Disclaimer: The characters of Xena and Gabrielle belong to MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures. No copyright infringement was intended in the writing of these pieces. It was not done for profit, whatever that is.

Love Warning: This poetry contains the heartfelt feelings of Gabrielle towards Xena and vice versa. If this bothers you, you are under 18 or it is illegal where you live, stop now. It does have other stuff too, but just so you are warned.

Author's Note: I used to write a lot of poetry, I have books of the stuff somewhere, but it was all for me. This is the first time I have tried to step into someone else's mind and write like this. I tell you, it was scary, all that emotion. I even think I cried. My favourite out of this lot is 'Silence Breaks', following on a close second is 'What Dream?' They kind of remind me of Shelley's 'Adonais' I'm not sure why, I just get the same feeling.

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The Poetry of Gabrielle and Xena: Book One


Come With Me

If you are lost,
Come with me,
I will show you the path to travel.
If you are hurt,
Come with me,
I will cleanse all wounds.
If you fear,
Come with me,
For I am not afraid.
If you desire,
Come with me,
For I am love.

Gabrielle of Poteidaea

Silence Breaks


Silence breaks upon the shore of lost hope
Like no other warrior's nightmare.
These strong visages of death and fear hold no sway over me.
I am more sure than solitude that deftly moves through night.
I am certain of the road I walk,
Beside terror.
For terror with her fleeting gestures of chilling woe
Bears no fruit that will not decay and weaken given time.
Her sister, anger does not threaten me,
For anger may be used against itself.
I am secure in my thoughts As I have never been.
Should the world turn its weighty back on me
I shall still feel at peace,
For I have my soul,
Even in death.

Gabrielle of Poteidaea

What Dream?

What dream has woken me from this restless slumber?
Do you think I cry these tears for you?
Why should you be so bold?
No conscious thought has allowed me to exist without you.
Now you look upon me as if all the souls of
This earth are buried in my eyes.
How rightly you glare.
I am stolen,
I have been taken,
I know not where.
There is no place for me if it is not with you.
There is no refuge, no shame, no glory.
I do not want for anything
If you look upon me,
I am whole.

Gabrielle of Poteidaea

If You…

If you knew how many silent battles
I have fought for you,
Would you be with me now?
If you understood the pulling at my soul,
Would you stand to let me go?
If you saw the fear I keep from my eyes,
Would you trust me?
If you felt the desire in my heart,
Would you love me?
Xena of Amphipolis

I Have
I have no light save you.
I have no soul, save the one you gave me.
I have no desire, except for you.
I have no dreams but yours.
Xena of Amphipolis

If There is
If there is no soul darker than yours,
Why then do I see light?
If there is no hatred greater than yours,
Why then do I feel love?
If there is no sadness baser than yours,
Why then do I feel joy?
If there is no touch deadlier than yours,
Why then do I feel life?

Gabrielle of Poteidaea

When I Scream

When I scream, do you hear me,
My soul?
When I cry out your name
Amid the blackest night
Can you feel my pain?
After I surrender to grief most profound,
Will you save me from myself?

Xena of Amphipolis
Have all forsaken me?
Have all forsaken me?
Can I not lie peacefully in a death embrace?
Must I cling to this so savage life as it clings to me?
Can I not expel my sorrow and defeat

Which weighs so heavily?
My soul is dry from weeping,
There are no more tears to shed
But pain never ceases to stab wickedly in my heart.
The years I have wanted you.
Anguish burns,
Yet I have no desire.

Xena of Amphipolis

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