...I-I just can't. And I won't. You won't. I'm going to the market. I'm getting the feed. I'm coming back and eating dinner. Gabrielle and I will laugh..I'll say goodnight and goodbye to Gabrielle and go to bed. I'll make love to my wife and tell her I love her. Then, I'll will go to sleep..I died in my sleep loving my family and" Xena rests her head on Herodotus' shoulder as tears start flowing "It's just not fair. What about Lila? and Gabrielle?" "Gabrielle just happend to be here when i passed. Lila is on the way here, but she's going to be late. I'm here with family now. That's what counts." "I have to tell her" "Xena, please. I want you to care for Hecuba and the farm. Lila is married now with her own life and Gabrielle and you are looking for a place, right?" Xena nods "What better place? Gabrielle wants to settle down now in her life. She'll need you more than ever..I hate keeping them in the dark, but I just can't tell them. Will you promise me?" "I promise. You are the father I never had, Herodotus. You and your family has given me so much. I'll do anything for you. I'm sorry" Xena sobbed as they bounced down the road "Xena, it's OK. I'm going to a better place. You can say that you will miss me..say it" "I'll miss you, Daddy."

"I'll miss you, sweetheart" Herodotus said as he hugged the Warrior Princess.

To be continued...

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